Tuesday 12 May 2015

Intellectually Dishonest: Academia

All right, I said that I wouldn't write-and-publish stuff that struck me immediately. Here I go, doing it. So sue me.

This concerns Phillip Zimbardo, famed of the Stanford University Prison Experiment (Lord of the Flies, etc).

Now, I'm going to assume a certain amount of media distortion. (Bad News Sells/If It Bleeds It Leads.)
Zimbardo gave a TED talk in 2011 outlining the problems facing young men's social development and academic achievement, which he puts down to excessive use of porn, video games and the internet.
Here is the article which includes the short TED talk about this also (dating from 2011). Watch the 5-minute video and see if you can spot all the instances of what I will label "willful bias" (try not to cringe in the process).

Unfortunately it comes across as another "blame the men" message. Research 20,000 boys/men who prefer to associate with other men, play games, and watch porn rather than interact with girls/women, have a life, etc. There's something very wrong here. Kneejerk reaction: we will blame the internet and pornography for rewiring these men's brains.

It ends with the subtle man-up message: "But who should care? The only people who should care about this is parents with boys - and girls. Educators, gamers, filmmakers, women - who'd like a real man who they can talk to, who can dance, who can make love slowly, and contribute to the evolutionary pressures to keep our species above banana slugs. No offense to banana slug owners. Thank you."

End scene from "The Crowd Goes Wild."

Completely missing one supremely obvious question that he should have asked: "Why are 20,000 men preferring to associate with other men, play video games, and watch porn - instead of interacting with the opposite sex and being horny little shits like they should be?"

I'm not going to bother eviscerating the video and article any more. You-all have the nouse to do it yourselves.

Overall it looks like Zimbardo has the willful blindness of Academia - which I suppose is understandable, he wants to keep his job. Even if you've got tenure, if you still want to get funded to do research: you have to toe the party line, not anger the feminists and other vested interests, etc. Which further illustrates the bias behind everything which comes out of academia, even when they're supposed to be completely independent.

Ending with basically worthless talks and articles like the above for who-knows-how-much-money wasted.

It is no wonder that the West is in decline. When intellectual dishonesty from our brightest minds does not permit us to actually dig down to the actual roots of the problem, no push to fix the problem will be effective.
I see that Uncle Bob beat me to the punch on this one. Ah well!


  1. Well a few things.

    As usual, men are bad and stupid, whether as you point out as horny little shits (rape culture! thirsty! harassment!) or when they're not (porn! lazy! losers!). Never mind whether they are using porn and games or not, those things are going to be ridiculed as team women has decided it's an easy target. The scheme is to shame as usual, not be accurate. But even if you ban porn and games, men aren't going to check back in, because women are too toxic.

    Now, here is the other thing. Why is women's rampant materialism, shopping, shoe worship, celebrity worship, expensive restaurants on a man's dime and watching endless amounts of netflix/tv somehow a "mature" or "healthy" type of endeavor?

    These academics and team woman in general have to completely center the narrative on men, because there is nothing positive about women. Even with all the social engineering, the affirmative action and everything else in their favor, they still can't achieve or do anything. They are an utterly worthless sex. The only thing they can do is open their legs, and even in terms of sex it's not like they are actually "skilled" at it. That is again left up to the man to do, while again the woman passively receives all benefits and then assumes credit for all the effort.

    I've read Japan's Herbivores are up to 36%. I want to see it get up to 75%+ or so, and in the West. I remember arguing with people as little as a year ago that Japan is highly feminist, and morons would insist Japanese culture is misogynist and that it's women fed up with that who checked out. Yet even the media and these commentators focus on men, because it's obvious women are utterly worthless and can't possibly be making any such decision.

    But it's easy to ignore the shaming. Just stop watching TV or Western media, and skip past the obvious misandrist articles. I skimmed over this one earlier, I didn't even really care, I expect this junk out of the mainstream.

    Once you are disconnected, there's virtually nothing they can do. You can't shame someone that's not even there, all you do is waste your energy. MGTOW need to understand they have to unplug from Western society, and that means the media. No more Netflix and the other crap. No more watching sports on TV and seeing the commercials that fuel the system. It has to be a clean break.

    Read books. Read sites like this. Communicate with each other. At work never argue, if you are asked about women say simply that you haven't found the right girl, and that you also don't want to bring your private affairs into the workplace as a professional. Then just smile and move on. You need to ghost around and leave the system.

  2. The Black Knight14 May 2015 at 06:33

    What all these academic twats really need to be asking is "Just what the hell is wrong with women that is driving men to ignore them and play video games and porn instead?" But we know they are too afraid of the Gynocracy (Gynocrazy) to ask that. It is much easier and lazier to just blame the men.

  3. @Anonymous - they can't shame someone that they don't realize has slipped off the plantation.

    @The Black Knight - I love the Gynocrazy. No really, I looooooove the Gynocrazy! /sarcasm And I do like that you coined that word.