Sunday 15 March 2015

Shit Testing is a Label

A week or so ago I looked at a common mental map in the Manosphere when I said that hypergamy is a label that we use to describe a bunch of traits. Those traits basically boil down to bad behavior due to no discipline etc in the growing-up of a feral little bitch. I also stated that we need to be cautious about putting it into a box and saying it's evolved behavior, because we risk giving women another pussy-pass (evolved or not, training is possible - just look at potty-training).

Similarly, so-called shit testing is not some kind of "fitness testing". It's just bad fuckin' behavior that is running rampant in society. I didn't even bother to point that out explicitly because I figured it's a given.

Then I ran across this video by Sandman:
It's an interesting talk that includes some stuff from Angry Harry:

Why And How Do Women Manipulate Men?
50 years ago, if a man slapped his wife, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN were usually of the view that she deserved it in some way. And the reason that they usually thought this was because they knew how easy it was for women to manipulate men and they also knew how hard it was to provoke normal men into assaulting women. 
In fact, most societies - and religions - seem to have been aware of this for thousands of years. (Remember the ducking stool!)
Of course, now she can get away with foul behavior without any repercussions. The best that the PUAs can manage these days is to cut her down (neg her) verbally - because he's not socially allowed to punch her teeth in when she drops a nuclear-grade bunch of foulness on him. (Another pussy-pass that society gives these feral whores.)

In fact I've heard (feminized) women bitch about the whole idea of negging: "Why do they have to cut down her ego like that?" These stupid cunts just don't get it. Fifty years ago, a woman came out with that she'd lose some teeth. It was in no way considered acceptable behavior. Of course, being femicunts they stupidly are "concerned" about a man "cutting down" a womans already over-inflated ego. Fuck'm'all.

Sandman also talks about make-up sex: "So if a woman insults a man, she might be wanting to initiate rough sex deep down in her subconscious mind. She wants to unleash his aggressive energy and channel it towards a sexual end." There's a lot more about this too, very thought-provoking stuff:
Nature is a crazy bitch that tries to piss us off - and then shoves a naked vagina passively in our face and says: "Here. Is this what you want?" 
Women piss men off because they're horny and want to reproduce with us. This is their subconscious behavior coming out.
So here's an interesting thought. Next time some woman drops the "Nuclear Bitch" on you, smile and indicate to her to come closer. If (when) she does: whack her ass so hard that she squeals and everyone around stops and stares at you both. State very clearly (so everyone can hear it): "That kind of nasty behavior is not acceptable anywhere, most especially in decent company." Indicate all the others.

Everybody knows how hard it is to provoke a normal man into spanking a woman in public. It just ain't done, especially these days. Massive social shaming for her - and if Sandman is correct, she might be 100% submissively turned on as well. Now order her around like a dog that's behaved badly: "Sit there." Even move her there physically. (Yes, I've ordered women around - they do it.)

Maybe one of the PUAs will give it a whirl. I'd be interested to know how it turns out.

At any rate. Bad behavior: check. Lack of discipline: check. Fitness testing: fail. More likely she's trying to see if you're a strong man (won't take her crap) or a weakling who'll lap up her runny shit (pathetic orbiter material that she can soak for favors). She's trying to see which bucket you fit in:

1/ Fuck me now!

2/ Would fuck.

3/ Girlfriend (friendzone).

You are now free to smack your bitch up.


  1. The best way to turn a feral woman into a submissive woman, is to slap her, or punch the bitch out of her, if she really pushes it, hospitalise her break a couple of bones, just like a man

    It is pretty stunning the transformation of a bitch into a sane submissive person, after slapping her

    For some reason it doesnt work on black women, unless theyre naturally submissive

    Also contrary to belief, its perfectly safe to slap a woman in public

    Unless youre prepared to slap a woman, or punch the shit out of her, she will shit test the crap out of you, because she knows you dont have the balls to treat her like a man

    So yea slapping a woman, or punching the crap out of her are highly effective ways to correct a woman,just make sure she doesnt get addicted to the intense drama of being slapped around

    Rule of thumb if you have to slap a chick more then once, dump her

    Slapping is a highly effective technique for training a woman for a LTR, also incorporate spanking once or twice a week, the catharsis after a spanking makes her bond with you like crazy

    Ive actually put a woman in hospital once, tried to steal my property forced me to take her down ... also black

    Never slapped a white chick, & slapped only an indian chick once, the rest were all caused by black women attacking me

    Also ... I dont know if it counts, but i beat up a black girl TWICE in school,kicked her in the twat a couple of times ... good times lol

    Fortunately I went to a posh private school & she got suspended, I also had a girl pull a knife on me after I humiliated her way taller then me brother, in a fight

    Theres always a hierarchy if you're able to defend yourself, theres always someone who hates you for standing for something, & having the ability to fight for what you believe in

    Radical brains & brawn, a true sign of an alpha, I wouldnt call myself an alpha, i just dont like labelling myself, gives you a far wider range of motion ...

  2. I had no trouble slapping girls when I was young boy, but goddamn feminist adults kept trying to teach me, "boys aren't supposed to hit girls" and I suspect the case is the same for many other boys and men today. This false belief that females are "sugar and spice and everything nice" bullshit needs to go away.