Tuesday 26 May 2015

An Overarching Philosophy

There's a lot of philosophical stuff coming out of my head right now. You can blame the MGTOW-haters for that - plus my own need to go into Monk Mode. Eventually it (the philosophy) will taper off and dry up. Perhaps once I've gotten more fully into Monk Mode and had proper time for thinking. I have allowed myself to be distracted recently, work (and thoughts/decisions around breaking up the business) causing a lot of stress too.

At any rate. Eventually I will get back to more directly poking the ant-hill that is society, eventually back to practicing my own form of meta-game, eventually back to sticking the knife into teh wimminz and their enablers by exposing their hypocrisy and warped thinking. Hopefully making them squirm once more. There's still a couple of incomplete posts floating around along those lines.

So, in the meantime. The rest of the Manosphere is doing their best to paint MGTOW as complete losers sexually - and by extension, in life as a whole. The end-result that is desired by them: for MGTOW to be redefined, labelled, made nice and sanitary, viewed with contempt - and sidelined as irrelevant.

No "fair and balanced" here, is there. Nope. I'm only interested in my pound of flesh. By those who do not realize - or don't want to face - that MGTOW is more of an overarching and all-embracing philosophy than the short-sighted "fuck'm'and'chuck'm" mentality that many of them preach. More than the short-sighted playing games with brain-damaged girls.

For the average Joe who first stumbles into the Manosphere, it's easy enough to go for. "You want to get laid, don't you? You're a man ain't'chu? Then don't listen to those losers - getcha book on how to pick up a new hawt chick every night here!" Just $5.99 for the book, $60 for the seminar, $1,500 for the weekend retreat, we got these videos and audio CDs and courses and...and...and...

Let's be fair, if you've been getting shafted on a regular basis by women: that's what's on your mind anyway. Especially if you're a young guy. You reach out for the glittering bits of candy 'cause by damn it sure as hell looks good. You want your dick in it right now. Totally understandable.

Eventually though - hopefully before you've done irrepairable damage to yourself (more on that in another post) - you'll realize that those bitter, twisted, crazy sluts just aren't worth it. Then you'll start looking a bit further. Hopefully before you become too burned out and embittered by dealing with the crazies.

Hopefully you'll get to Neomasculinity - Roosh's new stuff - early. Before the mainstream media (and the other parts of the Manosphere with their own agenda) gets done messing with it. Before it's been fucked up beyond all recognition. (No, I haven't yet had time to find Sandman and Barbarossa talking about Roosh's distancing - it'll happen, hopefully within this week.)

Eventually, you may decide that even that doesn't fit you too well. You've changed and grown - again. You want something more. Something that just isn't out there.

Eventually, perhaps, you'll realize that you need to blaze your own path through life.

Congratulations. Welcome to the club.

Welcome to Men Going Their Own Way.


  1. Sandman and Barbarossa are both on youtube. Just include "response to neomasculinity" in your search.

    1. Found 'em, watched 'em, got some thoughts coming out in the next day or two. Thanks!