Friday 6 March 2015

Women's Bad Behavior Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

I while back I posted a video of Sandman's, in which he talks about the slow collapse coming (from periphery to the heart of a civilization):

Beta Fucks in the Collapse

My last post was about "hypergamy" actually being bad behavior that is not being controlled and trained out of women.

In the video of Sandman's, he stated that women upped their (female) game in Belgrade when things turned to shit and the infrastructure started collapsing. Instead of becoming more austere they were competing more intensely with each other for the fewer men with money.

Look at Feminism: when the lies start getting exposed, did it wither away? Hell no! Instead the crazy cunts doubled-down on their bullshit.

Then we have the Women Against Feminism meme going on, which is basically a bait-and-switch to lure men back into thinking "oh she must be a NAWALT!" and get entrapped by them again into marriage and life-long slavery.
(Actually you are a manipulative idiot playing victim. You're just being more subtle about it by saying that you're not a Feminist and equating the two. You're desperately trying everything you can to lure and entrap a man into being your slave-male for life. Sadly: some people will believe your unconscious lies.)

Given the observed training-from-birth for girls these days that turns them into: entitled, narcissistic, bitchy, selfish, BPD/NPD, slutty little whores.

Given the observation that they're not actually changing themselves, they're just "saying" that they reject a now-despised ideology. (Feminism is the new leprosy.)

Given the observation that women's behavior doesn't actually change, it simply becomes more intensely competitive when things go to hell.

This exposes even more thoroughly the "it's all about me!" entitled mindset of women these days. When things go to shit, they don't change their mindset. They can't. It's still about them. All of it. So they will double-down and intensify that mindset.

If/when societal collapse comes, whether slow or fast: these entitled nutjobs aren't going to reduce their expectations in the men in their lives. Fuuuuck no! I deserve it!


If we observe the 80% of semi-desirable women chasing 20% of the (in their mind) desirable men now, do you think that's going to ease if/when things go to shit? No, it's going to become 90% of semi-desirable women chasing 5% of the desirable men.

I would not be surprised if society changed so tremendously that it started to look something like:

1 desirable man -- with 10 semi-desirable women -- with 100 slave-men (the second-string slave-men)

I would not be surprised if outright soft-harems became socially-acceptable. The desirable men (big bucks and charm) each having 10+ slutty chicks in their rotation that they fuck whenever they feel like it. Each slutty chick having 10+ slave-men in their rotation that they get favors, money, and validation from. This female (and male) mindset isn't going away any time soon, it's become ingrained into the mentality of society already.

It's like when Moses and the Israelites wandered the desert for fourty years. They didn't do that because "God told them to", they did it until the last vestige of slave mentality in the Israelites died off. Then they were no longer slaves and went on to beat the shit out of some people and take over their lands (some scholarly interpretations of Herem, "the ban", translate it as total destruction of the enemy - ie genocide).

Is the entitled mentality and bad behavior of modern women going to be altered quickly (at all?) even if things go to complete shit in a handbasket ultra-fast? No. It's going to remain as-is for many, many generations - at least two, probably a lot more. It might happen quicker if things go so thoroughly to shit and hardship that men completely lose patience with these entitled whores and beat the entitlement out of them.

I wouldn't hold my breath for the last bit: a large number of men are sackless pussies and mangina's these days.

So a summary of where this leaves the next few generations of men: basically screwed. They're unlikely to breed. If they do, they will be becoming voluntary slave-men for their whore overseers. Not a pleasant thought at all.

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