Thursday 19 March 2015

Remain in the Shadows

Another blogger is thinking of stepping out of the shadows and into the light (ie go public and say "this is me", etc). I just posted this to his blog:
You have a life to live, in the way that you wish to live it, as a professional. You don't intend to make a living with your lifestyle/writing. Unless you have an intent to be an author and make money - which in this world requires a face or posthumous publishing - then your life and goals are not served by stepping out from the shadows of the anonymous and into the light of the public eye. 
By doing so you are simply handing someone a stick with which to beat you, ammunition to use against you, in your life. Whether a man or woman. For whatever reason they may see fit - even because they "vaguely dislike you" or "just feel like it" because you "upset them". Or because they dislike your opinion and have decided to complain and take you down a peg or two (ie get you fired, like the idiot woman with the donglegate employees). 
Your private life, your private philosophy, your private goals and hopes and dreams, your private path to whatever - are your business. Not anybody else's. Putting them out there for all to see and associate with you personally is simply handing someone a free handle with which to manipulate you and jerk you around as they see fit. You would be allowing someone to hold everything about your life in their hand, for their amusement, for nothing of worth in return. 
Remain in the shadows.
This applies to all men. Don't gift someone with a free handle by which they can move you. Don't allow them the ability to screw with your life, emotions, dreams, goals.

All these things are yours. Never hand them to someone else gratuitously. You never know which nutjob will grasp that handle and attempt to move you around with it.

Remain free.

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