Tuesday 12 November 2013

PostSecret Pickings

Kind of sparse last week, it happens. Plus the business of those Oh!bamacare ads gave me endless laughs. Let us begin:

You were a good little prostitute before the marriage too - pity the fool man that chained you to him!

Flexibility is a start - your main sex-muscle is in your head though.

And some girls fantasise about beastiality - this one tried it and actually seems to have some sense of self-decency. Unusual.

Hamster, stop lying. Admit it, it makes you feel GOOD to know that you are with a man who is fucking multiple women. That means he's of higher value than you!

You go girl! But wait - if you were truly of the opinion that there was nothing wrong with that, you'd not mention it. It bothers you just a little bit, doesn't it. Slut.

And another hamster hits the wall HAH! Let there be cats.

Ah, so much poison to look at and laugh about.

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