Saturday 14 March 2015

Always Guilty Of Rape and Time Wasters

Over on Return of Kings they point to that stupid piece of crap legislation which came out of Cali-fucking-fornia: Yes means Yes.

Talk about one of the most stupid laws on the books. Do you know who pushes these kinds of laws? The kind of stupid cunt who is so socially clueless that she doesn't realize that "No means no...and sometimes maybe...and sometimes yes...and sometimes 'fuck me harder!'...and..."

Now that's something you have to think about. Feminists. They're actually socially clueless retards and morons. Works for me.

At any rate, Yes means Yes has jumped the shark the pond and landed firmly in London:

Men must prove a woman said 'Yes' under tough new rape rules

So there it is, if you ever fuck a woman then you are automatically considered guilty of rape. Unless you have some proof that she consented (a video of her screaming "please fuck and degrade me!" at the top of her lungs would be a starter). Keep that proof forever too: retroactive rape is no joke (Rolf Harris, Prince Andrew).

Okay, we can figure out what this Yes means Yes shit is too: it's also an attack by women upon other women. Specifically, an attack on the men - which rebounds and means that other women don't get hit on as much. The mentality is very much a feminist one of: "if I can't get laid then neither can you, nyah nyah nyah".

It's getting to the point where if you have anything to lose (job, home, social status) you avoid women by reflex. Simply because:

1/ You can't tell if she's actually interested or just playing plausibly-deniable games

2/ You have too much to lose

3/ She's not worth it

Which of course, this Yes means Yes crapola also means that all plausible deniability for a woman goes out the window. Unless you have zero to lose, aka you're a bad-boy/criminal/thug, aka you're willing to take the chance that she's not leading you on for shits and giggles.

Radical thought: maybe that's the reason that women seem to prefer fucking bad boys, crims, and thugs these days. They're the only ones who will take a chance at rejection and losing...nothing of worth. So what if she comes out with a sexual harassment/he raped me claim. These guys have nothing to lose.

Her: Even though I'm giving him the "yes" signal, he won't make a move. Why?

Him: What fuckin' signal? That one? Got burned by that one last month.

So here's an example of this process of false signals:

One silly cunt a few weeks back was talking quite intensely to me - she even isolated me from others, made sure that she had my full attention. Being a completely clueless fucker and not picking up on this at all (sarcasm) I simply asked her straight out: "Would you like some company while doing X." Turned out that she was a time-waster. She gave a socially-acceptable "no thanks", I made a few socially-acceptable noises, then I got the fuck away from her.

I'm not here to waste my time with some cunt who is sending mixed and false signals. None of us men are. It's only delusional women who think that they are entitled to waste your time when they have no real interest in you.

It's like Vox Day stated regarding online "dating": Face to face or forget it.

Never mind this Yes means Yes dogshit regarding rape and all. We men need to make it abundantly clear: No really does mean No. Unless you come out with a clear, explicit, and unambiguous Yes then you're not even getting the fucking time of day from me. (Maybe actually means: "No, however I'd like to waste more of your time and bask in your attention." I've fallen into that trap a couple of times.)

This sort of shit is what we men have to deal with. Women would have a fucking meltdown in short order if they had to deal with a tenth of it - in fact, a while back I posted the video about the lesbian who went man for a while "just to see what it was like". She went fruit-loops. (And that included hanging around guys indulging in female-style group therapy - hardly ordinary men.)

Yes means Yes. Just another abortion that will fuck up the interactions between men and women even more. Not that they're not already poisoned, given the preponderance of leading men on for shits and giggles and as a way to get her hand into your wallet.

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I know it reads paradoxical, that it reads like at the end of the post I am endorsing the Yes means Yes bullshit. In a way I am, only I'm flipping the script: "Unless you say Yes I'm not wasting my time on you."

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