Wednesday 4 March 2015

Update on Vasalgel

Here's an update on the progress of Vasalgel™:

Vasalgel, a multi-year contraceptive

Like they state:
Want to see Vasalgel make it to market? Since long-term methods aren’t a big money-maker (it’s a lot more profitable to sell pills to men’s partners every month), big pharma isn’t interested– so we’re relying on public support.
Good luck - if you're really interested you might wanna donate and help it go forward thataway. If every man in the Manosphere dropped $100 on it they'd probably get a half-million bucks.

Of course, teh wimminz would hate-hate-hate for it to go forward: it removes their chance of entrapping a man. That alone a reason for doing it anyways.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


  1. @BPS

    congrats on coining shit coloured glasses lol ...

    Also dont say I told you so about Rollo ... lol

    Rollo's banned all mgtow commentators from his site, which is why you see only bluepill retards on there

    Same as Captain capitalism, Dalrock, w.f price & AVFM, this is why there are no mgtow comments on any of those sites

    Theyre acively banning all mgtow comments

    The history behind banning mgtow is, the manosphere hit the mainstream & swarmed by leftists & sjw's

    Matt forney along with a few others couldnt handle the negative comments they were bombarded by leftists, & decided like pussies mgtow were damaging their blogs

    You have to understand Matt forney along with CC, Dalrock Rollo, W.F price are all part of a ring, & so they all decided to collectively push Mgtow & mras out of the manosphere

    Try commenting on Captain capitalisms site about marriage & see how quickly you get banned ... same as dalrock, also notice how Rollo has ZERO posts on mgtow or mra

    If you want to see mgtow they're all on youtube, thats where the real manosphere is now ...

  2. Strange, I thought that there was a comment on here that I'd missed. Has Google started going all loopy-lou on me?