Tuesday 10 March 2015

Fuck'n'Chuck Generation

This is what society has been boiled and rendered down to: we have become a fuck'n'chuck generation. Part of the reason is that we now view sex as recreation rather than procreation. Because of this the process of thought now goes as follows for a man:

  • find a woman
  • fuck her
  • chuck her (no reason required plus she's easily replaceable)

The reasons why our society has devolved to this situation include the following:

  • we have an incredibly rich civilization with tremendous surpluses
  • we have devalued fatherhood/motherhood tremendously
  • we have devalued manhood down to nothing
  • we have near-foolproof birth-control
  • we have taught women that it's okay (in fact, to be lauded) for being a raging piece of shit
  • modern women delight in manipulation and game-playing
  • modern women lack true soul and spirit (instead retaining an ersatz mannishness)
  • modern womens' only value (even in their own minds) is their (generally well-used) vagina

Despite all the protestations, brainwashing, whinging, whining, bitching, and general cuntisms of Feminism - women are really only good for one thing these days:

  • giving birth

The reasons (from the mans' perspective) are:

  • a man can always use his hand for sex
  • a woman is far too expensive to be around a lot
  • a woman is far too much trouble to be around a lot

The fact that most women see the possession of a vagina as being a de-facto justification/pass for acting like an untrained animal - pissing and shitting on anything they feel like, rutting with anything they feel like - is a strong indictment of the people who raised them. So who raised them to be raging pieces of shit?

  • their (absent) father
  • their (useless) mother
  • their (worthless) grandparents

The father's absence is easily explainable:

  1. marriage "laws" which force him to check out emotionally and mentally, and often (50+%) physically remove him from his children
  2. the father is emotionally and mentally incapable of being a good parent (whether he tries or not) due to a shit-awful upbringing

Likewise the mother's uselessness is easily explainable:

  1. lifetime training which emphasizes being a selfish piece of shit
  2. marriage "laws" which give her so much power in the marriage that she becomes a lazy piece of shit
  3. the mother is emotionally and mentally incapable of being a good parent (whether she tries or not) due to a shit-awful upbringing

Finally, the grandparents worthlessness is also easily explainable:

  • being useless pieces of selfish shit who raised both the father and mother above (the general uselessness and sins of the grandparents being passed down to their grandchildren - with more generations to go)

So, how does a sensible young man of these days deal with the above situation? He avoids it. He does his own thing and follows the fuck'n'chuck process. (Apps like Tinder facilitate this process for both sexes.) It leaves him generally less-drained than anything that has him in long-term contact with a woman would do, plus it leaves him a lot of time for his own pursuits and enjoyments.

Best of all, he's not subject to the arbitrary and random whimsies of some subnormal idiot child who can actually wreck his entire life in a fit of spite with three lying words: "He raped me!"


  1. I like this list.

    I think many years of thought and experience went into compiling it.

    I've been thinking, that one way to be counter revolutionary in this society and culture is to follow the path of excellence. I don't mean buying expensive clothes, but building quality, long lasting things for your self. From a quality library to furniture.

    Today if you surround yourself with quality, not necessarily materialism, you're the rebel.

    1. In a way. You also become seriously interesting to a woman in a certain stage of life - all those quality things around you, you must have money and taste, therefore some status. Also probably some interesting stories of how you got all that money and developed those tastes. Finally, your lifestyle will attract those interested in enjoying them (without building them themselves).

      A potential trap to be aware of, as you improve your life.

  2. "we have an incredibly rich civilization with tremendous surpluses" Actually we have an illusion of an incredibly rich with civilization with tremendous surpluses, and that illusion is finally starting to disappear. Then the real fun of being alive in these times begins.

    1. An excellent point. Much of what appears to be "rich" is due to extreme imbalances too. Anyone can seem to be King when they have several thousand drones supporting them.