Friday 8 September 2023

As The World Burns Down

It's no secret that I have a few bucks. In fact I make way more now than I did back when the bitch pulled her version of Eat-Pray-Love on me.

Have'n those few bucks opens a few doors.

Which lets out some info about the future finances of New Zealand and etc - probably Aussieland as well.

It's no secret the good old Labor Gubnermint has been rapin' and pillagin' everything in sight money-wise. Currently inflation in NZ is over the 8% mark, probably over 10%, across the board. They been buyin' votes, though I don't think it's gonna help 'em this election.

To give you an idea: 3 years ago gas was $1.54 a liter, now it's $3.11 a liter. That has a nasty on-flowing effect with the prices of everything else. (AKA it's an excuse for prices to jump and sizes to shrink, which is why eggs are now $12 for 10. Yes more than a buck per. Sheeeit, get yourself some chooks ASAP.)

The word from behind closed doors is: Next April, expect the banks to get harder with lending money.

This makes a certain amount of sense. Governments need bucks, cannot have those bucks going into houses - because the average good house in NZ is currently in the $800k+ range. That's money going to the bank-owners (Aussies) and not Das NZ Gubnerment in the form of GST and other crapola taxes.

Solution: Force banks into tougher lending criteria.

Which is very interesting when we think about the history of it all. Das NZ Gubnerment has, several times, floated New Zealand banks. They go for 5-10 years, get profitable, then get flogged off to the Aussie banks.

I'm not sure why. It seems...self-sabotaging. Though it also seems to happen with a change in the leadership of Das Gubnermint, so maybe that's it: the National Party gets things on track and then Labor rips the fuckin' track up again.

Tells you lots about how this third-world country is run.

Any rate. If nobody can afford houses...then the idea seems to be that people will lose hope and start living hand-to-mouth instead of saving up to get ahead. AKA everyone forced to become grasshoppers and the ants get slaughtered.

It's like they want people to stay in their lower-class place, you ain't getting ahead bruvva.

So we'll see what happens soon, here in what might become New Shitsville. There's rumblings and rumors of some form of basic living amount being given out, so everyone is on the dole - if you want more, work for it.

Not sure how that'll work out.

Brought to you by BPS and Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Friday 20 January 2023

Take Advantage of the Opposition's Mistakes

I'm glad to see that Big Country is doing very well with his progress re getting little Adriana back. He's had his first proper visitation, it went well, etc.

His lawyer (Pitbull - great name for what sounds like a great lawyer) seems to be punching the crapola out of the legal system. That works well too. Good that I sent a little cashola his way, it helps me keep abreast of what's going on there.

Now lets talk about what might be called "Tactics Of Mistake". Like the Gordon R. Dickson novel of the same name, it's always good to take advantage of the opposition's mistakes. (I often think that the Military OODA loop is designed to do just that - get somebody off-balance, they start making mistakes, and then take advantage of those mistakes as much as possible. Eventually you wind them up in their own fuckups and they're done for.)

In civilian life it's of course better to take advantage of someone's self-made mistakes. Once they get themselves in the shit, keep nudging them back into their own cesspool of dumbassery. At the end of it they're so mired down that they've lost, very obviously to all and sundry. Your hands are clean - it's not like you punched them, put them in hospital or anything - yet they've so thoroughly lost that their life is now a completely fucked-up mess.

It's nice to see Big Country doing that to a certain useless baby-momma and co.

While it would be satisfying to beat certain people to a bloody pulp, he's allowing them to beat themselves to a bloody pulp. All legally, hands squeaky-clean, plus putting the legal knife into the system for some of the dodgy stuff they've been pulling. Again, all legally, hands squeaky-clean.


Here's another example from what Big Country is going through: taking advantage of another's mistake's.

Pitbull (lawyer) employed Princess (paralegal).

Princess is apparently very well-named, BC and G didn't speak with Pitbull about her. Pitbull mentioned it off their own bat - and described Princess as to what other customers had said. Eventually Princess got herself fired (thanks to her own snooty attitude etc) and Pitbull complains to BC about the mess that was left behind.

"You know, you could do worse than hire G."

Two days later, G is employed by Pitbull. Prime example of taking advantage of someone else's mistakes. Given that BC and G need the money big-time, perfect opportunity.

BC I raise to you a glass of Grand Marnier. May you and our other brothers keep on keeping on.


Friday 18 November 2022

Some Things Are Bullshit

Over the years you start developing a nose for the bullshit in the world. You know, stuff like:

Feminism. That horse keeps getting a solid beating.

Communism. That worked reeeeeeal well in Russia. Also in Cambodia, under Pol Pot. China is having a rough time with it now also...

Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Let's be clear: Intelligence (IQ) is definitely measured and measurable, with lots of tests, and is damned-well accepted scientifically.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has no accepted scales and tests. Not one.

This puts it in the category of Pop Psychology along with MBTI and similar "personality tests". (All the garbage that HR drones love-love-love to spout, because it's all very nebulous and feel-good and hand-wavey and stuff like that. AKA it gives them an excuse to attend conferences in other cities or overseas, lap up the booze, sample some exotic cock, all on the company dime and without coming back with any kind of plan of work, actionable steps, etc.)

HR. See above. I've also known some HR types who hire female staff on the basis of if she will part her legs for him. Repeatedly, in the case of fucking the female employees and management of external Employment/Headhunting businesses.

Psychology. I've not quite decided regarding this one.

On the one hand, the concept of the Oedipus Complex ("all sons want to fuck their mothers and hate their father because he got there first and on an ongoing basis"). This is currently in severe doubt in the psychological world. Yeah, great projection of your own fucked-up-ness there, Freud. He also stated that lesbianism was caused by the father, was curable with psychoanalysis, and yet could not "cure" lesbianism in his own daughter. Way to prove your own theories are horseshit, mate.

On the other hand, these pricks are master manipulators. Something about poking your finger into the psyche of thousands of people on an ongoing basis - and being paid huge bucks for it! - gives some pretty good insights into the mind. Also a helluva lot of training towards fucking with the mind and emotions, 'cause they learn where all the buttons that can be pushed are. The more unethical members go into marketing - and if you cross them are very good at pushing *your* buttons.

Greenpeace. Oh my...

Saving the planet. Hahah - the planet could be nuked flat, the surface turned to glass, every speck of life from the top of the stratosphere to the bottom of the Mariana Trench eradicated with lethal radiation and chemical poisons, and the Earth would go on it's merry way for the next 5 billion years. The planet doesn't need saving. WE need saving. Unfortunately the typical alarmist language used by these so-called quasi-politico organizations just turns our brains off. We either swallow it whole, or reject it utterly.

Stop chlorination campaign. 1991-1995, we shall be rid of PVCs and suchlike eeeevils, yay! In the same time-period Latin America had 1 million Cholera cases and 10,000 deaths. Due to...stopping chlorinating their drinking water. Well, that's just fucking inconvenient of them innit...

(Seriously, these crazy politico cunts are a target 8 miles wide, just like Storm Large's vagina).

Even if there might be a slight grain of truth in it. (The planet? Pfui. Our society? Now you're talkin'.)

So, how do you detect this bullshit?

When someone is effectively screaming and throwing monkey-poo at you, you have two natural impulses:

* Defend yourself (walking away is a defense)

* Swallow it whole and join in (if you're a sheep - with the bonus that you're now on the throwing-end of the monkey-poo, not the receiving-end)

It takes a lot of effort to stop and think about what's going on at this point. Takes a lot of practice to getting to there - and I don't claim to have gotten that good at it either. Usually I have to cool off and figure it out later ("What should I have done at this point? Okay...")

One rule of thumb you can pretty-much count on:

If someone is screaming and throwing monkey-poo at you for whatever "reason", it's probably entirely founded on some form of bullshit.

It's always worth stopping and thinking about it - even if long afterwards - to figure out exactly what sort and how much bullshit is involved. Also what might have caused it to come into existence.

Usually its due to stupidity.

I remember one guy telling me that global warming was most definitely a thing, the seas were rising, etc etc etc. I agreed with him - 'cause I already knew it was alarmism and bullshit, and was in the middle of eating a delicious steak dinner. Priorities.

By all the above predictions, we should be living in Mel Gibson's Water World by now. Or dead, because WWIII happened and we nuked the planet and the few survivors cried out "eloi!" to the fallout and had some sort of mutated baby-things.

Instead, we have the Leftist-Academia-Complex putting out their theories of 72+ different forms of sexual preference - I haven't bothered counting recently - and if you're a boring Heterosexual White Male fucker then you will be hung, drawn, and quartered. Then they'll get serious with the real punishment. (Never mind Google employees identifying as a fuckin' building and having a company talk about it...there's some whack-job mentality right there.)

Yet when I look into the whole rising sea-level thing, I cannot help but notice something about people.

They'll build a fuckin' city on a fuckin' flood-plain. Yes, I'm looking at you, New Orleans (and the country of Denmark).

In contrast, I see wharves here in NZ that were built over 100 years ago. Also parks in a sea inlet. Also the local beaches.

Looking at the alarmism above - with predictions of rising sea levels of 1+cm a year - we should have seen in the past 33 years over a foot of water rise, which should have caused many of these areas to be flooded with every rising tide. I've been here for 35 years, it's happening people!

Funny, I ain't seeing it.

So yeah, this is how you know bullshit. It applies to a lot of things.

Hell, it probably applies to some (or all, if you're a Feminist-Leftist heterosexual male caucasian-hating weirdo) this blog. I ain't some fount of wisdom and all. I sure as shit ain't perfect.

And I'm still trying to figure out the bullshit in this world. There's a lot of it.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Fuck You're Cold




"But why? Would it really hurt to show some of your self?"


"You know, if you were more open, you might find a really great girl."

Like you?


So you're not really interested. You just want gossip and shit from someone reputed to be a cold-ass stone.


Let's see. Tats. Snot ring. Overweight. Lookin' fuckin' raddled too - too much booze, and probably a heavy smoker. Waaay too much makeup, which even my blind-ass eyes can see. You're ten years younger'n me too. Shit, I look better'n you do, even though the damn Covid fucked my gym over and closed it down.

"Why won't you talk about yourself?"

You ain't got anythin' I want, hoe. I'm'a go play a computer game, or watch the Alien movies, they're more interesting than your skank ass.

"Hey! Where're you going?!"


Make sure it's worth it, brothers - before you even think about bothering to open up anything to a camel that wants to get its head in the tent.

Remember: Women want fried ice.

And mansplaining is abusive.


Tuesday 25 October 2022

Never Fuck With Family

Going on with that theme, I see that Big Country has shut down his blog for a bit while he goes'n tries to extract little Adriana from the system. If you haven't heard about it:

Here to donate.

Here to see the Day By Day cartoon giving the above link.

If you've got some beer money to spare, feel free to drop it in the jar. Big Country is putting updates as to what's up on the donation screen.

A good thing, I've been busy with my family stuff. Not been here for a while.


Family, whanau, never fuck with them. They've got your back and all - even when you're on the outs with them. Even if they think you're fuckin' crazy, or you think they're fuckin' crazy.

I sometimes wish that I could kick death in the goolies. Another family member bites the dust, takes that walk up to the top of the island and heads off to join the other spirits. This one due to stroke, not the big-C. He had a good long life though, did what he wanted, etc. 83 isn't a bad stretch and all.

Back up the far north. Been a long time. Far too long. Now the lockdown is done (though Covid isn't gone yet, especially not up there) I'm gonna have to make another special trip up Cape Reinga.


I finally got the real goss on what went down with a certain family member. He didn't wanna talk about it, so I got a bullshit edition from someone else. Cleared it up finally - he used his tow-truck to move someone's bike to the other side of the street when the fucker got antsy about shifting it outta the way. (Stupid gang member, might have been half-pissed or -drugged.)

Any rate, a couple of the gang member's mates showed up outside his house during the day. Neighbor's wife (also whanau) saw this, called hubby, and a few of them came up and looked the perps over. Seems there was four-five cars so the perps got the idea, fucked off quick.

Smart of them. Some of those guys were firemen types, could pick most people up and fold them in half a few times.

This is why you never fuck with family.

Me, I'm on the out's with some of 'em. Too fuckin' brainy, pisses 'em off.

Still got their back tho. Even if some of them are bullshitting assholes.


And on that - keep on fighting, Big Country. You're doing some good there, kicking the damn system a few times. I hope you manage to get Adriana out okay and that life calms down for ya.

Raising a glass of Grand Marnier to you, brother.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Leftism, Pissing It Away

The joys of leftist politics. I forget which comedian once said, something roughly on the lines of:

"Leftists. They will fix it all, if they have to spend all of your money to do it!"

So Das Guberment, lead by Das Fraulein Horseteeth, have in their infinite wizdumb decided that the poor people of NZ are in need of a "cost of living payment" aka vote-bribe to help them cope with the sudden rise in cost of food and stuff. To the tune of $350 total, split up over 3 months.

In other words: A whopping $116 a month for 3 months.

To get this, you need to be earning under $70k a year. Which shows just how fucking worthless the NZ peso is becoming, even inside New Shitland itself.

How many people qualify? About 2 million.

When you do the sums:

$350 * 2,000,000 = $700,000,000

Or getting up there towards a billion NZ peso's.


Now, if these fuckwits had spent that on something worthwhile - like decent roads in various places *coughcough* - I would consider it as 'okay, that works and is worthwhile'. (Hah, like the Labour Fuckwits are gonna do anything other than slurp from the trough.)

This is just pissing it away in an attempt to buy votes.

In my estimation: About the only possible slight, miniscule, hint of a hope that NZ has - is if Das Labour Gubermint gets their ass booted out and Das National Gubermint gets in and tries to fix things.

Assuming that it's not all too late already.

Also assuming that Das National Gubermint is any better than Das Labour Guberment. I more-than-sometimes wonder.

At the very least I'm expecting things to go shit-storm-south down here, socially. Only the very rich are gonna get any sort of protection from the police (which is something that Big Country has noted recently on his blog).

Hunker down and buckle in tight. It's getting really, really rough out there.


Thursday 21 July 2022

You Will Move On

No, this is not a "BPS is moving on from the Manosphere" post.

It's an observation of over the last 4 years or so, plus spending a month or so reviewing the past 12-odd years of my life. Also a few observations from my formative years and all.

Surprisingly, it's also an observation about growth. I'm not sure if Captain Capitalism has put it into his Curse of the High IQ book - I will reread and see. It's easy to do when it's winter here in NZ, after 6pm everything is dark and the fire or heat pump is going.

(Yes, cold. Yes, wet. Thank you Tongan eruption. Weeks on end of rain. Good that I have both a fire and a heatpump, because I'll run out of seasoned wood soon. I need to stock up, double the amount that I had and let it season for a couple of years. Maybe I should triple the size of the firewood shed and triple the amount on hand, to be absolutely certain.)

At any rate, two observations. During your life:

1/ You will grow.

2/ Others will sit in one place.

This is not a condemnation of their choice - MGTOW, that's the path they've chosen. Go for it.

From the perspective of the Man who is growing, you will move on.

As you grow, you will move on to other and (in your personal opinion, per your personal path) more rewarding things in life.

Others will stay in their place.

They might be upset at you moving on. They might not care. From your perspective, it is not relevant. 

You have moved on.

In the end you are only a tiny little ripple in the river of humanity. Your moving on will not make any big changes to others. They are where they are, they are doing what they are doing, because that is the path they've chosen.

You have moved on.

Over my life, I have moved on from many things:

* My home town.

* My friends.

* My new town.

* My new friends.

* My new-new town.

* My new-new friends.

* Several communities (some in the real world, some in the internet - 5 in the past 12 years, 3-4 that I can remember in the years prior to that).

Some things you will stay in distant contact with. Family members. I have several extended whanau who are still where they are. I have moved on - though I stay in contact with them. I'm basically forced to, even though we have nothing much in common. They are still in their place.

I do stay in contact with at least one person from one of the prior communities. He's a good bloke, much nicer than I am. We still have a TGIF on Fridays - at least, when we're not working from home or in Covid lockdown. There will be a few people like that. That's good.

Growth demands moving on. Otherwise you become stuck, to sit in one place all your life.

Having moved on from a community about a month ago, I've been reflecting back on things. Moving on seems (for myself) to be a part of growth.

Growing my life (in this case: income) by a substantial amount in the past year, it has been evident to me that it was time to move on. That community was taking a lot of my personal energy and time. Personal energy and time that would be better put somewhere else, for my personal benefit.

I've been asking myself questions: Should I seek another community to become a part of?

Answer: Why bother?

I will grow and move on from it in a few years.

Especially the communities which are rife with nasty people. They're like lice or maggots, they appear everywhere. Remember: You don't have time for that crap. Places, echo-chambers of toxic crap will drag you down and hold you back.

The only thing that you have time for is your personal path. Period. Remember: You Are MGTOW. You are following your path.

Some people are good to stay in contact with. The rest of them in said community though, sad sacks of shit who are in one place. No time for their constant femicunt-inspired drama and horseshit.

In the end, like many things in life, it was time to make the decision. I chose to pull the trigger...

...and Elvis (hah so conceited on my part) has left the building. Silently. No drama. Like a ghost that was never there.

After a month - not even a ripple to remember me by. Good. They are not relevant to me. I am not relevant to them. They will continue, the community and its members going on as always, in their path as mine diverges away.

I have moved on. As will you.

Friday 8 April 2022

Hate Speech - Coming To A New Zealand Near You

This is old news - a year ago Adern and co of Das Guberment started making burbling sounds about introducing Hate Speech laws.

Hah. We know where that goes. For current background of NZ laws:

Is there freedom of speech in New Zealand?

In particular, freedom of expression is preserved in section 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (BORA) which states that: "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form".

Which by flat-out definition means that those pricks in Google who decided that this channel was hate speech and thus devoiced it, and me, broke New Zealand laws. Of course, good luck - those leftist opinion-shapers are above the law, as well as being outside of NZ jurisdiction anyways.

Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold, makes the fucking rules.

Then very conveniently, the Delta - and Omicron - variations of Covid broke out here and all of that 'question' and 'debate' suddenly was swept under the carpet. Like many other "inconvenient truths" do, when a convenient excuse appears.

I can currently say "so and so's particular family of fucktards - who happen to be Maori - are known by the local police as being responsible for 90% of local breaking-and-entering crime, including doing such things on my property". The local police are helpless to do anything about it, beyond giving them "a visit and a good talking to". Which of course said family of fucktards just look all serious when the police show up, and laugh their asses off afterwards and continue on their merry robbing way. Getting them on camera means zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

Because it's "politically incorrect" to and "doesn't follow Das Guberment's approved narrative" to "discriminate" against said family. They're Maori! The fact that they're known criminal scumbags is conveniently swept under the table.

Remember. There's The Law. And there's the law of the jungle.

So it's quite easy to casually pile up some rotten timbers which just so happen to have rusty nails pointing accidentally upwards, right behind the fence. And some leftover wire as well to make things a bit harder for anyone who gets stuck in that mess.

"They came over the fence? What the fuck? I wasn't expecting that. See, that area behind the fence is a bit of a junk-heap Officer. Always has been, is why I threw that rotting junk there after tearing down the old fence and building that new fence. I wasn't expecting some idiot to climb the thing and go face-first into all that busted-up stuff and discarded wire."

Yeah, fucking right.

These pricks won't protect you? You have to accidental-like protect yourself. And your family. And your stuff. Even though your taxes are a bribe to keep these scum from getting really desperate, they still go their merry little way and GTFO you law-abiding citizens.


On a lighter note, last night's fire was very nice. The first one of Autumn here - I can feel the bite in the air. Given a certain volcanic bang over Tonga ways, I'm not surprised at that bite.

So the Northern Hemisphere won't be feeling the results of all the Sulphur Dioxide that came from that - most of it stays in the Southern Hemisphere (and the Tropics). That's the way these things go, Northern and Southern parts of the globe essentially have an insulating barrier between them. A good thing that it was underwater too.

Even so, a lot of that shit went into the atmosphere. The scientists reckon between 53-58 teragrams.

Being a nasty, suspicious, paranoid bastard - I ask why the scientists used the word "teragrams". Because it has the word "grams" in it, and therefore doesn't seem that big after all?

To translate:

* 1 teragram = 1 billion kilograms

* 1 billion kilograms = 1 million tons (should I say 1 megaton? hah)

Or at least 50 million tons of sulphur dioxide garbage which turns into atmospheric sulphuric acid droplets, which reflect sunlight away. Right up high in the stratosphere, where it doesn't get cleared away that easily. (There's another 0.4 teragrams aka 0.4 million tons of volcanic ash also, though nobody's really reporting on that.)

To give perspective, normally world sources (human and volcanic) threw about 40 million tons of sulphur dioxide crap into the atmosphere across the entire globe, in a year (as of 2019). About 2/3rds of that is human-made.

For more info, a big chunk of it was from the shipping industry. They've been using nasty high-sulphur fuels for decades, until back in 2020 they got told to cut back on that. Which means less cooling chemicals in the air - yay for global warming. (Oh wait. I mean "climate change". The term "global warming" is no longer politically correct.) At any rate it's probably a lot less than 40 million tons now, maybe as low as 30 million tons globally.

Except that "global warming" just got a massive kick in the nuts in the form of 50 megatons of crap shoved straight into the Southern Hemisphere. Which has essentially so little industrialized stuff down here in this hemisphere that we probably only account for 10 million tons of the worldwide crap, total.

We just got 5x as much dumped on us in one burst.

Yeah we're going to feel cold for a few years to come. You Northern Hemisphere types won't be feeling it so much. Due to weather patterns most of it will stay down here.

So yes - I'm glad of that fire. It's feeling cold, and it's going to get colder (and wetter) down here in NZ.

Man-made climate change, pfui. While big in aggregate, and while keeping a sober eye on what we do dump out, it's still nothing in comparison to what Nature can and will do in an eyeblink.

Stay warm, brothers.

Black Poison Soul

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Keep Your Head Down

A bit over a year since my last update, hahah.

Had the head down. There's reasons. Good ones.

Some of them involve family. Been a few deaths, more cancers, heart attacks, that sorta stuff. Amazingly I still seem to have my health. At my age too. Bit of a miracle.

Probably time for another check-up. Don't fucking tempt fate, eh?

More personally, old BPS has been head-down, arse-up, getting shit right'n'tight'n'untouchable as hell.

A chunk of good-sized land, some fruit trees on it, some wildlife, plenty of birds (including pheasants), plenty of places to fish. Still workin', of course. Enjoying life on my terms, at my pace. Not bothering much with chasing teh wimminz, they're full of greed'n'shit'n'drama.

Not bothering with most people actually. Most of the ones that you can meet are pretty-much useless, shit'n'drama types. The ones a bit like me, well, they tend to stay by themselves. You don't meet us much.

As to why to the getting it all done right - when you get to the point of being worth a couple million, a sensible person doesn't flash it around. 'Cause that attracts every money-hungry slag for a couple hundred kilometers. Claws crooked and grasping, the eternal whine of "pay attention to meeeee!".

Fuck that's shrill.

Since I don't like my ears raped with endless crying and whining and demands, and I especially don't want to be dealing with someone else's womb-turds - or getting trapped by someone who wants a womb-turd with me, so that they can control me (they think) - it's best to stay away from the non-professionals.

Like Steven Seagal said once: "You pay whores to go away." When you're done, of course.

Eventually the urges will all slow down. Hell, I'm pushing 56 - it's amazing that I don't need a bloody pill or something to perform. Of course, having them young'n'hot'n'different every time helps. They're new and you're not attached. Keep it thataways.

If you *must* do something long-term, make sure that she's:

1/ sane (hahahahah!)

2/ has something worthwhile besides tits'n'ass (aka money)

The very few times that I run into the inquisitive aka nosy bitches who want to evaluate if I'm worth being around I just laugh and shake my head at their questions.

For the guys, I just snort and say "I pay someone else's mortgage". Which is true enough, though the "someone else" is a Trust. I leave it at that. Not that I don't trust 'em, I simply know that teh wimminz will somehow worm the information outta the poor bastards. So if they don't know, they can't accidentally pass it on to some cunt on the prowl for her next victim.

I'm pretty-sure that a couple other guys get the idea. Preening your feathers for teh wimminz is a good way to end up as a plucked chicken. Which sure as fuck ain't enjoyable. Especially at my age.

Remember. Go and enjoy life, brothers. Don't be a plucked chicken.

For me, it's time to take a chainsaw and axe and chunk up a few deadfalls. Preparing for a nice fire on a winter evening and a good bottle of Grand Marnier - life doesn't get much better.

Black Poison Soul

Friday 19 March 2021

Who's Pregnant Now?

An amusing anecdote that I overheard one of the girlz in the lunchroom talk about today.

Someone's sister called up their mom: "Guess what!"

Yup, I'm excited! I got newz!

Immediate response: "Who's pregnant now?"

You can feel the "here it goes again" sense of resignation in that question.

Which tells you volumes about the mother...the family she raised...and girl telling the anecdote.

"Who's pregnant now?" In a tone of resigned "again - alright, let's get it over with".

'Cause she's used to this sort of thing by now.

She expects it of all the children.

Pregnancy is no longer something to be celebrated in her mind. It's simply a signal of more family drama coming down the line, for the next few years probably.

"Who's pregnant now?"