Saturday 30 November 2013

What is Life for a Man

Life is being politically incorrect.

Life is saying "fuck it".

Life is saying "fuck you".

Life is doing what you need and then what you want.

Life is being you, not what others think you should be.

Life is not explaining anything to anybody.

Life is not apologising for being yourself and looking after yourself to anybody.

Life is discerning who is rock-solid and who is shallow and flaky and ultimately meaningless.

Life is not doing shit for people who use you.

Life is improving and building.

Life is not taking bullshit.

Life is looking at someone who wants to hitch a ride on your wagon and saying "yes" or "no" - and not bullshitting them about it.

Life is looking at the rider on your wagon who is getting uppity about its direction - and saying "start walking".

Life is looking at reality through Crap-Colored Glasses™ and not rose colored glasses.

Life is looking a girl square in the eyes and saying "girl, I would fuck you any time."

Life is looking a girl square in the eyes and saying "girl, you are fat".

Life is looking Life square in the eyes and not backing down from its shit.

Life is getting up when Life knocks you down, now matter how momentarily weak you feel.

Life is that feeling when you know where you're going, what your track is, and you're sitting and savouring for a moment the progress so far.

Thursday 28 November 2013


The disease of the 20th Century: stuff.

These days, people (especially women) are only concerned with stuff. They cannot conceive of the effort behind that stuff, what it takes to produce and pay for it, only the stuff itself.

In their eyes a man is not a man - he is merely a producer of stuff that they want.

Romance? It involves stuff.

Love? It involves stuff.

Marriage? The greatest amount of stuff that it is possible to get in as short a time. Preferably bragged about for years to come, along with that shiny faceted chunk of compressed shit on your finger. (If you can find it, read The Diamond Conspiracy.)

When you look at a man as a producer of stuff, a machine that has only one use, an object for your own benefit -

- he gets the idea real fast, if he's got half a brain.

Once you start looking at someone as an object, they will look upon you as an object in return. She looks upon him as a source of stuff, he looks upon her as a hole to drop a fuck into - while he looks for either:

1/ a better hole

2/ someone who doesn't look upon him as a source of stuff

3/ both of the above

Unfortunately everything in our lives has conditioned us to getting or providing stuff. We are taught to be consumers, to be wasters, to want stuff that we don't actually need.

This leaves us broken, in perpetual adolescent mode.

I don't know about others. All I can see that might fix this society-wide mindset is a collapse so bad that we are all close to dying from starvation. Then this poison which infects us might be purged from our collective minds.

Monday 25 November 2013

PostSecret Delights

After the business with Return of Kings earlier today there is quite the urge to relax. However, I like to keep PostSecret on a semi-regular basis when there's something worth commenting on. Here they are.

Beta or Omega to the dweebish core.

Alpha to the core with extra-special sauce for having it videoed and leaving it where you can find it. Does it turn you on baby?

Whew! So harsh. Funny how you realise this stuff when it affects you personally. PS tell her to try washing dishes in a bakery - though that's probably beneath her dignity.

Sadly crappy fanfiction like 50 Shades of Shit has a ready audience. As a public service for my sexy-flexy female readership: the website Literotica can provide you with tens of thousands of stories that are probably better-written and cater to many tastes.

You go girrrrllll! What's she working on? Clean atomic power? Clean fusion? Total conversion of matter to energy? Tapping the quantum flux for power? Reactionless space drives? Faster than light drives? Maybe she's working in nanotechnology, creating the first fabricators to break down garbage and make usable food and items in the home? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Wifebeating, such a crime. No wonder the cops hate domestics. BPD/NPD types are such a fucking mess.

I, I, me - what've you done for him recently, oh selfish one. Oh wait, that's the modus operandi of the female - men must give selflessly while expecting nothing in return. Nor may they become bitter and twisted about it, the selfish fucking pricks.

I'll be glad when you're dead you rascal you!

Conspicuous consumption, you saw it here first folks.

Selfishness, Hypergamy, and preselection all evidenced in a single postcard.

Apparantly written by a woman, what only lasted five days? And what was she doing the other four days? Hmmmm.

Warning! Warning! Secret internet fatty coming out of the closet! Go lose some weight you fat bitch.

Oh my, what a group this week. As always, when life hands you such comedic poison - all I can do is:

Fucking Humorous Furor And Thrashing

I've been interestingly watching the furor going on over the internet about two articles at Return of Kings:

In my opinion both articles are spot-on and offer valuable advice for every man in the world. Especially be kind to the girls with eating disorders: a quality man dating them will be good for their souls IMO.

So for the last little while, Return of Kings has been somewhat deluged with extremely intelligent things from women - and men who think the sun shines out women's assholes. Things like:

• shaming messages

• defamatory accusations

• slander

• hatemail (and posts and twitter comments)

• death threats

Now, the last item alone would get you in the serious legal dogshit if you do it in real life. There technically is no difference if you do it on the internet - yet these trolls and morons and immature children think that because they are on the internet they can do whatever they want. It's all free! There's no comeback! And anyway, if you get upset about it, well boo-hoo to you - that just goes to prove that what you said is poopie lies! Plus you're easily upset! I'm not getting upset about what you wrote, even though I'm attacking you! Nyah nyah so there!

Oh wait. I meant, intelligent and rational adults, not trolls and morons and immature children. My mistake. I'll try not to do that again.

Nah, fuck it. Call a spade a spade.

So, here we have a tremendous amount of free advertising, courtesy of the female tendency towards herd-animal behaviour. They are attacking/shaming anything that might make them feel the slightest bit butthurt, and the male White Knight™ are coming out to support them - for which they hope they will gain some free pussy.

Gentlemen, I am envious of your ability to attract free attention (and advertising). I salute you - when you're fucking them off so bad that they're giving you massive shit, you're doing it right.

Sunday 24 November 2013

Learn To Cook

This might sound strange, however there are sensible reasons for it.

1/ Unless you want to eat out all the time, your only way to have decent meals (other than crappy "instant" noodles and the like) is to cook it yourself.

2/ Eating out is expensive. It's also not that good for you unless you're eating out damn expensive - fast-food just doesn't cut it.

3/ When you cook for yourself there is an inner satisfaction at being independent. Yeh it's a nebulous feel-good thing.

4/ When you cook for yourself your nutrition will be better. This cannot be emphasised enough if you are lifting weights and getting into shape - you need that good protein!

5/ Girls can't cook. Literally. In the striving to reject their feminine side, they have rejected the need to learn how to keep a home - which means cooking. They might have learned how to bake, yet cupcakes are not a regular meal.

6/ Sometimes it's good to take a girl home and cook for her. So learn how to do about five "special" meals really well (not meaning fucking dessert, you ain't here to make her or yourself fat).

Don't bitch about having to learn something new. If you can fix a computer or a car or have woodworking/metalworking skills, you've learned a shitload harder stuff than how to cook a perfect steak or pork loin chop. Garlic seared shrimp on angel-hair pasta is a fucking breeze in comparison to hunting, survivalist, and army training. Chopped fresh tomatoes lightly fried in olive oil with freshly-picked basil leaves, stirred into lightly-herbed wild rice or couscous or pasta? A walk in the goddamn park.

So overall, unless you want to eat crappy Chinese takeaway food all your life and be malnourished (and maybe fat) - learn to cook.

Addendum: I literally just got a text from one of my female friends. "Go down to the market and get a cupcake or coconut ice or fudge for morning tea. Buy some from X and her friends, they're fantastic!" Blah blah blah, kid being her niece. What'd I say about baking.

Thank you feminism for screwing up women to the point that basic cooking skills are considered optional - instead of being an expected given.

Why Are You Saying Yes

Seriously, why are you saying yes to these bitches.

Have you no fucking self-worth.

Have you no fucking self-pride.

Have you no fucking plans of your own.

Have you no fucking life of your own.

Instead, so many men simply roll over and do stuff when a girl asks them to. Random girl off the street, don't know her from a bar of fucking soap, says "can you do X for me?" And you just reflexively fucking do it. Especially if she's cute, it's like your dick sticks out at attention in the hope that she'll give it a suck once you've completed your demeaning little task.

I know why. It's because you've been fucking trained to do it - conditioned - every day of your fucking life - to be "helpful" towards girls.

You've been conditioned to be a willing slave.

Now, throwing off that bullshit conditioning isn't easy. I fucking know.

Just do it.

Just say "No".

No explanation. No reason, even. Because you want to. She does not deserve an explanation.

If she doesn't like it: out the fucking door, next!

Your time is valuable, you have to use it wisely. My time is worth $150+ an hour, depending on what I do ($400+ an hour for Cisco networking design and implementation and troubleshooting).

It's not there to be wasted on giving empty comments like "you're so hot" and "you're so sexy" to some vapid chain-smoking drunk bitch with a stinking attitude.

Save your help for the cute girls that are fucking and sucking you off RIGHT NOW - not for maybe, kinda, someday next year fucking. Suck me now, or forget it.

Otherwise: it's simply a quick way to be used by a leech.

Thursday 21 November 2013

Breaking Expectations

Yeah all right, normally I don't post much in the "game experiences" line. This happened today, thought that I might as well share. Especially when I just wrote it up in the comments at Rational Male.

My normal image is reserved, serious IT type.

Girl at work today wearing a t-shit from a cement company: “Rock hard in no time”. I’m busting her chops, “it’s all about the sex” – “no, it’s a cement mixing company!” – “a likely story, we’re not reading that – you can’t hide it, it’s all about the sex!"

She’s laughing her head off all the time. Totally wasn't expecting that and she was enjoying it.

“What’re you doing tonight, man about the town?”

“I’m gonna get in the pimpmobile, gonna cruise around looking for some hoes. Play DMX ‘What these bitches want from a nigga’ at 120-decibels.” She’s laughing her ass off and I tell her again “see it’s all about the sex!”

Girl has a partner. Has had for years. All of a sudden, I come out with all of that - call it unexpected nigger-game if you want - and she's giggling like a teenager.

Break a woman's expectations sometimes. Like I used to break my ex-wife's, and it'd turn her on - because she doesn't expect that kind of thing from you. The staleness and same-old-same-old of your relationship has suddenly been shattered.

Note, of course, that even her having a partner for several years - it turned her on. I could have escalated with ease, she was open to it. Poisonous, no? Good thing that I don't fish off the company pier.

Thursday 14 November 2013

Obamacare: The Most Beautiful Satire Possible

Obamacare. Where can we even begin...

Smoking-hot fattie and chubster manjaw lesbians, hurhurhur!

Drunken past-it cat-ladies!

Delusional wannabe party-slut fatties!

Delusional wannabe party-slut fattie *threesomes*!

Shotskis - so we can do more body-shots, bring on the vodka! Wanna have an orgy?

Ramen noodles let us afford fun (with alcohol)! Plus graduating with Worthless™ Degrees and waiting on tables 'cause that's all we're worth (the market doesn't lie).

Wannabe party-girl slut, with mouth wide-open to inset playa's cock! Either has lockjaw (claimable!) or Occupational Overuse Syndrome (claimable!).

And my fave - single mommy celebration! (There is no man in this picture, only Big Daddy Government Oh!bama-care.)

Oh-fuck-me-care, the greatest celebration of female stupidity and public call to irresponsible sex-fun-play on this planet. Thankfully the masses of men are utter sheep and will NEVER wake up to this celebration of the freedom of women.

Excuse my utter incoherent laughing, such obvious poison on display.

Addendum: The new American Anthem - "Oh thank you for fucking, we always wanted to..."

Tuesday 12 November 2013

PostSecret Pickings

Kind of sparse last week, it happens. Plus the business of those Oh!bamacare ads gave me endless laughs. Let us begin:

You were a good little prostitute before the marriage too - pity the fool man that chained you to him!

Flexibility is a start - your main sex-muscle is in your head though.

And some girls fantasise about beastiality - this one tried it and actually seems to have some sense of self-decency. Unusual.

Hamster, stop lying. Admit it, it makes you feel GOOD to know that you are with a man who is fucking multiple women. That means he's of higher value than you!

You go girl! But wait - if you were truly of the opinion that there was nothing wrong with that, you'd not mention it. It bothers you just a little bit, doesn't it. Slut.

And another hamster hits the wall HAH! Let there be cats.

Ah, so much poison to look at and laugh about.

Monday 11 November 2013

We Learned The Game From You

Just for shits and giggles - girls, if you want to be attractive to a shitload more men than you are, just follow the following rules. And hey, men will like you more too!

Matthew Fitzgerald's "Men's Top 10 Rules For Women":

1 - Learn how to Communicate
Say what you mean, ask for what you want directly. Expecting a man to interpret indirect signals and read your mind is not communication.

2 - Learn to be Consistent
Irrational behavior just doesn't cut it. If you say you're going to do something, then follow through and do it. Be honest with yourself -- don't say one thing and do another. And for God's sake, don't change your mind a million times.

3 - Stop using Sex as Bait
If you want to have sex, then have sex. Don't use sex as a tool to manipulate men. And another thing: Stop tempting men with low-cut dresses or bare midriffs and then blame them for trying to get you in bed. If you need attention that badly, go see a shrink.

4 - Develop a Conscience 
Stop abusing your sexual power. Many women have no ethical dilemmas at all about using men for favors or financial gain by dangling the promise of sex in front of them. Not only is this deceitful and immoral, but it's a double standard nothing short of fraud.

5 - Knock Off the Mixed Messages
If you're interested in a guy, let him know it. Ditto with sex. Maybe playing hard to get is cool if you're 12 years old, but it's just annoying 20 years later. Refer to Rule #1 -- men aren't able to read minds, so don't expect them to.

6 - Stop Expecting Men to Finance Your Life 
This is the 2000's for God's sake -- women are enjoying unparralleled career and earning opportunities, and it's unfair to treat men like ATM machines, especially when women are earning as much or more than we are. It may be a great scam, but at its core, it's nothing more than age-old prostitution -- trading sex for money.

7 - If You Expect Equality, Then Act Like It
Equal rights means equal rights across the board -- not just when it's in your best interests. If you expect equal pay, then expect to be drafted and pay your share of dating expenses, too.

8 - Stop Blaming Men for All Your Problems
We aren't what's wrong -- you are.

9 - Just Be Nice
Can't you just be nice? Nobody likes a nasty, self-serving bitch. And men today are very, very tired of self-serving bitches.

10 - Read the Rules

Reality-check time!

Is this going to happen across the board? No.

Is this going to happen in odd cases? Maybe. So long as there's an advantage for the woman (as in, they can lure a man into marriage and thereby leech off him).

Is this going to be permanent? I wouldn't bet on it. Not when it's so easy for a woman to frivorce with cash and prizes. Only if the ultimate power in a relationship goes firmly back into the man's hands will this fraudulent behaviour stop.

Will men trust any such woman? Only the foolish. Let's be blunt, 40+ years of feminism have taught women that they can be utter pieces of shit - with a temporary veneer of pleasantness - and that men will fall for it and marry her. Frivorce with cash and prizes can then be triggered at any time she desires.

I especially enjoy 1, 2, and 5:

Women bitch about men not communicating, yet they lack the sense to communicate properly with men - and demand that we communicate in their mode. Not a problem, we will learn it especially for you Princess. Note: communicating like a woman involves lying.

Women have been taught that it's okay to be inconsistent and that men will accept it. It's supposed to be a part of their "feminine mystique" and we men are not expected to understand it. The reality is that it's another game of "hard-to-get" that she plays for her enjoyment. It's fun to tool men around!

Playing "hard-to-get" is a childish tweenage game that got old in high school. When a woman has hit The Wall™ at 27+ years of age she cannot afford to play silly buggers with men - her value is dropping precipitously while his is rising and will continue to do so. No man with true knowledge of his value will tolerate for an instant any bullshit passive-aggressive/mindfuck games.

None of this will stop us from playing your games though. We'll do it. We'll seduce you. We'll play the field. We'll fuck multiple girls at the same time. We'll play passive-aggressive mindfuck games on you. We'll leave you for any or no reason, especially frivolous ones. You will truly have no cause to whine and moan and bitch about it. After all, we learned The Game from you.

This poisonous message of reality brought to you by Cynicism™, Common-Sense™, and Crap-Colored Glasses™. You are most welcome.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Meaningless Platitudes

The meaningless platitude of a quote tattoo, signifying the shallowness of the wearer. Noted today on the arm of a checkout girl:

"Live the life you love, love the life you live." - Bob Marley

The glorification of the pop star, the entertainer, rather than the people who actually make the world. Enough that some shallow, vapid blonde working in a liquor store will indelibly mark it into her body.

Yes, live the life you love. I think you took a wrong turn somewhere girl: I honestly cannot imagine that you really love the life of a checkout girl. But hey, apparantly you do.

I prefer the young checkout girl in the supermarket where I bought my salmon for dinner - she had a design of flower buds on her forearm/wrist. Halfway cute too, definitely not a made-up blonde with slit eyes.

Time to go cook my salmon.

Friday 8 November 2013

The Media are Useful Idiots

Ah, the media. The bastion of truth, exposers of the wicked, etc etc et-fucking-cetera.

What a bunch of morons.

So, I've been watching with amusement the whole "Roast Busters" underage sex scandal thing that's been going on like a firestorm in the media. Actually, more like an overhyped damp squib: most girls start slutting it up around 10-11 years old.

Some retarded politician (Ms Arden - you can tell a sexless fembot by the prefix) asked (dribbled) about whether police questions about the complainant's clothing would imply that what the girl was wearing could influence the case. Well no shit Sherlock: if some underage chick has a habit of dressing slutty and getting plastered-drunk around highly-sexed boys, it fucking WILL influence the case.

Fucking feminist shithead. At least the answer shut you down: "I really think that we should stop jumping to conclusions." No fucking duh! Thank you Mrs Tolley (NOT a fembot). 

So, you know what we should really be worried about, don't you. That's right.

The media's circus has had one brilliant effect: it has inspired every other juvenile delinquent in New Zealand, plus reminded them not to post it on the internet. Oh, and to choose their victims more wisely.

Feminism thanks you, you useful idiots. Feminism thanks you for your poisonous message.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

People Are Stupid

I'm gonna say this right up front: everyone is fucking stupid. I don't exempt myself. What I do try to do is improve myself each day, in some manner.

Most people will not. They prefer their mediocre and mindless entertainments to doing anything truly interesting. This means that it's not actually that hard to become more interesting, in various ways.

On the whole though: the herd, the masses, are blindingly stupid.

Sadly, stupidity breeds - while the truly intelligent don't.

Take higher education. Once, it was a place to learn critical thinking and the like. Now it's a bastion of brainwashing and PC bullshit and sucking the livelihood of those foolish enough to major in worthless junk.

I am actually glad that I did not have my brain polluted by that crap.

Now this leaves a major problem: democracy is ruled by people who cater to the moronic masses. Brainwashed feminists, stupid and unthinking white-knights, they've all drunk the kool-aid of "intellectualism". The reality is that they've been well-programmed to spout the party line and well-versed in the techniques to crush the attempts at independent thought brought up by those less-well-trained.

So this leaves us with a problem. While we cater to the moronic masses, the truly smart people are stuck. They have great difficulty (ie no fucking chance) of actually implementing anything of use, while the bread-and-circuses brigade swings into high gear.

Western civilisation is not only doomed, it's knowingly going down the path to the hangman's noose.

The faster the better, I think.

Monday 4 November 2013

Dating Value

It is time for some brutal self-honesty: I rate 15 on the Dateable scale. Yep, I can still fuck up by being myself (too quiet and introverted). This is a tremendous improvement from the 6 that I used to be (due to marriage) and getting close to how I used to be (dirty motherfucker who would put his hand down a girl's pants on the first date - if I liked the girl). Chicks dig guys who break social norms.

Taken from Heartiste's Dating Market Value Test:

1.  How old are you?

under 25 years old:  0 points
26-34 years old:  +1 point
35-45 years old:  0 points
45+ years old:  -1 point

45+ = -1 point

2.  How tall are you?

under 5’9″:  -1 point
5’9″ to 5’11″:  0 points
6′ to 6’4″:  +1 point
over 6’4″:  0 points

5'10" = 0 points

3.  What is your BMI?

(Go here to calculate your BMI.  I know BMI doesn’t account for very muscular physiques, but since most men are not Lee Haney, it is adequate for this survey’s purposes.)

under 20.0:  -1 point
20.0 to 24.0:  +1 point
24.1 to 27.0:  0 points
over 27.0:  -1 point

Mayo Clinic says 28, muscle is such a bitch = -1 point

4.  How much do you bench press?

60% or less of your body weight:  -1 point
61% to 80% of your body weight:  0 points
81% to 170% of your body weight:  +1 point
over 170% of your body weight:  0 points

90% = +1 point

5.  What does your hairline look like?

Full head of hair if you are over 35:  +1 point
Full head of hair if you are under 35:  0 points
Receding hairline if you are over 35:  0 points
Receding hairline if you are under 35:  -1 point
Bald (age irrelevant):  -1 point
Bald but you are dark-skinned:  0 points

Full head of hair = +1 point (I pity my brother)

6.  How much money do you make?

under $40K and you are out of college:  -1 point
$40K to $70K out of college and under 40 years old:  0 points
over $70K out of college and under 40 years old:  +1 point
under $40K and you are college age or younger:  0 points
$40K to $55K and over 40 years old:  -1 point
$55K to $90K and over 40 years old:  0 points
over $90K and 40 to 55 years old:  +1 point
over $200K (age irrelevant):  +1 point

Over 100k = +1 point

7.  Do you have a car?

No (under 21yo):  0 points
No (over 21yo):  -1 point
Yes (under 21yo):  +1 point
Yes (over 21yo):  0 points
No, but you have a motorcycle (age irrelevant):  +1 point

Yes = 0 points

8.  Are you good-looking?

(Self-assessment is somewhat unreliable, so if you are uncertain of your looks post your pic on hotornot and wait a week for your score.  Or get opinions from unbiased and blunt friends.  Hashing out the biometric details of what makes a male face attractive would require another lengthy post, so for now these two methods are acceptable substitutes.)

On a 1 – 10 scale:

0 – 4:  -1 point
5 – 7:  0 points
8 – 10:  +1 point

I prescribe to the "if you're not good-looking, you're ugly" = -1 point

9.  Have you ever played a leading role in a team sport?

No:  0 points
Yes:  +1 point

Yes = +1 point

10.  What is your occupation?

(Since I won’t list every single high status job in the Department of Labor’s Occupational Handbook, you’ll have to make a judgment call on your own job.  It’s a safe assumption that most people know a high status job when they see it.)

High status (doctor, lawyer, stockbroker, executive, professor, business owner, successful artist or musician or writer, professional athlete, etc.):  +1 point
Neutral status (engineer, programmer, accountant, salesman, mid level manager, scientist, military officer, well-paid tradesman, etc.):  0 points
Low status (low paid blue collar, admin, construction, janitor, struggling web designer, help desk, etc.):  -1 point

Business owner, keep that quiet though = 0 points

11.  How many friends do you have?

0 to 3:  -1 point
4 to 20:  0 points
over 20:  +1 point

Over 20 = +1 point

12.  How many friends have you met through the internet that you have never seen in person?

0 to 2:  0 points
over 2:  -1 point

Over 2 = -1 point

13.  When was the last time you went to a house party?

Within the past month:  +1 point
Between one month and one year ago:  0 points
Over one year ago:  -1 point

Two weeks ago = +1 point

14.  Have people besides your family called you funny?

None:  -1 point
A few have:  0 points
Nearly everyone who knows me:  +1 point

Many, many = +1 point

15.  What is your IQ?

Under 85:  -1 point
85 to 110:  0 points
110 to 130:  +1 point
130 to 145:  0 points
over 145:  -1 point

110 to 130 = +1 point

16.  At a party, which happens first – you approach someone or someone approaches you?

I approach someone first almost every time:  +1 point
I occasionally approach first:  0 points
Someone normally approaches me first:  -1 point

I approach = +1 point

17.  Have you ever been in a serious fight where real punches were thrown and you felt like you wanted to kill your opponent(s)?

No:  0 points
Yes:  +1 point
Yes, with a girl:  -1 point

Yes = +1 point

18.  Have you ever been arrested?

No:  0 points
Yes:  +1 point
Yes, for child pornography or public exposure:  -1 point

Yes = +1 point


It’s best to answer the following four questions based on your past experience with similar scenarios.  Who we really are is not what we wish we were but what we have always been.

19.  You are on a second date with a girl.  You go to kiss her.  She turns her cheek to you and says “Slow down, I’m not that kind of girl.”  You reply:

(A) ”Sorry.”
(B) “Yeah, well, no prob.”
(C) ”This could be trouble ’cause I’m that kind of guy.” *smirk*

If you answered (A), subtract a point.
If (B), no points.
If (C), add a point.

C = +1 point - though I let them know beforehand that I'm that type of guy

20.  You’re chatting up a pretty girl you just met in a bar.  After a few minutes she asks you to buy her a drink.  You reply:

(A) “Sure.”
(B) “I’m not an ATM.”
(C) “No, but you can buy me one.”

If you answered (A), subtract a point.
If (B), no points.
If (C), add a point.

C = +1 point

21.  You’ve just met a cute girl in a club and have been talking with her for five minutes when she abruptly changes the topic to a raunchy conversation about her multiorgasmic ability.  You respond with:

(A) a huge grin and an eager “Damn! That is HOT!”
(B) a look of mild disdain.
(C) a raised eyebrow while saying “Hey, thanks for the medical report.”

If you answered (A), subtract a point.
If (B), no points.
If (C), add a point.

C = +1 point - and I know that she's DTF

22.  The pickup has been going well.  Later in the night she leans in and begins making out with you passionately.  You feel like a king and your jeans suddenly feel much tighter.  Do you:

(A) immediately grope her boob in return.
(B) continue making out with her for as long as she wishes.
(C) kiss for a little bit then push her gently away and look distracted for a second.

If you answered (A), subtract a point.
If (B), no points.
If (C), add a point.

C = +1 point

And finally, the critical thinking portion of the quiz.  The following questions are based on the progression of a single pickup attempt.

23.  You go to a bar.  Twenty feet away are a pretty girl, a fat girl, and an average guy talking amongst themselves.  The pretty girl briefly eye flirts with you.  In reponse, you:

(A) eye flirt back and forth a few times before approaching 20 minutes later.
(B) immediately approach in a direct fashion maintaining strong eye contact with your target.
(C) immediately approach but from an indirect angle, looking around the room distractedly on the way over to your target as if you might see an even prettier girl somewhere else, and finally delivering your opener from over your shoulder.

(A):  -1 point
(B):  0 points
(C):  +1 point

C = +1 point

24.  Who do you address first?

(A) the pretty girl.
(B) the fat girl.
(C) everyone.

(A):  -1 point
(B):  0 points
(C):  +1 point

C = +1 point

25.  After getting the whole group engaged in conversation and having a good time, your target blurts out “Hey nice pink shirt! Are you gay?”  You:

(A) say “No, I’m not gay!”
(B) ignore her.
(C) say “OK, who brought their little sister to the bar!”

(A):  -1 point
(B):  0 points
(C):  +1 point

C = +1 point - plus I know that she wants me

26.  In the middle of the conversation you have to pee.  You say:

(A) “I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”
(B) “Excuse me.”
(C) nothing.  Just go.

(A):  -1 point
(B):  0 points
(C):  +1 point

C = +1 - I don't need their permission to go pee

27.  You’ve managed to get her outside your front door.  There is obvious sexual tension.  You want to close this deal.  You say:

(A) “So, um, ah, see you around.”
(B) “Why don’t you come inside?”
(C) “I’m thirsty.  Are you thirsty?  Let’s go inside and taste DC’s finest tap water.  But you can only stay for a minute, I have to get up early.”

(A):  -1 point
(B):  0 points
(C):  +1 point

B = 0 point - but she was already DTF anyway



There are 26 points to earn or lose based on the questions asked.  The scoring breaks down as follows:

-26:  Why are you still alive?
-25 to -20:  You’re an omega.  Celibacy has its charms.
-19 to -15:  You actively repulse girls.  Your kind will usher forth the sexbot revolution.
-14 to -10:  You’re always getted foisted onto the warpigs.
-9 to 0:  Lesser beta.  You don’t immediately disgust girls; they just don’t notice you.  With much painful effort you can redeem yourself.
1 to 9:  Classic beta.  You catch some girls’ eyes, usually the ones you don’t want.  Try not to make fatty fucking a lifestyle.
10 to 14:  A few attractive girls in the bar will be intrigued by your presence.  But you need game to close the deal.
15 to 19:  Congrats, you have crossed the alpha Rubicon.  A lot of cute girls will be pleased when you hit on them.  But you can still fuck up by being yourself.
20 to 25:  You’re a natural.  Many hot girls check you out and forgive your occasional pickup blunders.  You always have a look of sexual satisfaction on your face.
26:  Super Alpha.  Booty sticks to you like bird shit on car roofs.

Saturday 2 November 2013

Leave 'em Better

The idea amongst the pickup community is that a man should always try to leave a girl better-off than when he found her. Unfortunately there often doesn't seem like much you can do towards this situation.

Here are the things that you can try to do:

• correct bad behaviour promptly

• tell-and-show her what attracts a man (long hair, tight body, etc)

• reward good behavior (especially feminine behaviour)

• be an (alpha) gentleman when it ends

This last needs some explanation.

A lot of guys, when it goes sour, become pussified little supplicating maggots. They try to suck up to the girl, get back with her, kiss her ass, etc etc - utterly humiliating themselves. It's sickening to hear about and to see in person. They have no dignity. It's no wonder that the girl wants nothing to do with them.

Other guys will get all butthurt about it and fly off the handle, trash-talk her, whatever it takes to make them feel better inside about the breakup. This also has no dignity, plus it hurts the girl in ways that aren't good. It also gets around to the other girls and the harpy's chorus will have a field day with it.

The alpha gentleman's way is to be aloof. Silent, relaxed, dignified, interminable, well above the drama and silliness. Perhaps to offer a small bit of encouragement in the background. This has two benefits:

• it fuels doubt in her mind and the minds of the other girls who hear about it

• there is nothing substantive for the harpy's chorus to get its claws into

So. A while back a chick mentally imploded on me and started accusing me via text of having no feelings for her, all I wanted was sex, that she wasn't going to be used, etc. All the good stuff that was basically true: because I'd been quite upfront with her that all I wanted was a friends-with-benefits situation. She'd been quite okay about that at the time.

There wasn't much comeback possible without sounding all butthurt about it, or lying. So I shut up, didn't text back, fell off the face of the earth, nothing. A while later I said something nice about "hoping that she finds the right man for her" to some others.

Last night she sent a meek little text: "Thank you. You didn't need to say that about me." It got back to her. In a way I suppose that it made her feel both happy and small inside, submissive, and - I like to think - helped her in some way in the future.

I suppose that my style might be classed as "gentleman bad-boy", if there is any such thing. Or perhaps what Heartiste calls "sneaky-fuck alpha".

As an aside, I just realised that I have put up over 100 posts - without noticing. I suppose that it's de rigeur to put up a special post, but fuck it, I've always been a bit renegade.