Monday 23 March 2015

Chisel That Shit Off

Recently I've been noticing more and more girls with way too much shitty makeup on their faces. I don't know if it's a process of becoming more aware to the bullshit going on or what. At any rate, it seems to be everywhere - I'm noticing it - and it just makes them look fake as fuck.

One was over the weekend, at the top of a mountain. A young-ish girl showed up tramping with her boyfriend, she was trying to cover up a really bad dose of facial acne. So bad you could see it through the shit she had layered on her face. In her case I found myself thinking: "If you left that shit off, your face would have a chance to heal." I tend to believe that the makeup shit causes such problems.

The other was last Friday at a TGI Friday lunch. There were a lot of guys that day and only two girls - thank fuck! We were talking all sorts of guy stuff and somehow it came around to fake shit girls do. Clothes to shape the body, cookies in bra's, panties to hold the gut in. My contribution: chisel that shit off so I can see what you look like. All the men laughed, the consensus was "yeah who wants that crap on the sheets".

Deliciously ironic given that one of the girls was so fakely made up that she looked like a china doll. A chinese one, with near-slit eyes. A couple of times she put a delicate finger to her cheek to check that the shit wasn't sloughing off of its own accord. She was also doing the hair-twirl while looking at the guy who was sitting opposite her (not me) - definitely interested in him. His girlfriend was sitting beside him.

Part of the problem seems to be that a lot of women in "public places" are deathly afraid of being seen without any crap to shape their bodies or conceal their real faces. Yeah I wonder why - because it would then show the ugly that you actually are?

So, you see those pictures of girls looking good with "no makeup"? That's because in a girl's mind concealer is not a makeup. They've still got layers of crap on their skin, artfully designed to smooth out and conceal any form of imperfections. Still wearing that lie even when they say they aren't. Doublethink and lies to the self.

At any rate this reminded me of some twat from the NY Times who went and tried a microbiome treatment (from AOBiome). Her reported results:

* skin changed for the better
* hair turned darker
* complexion cleared (supposedly prone to hormone-related breakouts)
* pores seemed to shrink
* didn't smell bad at all (even after a pathetic female workout)

Even so, she still went back to a semi-normal (less-crap-products) showering regime. After 3 days her skin was back to her original mess, once more prone to skin breakouts supposedly from "hormones". The proven benefits to her skin weren't enough to entirely break the conditioning habits of mindless cosmetic consumption cleanliness built up over a lifetime.

I see it very often at the gym too. These twats show up to do their fake workouts, with their fake faces on. You can tell simply by the way that there is no way they are gonna put any real effort into things. No way! 'Cause that'd make their face slide off...

Got to make you grin really.

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