Friday 29 May 2015

Why Women Need Men

Just a short list of reasons:

* men are responsible
* men age better
* men gain wisdom
* men are handy
* men have their finances under control
* men are emotionally stable

That's a lot of pluses for men - and conversely, a lot of minuses for women.

(Stolen from /r/MGTOW just for shits and giggles.)


  1. your post are taken out of context.
    [–]neutron_ 6 points 1 day ago
    There is nothing wrong in being gay. I wish I was gay. Gay guys are happy. And lesbians are fucking miserable.
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    [–]_NerdStark 6 points 1 day ago
    Agreed, broadly speaking. I've said elsewhere on here that, if I could choose to find men attractive I would certainly consider doing so! Not since ancient greece has there been such a favorable environment in which to be a gay man. My father doesn't say it to try to shame me into getting hitched with a woman, I really think he just wants me to be happy (in terms he can comprehend) and so he often drops hints as to his own non-judgmental position towards homosexuality as a way of giving me permission to 'come out'. It really doesn't bother me that much any longer as I have almost zero personal need to be seen as a 'root'n toot'n bad-boy alpha' any more. What he can't get his head around is my apparent lack of need for anyone at all as an intimate partner..
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    [–]razikain 2 points 1 day ago
    I wish I was gay. Gay guys are happy.
    Heh, me too, but sadly things don't work like that. I always saw gay relationships as kind of bullshit free, but according to a friend of mine who is bi, some gay couples fight for the pettiest of reasons just like straight ones.
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    [–]Isaiah4verse1 2 points 1 day ago
    LOL I wish I were gay too but unfortunately I am attracted to the female form by default.
    I could have a nicer set of clothes and a partner that does shit for me too. I'd rather marry another guy than a woman. Lol. I stand to lose far less!
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    [–]Asari_Lover 2 points 13 hours ago
    Dude, and he'd be responsible, age better, gain wisdom, be handy, have his finances under control, and be emotionally stable. Shite, I can see why women need us so badly - that's alot of pluses!
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    [–]harv83 1 point 3 minutes ago
    Your post are cited here
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    [–]Isaiah4verse1 1 point 11 hours ago

    1. I know. I took from it what interested me and placed the link to the whole thing for anyone who was interested to read.

      Though I did find the bit about wishing he was gay a mix of funny and sad. Gay couples - even men - are not sweetness and light, as one of the commentors pointed out. Though lesbian couples are supposedly worse than gay ones. There's a post on it somewhere in the depths of my blog, a study from a couple years ago IIRC.

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