Monday 9 March 2015

A Subversive Strategy

Unca Bob tells about a woman who lost her Planet Fitness membership because she protested at finding a man in the woman's locker-room.

All Must Be Equal
I have been reading articles about how a woman at Planet Fitness had her membership revoked when she found a man who identified as a woman in the women's room, and complained about it.
So it seems that if you are LGBT-whatever (furry, identify as a woman, etc) you now have a stronger pass than the pussy-pass which women get.

This brings to mind a subversive strategy for screwing over women and their private spaces. All men have to do is "identify as a woman" and then walk into them. If the owner or women protest: "I am a woman in a man's body. I identify as a woman. Are you going to discriminate against me just because I'm unfortunate enough to be stuck in a man's body?"

Just the thought of such Black Knighting makes me want to smile.

The pussy pass is losing it's power in the face of the women (feminism) bending over to accommodate and use all the whack-jobs in society. While they once attempted to use these whack-jobs for their own purposes, the whack-jobs now have a stronger voice than feminism and women do.

Enjoy the schadenfreude.

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