Tuesday 19 May 2015

Social Deconstruction: Mutilated Beggars

A while back Keoni Galt reminded me once more of the concept of Mutilated Beggars - I read it first in the book The Garbage Generation. The general situation is that in some countries there is a cottage industry of mutilating children, making them more pitiful (aka effective) beggars. People who give alms to these beggars do both Good and Evil:

* Good - a child eats and does not starve to death

* Evil - more children are encouraged to be mutilated

Leaving the person giving alms caught in a vise. On the surface their act of charity is one of goodness and helpfulness. Once you scratch through the surface skin and into the filth below, their act of charity encourages the further mutilation of children. These mutilated children are effectively slaves, forced to support their mutilators.

In Africa, pregnant South African women are binge drinking so they get more welfare for the babies they harm. (Similarly in the USA, you've probably heard of crackwhores who give birth to children hooked on drugs from the moment of birth.)

There are Welfare Queens, with huge broods of children and no husband - collecting a child support payment for each child.

Finally there is the endemic rise of Single Mommys in the West (49% of children in New Zealand are born to single mothers, according to our government's own statistics).

From a society-wide point of view, these situations are arising because we are giving alms to beggars - thereby encouraging further beggars. These situations cause further social problems like: permanently poor broken families, deadbeats breeding more children to be supported by government taxes (upon the productive), and crime.

Read that again. Taxes upon the productive are paying for beggars to live in relative ease. This making the productive less effective at advancing and sustaining civilization while at the same time creating many more social ills which involve far more wastage of taxes to ultimately create even more mutilated-beggar problems.

What is the solution to this? In my opinion there is only one real, workable one: stop giving alms to beggars.

Leave this social garbage for their family (parents, siblings) to deal with. Leave this social garbage for public charities (churches, foodbanks) to deal with. Leave somebody with skin invested in these parasites to deal with their social garbage selves.

Civilization, society, does not have skin in the game with regards to parasites. It should be concerned mostly with helping the productive: those who support and advance the civilization as a whole.

Good luck with that, though. The mutilated beggars of the West are overwhelmingly female.

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  1. Orphanages. And mandatory sterilization (via long-term contraception) for any welfare recipient.

    1. I doubt that would stop them. And you're still paying for parasites.

  2. Some humanitarian help to African countries could be also seen as 'mutilating beggars'. Lowering mortality (a commendable act in itself) with 5 or 7+ kids per mother on average at the same time can't go on forever.

    1. Yes. Western civilization developed all this medical and agricultural technology for itself, slowly, and the social changes which occurred (less need for 7+ children) happened slowly. Drop that dynamic into places like India and China and Africa and then wonder why everything goes suddenly splat-city with overpopulation.

      Note that a good amount of that humanitarian help goes into the pockets of various people in charge. We (the West) are feeding the parasites-in-charge. What does get through to the end-user causes problems - like expectation that the rest of the world will give a handout if anything happens (entitlement mentality) and no longer being self-reliant and planning ahead for themselves (dependency).