Tuesday 24 March 2015

Every Vag Is Sacred

Commentor Anonymous on this post about Female Entitlement - Celebrity Edition puts it perfectly:
The root of the problem is the religion of the golden vag. The notion that every vag is unique and different and that it is almost a religious experience and ultimate privilege if the owner should allow us to have a peek of one. Get over it dudes. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence or any other female, they all look the same upside down. When it becomes a news event because somehow pictures of some girls Hooha got leaked to the interwebz then that is the time for us to reflect on the entire every vag is sacred mentality and yank that shit off the pedestal!
From The Meaning of Twat™ movie, I bring you the song: "Every Vag Is Sacred"
I'm a Feminist Twat
And have been since before I was born
And the one thing they say about Feminists is
They'll kill men as soon as they're warm
They have to be at least a six footer
They don't want a man with a brain
They want Adonis with his clothes off
If he's packing 12 inches she came (on sight) 
Every Vag is sacred
Every Vag is great
If a Vag is wasted
God gets quite irate 
Let the Heathen's kill theirs
In their desert ground
God shall make them pay for
Each Vag that can't be found 
Every Vag is wanted
Every Vag is good
Every Vag is needed
In your neighborhood
I have such a juvenile delinquent mind at times.

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