Monday 30 March 2015

Love is a Lie

So here is another lie that has been rammed into our heads, the concept of "love". The brainwashing for this one is damn insidious. So let's get the basics out of the way:

What you are loving is merely a concept, an idea. This concept is where love comes from. You are not in love with a person - you are in love with your concept of that person. This is because without some form of merging consciousness - some form of true telepathy - you are completely incapable of knowing that person on a deep level. Let alone falling in love with them on a deep level. All you can fall in love with is your concept of what you think that person is.

It would be more accurate to say that we fall in infatuation/lust with other people. We can fall out of infatuation/lust with them just as damn fast too, once we get to know what they're really like. It happens all the time.

  • You thought she was a great match...until you were with her for a while and found out how greedy and needy and self-serving she actually is. Then you fell out of love.
  • You thought he was a great match...until you realized that he has a gambling addiction and is a secret drug-user. Then you fell out of love. (Though fucked-up women are likely to stick with him, twin fucked-up-ness attracting each other.)

So yeah, you can't judge a book by the cover. Except that you can when the shit within is written all over the cover in metaphorical letters of fire ten feet high:

  • Tattoo'ed Slut
  • Secret Prostitute
  • Stripper
  • Money-Grubbing Whore
  • Gold Digger
  • Pathetic User
  • Entitled
  • Narcissistic
  • Alcoholic
  • Whiny
  • ...etc...

The list goes on and on, a never-ending litany of fucked-up-ness and woe often masquerading as "normalcy" - yeah, right. Though I suppose it is "normal" if you consider the modern pieces of shit - male and female both - to be some form of normal. "The majority is normal." Democracy in action, (crappy) sheep defining and defending (other) crap as being normal.

So we fall in love with our concepts of what we think each other is like. We go to great lengths to plan for a life, a family, a lifetime together.

Then we find out the lie that the other was pushing - that our concepts of the other were yet another delusional lie on top of their lie - and that they were not at all like that. Nothing close to it. We fall out of love. One side gets raped while the other side takes all it can get (and then some, if possible).

Love. The biggest lie out there. Sold by pushers in the mainstream media, so they can soak as much money out of you as possible before your delusions are ripped away and the lie is exposed. They might even try to get you two or three times ("third time's the charm!" hah!).

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The Only Value It Ever Had

Ran across this from the boys over at /r/MGTOW:
Yes indeed, the only value it ever had.

LGBT are Dodo's

Modern-day, soon-to-die, whack-job mindset dodo's whose passing will merely be a blip footnote in the long history of mankind.

So I'm on facecrap to stay in touch with a few friends overseas. It has the added benefit of letting me monitor the fucked-up shit that the whores of society think is actually important. You know, duckface selfies, twerking, Miley Ray Syphilis, the latest Kardashian dribbling, all that motherfuckin' bullshit.

Unfortunately it also lets me have a look into the mindset of some of the modern "men" these days. You know, the ones who lap up the runny shit of every halfway-decent-looking whore out there. "Wowwwww hotttt!" "You look so good babe!" "Soooo sexxxxxyyy!!!!1!!" So transparently begging for the slightest sniff of that cunt. It is to puke.

Which brought to my attention an attention-whore who goes by the name "Lizzy the Lezzy". Oh how alliterative, oh how transparently marketing focused, oh what prized fodder for the academics and leftists and social justice warriors to go into spasms of wanking over. All for their own feelgoodz and profit as they shear the sheep of their stupidly-gotten gains. Baaaaa.

So what is Lizzy the Lezzy? Supposedly some lesbian who is the "daughter" of a lesbian household. Obviously an attention-whore, she posts up generically banal "answers" to the supposedly-deep questions that people ask her about issues of being a lesbian and how her life has gone. All the attention that she wants, just because she is "brave and battling" and out on the interwebz for all to see.
I do mean banal. A massive case of ho fucking hum. This is the socially inane drivel of the evolutionary dead-end who deludes themselves into thinking that they have something of meaning to put out there. However, they probably lap up the fuckin' likes. I'm not an evolutionary dead-end. I'm relevant!

No duh motherfuckers, you're so relevant and full of meaning that you have to "come out of the closet" so that you can do your bit to "raise awareness" about the issues that you and other mentally-fucked dead-ends have to deal with. Never mind that in a hundred years you'll all be as relevant as a wooden fuckin' nickel.

(An aside, if you set up a "charity" to "deal with" LGBT issues you can make bank in "administrative fees" - there's plenty of low-life bottom-feeders who cater to dead-end minorities like this. I'd almost encourage it. Maybe you can milk the fuckin' government as well as the stupid damn sheep. Bring it down faster.)

Yes, we'll get through all this dogshit somehow, humanity will continue to survive. Even as our population in the West declines and crime rises. All the academic, leftist, "wouldn't it be nice" fucktardisms will eventually go out the motherfuckin' window. All the attention-whores will die off. Every piece of shit motherfucker who pushes the agenda of these evolutionary dead-ends will eventually die also, and their self-serving agenda of "share and make life easier for them and by the way I'll take a cut" mindset will go with them.

It won't be too fuckin' soon for my liking.

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Friday 27 March 2015

Gossip and Manufactured Memories

We men know that women love to gossip. Because of that, everything in your private life is guaranteed to end up doing the rounds in the gossip-mill: your body shape, penis size, sexual performance, off-hand remarks, stuff said quietly in confidence, sleepy mumblings, your dirtiest fantasies, family problems, etc etc. It's all juicy grist for the herd. Which is why you should never tell women anything.

Similarly, women can and will use this gossip-network to shaft you if/when they feel like it. Especially when a relationship doesn't work out or ends badly.

I've already written about how women tell lies to themselves, so that they can avoid all blame and function without going off the rails. This is how they have made themselves out to be the darling little angels that society sees them as, lying to themselves and to each other and to men. (That's a thought to explore: how the entire social-construct that is civilization is built upon the lies that women tell each other and men. Kinda sobering.)

The lies that women tell themselves go further. Many women will automatically look at everything that men say in the worst possible light. Quite often as a bullshit excuse to cause drama, perhaps for the purposes of hot make-up sex afterwards. Or simply to fuel her narcissistic need for being the center of (your) attention in a nasty and manipulative manner. (Another thought to explore: how women are obsessed with gaining men's attention. Do they really require male validation via sex that badly?)

Finally, women's lies to her self include the changing and manufacturing of memories.

Once things go sour then out comes the fine-tooth-comb. Everything that you ever said, did, intimated, mumbled - everything! - gets gone through by that comb. Looking for anything that can be used as ammunition against you. It's very much like women pulling out things you've said or done 10 years ago, inflating them beyond reason, and using them as ammunition for drama or frivorce or the like in the here-and-now.

All these little nuggets will get looked at critically, examined under a microscope, stress-tested, in an effort to find anything that can be looked at in a negative light to become ammunition for your downfall. What was once "cute", "loveable", "adorable" is now "creepy", "fucked up", "crazy". Then they're spread amongst her girls in an effort to make her look like the blameless and helpless victim, while you're a piece of shit nastiness that really deserves to be hunted down and killed.

If there's nothing really damaging - then she'll make some shit up. She'll even manufacture memories about these lies - convince herself that they're true - and finally, will spread them amongst her social circle to fuck you over.

I knew a crazy BPD/NPD cunt who did this to an extreme, over and over with her boyfriends.

"I got pregnant with his baby, then I miscarried, and it's all his fault!" Actually there's only your word for that. I can also see what you're doing: cutting away his social support network and friends. Yeah, sure, sugar. (She did this twice that I know of. Funny how I'm seeing a pattern here - which her female friends couldn't seem to see. Willful blindness!)

"He beat me up so I got a restraining order on him!" Which is why you still go around to his place - 'cause he can't come to yours. Yeah, sure, sugar. Oh, you just confessed that you lied about that to all your friends? And they're still your friends? What a wonderfully supportive bunch, there for you in your hour of need. A further thank-you is in store for fucking around the courts system for your shits and giggles - cunt.

I said a while back that there are times when men need to be teflon. Part of that is avoiding telling women anything. Part of that is avoiding explaining anything. And part of that is simply avoiding the worst types the moment that you run across them. Including minimizing contact with her friends. When they know what she's like, yet they still stick with her through thick and thin, then they're closet-crazies as well.

Keep your frenemies closer be damned, you are who you associate with.

Yes, you end up with less female friends. Is that really a bad thing, though? To purposely stay away from the drama-queens and nutjobs? To protect your life, your self, from the insane?

Be teflon, hide from the cohorts of crazies, avoid them like the plague of zombies that they are.

Thursday 26 March 2015

Establish Those Boundaries

Over on Return of Kings, an article by Troy Francis:

Girls Are Fundamentally Lazy

While superficially the article is about how girls are lazy - totally true - underneath, it's about how the author got a little too busy with his book and work. Rather than go through the efforts of finding another hoe every few weeks, he let things develop more than he should have with one girl. Effectively he fucked up and lost control of his relationship with a narcissistic little whore - what the PUAs call "losing frame".

I strongly suggest reading the article, it's a good one. Now let's dive into it and pull out the guts. In the article he states:
All of this came to a head for me at the weekend when B stayed over at my flat. I’ve been seeing B since the beginning of the year, and she has become my primary girl almost by default, although she is hot, scoring well against all my personal requirements: twenty-three, very slim, long legs, long hair, great facial bone structure, Polish. 
B stayed with me on Saturday night. B woke up feeling lazy on Sunday morning. B called up her waitress job and told them she had a temperature. I want to stay here with you. Fine, baby, but I need to work. That’s OK — I won’t disturb you. [This is where he started slipping up. - BPS] 
I sat down at the computer. I am editing a novel at the moment — a process which requires concentration and, ideally, solitude. B lay in bed and ate toast. B painted her toenails. B called a friend and had an animated ten minute conversation in Polish. B watched an episode of Gossip Girl. Finally, B had a crying jag and told me she couldn’t trust me.
There is so much wrong in those three paragraphs. The first one alone shows that he's thinking more with his dick than his head. Apologies Troy, you know inside that it's the damn truth.

I put up a response as follows:
All women suck up time and energy. Theirs, yours, someone else's - it simply depends on what they think they can get away with. If you're busy for whatever reason - say, deadlines or you're behind on learning something - they start getting antsy and pissy because they don't like that they aren't #1 in your universe.
Then the drama begins.
The one you've got seems basically to be an airhead, fairly typical good-looking narcissistic hoe. It sounds like you've let her get too close because you've been busy with your book. Reason I say this: she feels entitled to have a dramatic crying jag and blame it on you, when you're in the process of trying to work.
1/ "I want to stay today with you." <--- all about meeeee screw you and your plans
2/ Eats toast in bed <--- attention-getting
3/ Paints toenails <--- attention-getting
4/ Has conversation in Polish <--- attention-getting
5/ Watched bullshit TV soap-opera <--- attention-getting
6/ Has crying-jag because she can never trust you <--- attention-got, validated! Wee!
She wanted your attention. I'm picking that it was a low-key escalation of background noise until she could throw a fake fit to get your attention. She got it. You didn't drop-kick her ass outta the room for attempting to start that shit that would ultimately waste your time and effort. You let it reach it's conclusion. [A conclusion he should have seen coming a mile away. He got lazy. - BPS]
Seriously, once you've let her get away with that, you've just fucked yourself relationship-wise with her. You know this.
I'm not pulling the "dollars before hoes" Alpha thing. I'm pulling the "this cunt has a fundamental disrespect for you that's only gonna get worse" thing. Because you didn't squash that behavior the instant it started. You didn't say no right from the beginning. You didn't establish that firm boundary that you have stuff to do that needs privacy. [Remember my article about personal time and space being golden for men? 100% pure example right there, from a non-married man. - BPS]
She now feels entitled to push the boundaries even more. If you attempt to backtrack and establish those firm boundaries: cue more drama, fake fits, et-fucking-cetera. It's all about her now.
I think my response pretty-much states it all. He let the camel get it's head in the tent. He lost control of the relationship. He didn't set a crucial boundary, now she's gonna try and walk all over him any time she can. Let the drama and horseshit ensue - moreso once he finally becomes pissed off enough to dump the cunt.

Scarcely any kind of high-class woman this one. Just another narcissistic whore who got what she wanted. Because she has a shape and face and fucks good.

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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Why You Should Hide Your Self

I have said that we should remain in the shadows, never explain things to women, and generally keep what is our rightfully private stuff - private. It's nobody else's business.

Over on Reddit (/r/MGTOW) we have a prime example of why:

Career Advancement as the Anti-Family Man

Where a man is asking for advice in dealing with trying to get ahead as a medical student while remaining a MGTOW and not getting punished for it by those around him:
Does anyone out there have any advice or perspective on career advancement in a field dominated by family-centric individuals? I know that there are men here who came around to MGTOW later in life, so I am also interested to know what you thought of subordinates like us. 
I am a medical student and have come to find that medicine is an even more conservative field than I had expected. I have observed that the vast majority of medical students allow their lives to be dictated by what they "should" be doing. They go to medical school because their parents want them to and a career in medicine provides reliable financial security and prestige. Once in medical school, the average student's march along the straight and narrow continues as their marriage clock goes off. The need to settle down among this group is more palpable than I have ever seen in a group of educated young people. As you can probably imagine, my classmates seem to view me with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion. Even before I had the MGTOW label to put on my personal philosophy, I quickly learned that it was best kept to myself. 
Given the attitude of my classmates, I can only imagine what doctors from the older generations must think of a man in his late 20s who is happy without a significant other. While I am almost certainly going to choose a medical specialty that complements a MGTOW lifestyle, I still have a few more hoops to jump through that will require the trust and respect of older doctors. As comfortable as I am in my own skin, I cannot help but be concerned that my evident lack of interest in life as a "family man" will hinder my career. For example, I have been told that in residency interviews, "tell me a little about yourself" is code for "are you married and do you have children" since they technically are not allowed to ask those questions.
This man is in a prime situation, going his own way, yet recognizes the suspicion that not being seen as conforming to the herd's expectations is likely to raise in his classmates and workmates. Thankfully one of the commentors pulls out an excellent bit of camoflage - one that I've used myself in many situations:
Blackest_Knight: Whenever I am asked about my marital status I mock women by using one of their very own excuses: "I just haven't found The One"
This is priceless. Inwardly you are mocking them, outwardly concealing yourself with the bland pap exterior that they expect of some unaware man. This soothes the alarm-bells which would otherwise go off in their head.

Best of all, you can shroud yourself in the socially-acceptable sayings of the Herd, like not managing to find The One and similar bullshit. Hell, you can date - even let them set you up with fellow-girls - only to look at them a couple of months later with a puzzled-and-sad expression as you say: "You know, I don't think you're The One for me. Pity, I kinda like you."

A socially-acceptable cutting-off-at-the-knees, one she can't really argue with. That none of 'em can. After all, they wouldn't want to get with someone who isn't The One - they'd by definition be going with second-best and no way are they gonna do that.

Hide your self. That stuff is private, none of their business. Despite what their entitled little twat mindset might delude them into believing, you don't owe them shit.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

No Ma'am Update

It looks like No Ma'am has updated part of their original webpage and put it up on another blog:

The Masculine Principle

I've added a link to the new blog in the "what I read" list. It looks to be substantially the same as the ebook I put together for free in the Free Books page.

Cheers guys!

Every Vag Is Sacred

Commentor Anonymous on this post about Female Entitlement - Celebrity Edition puts it perfectly:
The root of the problem is the religion of the golden vag. The notion that every vag is unique and different and that it is almost a religious experience and ultimate privilege if the owner should allow us to have a peek of one. Get over it dudes. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence or any other female, they all look the same upside down. When it becomes a news event because somehow pictures of some girls Hooha got leaked to the interwebz then that is the time for us to reflect on the entire every vag is sacred mentality and yank that shit off the pedestal!
From The Meaning of Twat™ movie, I bring you the song: "Every Vag Is Sacred"
I'm a Feminist Twat
And have been since before I was born
And the one thing they say about Feminists is
They'll kill men as soon as they're warm
They have to be at least a six footer
They don't want a man with a brain
They want Adonis with his clothes off
If he's packing 12 inches she came (on sight) 
Every Vag is sacred
Every Vag is great
If a Vag is wasted
God gets quite irate 
Let the Heathen's kill theirs
In their desert ground
God shall make them pay for
Each Vag that can't be found 
Every Vag is wanted
Every Vag is good
Every Vag is needed
In your neighborhood
I have such a juvenile delinquent mind at times.

MGTOW Lifestyle

Okay, since I have stopped being so damn negative about A Voice For Men, I have decided to go over there and have a look-see at what's going on. Here is a beautiful way to eat well, enjoy yourself, and make Feminists cry all-in-one:

Eating while MGTOW: Buck buck chicken

What made me laugh my ass off was this bit:
I then have a fortnight’s worth of protein for the price of buying some crazy feminist harpy two sour apple martinis.
The man writes so much truth there, as well as in the rest of his article.

Similarly, for the price of a bottle of Grand Marnier, I can't really take a feminasty out on a decent date. Besides, I get far more enjoyment from sipping just a little bit at the end of a hard day's work, rather than sitting across from someone who hates men and is looking for any excuse to say "you just want to fuck me!" after I've fed her a good meal.

Well, no duh, you crazy cunt. I mean, five minutes ago, sure. Except that you just turned my boner off. So no, I don't want to fuck you. I'd sooner stick it in a knothole than your nasty, rancid, infected, infested hole.

Dates for these feminists: none

Money wasted on feminists: none

Fucks given about feminists: none

The modern crazies are so completely clueless. It's almost breathtaking how stupid they are. Morons, the lot of them.

So what can we do? Just like buck-buck-chicken up there: do everything cheaply and enjoy ourselves. Cook some good food. Work out so you're healthy. Go out and enjoy the world, do some swimming or fishing or hiking or whatever (being in good shape helps here). Have a sip of your favorite drink at the end of the day.

And ignore the women. They don't deserve to share our relaxed, happy, awesome lifestyle. Certainly, the feminist-indoctrinated types don't bring any joy with them - for themselves or us. The others, well, they just want to enjoy the lifestyle without helping in the hard yakker of building it. That's the purest definition of a parasite that you can think of.

Unlike buck-buck-chicken, I can't be bothered making these morons cry. I'd rather read a good book out on the deck while I sip my Grand Marnier and listen to music and the chicken cooks for an hour. The morons can rant and weep off somewhere in the far distance where their whining and wailing won't disturb and drag down my good mood.

Be well and enjoy your lifestyle, brothers.

Monday 23 March 2015

Chisel That Shit Off

Recently I've been noticing more and more girls with way too much shitty makeup on their faces. I don't know if it's a process of becoming more aware to the bullshit going on or what. At any rate, it seems to be everywhere - I'm noticing it - and it just makes them look fake as fuck.

One was over the weekend, at the top of a mountain. A young-ish girl showed up tramping with her boyfriend, she was trying to cover up a really bad dose of facial acne. So bad you could see it through the shit she had layered on her face. In her case I found myself thinking: "If you left that shit off, your face would have a chance to heal." I tend to believe that the makeup shit causes such problems.

The other was last Friday at a TGI Friday lunch. There were a lot of guys that day and only two girls - thank fuck! We were talking all sorts of guy stuff and somehow it came around to fake shit girls do. Clothes to shape the body, cookies in bra's, panties to hold the gut in. My contribution: chisel that shit off so I can see what you look like. All the men laughed, the consensus was "yeah who wants that crap on the sheets".

Deliciously ironic given that one of the girls was so fakely made up that she looked like a china doll. A chinese one, with near-slit eyes. A couple of times she put a delicate finger to her cheek to check that the shit wasn't sloughing off of its own accord. She was also doing the hair-twirl while looking at the guy who was sitting opposite her (not me) - definitely interested in him. His girlfriend was sitting beside him.

Part of the problem seems to be that a lot of women in "public places" are deathly afraid of being seen without any crap to shape their bodies or conceal their real faces. Yeah I wonder why - because it would then show the ugly that you actually are?

So, you see those pictures of girls looking good with "no makeup"? That's because in a girl's mind concealer is not a makeup. They've still got layers of crap on their skin, artfully designed to smooth out and conceal any form of imperfections. Still wearing that lie even when they say they aren't. Doublethink and lies to the self.

At any rate this reminded me of some twat from the NY Times who went and tried a microbiome treatment (from AOBiome). Her reported results:

* skin changed for the better
* hair turned darker
* complexion cleared (supposedly prone to hormone-related breakouts)
* pores seemed to shrink
* didn't smell bad at all (even after a pathetic female workout)

Even so, she still went back to a semi-normal (less-crap-products) showering regime. After 3 days her skin was back to her original mess, once more prone to skin breakouts supposedly from "hormones". The proven benefits to her skin weren't enough to entirely break the conditioning habits of mindless cosmetic consumption cleanliness built up over a lifetime.

I see it very often at the gym too. These twats show up to do their fake workouts, with their fake faces on. You can tell simply by the way that there is no way they are gonna put any real effort into things. No way! 'Cause that'd make their face slide off...

Got to make you grin really.

Saturday 21 March 2015

The Elusive NAWALT aka Unicorn

So I'm revisiting the Yes All Women Are Like That post once more. It's been a long time since I wrote that - over 2 years ago.

My opinion hasn't changed any. Here's why the revisit.

Over on Reddit (/r/MGTOW) a man is wondering if we're doing a stereotype that is basically bullshit. He's looking for the elusive NAWALT, aka the Unicorn. In the responses is what I consider an exceptionally clear explanation of why NAWALT is false and YAWALT is true.

I'm for MGTOW, but...
Reason I say this is because a lot of the MGTOW material I read seems to be about a particular demographic of females, like a young, middle-class, college-educated, feminist-leaning, strongly heterosexual American white girl who frequents bars and clubs and is sexually active. I don't see a lot of the generalized mentalities of female on the non-Western, or the introverted, quiet, shy, asocial, queer or "ambisexual" girls, or women in general who aren't self-aware of what they do or their tastes. 
I tend to think too broad of generalizations—saying "all women..."—tend to hurt credibility. I'm looking for a more specific profiling to pinpoint the whys.
He has a very fair point here. So we need to explain more clearly what makes us state YAWALT, when that is self-evidently and logically not going to be true. It can't possibly be true. Commentor thrownaway_MGTOW nails it thoroughly. Here is what he said, paraphrased and condensed.
Yes the NAWALT aka Unicorn does exist. However, they are off the market more-or-less permanently - unless their sweetheart/husband is accidentally killed and widows her before 28yo. Why? Because they are already taken and not available - snapped up early they are the real-deal faithful type. They met their match while young and got married by age 21 - probably much earlier.

Equally, anyone "taken" that you see in a bar/club - what the fuck are they doing there? They're keeping their options open, which means that by definition they are a YAWALT. This includes places like MeetUp, MeetMe, church/social/hobby group, etc. They still rode the cock carousel in their time, now they're getting past it and trying to attract a man before the biological clock rings the "your fertility is toast" bell.

These girls were already damaged goods before they got started, moreso now - whether they were fucked by 5/50/500 men. Whether they were "self-aware" or not. [We know the lies that women tell themselves. No women is fully "self-aware". She can't afford to be. - BPS]

Queer or ambisexual girls. By definition they are fucked in the head or they wouldn't be queer or bisexual or weird in this manner. Whichever type, these whack-jobs aren't interested in a guy. Including you. [What the fuck are you even considering these nutjobs as potential NAWALT's? Their only use is as potential threesomes. - BPS]

Introverted, quiet, shy, asocial girls. These are hiding, for whatever reason. It could be they're simply not that interested in guys, or perhaps they're the victim of some kind of abuse. If they're not interested then they're not interested. If they're a victim of some kind of abuse then they're fucked in the head and probably aren't interested in any guy. Including you. You ain't gonna run across them on a daily basis, if at all.

Non-Western women. These girls are happy and pleasant, a delight to be around. [Because they still understand that it's much easier to lure their prey with honey rather than vinegar. A fact that Western women have collectively lost sight of. - BPS] Underneath they are exactly the same as Western women, especially once they are brought into a situation where they have the same options as Western women. To keep them happy and pleasant you need to keep them in their culture and you must remain firmly in control - and pray that the Western culture doesn't spread and ruin it. [Too late. - BPS]

TL/DR: If you didn't marry some "high school sweetheart" you're shit outta luck. Everything left is damaged goods in varying degrees.
So yes, the NAWALT does exist. Already taken when young. What's left is the dregs and damaged shit that stumbles around in a daze, riding the cock carousel while attempting to rationalize away the bullshit they're pulling.

So practically-speaking, for every woman that you will ever meet (sans perhaps 1-2 flukes in your entire lifetime): YAWALT is the overwhelming truth.

Friday 20 March 2015

Redonkulas on MGTOW

The most concise explanation of MGTOW that I've seen to date:
Covers all the basics.

Right from the beginning Terrence Popp states:
If you come out and say you're a MGTOW, the Feminists are going to attack you in several ways using shame and blame.

Like my last post about never explaining anything to a woman.
Feminism gets its power from sex. MGTOW is a threat because they take that power away. And you can't oppress what you can't screw. Winning!


Also good is his sliding-scale of what MGTOW are, from full ghosting through to PUA.
With the Feminists you either totally accept whatever they have to say, or they label you as a hate group. To them, hate really equals disagreement with their bullshit. 
For you to hate, you actually have to care. And these guys, they're like me man, the "I don't care" light went on a long time ago and they're moving forward at "I don't give a fuck" speed.
There's a lot more. If there's someone that you think is ready for it (ie starting to go that way already) then spin this their way.

Watch and enjoy!

The Girlfriend Experience

Commenter Robert What? has a question about prostitutes and The Girlfriend Experience:
I agree that a prostitute who can provide the GFE is the way to go for older men, especially after they have had children or decided they are not having children. Basically as in marriage you are paying for sex and affection. But with a professional it is a lot less costly. In addition, whether the wife provides that sex and affection is totally at her whim. You still need to pay the price whether she delivers or not. If a professional doesn't deliver, you find another who will. If I was doing it all over again - knowing what I know now - I'd remain a bachelor and go that route.
That leads us to the next question. Although you might not have an answer for it. How does a man find such a professional who can provide the GFE? A brief search online turns up a lot of aging cows and jaded looking skanks.
For starters I decided that I'd better double-check exactly what GFE means. I got on to Urban Dictionary and found this definition:
Girl Friend Experience
Affection oriented escort.
And further down on the same page:
Girl Friend Experience
1. Shows up and acts like she wants to be there.
2. Deep french kisses.
3. Bare Back Blow Job.
4. Stays and provides service for the full hour.
If all four criteria are met the provider is known as a GFE.
Jaime is an excellent $200 GFE in the South Florida escort market.
That freaking agency said she was GFE but all I got was a lame CBJ, peck on the cheek,some doggy, and she left after 23 minutes.
I also looked at Ultimate GFE:
Ultimate GFE
Ultimate GFE (Girl Friend Experience)--when a prostitute behaves like her client's girlfriend in bed. A "regular" GFE experience will necessarily include kissing (both Light French and Deep French kissing), cuddling, and a generally unrushed experience. Ultimate GFE adds to this full and complete bareback sex (both oral and vaginal), much as one would do with one's girlfriend. An Ultimate GFE, in bed, is therefore completely indistinguishable from being with one's girlfriend.
"Dude, that chick I picked up on TER gave me an ultimate GFE experience...even got to cream inside of her."
So yes, it still means what I thought: you're paying for a prostitute to act like she's your girlfriend. I wasn't certain if the definition had changed.

(By the way: if you paid for an hour and the girl buggers off before that hour is done, you got ripped off. It doesn't matter if you can only orgasm once, you can still generally get it up again fairly quickly and have a bit more fun. You are paying for the use of her body for fun for a set time-period, not "until I orgasm". Remember that - complain loudly or rate negatively if she's from an agency - and never take that girl again. Now back to GFE.)

I've never engaged a prostitute for this type of thing, though I have been propositioned by a couple who offered it. One of them is an exceptionally cute 22yo who currently lives up in Auckland - her rate is $250 for an hour, an extra $30 for oral (no condom), if you want more than an hour then the hourly rate drops to $200 per. Longer costs less though I didn't inquire that deeply into it.

The second prostitute that I knew offered the full GFE for $1,500 a night. You got her for the full evening, night, and morning (usually 4pm to 10am). It included the works: being seen in public, dinner, breakfast, bathing/showering together, sex on demand, oral/anal/vaginal, fetishes, no protection at all - everything. That girl was 27yo and looked like Keiran Knightly with her hair cut short (danger sign right there).

So there's two prostitutes that I know offer(ed) these services. I suppose that finding another one would simply be a case of outright asking the girl if she provides the full GFE - there's no need to be embarrassed. From what I've seen and heard, many girls do not like blurring the boundaries like this: many actually do have real boyfriends and they see their job as being totally separate and professional. They work hard to partition the two.

Stepping back to take an overview, I can see two big reasons for not paying for the GFE:

1/ You're paying to have unprotected sex with someone who sells her body to many, many people for unprotected sex. Unlike the ordinary prostitute who should be using protection, these girls will get diseases. (Note that even ordinary prostitutes will not use protection if she's paid enough. Make sure that you always use protection.)

2/ The GFE experience involves cuddling - oxytocin - instinctive bonding. Men who have had many women can still bond, though with lesser intensity. Women who have had many men do not bond anywhere near so well. While it doesn't seem like a big deal from her side, from a paying customer's side it could be damn problematic. You don't want to develop feelings for a whore and you don't want her fucked-up feelings fixating on you (see the end thought below).

Here's a different thought: It would seem better for a man to wear a wedding ring, lie and say that he's married - then have his mistress act as a girlfriend "when he's in town" every 2-6 weeks. There is no "why haven't you called" whining, there's no real expectations beyond fun for the both of you. Give a simple "don't ask" for potentially tricky questions. I have the feeling that this is a very common situation. "A different girl in every city."

So there's my take on the Girlfriend Experience: overall it's damned dangerous. It's also an indictment of society that men are having to pay for this.

End thought: Remember the girl who offered the $1,500 a night full GFE? She had a boyfriend who she did not automatically give that experience to. Cooking? Cuddling? Happy to be around him all the time? Not on your life. Very happy to provide that sort of thing to a man who paid $$$ for it - she did it every week or two for clients. Not the slightest interest in doing it for her real-life "boyfriend" even once.

So don't date a prostitute or stripper. Seriously. Don't invite that emotional mess into your life. Don't get emotionally tangled with her and don't risk her getting emotionally tangled with you. Hopefully you'll never see or experience the result.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Remain in the Shadows

Another blogger is thinking of stepping out of the shadows and into the light (ie go public and say "this is me", etc). I just posted this to his blog:
You have a life to live, in the way that you wish to live it, as a professional. You don't intend to make a living with your lifestyle/writing. Unless you have an intent to be an author and make money - which in this world requires a face or posthumous publishing - then your life and goals are not served by stepping out from the shadows of the anonymous and into the light of the public eye. 
By doing so you are simply handing someone a stick with which to beat you, ammunition to use against you, in your life. Whether a man or woman. For whatever reason they may see fit - even because they "vaguely dislike you" or "just feel like it" because you "upset them". Or because they dislike your opinion and have decided to complain and take you down a peg or two (ie get you fired, like the idiot woman with the donglegate employees). 
Your private life, your private philosophy, your private goals and hopes and dreams, your private path to whatever - are your business. Not anybody else's. Putting them out there for all to see and associate with you personally is simply handing someone a free handle with which to manipulate you and jerk you around as they see fit. You would be allowing someone to hold everything about your life in their hand, for their amusement, for nothing of worth in return. 
Remain in the shadows.
This applies to all men. Don't gift someone with a free handle by which they can move you. Don't allow them the ability to screw with your life, emotions, dreams, goals.

All these things are yours. Never hand them to someone else gratuitously. You never know which nutjob will grasp that handle and attempt to move you around with it.

Remain free.

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Never Explain Anything To Women

Okay, originally this post was going to be titled: Never Explain MGTOW To Women. Then I thought: Why only MGTOW? Why explain ANYTHING to women?

What made me write about this is a few other postings (and videos) that I've seen in the MGTOW community, where men have for some reason stated to women that they're not bothering with women - and trying to explain why. Which always ends poorly because the woman gets upset about it (because it's always a rejection of her - everything is about her) and pulls out the shaming language. Then the guy gets pissed off and puts out a post or video.

So here's a bit of my thinking about this sort of thing.

1/ Why are you bothering to tell her anything about your life, philosophy, and the like?

2/ Why are you bothering to explain anything to her?

3/ Why do you have the mindset that she's entitled to anything at all from you?

To explain:

#1 - It's none of her business. Period. Even if she's your mother or sister it's none of her fucking business. You're alive. You don't have any diseases, broken bones, whatever. You're getting along well. You're enjoying yourself. You have a place to stay, you've got work, you've done a little travel. That's enough for any woman to know. The rest is private.

If she wants to know more: "Are we fucking?" Even if you are, she can go to hell - she has to earn that knowledge, not just get it on a plate for the asking.

#2 - Are you attempting to get some form of social validation from this woman? If so, why? If not, why are you bothering to tell her any-fucking-thing? Unless she's paying you to do a job and is asking what you're gonna do and why - you don't owe her jack shit in the way of explanation or amplification.

Plus it can come across as an excuse, a lame justification, defensive and making you appear to be weak.

#3 - Current society has the mindset that she is "entitled" to ask any question and automatically get an answer from any man. This is an insidious bit of conditioning/habit/mindset that I am attempting to break in myself: every now and then I fuck it up. One bloody hard habit to break.

This is why women will often ask rude things like: What do you do for a living? (Sub-question: How much money do you make? Sub-sub-question: Is it worth knowing you? Sub-sub-sub-sub-mindset: I'm entitled to know so I can choose if I want to get into your wallet via your dick.) Fucking socially clueless retards.

She is not entitled to squat from you. Period.

This is why PUAs state that it's a bad idea to pay for expensive dates, buy her drinks, etc - that's an entitled mindset which is often taken advantage of by today's entitled whore. Best not to feed that mindset, that beast, in any way. So it's a good idea to kill that insidious bit of conditioning/habit. Kill it dead.

Which brings us all the way down to:

4/ Only Men are entitled to hear details about your personal philosophy (in private).

Because only Men can relate to Men (so long as one of them isn't a mangina). Because having any women around when you talk will instantly trigger his "in self-defense always agree with teh wimmenz" mode. Because any women will probably go instantly apeshit as per what causes these kinds of posts. The more women involved, the more apeshit goes down.

Why put yourself in the path of that? Especially when it's none of her fucking business?

Overall: why are we offering up any kind of intimate, personal information to somebody who doesn't mean a damn thing to us? Who doesn't think of us as anything more than an ATM or source of favors or validation? She's most likely just another walking, entitled breeding ground for various exotic STDs. One that we're not interested in getting involved with at all. So why offer up any bloody information at all?

It's the fucking years of conditioning, still stuck in our heads.

Seriously guys, women are not entitled to anything from us. Most especially our innermost thoughts, opinions, philosophies, and life-plans. It's none of their fucking business. That shit is private. Stop being a nosy cunt.

If they don't get this information, then they are not gonna get deeply upset about you, and your life is gonna be so much easier through not having to deal with the bullshit emotions of a subnormal child who means nothing to you in both the short and long term.

Plus you're also denying her a handle with which to grasp and manipulate you. Which teh wimminz hate, hate, hate - but fuck'm, they don't deserve anything more than basic politeness. At least, until they prove differently.

Now go enjoy doing your own thing, without trying to justify it to some random slut-whore. Me, I'm going to sip some Grand Marnier and watch the stars. Good night.

One Long, Childish Wail

Men Are Nothing More Than Clowns To The Modern Women

Roosh nailed it straight to the fuckin' wall.
"Do you want a man?"
Reaching right down into the gut of modern women, so brainwashed by modern life that they think a career and riding the cock carousel is the end-all be-all, to ask them what they actually want for themselves. Not what they've been brainwashed to believe they want. What they want deep inside. For themselves.

Most of them don't have a clue. The ones who do seem to be interested in having a man - who hesitate when saying "I don't know" - he considers a "yes". He then puts on the clown-act, making the effort to entertain her. Sex might ensue. Eventually one or both get bored and they move on to the next clown/woman.

This shows how women are entitled little brat children. The whole concept of expecting entertainment from a man is one long, childish wail of: "I'm booooored. Entertain meeeeeeee!"

Even frivorce because "I love him, but I'm not in love with him" and "he's changed" is just another way of saying that she got bored. So she's off to find someone more entertaining. Out with the long, childish wail: I'm bored. Bored, bored, bored. Entertain meeeeeeee!

Of course marriage is yet another long, childish wail in a similar vein: Support meeeeeeee!

While finally, frivorce (or never getting married in the first place) might end in a final long, childish wail of: Where have all the guys gone? Entertain meeeeeeee!

What Roosh said is so close to the objection that many guys have about PUAs being a "dancing monkey" for women. Dancing monkey, entertaining clown, jumping through hoops for her shits and giggles. I've said it myself: if you're entertaining enough you might win the prize of fucking her, you dancing monkey you.

Even Roosh basically says it, having to entertain her like a clown to get some sex. Many days of entertaining to achieve a few hours of getting your dick wet in aggregate, before you're forced to find another one.

Is it so surprising that some men absolutely will not compromise their dignity and inner integrity for a few minutes inside a warm, wet hole? A warm, wet hole which has been well-used by many other men? A warm, wet hole that is often diseased? A warm, wet hole that even glorifies in its own degradation - perhaps doing anything for the dollars and shopping and experience, like the Dubai Porta Potty girls?

A warm, wet, well-used hole that often comes out with a long, childish wail: Put a ring on meeeeeeee!

You might call me cynical when I asked if that pussy was worth it. When I said that you get better mileage out of paying for prostitutes. Yet, where it's legal and regulated, why not? The chances are good that she's going to be a damnsight cleaner than the average slut you pick up in a bar (STD-wise) even if she's a shitload more jaded by life and the things she's done. Part of legal regulation is her getting checked regularly.

At least she won't be earbashing you about "what Sally said about Jude last night, and Jude, well, she's going to stick her claws into that bitch's hair and rip out a few clumps..." yadda fucking yadda. You're paying the cunt to keep her mouth shut (other than oral) and to get the fuck out once you're done.

So when your choices seem to be:

0/ getting married (becoming a slave-man) [Ed. I forgot this option, duh! - BPS]

1/ playing the clown (plus drama and the possibility of financial rape for 15+ years)

2/ paying for it (no drama)

3/ deciding to hell with it (no drama)

It's what you can live with. The choice is yours. What you can stand doing, what you are willing to risk, what you care enough about.

Nobody has the right to diss you for your choice, nor have they the right to choose for you. Even though women and manginas and certain people in the manosphere with an agenda think and act otherwise. (When *anyone* pulls out any form of shaming language, it's a good time to get really cynical and analytical about what their angle might be.)

More power to you, whichever way in life you choose. Myself, I prefer to quietly sip my Grand Marnier in peace - in the sun or in front of the fire - and to ignore the long, childish wailing coming from the miserable and lonely aged slut standing abandoned on the side of the road.

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Haggling - Joke of the Day

Attributed to many people, and with many variations. The so-called "red pill" has been out there for a long time, it's just the pussified modern men have been browbeaten down to not passing timeless wisdom like this on to the next generation. How society has been moulded by the feminist narrative!

This one's attributed to George Bernard Shaw.

George Bernard Shaw was on a train one morning, reading his paper. After a while he looks up from his paper and says to the girl in the cabin: "If I gave you a hundred thousand pounds, would you sleep with me?"

Girl: "Yes, I would."

GBS: "Hmmmm." He goes back to his paper again.

After a few minutes, he looks up from the paper to the girl: "If I gave you ten pounds, would you sleep with me?"

Girl fumes: "What kind of girl do you think I am?"

GBS: "We've already established that. Now we're just negotiating the price."

Men always knew that women were like that. The dictates of "nice" society be damned.

Female Herdthink Turns on Famous in NZ

Alright, I haven't really followed this - mostly because I never bother watching TV. In fact I only learned this during smoko yesterday, the female herdthink was all *hatehatehate* at full outspoken volume.

That said, it gives me pleasure to hear that a pair of fucktard judges on NZ's "talent show" known as X-Factor managed to shaft themselves good:

Natalia Kills and Willy Moon Fired from X-Factor NZ

It took about 1 day after they launched into a tirade against a "slightly retarded" contestant. I haven't really bothered to find out the full furor. You can get the gist at the above link if you give a damn about the media-spin and social bushwah.

It is very interesting seeing one of the twatter's that a fellow-judge spouted out about Natalia Kills:
Blatt tweeted: "Ive tried to keep my cool and stay professional but really @nataliakills ? Sorry love , you're a twat".
You can still see that he's [Ed. She. See comments, thanks for the info. - BPS] being careful for the social media aspect ("sorry love") - yet calling her a twat (stupid cunt) is a pretty good one in my book. From what I've heard in the public about it all, that pair are lucky if they get out of NZ alive. Some of my muso friends would like to strangle the pair.

Goes to show that even the rich and famous can fuck it up good. Especially when they target a minority.

A word of warning though: if you're outspoken, still be damn careful about who you're targeting. Ragging on the wrong target can get you hung out to dry pretty damn quick, once the female herdthink turns against you.

Monday 16 March 2015

Criminal Coders

Normally I bitch about the bullshit that women pull in society. This is slightly different - though it does expose a different kind of poison going on in society.

It looks like the leftoid fucktards are now attempting to teach long-term prison inmates (from San Quentin) how to be coders:

Prison Program Aims to turn Criminals into Coders

I nearly killed myself laughing. Especially at this priceless bit from the article:
Shawn Drost was recruited by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Chris Redlitz to design the skill-building program to help reduce California's 61 percent recidivism rate.
Redlitz said he is talking to businesses that are ready to hire these people. 
"It's a large-demand industry, and to be very frank," Redlitz said, "if you can write great code, people don't care about anything else."
What planet are these dumbass leftist motherfuckers from?

Okay, I can get behind the idea of teaching these guys some new skills. Good on 'em. You gotta try something to keep them out of trouble. Plus, yes, it gives these guys hope that they can have a decent life-and-job when they get out. I'm definitely all for that. programming skills? What whacktard thought this one up? Many of the current coding jobs are being outsourced to China, India, and Pakistan - a lot of laid-off coders ended up selling Real Estate after the DotCom shit blew up and before the housing bubble meltdown. They couldn't get jobs later, so they went where there were jobs. (Don't know what the poor bastards are doing now.)

Recently the USofA turned around and put together special H1B Visa quotas. Reason: so that companies in the USofA could hire-and-import overseas computer programmers for a song instead of paying the average $55+k that USA programmers expect. Cheap bunch of motherfuckers.

If these guys get out of prison and get into coding - good on them. I have strong doubts. I suspect that these leftist retards are really going to be training the next lot of cybercriminals.

Fucking clueless leftards.

Jessica Valenti - Male Tears

Okay, sometimes I'm bloody slow to "get it". Guess you learn something new every day.

So JB gave Jessica Valenti a mild slapping upside the head, which I commented on here.

Then this morning, it suddenly clicked to me: "Male Tears". Duh, fuckwit, "the eye that cries when most pleased" - aka a penis aka semen.

So I double-checked on Urban Dictionary for Male Tears: yep, it's slang for semen.

It's a sub-rosa call-out of: "I do oral", "I'm into bukkake", "I want a pearl necklace".
If you want a pure example of "ignore what I say and look at what I do" - here is Feminism's poster-child. Hell, her mouth is wide open in that "insert cock here" position for the next playa.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Shit Testing is a Label

A week or so ago I looked at a common mental map in the Manosphere when I said that hypergamy is a label that we use to describe a bunch of traits. Those traits basically boil down to bad behavior due to no discipline etc in the growing-up of a feral little bitch. I also stated that we need to be cautious about putting it into a box and saying it's evolved behavior, because we risk giving women another pussy-pass (evolved or not, training is possible - just look at potty-training).

Similarly, so-called shit testing is not some kind of "fitness testing". It's just bad fuckin' behavior that is running rampant in society. I didn't even bother to point that out explicitly because I figured it's a given.

Then I ran across this video by Sandman:
It's an interesting talk that includes some stuff from Angry Harry:

Why And How Do Women Manipulate Men?
50 years ago, if a man slapped his wife, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN were usually of the view that she deserved it in some way. And the reason that they usually thought this was because they knew how easy it was for women to manipulate men and they also knew how hard it was to provoke normal men into assaulting women. 
In fact, most societies - and religions - seem to have been aware of this for thousands of years. (Remember the ducking stool!)
Of course, now she can get away with foul behavior without any repercussions. The best that the PUAs can manage these days is to cut her down (neg her) verbally - because he's not socially allowed to punch her teeth in when she drops a nuclear-grade bunch of foulness on him. (Another pussy-pass that society gives these feral whores.)

In fact I've heard (feminized) women bitch about the whole idea of negging: "Why do they have to cut down her ego like that?" These stupid cunts just don't get it. Fifty years ago, a woman came out with that she'd lose some teeth. It was in no way considered acceptable behavior. Of course, being femicunts they stupidly are "concerned" about a man "cutting down" a womans already over-inflated ego. Fuck'm'all.

Sandman also talks about make-up sex: "So if a woman insults a man, she might be wanting to initiate rough sex deep down in her subconscious mind. She wants to unleash his aggressive energy and channel it towards a sexual end." There's a lot more about this too, very thought-provoking stuff:
Nature is a crazy bitch that tries to piss us off - and then shoves a naked vagina passively in our face and says: "Here. Is this what you want?" 
Women piss men off because they're horny and want to reproduce with us. This is their subconscious behavior coming out.
So here's an interesting thought. Next time some woman drops the "Nuclear Bitch" on you, smile and indicate to her to come closer. If (when) she does: whack her ass so hard that she squeals and everyone around stops and stares at you both. State very clearly (so everyone can hear it): "That kind of nasty behavior is not acceptable anywhere, most especially in decent company." Indicate all the others.

Everybody knows how hard it is to provoke a normal man into spanking a woman in public. It just ain't done, especially these days. Massive social shaming for her - and if Sandman is correct, she might be 100% submissively turned on as well. Now order her around like a dog that's behaved badly: "Sit there." Even move her there physically. (Yes, I've ordered women around - they do it.)

Maybe one of the PUAs will give it a whirl. I'd be interested to know how it turns out.

At any rate. Bad behavior: check. Lack of discipline: check. Fitness testing: fail. More likely she's trying to see if you're a strong man (won't take her crap) or a weakling who'll lap up her runny shit (pathetic orbiter material that she can soak for favors). She's trying to see which bucket you fit in:

1/ Fuck me now!

2/ Would fuck.

3/ Girlfriend (friendzone).

You are now free to smack your bitch up.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Always Guilty Of Rape and Time Wasters

Over on Return of Kings they point to that stupid piece of crap legislation which came out of Cali-fucking-fornia: Yes means Yes.

Talk about one of the most stupid laws on the books. Do you know who pushes these kinds of laws? The kind of stupid cunt who is so socially clueless that she doesn't realize that "No means no...and sometimes maybe...and sometimes yes...and sometimes 'fuck me harder!'...and..."

Now that's something you have to think about. Feminists. They're actually socially clueless retards and morons. Works for me.

At any rate, Yes means Yes has jumped the shark the pond and landed firmly in London:

Men must prove a woman said 'Yes' under tough new rape rules

So there it is, if you ever fuck a woman then you are automatically considered guilty of rape. Unless you have some proof that she consented (a video of her screaming "please fuck and degrade me!" at the top of her lungs would be a starter). Keep that proof forever too: retroactive rape is no joke (Rolf Harris, Prince Andrew).

Okay, we can figure out what this Yes means Yes shit is too: it's also an attack by women upon other women. Specifically, an attack on the men - which rebounds and means that other women don't get hit on as much. The mentality is very much a feminist one of: "if I can't get laid then neither can you, nyah nyah nyah".

It's getting to the point where if you have anything to lose (job, home, social status) you avoid women by reflex. Simply because:

1/ You can't tell if she's actually interested or just playing plausibly-deniable games

2/ You have too much to lose

3/ She's not worth it

Which of course, this Yes means Yes crapola also means that all plausible deniability for a woman goes out the window. Unless you have zero to lose, aka you're a bad-boy/criminal/thug, aka you're willing to take the chance that she's not leading you on for shits and giggles.

Radical thought: maybe that's the reason that women seem to prefer fucking bad boys, crims, and thugs these days. They're the only ones who will take a chance at rejection and losing...nothing of worth. So what if she comes out with a sexual harassment/he raped me claim. These guys have nothing to lose.

Her: Even though I'm giving him the "yes" signal, he won't make a move. Why?

Him: What fuckin' signal? That one? Got burned by that one last month.

So here's an example of this process of false signals:

One silly cunt a few weeks back was talking quite intensely to me - she even isolated me from others, made sure that she had my full attention. Being a completely clueless fucker and not picking up on this at all (sarcasm) I simply asked her straight out: "Would you like some company while doing X." Turned out that she was a time-waster. She gave a socially-acceptable "no thanks", I made a few socially-acceptable noises, then I got the fuck away from her.

I'm not here to waste my time with some cunt who is sending mixed and false signals. None of us men are. It's only delusional women who think that they are entitled to waste your time when they have no real interest in you.

It's like Vox Day stated regarding online "dating": Face to face or forget it.

Never mind this Yes means Yes dogshit regarding rape and all. We men need to make it abundantly clear: No really does mean No. Unless you come out with a clear, explicit, and unambiguous Yes then you're not even getting the fucking time of day from me. (Maybe actually means: "No, however I'd like to waste more of your time and bask in your attention." I've fallen into that trap a couple of times.)

This sort of shit is what we men have to deal with. Women would have a fucking meltdown in short order if they had to deal with a tenth of it - in fact, a while back I posted the video about the lesbian who went man for a while "just to see what it was like". She went fruit-loops. (And that included hanging around guys indulging in female-style group therapy - hardly ordinary men.)

Yes means Yes. Just another abortion that will fuck up the interactions between men and women even more. Not that they're not already poisoned, given the preponderance of leading men on for shits and giggles and as a way to get her hand into your wallet.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


I know it reads paradoxical, that it reads like at the end of the post I am endorsing the Yes means Yes bullshit. In a way I am, only I'm flipping the script: "Unless you say Yes I'm not wasting my time on you."

Sub-Rosa Prostitution

UncleBob has an interesting post about something that I've seen doing the rounds recently:

Bachelor Nation: 70% of men aged 20-34 are not married

I haven't bothered to post on it myself. Too much of a rehash of old information - and I hate repeating myself too much. It makes me worry that I'm treating people as if they were subnormal when you definitely aren't.

However, while I was reading it again - something occurred to me. I posted it in UncleBob's comments, here it is quoted:
New Report: 48% of First Children Born to Unwed Mothers
That is from 2013. Given that this somehow made it to the mainstream news back then, we can pretty-much figure that it was underreported at the time - the media does toe the line about some things. It being 2 years on, I do not for an instant believe that it is under 50% now.
These single mommies are whores, pure and simple. No, they may not get paid directly and upfront for their bodies in a simplistic transaction: no $100 love you long time here. They must maintain plausible deniability.
Instead they expect to be paid sub-rosa in the coin of: dinners, drinks, nights out, romantic escapes, vacations, and "I've come up a little short for X bill, can you help me?" With a guilty look on her face.
When they get knocked up: government handouts and child-support, plus moral validation and ego-stroking for being a brave, battling single mommy. This appears to be the lifestyle of the modern long-term whore. There is no surprise that 70% of younger men are not married.
I find it bleakly amusing and ironic the furor about prostitution, in the face of this sub-rosa and very profitable long-term prostitution. The sub-rosa whores are upset about the more honest and upfront whores. If the men start using the more honest and upfront whores, the sub-rosa whores lose out.
I begin to think that the whole bushwa about how women "can't find a man" and the decline of men, etc is nothing more than a smokescreen. If a woman really wants a man and marriage - she'd get it. By throwing up a smokescreen and shedding crocodile tears they can maintain plausible deniability, play the victim card, <i>and</i> get their sub-rosa prostitution game-plan all at the same time.
Plus, women love any excuse for drama and bitching.
Think it over, If this is the unconscious MO of modern women - and it actually looks somewhat plausible - then society is in for one helluva shakeup if/when that knowledge goes mainstream.

Remember: this doesn't have to be a conscious thing. On the surface can be honest Female Best Intentions. Underneath that layer is Female Doublethink and Self-Deceit. Plus there's the hidden Lies Women Tell Themselves so that they can live with their actions without slitting their own wrists (or accidentally giving away the game to men).

So, am I seriously thinking that there is some overarching conspiracy of people (women and mangina's) setting this up? No. As I said once before, I don't believe in that tinfoil hat crap. It's more likely that three selfish bastards named Tom, Dick, and Harry are taking advantage of the situation that they see to make a buck. With women as a whole going along with it because it's nice and "it's for the children" (underneath the doublethought is: "I can benefit from this if I get unlucky", which is only a short step to go to a full-on "I'm going to take advantage of this").

So back to that comment: hmmm. It's got a kind of creepy plausibility to it. Unconscious. Sub-rosa. A little bit of selfish doublethink going through the heads of many, many million women - and it actually looks kinda possible.

It might actually be something that's kinda happening, accidentally coming into being, by a strange default. While we are turning our backs on women, and the PUAs are fuck'n'chucking women, and the MRAs are trying to make things "fairer" with regards to women. The MRAs especially might want to have a close look at the possible path they may end up going down.

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Women's Self-Delusions Coming Apart

So feminasty Jessica Valenti, of "I Bathe In Mens Tears" t-shirt fame, got caught going full-retard. It happens all the time. JudgyBitch caught her out and gave her a (very mild) ass-raping:

Jessica Valenti coughs up a ball of full retard

I think the mildness of JB's response is because of two things: 1/ JB tries to stay classy (unlike most women out there), and 2/ Jessica is another woman - it's an unconscious pulling of the punches with a fellow-member of Team Woman™. Even if you loathe them.

The strange thing about Jessica Valenti is - that this is not a strange thing. Feminists go full-retard all the time. Hell, many women go full-retard all the time and just about all go semi-retard all the time - it's what makes us men wonder if (or conclude that) they're morons.

When a girl goes full-retard it's basically a case of Female Doublethink and self-delusions coming apart at the seams. She can no longer keep the lies straight, her justifications go all wonky, she says contradictory things, and she ends up coming across as a complete fucking loon. (Of course, most people will give her the Pussy Pass™ for it. JB is an exception, even though her evisceration is mild.)

What's the process that's happening here?

Imagine a bank vault door in Jessica's head. Behind that door is swept all the crazy bullshit and lies that she has to keep straight, plus all the self-delusional rationalizations which she can't allow herself to think about consciously. This is all the lies that she's told herself so that she can live with herself - rather than cutting along the dotted line. It rots down into a pool of festering, moldering sludge and shit.

Then it rots through the bottom of the safe and starts leaking, like a drum of toxic waste. After all, nobody said the floor was as good as the damn door.

This is what causes her to go full retard, spazzing around like a lunatic, dribbling out sound-bites of insanity and hatred. Depending on what's in the pool of sludge and bubbles to the surface in the moment. (Gotta suck, having a direct brain-to-mouth-no-filter-in-between situation - maybe she needed more beating as a child.)

Now we have to admit, most women don't get to the full-retard state. The toxicity of the pool of sludge varies. Perhaps 1% (at most) would be generally okay with very little crap going on in their pretty little heads. These'll be the very few genuinely high quality girls that you run across.

The remainder - well, they're the airheads and retards that end up in the fuck'n'chuck / pump'n'dump social situation commonly referred to as the cock carousel. The sludge has eaten through their brains, leaving them as selfishly-entitled fuckwits who just don't get it.

They aren't (quite) as fucked up as Jessica Valenti, though. She's an advanced case. Extreme, even.

Jessica: you bathe in mens tears? To the point of going full-retard?

I sip women's tears. It adds savor to the schadenfreude that I enjoy with my Grand Marnier.

Friday 13 March 2015

Humor With An Edge

Been digging a bit deep into the bottomless black hole of society recently, decided it's time for a little humor - of course, with a typical knife-edge. Relax and enjoy this Friday the 13th.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Women are the Losers

There is a well-remarked-upon propensity for women to fuck bad-boy losers and then try to get decent, reliable men to keep them and their hellspawn offspring going through their drying-up years. Only to frivorce said decent, reliable men for cash and prizes, followed by another delusional ride on the pony-express as the last drops of juice are squeezed out of them.

Then she has her infantile tantrum after being squeezed dry, the major refrains being: "All men are pigs!" and "Why can't I find a good maaaaan!" Gotta love the mental gymnastics required for that one.

Of course, the rational young man's choice is to fuck'n'chuck these raging pieces of shit (as commentor RmaxgenactivePUA calls them - I must agree). Others promote the same lifestyle and making absolutely certain that you get something from it, like A. V. Yader over on Return of Kings:

How To Get Women To Pay For Stuff And Buy You Presents

He even states that women are morons and losers. I have to agree: what kind of fuckwit would do what she is doing? Someone who is damaged beyond repair both mentally and emotionally (never mind her looks, those go with time - and are definitely not any indication of a quality woman): the end of the day, there are only two types of men that women will spend their money on - winners and losers.
He goes on to say about women paying for winners and losers shit:
Guys in the middle will sit back and observe this with bewilderment and say to themselves, “Man, I would treat her so good, I would do anything for her, yet she’s with this piece of shit who barely works and treats her poorly, she should be with me instead!”
Those men are right. In an ideal world, these women would be with them instead, but the problem lies with the fact that women are fucking morons - that’s the most accurate description I can think of for them. Any decent looking woman knows that she can have a good man at the drop of a hat if she desires; she’s fully aware that she could have a guy that would treat her well and go to the ends of the earth to make her happy.
And you know what? She fucking hates that guy. She hates the good man because he’s nothing more than a man in the middle, and being a man in the middle will never suffice for the average vagina-bearing shit-for-brains airhead running around America, I’m sorry to report.
You know what? He's totally right. These women are morons. Utter fucking morons. You might as well take advantage of the brain-dead cute little romping cunts because what the fuck, there's nothing else out there worth sticking your dick into. Some people can't even bring themselves to get into the fuck'n'chuck process, they prefer to use their hand for whatever reasons instead.

Now, from a civilizational overview, this attitude screws the pooch. Nothing's gonna get fixed in our warped society given this fuck'n'chuck behavior.

From a rational point of view, this attitude is totally understandable. I have to applaud the PUA guys for being up-front about this - most of the rest of society are more covert. Bluntly, they're doing the best they can for themselves in one of the shittiest situations possible: being trained as a slave to take care of a used-up whore until they die, managing to break that conditioning, looking around, and realizing that they're fucked.

There is no way they're individually going to make the slightest bit of difference to this shit-sandwich. Plus there is nothing for them in the situation as-is (they may even have had their dreams killed - extremely painful, I know that the death of mine was). The only way to change this situation would be some extremely radical changes socially.

So the best they can do is look after themselves and their needs, make sure they don't get caught up in the meat-grinder of the fucked-over other slave-men (don't knock that hoe up) and try to live some life of meaning for themselves.

Hell, I can even have some sympathy for the viewpoint of those men who might decide to go out there and fuck married women. Let's be honest, the chances are that if you've had sex with 10+ women in your life, you've already fucked a married woman and don't know it. Or maybe you found out afterwards. From there, in our fucked-up mess of a society, it's a small step to not really giving a shit if she's married or not.

If she's separated and not yet divorced, you're fucking a married woman. Technically and traditionally-speaking any frivorce is a flat-out fraud - so any time you've fucked a modern frivorced woman, you're fucking a married woman. Hell, if you're stupid you may even have found yourself marrying a frivorced woman, perhaps before the frivorce is final. It's been known to happen.

If you're young and horny and a married woman is the type to deliberately prey upon young and horny men, you probably don't have a hope of resisting. Married or not, little head don't give a shit when there's a willing vagina in sight. You might feel like crap afterwards, you might get into a shit-awful mess personally and socially, but little head don't care.

These married cunts are deliberately straying. This is because mangina's and White Knights give her the pussy-pass to do whatever she wants, never mind about the man involved. Whether someone takes advantage of it or not is their choice, ultimately it's what they can live with.

The modern women: slutting it around, chasing cock and doing stuff like the Dubai Porta Potties chasing a buck.

What's the chance of getting these feral whores to voluntarily stop such destructive behavior? Nil. They're having too much fun: "It's all about meeeeeee!"

What's the solution? Beat them to a bloody pulp every time they stray? Not likely gonna happen, though that would definitely curb the more overt behavior: existential violence has a strange way of doing that to most people. The truly intransigent might be killed, a salutary lesson - and they would probably be no real loss to society and civilization as a whole. Still, it's not gonna happen: modern manginas are far too pussified to stand for any of that.

So you as a man must make the best possible compromise you can so that at least you can get through life in some semi-functional and rational manner. Whether it's being a PUA, MRA, MGTOW, what-fucking-ever. Every man does their best to cope in the best way that they can handle and live with.

Women. They ain't gonna be taken care of now - nobody with half a brain wants to get involved more than minimally with them. Fuck'n'chuck.

So this ultimately sends a harsh message for women: Too bad, so sad, there's no way to keep you in line. So good-bye, good riddance, you're gonna get used at least as harshly as you've used men in the last two-three generations. That's what fuck'n'chuck does for women: it twists her around and throws reality back in her face, harshly.

Remember that bad behavior is endemic to women everywhere: Thailand, Philippines, China, Russia, Ukraine. Partying. Divorce. Bad temper. Acting out. Slutting around. Abortions. You can't be certain of getting a high quality woman anywhere in this world. Most of the ones overseas are looking for an escape from their hell-hole.

Women: you are the biggest losers in all of this. Because of your aggregate arrogance and stupidity the wheels are coming off your gravy-train, probably for good.

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