Tuesday 10 March 2015

Ways Women Drain You

Here is a short list of the various ways that women will drain you if you don't keep a careful eye out on what's happening in your interactions with them. This list is definitely not complete. Let's start off with the simple and obvious:

Drain your money.

Women are past masters at being fuckin' freeloaders. As little girls they watch mommy doing it to daddy all the time. As they get a little older they dabble at it themselves: special clothes, trips, a car, a pony. Eventually they reach teenagerhood when they get their boyfriend to take them around everywhere and pay for everything (it's moving up from getting daddy to do all that).

They finally graduate to getting random losers to buy them drinks in bars and do them the favor of taking them home or to a friends party - all for the currency of a smile and an insincere "thank you".

Drain your time.

All those little fuckin' favors you do for them have a price. Your time. Even hanging around her (in the "hope" of a fuck) is a use of your precious time. If you're not getting paid properly in return (ass, cash, or grass) then you're a fuckin' idiot who needs to wake up. If you have no intention of fucking this chick, why are you even hanging around her? Get a grip, grow some balls, go do something more worthwhile for yourself.

Drain your energy.

This one's insidious and most often involves listening to her bitch. (If you're listening to her bitch then you're her girlfriend. Welcome to the friendzone. Just sayin'.) Listening to a girl bitch is the fastest way to lose a hard-on that I've ever come across. A few minutes of that and you ain't picking her up from the bar - she's wondering what the fuck happened and why you suddenly disappeared, "It was going so well!"

Thing is, this's all shit which she normally talks over with other girls. The only reason that she's throwing it your way is that she figures you're "safer" to sling this past than those backstabbing cunts. Plus it's all stupid shit and gossip and how she feeeeels anyway - emotion-laden crap that'll suck the energy out of you in no time flat. Any women who thought about it for more'n a second would realize what a turn-off it is. They're too selfish and stupid to take that second.

Here's a hint: leave it for the girls and the counselors.

Drain your attention and sanity.

Every now and then a woman will act out in some way that is so fuckin' moronic that you're left going: "Huh? Whuh? What?" Your mind goes into overdrive, attempting to figure out what the fuck is with that crazy cunt. If you go into this state for a time then she's gotten into you hard. (Sounds like this blog and the Manosphere as a whole - we devote a lot of time trying to figure out what's what with the modern piece of shit women.)

Nothing is worse than a woman's bitching for draining the sanity out of a man. Or even out of other women. By the time you've absorbed even a portion of her bottomless well of emotion-laden complaining and self-pitying crap you're ready to end it all - her, you, both, it doesn't really matter. Just let it fuckin' end. Please, finish the inane drivel and whining about nothing.

Of course, there's the types who jerk you around for shits and giggles, figuring that you'll take it and keep kissing her ass like a good little boy. So many men will keep validating her shitty behavior that she probably won't notice when you leave the reservation and head for the hills. Dodging this bullet is a good thing.


This is the trickiest because you often don't realize that it's happening - it's disguised as something else. Here are a few examples:

Deaf (and stupid): this sucks your energy and sanity. We've all run across one of these types, they just seem to be deaf - and because of that, stupid. They don't listen to a thing you say, in one ear and out the other, often ending up causing some kind of drama. I'm tempted to say that they actually do hear everything you say, they simply are so moronic that they can't connect the dots - though perhaps they're deliberately jerking you around for shits and giggles.

Drama: this sucks your time, energy, and attention/sanity all in one. Plus it's chick-crack for when they get bored with their dull lives - let's make up some drama! When you pay this any attention: Oooooh she's been validated! When you utterly ignore it: More drama-fuel! If you're in a relationship with her: The make-up sex is hawt. (I've known fucktard couples who would do this deliberately for the hot make-up sex.)

Going out: usually on the town, this typically involves your money plus time. It hides under the facade of "having a good time together". If her drama can be introduced then she's achieved the pinnacle. If it's a friends drama then she achieves plausible deniability, a chance to bitch, and the pinnacle all in one. If you're a hawt man she also gets street-cred.

Birthdays: "It's all about meeeeeee!" Enough said.

Holidays: these are real bastards. Money, time, energy, attention, sanity. Plus it's a holiday for her, not for you. While you might want to visit X, Y, and Z today - she's suddenly in "I'm on vacation" slow-mode (this is worse than waiting for her to put on makeup before going out). You're lucky if you can manage X and Y in that day, plus you get the joy of listening to her bitch about feeling rushed.

Of course, she wants to try the exotic food - somehow it always ends up being at the most expensive places possible. Funny that. Don't be surprised when she gets bored with it and starts craving (and bitching about not having) an ordinary meal. Also don't be surprised if she (and you) put on a few kilograms because you're eating too much and not doing enough - she also gets the joy of bitching about that after the vacation is over.

Worse, with holidays it's the stupid shit you end up doing. All-inclusive trips to some tropical island paradise resort. Aka a fuckin' expensive tourist-trap where you end up hanging around other fuckwit tourists, burning her skin soaking up sunlight on a beach and looking dreamily up into the blue skies through dark sunglasses as she gets to feeeel like an exotic movie-star-beauty. You can do that lazy-ass shit at home and waste your time there if you want - without wasting other things.

While I've not had children, I can imagine when kids are added in: "Daddy, Jeremy hit me!" "Did not!" "Did too!" "You handle it dear, I'm on vacation."

Don't be surprised if she also tries the exotic cock, on the sly or openly. Also remember: if you're not fucking her while on holiday, then you're in the friendzone and you're nothing more than a "chaperon" to maintain her plausible deniability. You're also ten times the stupid if you paid for her flights, accommodation, food, and shit like that. (I have heard that this happens - weird.)

Marriage: enough said already.

Retirement: ever wonder why a lot of guys seem to kark it within a few years of retiring? Might it be that their heart deliberately gives up as they will themselves to death?

Final note.

Pity the married men who are subjected to unending, unrelenting years of this bullshit. It's no wonder that they check out, switch off their ears, switch off their brains, become pussified. They're in a trap, they know it, and it doesn't hurt enough (yet) for them to get out at any price.

In all cases, remember the metaphor of boiling a frog - it depends on how slow the heat is turned up. Be wary for the more cunning types who slowly turn up the heat on you.

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  1. These are all true, to plagiarise your word, I find the most insidious being the killing of your spiritual life.

    I believe this is why the spiritual masters warned about the distractions of women. It's not the carnal, but the constant materialism and emotions, that keep you weighed down.

    They are distractions on the road to enlightenment.

    1. Thanks for that extra insight. My spiritual life was killed long ago.

  2. I'm married to one of these (all of the above) all because I was lured into cumming inside her. I say "lured" because she was on the pill, but didn't tell me the antibiotics or whatever she was on rendered it useless...and she knew that was a possibility.

    You could argue, "why marry her then?", to which I say because I love our daughter and the woman literally had nowhere else to go. From Russia, no family in the States.

    Men, don't make the same mistake. I'm a beaten-down man, exhausted from the constant bitching about not having enough. The constant jealousy. She has no job, no skills, a shitty cook, and can't clean worth a damn...it goes on. Her only redeeming value is that she's hot, but that only gets you so far. Every other man wants to fuck her so I'm constantly sizing up. It's Hell and not worth it.

    1. Russian crazy too. Christ, you poor bastard.

      Ever thought of doing the "Fire Your Wife" preparation?