Tuesday 5 May 2015

A Man Betrayed

The old saying: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scored."

Cliche, with truth behind it, one which many men have taken deep wounds from.

I have a new saying for the modern age: "Purgatory has no indifference like a Man betrayed."

Modern women live in a lonely purgatory of their own making.

A purgatory of the indifference of Men. A purgatory of no trust from Men. A purgatory that gets emptier with every single betrayal perpetrated by a woman upon a Man.

Women need the validation of others: both women and men.

Women provide the "validation" of relationships, herdism, groupthink, and the joys of social networking - aka gossip, social maneuvering, and backstabbing. Men provide the "validation" of both sexual meaning and protectorship for a woman, plus providing resources for the building up and growth and protection of families.

Soon there will only be female validation of women - men's validation of women is rapidly going out the door.

No marriages. No protection. No chivalry. No support whatsoever. Only the random hands, mouths, and penises of a succession of one-night-stands. Grasping, taking, entering, leaving on the slightest stir of emotion and whim. A vibrator as she gets older and the penises become less-common.

It's a cold world for a woman when she must do it all on her own. No mountain of strength, no sheltering tree, to keep at bay the vicissitudes of a harsh world. No steady and strong arms to hold her close on a regular basis. No deep, mumbling, sleepy voice to say: "There, there...it'll be better in the morning..." as a caress reassures her.

Instead it's another lonely night for her, to pop an antidepressant, to down a bottle of wine, to cry herself to sleep in a newly-emptied bed.

Another night for me, to sip Grand Marnier in front of the fire, to enjoy a good meal, to read a good book, to try and think deeply about the world.

I wonder if she will hear us Men as we whisper to the air: "You showed us freedom, woman. Didn't you think we would reach out to make it our own?"
Commentor Anonymous brings out the prefect turn of phrase to describe this situation - "betrayal fatigue":
There is a thing called betrayal fatigue, and it's epidemic in men. 
Patient Zero is women.
It fits well. Thank you.


  1. Wow. Pretty intense, but difficult to argue with. My mistress has a lovely young daughter - the stuff that wet dreams are made of. But at 29 I can see the Wall approaching: the dewey look is fading.. I want to grab her by the collar and tell her what is in store for her if she does not capitalize on her assets before it is too late. But I know her and her gal friends. Each one believes some great guy is going to materialize whenever she is ready.

    1. She has already failed.

      Dammit, now I can't remember that blog posting where a guy listed all the ways women have failed.

    2. You are probably right, but it is sad because this young droid seems to have a lot going for her and is not one to blame men for her problems. It's just that society's messages are so surreptitiously powerful that it would take a truly remarkable young woman to see through them before it is too late for her.

  2. I would prefer the mental imagery contained in this sentence: "A void of nothingness has no scorn (a form of contemptuous indifference) like a man betrayed." There is a hope for eventual relief from purgatory and this is not the case.