Thursday 28 November 2013


The disease of the 20th Century: stuff.

These days, people (especially women) are only concerned with stuff. They cannot conceive of the effort behind that stuff, what it takes to produce and pay for it, only the stuff itself.

In their eyes a man is not a man - he is merely a producer of stuff that they want.

Romance? It involves stuff.

Love? It involves stuff.

Marriage? The greatest amount of stuff that it is possible to get in as short a time. Preferably bragged about for years to come, along with that shiny faceted chunk of compressed shit on your finger. (If you can find it, read The Diamond Conspiracy.)

When you look at a man as a producer of stuff, a machine that has only one use, an object for your own benefit -

- he gets the idea real fast, if he's got half a brain.

Once you start looking at someone as an object, they will look upon you as an object in return. She looks upon him as a source of stuff, he looks upon her as a hole to drop a fuck into - while he looks for either:

1/ a better hole

2/ someone who doesn't look upon him as a source of stuff

3/ both of the above

Unfortunately everything in our lives has conditioned us to getting or providing stuff. We are taught to be consumers, to be wasters, to want stuff that we don't actually need.

This leaves us broken, in perpetual adolescent mode.

I don't know about others. All I can see that might fix this society-wide mindset is a collapse so bad that we are all close to dying from starvation. Then this poison which infects us might be purged from our collective minds.

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