Sunday 24 November 2013

Why Are You Saying Yes

Seriously, why are you saying yes to these bitches.

Have you no fucking self-worth.

Have you no fucking self-pride.

Have you no fucking plans of your own.

Have you no fucking life of your own.

Instead, so many men simply roll over and do stuff when a girl asks them to. Random girl off the street, don't know her from a bar of fucking soap, says "can you do X for me?" And you just reflexively fucking do it. Especially if she's cute, it's like your dick sticks out at attention in the hope that she'll give it a suck once you've completed your demeaning little task.

I know why. It's because you've been fucking trained to do it - conditioned - every day of your fucking life - to be "helpful" towards girls.

You've been conditioned to be a willing slave.

Now, throwing off that bullshit conditioning isn't easy. I fucking know.

Just do it.

Just say "No".

No explanation. No reason, even. Because you want to. She does not deserve an explanation.

If she doesn't like it: out the fucking door, next!

Your time is valuable, you have to use it wisely. My time is worth $150+ an hour, depending on what I do ($400+ an hour for Cisco networking design and implementation and troubleshooting).

It's not there to be wasted on giving empty comments like "you're so hot" and "you're so sexy" to some vapid chain-smoking drunk bitch with a stinking attitude.

Save your help for the cute girls that are fucking and sucking you off RIGHT NOW - not for maybe, kinda, someday next year fucking. Suck me now, or forget it.

Otherwise: it's simply a quick way to be used by a leech.

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