Sunday 24 November 2013

Learn To Cook

This might sound strange, however there are sensible reasons for it.

1/ Unless you want to eat out all the time, your only way to have decent meals (other than crappy "instant" noodles and the like) is to cook it yourself.

2/ Eating out is expensive. It's also not that good for you unless you're eating out damn expensive - fast-food just doesn't cut it.

3/ When you cook for yourself there is an inner satisfaction at being independent. Yeh it's a nebulous feel-good thing.

4/ When you cook for yourself your nutrition will be better. This cannot be emphasised enough if you are lifting weights and getting into shape - you need that good protein!

5/ Girls can't cook. Literally. In the striving to reject their feminine side, they have rejected the need to learn how to keep a home - which means cooking. They might have learned how to bake, yet cupcakes are not a regular meal.

6/ Sometimes it's good to take a girl home and cook for her. So learn how to do about five "special" meals really well (not meaning fucking dessert, you ain't here to make her or yourself fat).

Don't bitch about having to learn something new. If you can fix a computer or a car or have woodworking/metalworking skills, you've learned a shitload harder stuff than how to cook a perfect steak or pork loin chop. Garlic seared shrimp on angel-hair pasta is a fucking breeze in comparison to hunting, survivalist, and army training. Chopped fresh tomatoes lightly fried in olive oil with freshly-picked basil leaves, stirred into lightly-herbed wild rice or couscous or pasta? A walk in the goddamn park.

So overall, unless you want to eat crappy Chinese takeaway food all your life and be malnourished (and maybe fat) - learn to cook.

Addendum: I literally just got a text from one of my female friends. "Go down to the market and get a cupcake or coconut ice or fudge for morning tea. Buy some from X and her friends, they're fantastic!" Blah blah blah, kid being her niece. What'd I say about baking.

Thank you feminism for screwing up women to the point that basic cooking skills are considered optional - instead of being an expected given.

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