Thursday 12 March 2015

Women are the Losers

There is a well-remarked-upon propensity for women to fuck bad-boy losers and then try to get decent, reliable men to keep them and their hellspawn offspring going through their drying-up years. Only to frivorce said decent, reliable men for cash and prizes, followed by another delusional ride on the pony-express as the last drops of juice are squeezed out of them.

Then she has her infantile tantrum after being squeezed dry, the major refrains being: "All men are pigs!" and "Why can't I find a good maaaaan!" Gotta love the mental gymnastics required for that one.

Of course, the rational young man's choice is to fuck'n'chuck these raging pieces of shit (as commentor RmaxgenactivePUA calls them - I must agree). Others promote the same lifestyle and making absolutely certain that you get something from it, like A. V. Yader over on Return of Kings:

How To Get Women To Pay For Stuff And Buy You Presents

He even states that women are morons and losers. I have to agree: what kind of fuckwit would do what she is doing? Someone who is damaged beyond repair both mentally and emotionally (never mind her looks, those go with time - and are definitely not any indication of a quality woman): the end of the day, there are only two types of men that women will spend their money on - winners and losers.
He goes on to say about women paying for winners and losers shit:
Guys in the middle will sit back and observe this with bewilderment and say to themselves, “Man, I would treat her so good, I would do anything for her, yet she’s with this piece of shit who barely works and treats her poorly, she should be with me instead!”
Those men are right. In an ideal world, these women would be with them instead, but the problem lies with the fact that women are fucking morons - that’s the most accurate description I can think of for them. Any decent looking woman knows that she can have a good man at the drop of a hat if she desires; she’s fully aware that she could have a guy that would treat her well and go to the ends of the earth to make her happy.
And you know what? She fucking hates that guy. She hates the good man because he’s nothing more than a man in the middle, and being a man in the middle will never suffice for the average vagina-bearing shit-for-brains airhead running around America, I’m sorry to report.
You know what? He's totally right. These women are morons. Utter fucking morons. You might as well take advantage of the brain-dead cute little romping cunts because what the fuck, there's nothing else out there worth sticking your dick into. Some people can't even bring themselves to get into the fuck'n'chuck process, they prefer to use their hand for whatever reasons instead.

Now, from a civilizational overview, this attitude screws the pooch. Nothing's gonna get fixed in our warped society given this fuck'n'chuck behavior.

From a rational point of view, this attitude is totally understandable. I have to applaud the PUA guys for being up-front about this - most of the rest of society are more covert. Bluntly, they're doing the best they can for themselves in one of the shittiest situations possible: being trained as a slave to take care of a used-up whore until they die, managing to break that conditioning, looking around, and realizing that they're fucked.

There is no way they're individually going to make the slightest bit of difference to this shit-sandwich. Plus there is nothing for them in the situation as-is (they may even have had their dreams killed - extremely painful, I know that the death of mine was). The only way to change this situation would be some extremely radical changes socially.

So the best they can do is look after themselves and their needs, make sure they don't get caught up in the meat-grinder of the fucked-over other slave-men (don't knock that hoe up) and try to live some life of meaning for themselves.

Hell, I can even have some sympathy for the viewpoint of those men who might decide to go out there and fuck married women. Let's be honest, the chances are that if you've had sex with 10+ women in your life, you've already fucked a married woman and don't know it. Or maybe you found out afterwards. From there, in our fucked-up mess of a society, it's a small step to not really giving a shit if she's married or not.

If she's separated and not yet divorced, you're fucking a married woman. Technically and traditionally-speaking any frivorce is a flat-out fraud - so any time you've fucked a modern frivorced woman, you're fucking a married woman. Hell, if you're stupid you may even have found yourself marrying a frivorced woman, perhaps before the frivorce is final. It's been known to happen.

If you're young and horny and a married woman is the type to deliberately prey upon young and horny men, you probably don't have a hope of resisting. Married or not, little head don't give a shit when there's a willing vagina in sight. You might feel like crap afterwards, you might get into a shit-awful mess personally and socially, but little head don't care.

These married cunts are deliberately straying. This is because mangina's and White Knights give her the pussy-pass to do whatever she wants, never mind about the man involved. Whether someone takes advantage of it or not is their choice, ultimately it's what they can live with.

The modern women: slutting it around, chasing cock and doing stuff like the Dubai Porta Potties chasing a buck.

What's the chance of getting these feral whores to voluntarily stop such destructive behavior? Nil. They're having too much fun: "It's all about meeeeeee!"

What's the solution? Beat them to a bloody pulp every time they stray? Not likely gonna happen, though that would definitely curb the more overt behavior: existential violence has a strange way of doing that to most people. The truly intransigent might be killed, a salutary lesson - and they would probably be no real loss to society and civilization as a whole. Still, it's not gonna happen: modern manginas are far too pussified to stand for any of that.

So you as a man must make the best possible compromise you can so that at least you can get through life in some semi-functional and rational manner. Whether it's being a PUA, MRA, MGTOW, what-fucking-ever. Every man does their best to cope in the best way that they can handle and live with.

Women. They ain't gonna be taken care of now - nobody with half a brain wants to get involved more than minimally with them. Fuck'n'chuck.

So this ultimately sends a harsh message for women: Too bad, so sad, there's no way to keep you in line. So good-bye, good riddance, you're gonna get used at least as harshly as you've used men in the last two-three generations. That's what fuck'n'chuck does for women: it twists her around and throws reality back in her face, harshly.

Remember that bad behavior is endemic to women everywhere: Thailand, Philippines, China, Russia, Ukraine. Partying. Divorce. Bad temper. Acting out. Slutting around. Abortions. You can't be certain of getting a high quality woman anywhere in this world. Most of the ones overseas are looking for an escape from their hell-hole.

Women: you are the biggest losers in all of this. Because of your aggregate arrogance and stupidity the wheels are coming off your gravy-train, probably for good.

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