Monday 2 March 2015

Welcome to the Desert of the Real

A family dinner recently, talking with my brother and his daughter.

Daughter tells me that her mother (brother's ex-wife) has been told by her employers that her work-hours are now 7am to 5pm, 6 days a week. Plus occasional overtime as they decide. If she doesn't like it, too bad. Of course, she's whinging about it.

Brother and I looked at each other. I said: "Welcome to the real world." He just nodded: "Welcome to the real world."

That's simply the job situation in New Zealand. Yes, employers are crying out for staff - however they're very slow to hire, and they'd rather hire new people as casuals for the first 3-6-12 months. That's because it's an absolute bastard to fire shit-awful employees (thanks to the Labor party being in government several years back).

If they make it through the trial period: then they might get offered full-time employee status. Maybe. Maybe they'll just become a semi-permanent casual, constantly being renewed until they fuck up.

It seems to be biting her in the butt. Now she's not insulated from the job market by having a slave-man to bring in the money plus do the dirty work around the home. Never expected that when you constantly abused and neglected him, did'ya?

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  1. In general, women - and married women especially - believe they are entitled to a man's labor, energy and resources simply because they are women. No remuneration from the woman to the man is required. Even suggesting such a thing is "demeaning" to the woman. It is good to see a man escape from that destiny from time-to-time. It ain't easy because these days boys and men are raised to believe that as well.

    I am speaking as an older guy who has been married more than twenty years. Most of them spent firmly in the Blue Pill world.