Friday 20 January 2023

Take Advantage of the Opposition's Mistakes

I'm glad to see that Big Country is doing very well with his progress re getting little Adriana back. He's had his first proper visitation, it went well, etc.

His lawyer (Pitbull - great name for what sounds like a great lawyer) seems to be punching the crapola out of the legal system. That works well too. Good that I sent a little cashola his way, it helps me keep abreast of what's going on there.

Now lets talk about what might be called "Tactics Of Mistake". Like the Gordon R. Dickson novel of the same name, it's always good to take advantage of the opposition's mistakes. (I often think that the Military OODA loop is designed to do just that - get somebody off-balance, they start making mistakes, and then take advantage of those mistakes as much as possible. Eventually you wind them up in their own fuckups and they're done for.)

In civilian life it's of course better to take advantage of someone's self-made mistakes. Once they get themselves in the shit, keep nudging them back into their own cesspool of dumbassery. At the end of it they're so mired down that they've lost, very obviously to all and sundry. Your hands are clean - it's not like you punched them, put them in hospital or anything - yet they've so thoroughly lost that their life is now a completely fucked-up mess.

It's nice to see Big Country doing that to a certain useless baby-momma and co.

While it would be satisfying to beat certain people to a bloody pulp, he's allowing them to beat themselves to a bloody pulp. All legally, hands squeaky-clean, plus putting the legal knife into the system for some of the dodgy stuff they've been pulling. Again, all legally, hands squeaky-clean.


Here's another example from what Big Country is going through: taking advantage of another's mistake's.

Pitbull (lawyer) employed Princess (paralegal).

Princess is apparently very well-named, BC and G didn't speak with Pitbull about her. Pitbull mentioned it off their own bat - and described Princess as to what other customers had said. Eventually Princess got herself fired (thanks to her own snooty attitude etc) and Pitbull complains to BC about the mess that was left behind.

"You know, you could do worse than hire G."

Two days later, G is employed by Pitbull. Prime example of taking advantage of someone else's mistakes. Given that BC and G need the money big-time, perfect opportunity.

BC I raise to you a glass of Grand Marnier. May you and our other brothers keep on keeping on.



  1. Many Thanks Brother of Mine! GREAT to see you back doing yer thang. Yeah, the whammenz are, if anything (once the pill has been taken effect, be it black or red) and once having done so, the advantages of clear thinking (foreign concept) and the ability to see beyond the 'here and now' (instant gratification) allows us as men to take full advantage and control of most situations.

    Best part of G getting hired by Pittbull?
    A serious discount in the legal fees... we -were- 5k in the hole to her, but now? Yeah "I don't charge fambly as much as I do reg'lar customers... and now y'all are fambly"

    As Top Popp would say "Winning!"
    Hope all is well... BTW congrats on Horsetoofus Minitits FINALLY resigning. My questio is is will she be hung eventually or not? Inquiring Non-NZ minds want to know...

  2. Definite winning!

    Old Horseteeth won't be hung. Sadly they never do. Politicians, slippery buggers.

    Some of us reckon that she's wanting to follow the footsteps of the original Horseteeth, Helen Clark: head into a plum job in the UN. It'll probably happen. Slippery buggers.

    We will see if the next das gubnerment are able to do much about the general fucked-up mess that is NZ. I'm not holding my fuckin' breath.

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