Wednesday 30 November 2016

Gone Girl Doublethink

So an old working-buddy of mine has been struggling the last month or so with the fact that his wife and him split up. (Delivered out of the blue. By her. On a weekend. As is anecdotally common.) I'm wondering how long it will before she gets on tinder, looking for her first dose of post-separation hot-beef-injection. Also what it will do to him when he finds out.

Thinking about this brings to mind a personal Gone Girl, from back in the days when I used tinder semi-regular. Also, about the self-protective doublethink mentality of girls on tinder in general.
My particular Gone Girl was a blue-eyed redhead. Probably rate her a 6-7, closer to 6 - she would have been a stunner in her youth, age 44-ish at the time of meeting. Pleasingly slim and firm body (she swam daily) with a slightly tired face (that's what made her closer to 6). She made all the right noises about me, was interested, etc etc etc. One thing was wrong though: pinpoint pupils.

At this point I knew: she wasn't actually interested, she just wanted someone to get her rocks off with. Some casual chit-chat and she revealed that she'd been separated for 6 months. Yep, she just wanted her first dose of post-separation hot-beef-injection - I was available and had the muscles she liked and had the right mix of intellectual and bloody-minded personality to make me plausibly seem to be her type.

BUT there was no way she was gonna say "I just wanna get my rocks off" - far too slutty for the ego to take (she was a self-proclaimed intellectual). So she was looking for something long-term.


So, after a decent enough time of chatting, getting to know each other via text, etc - on the second date she got her rocks off.

A couple of days later comes the expected text (note that this is the actual text - I took a screensnap and keep it in the cloud, just in case of a false rape allegation):
After much thought and deliberation I am only ready to be friends. I hope that is okay with you. I really like you but I don't think I'm ready for more right now. :-( *cuddles*
 At this point she has sub-rosa doublethought herself out of her predicament:

* she's gotten her rocks off
* she's convinced herself that she's not a slut, it was simply a mistake, and is now virtuous
* she's offered an olive branch, a sop, to the guy she got her rocks off with

These are all self-affirmations of empowerment and virtuousness. She's reasoned out that what she really wanted to have was just a mistake, she has re-framed it in a better light, and she is now a born-again virgin once more.
Now on my part, I can:

* accept and be an orbiter in the hope that she'll jump my cock again one day (win for her)
* be a passive-aggressive pussy towards her (which is nasty of me and validates her decision)
* ignore her because she's fucking mental (which is also nasty of me and validates her decision)

Note that all three leave her validated - whatever I might do she wins emotionally and socially in the doublethink sweepstakes. I personally chose the last option: ignoring her because she's fucking mental. At least that way I don't have to deal with her bullshit.

So, I'm not 100% sure how profiles are on tinder and online dating these days - there used to be a lot of blank ones on tinder, no text at all. (At least that's more sensible than the fucktards who are "420-friendly" and shit like that. Talk about advertising your stupidity.) Why might this be?

It's so she can say whatever might seem appropriate to the man that she finds attractive, when she actually wants to get her rocks off. Doublethink.

Which brings me back to my friend, separated from his ex. How long might it be before she jumps on tinder looking to jump on a handy cock?

I'm picking another five months.

Here's to you buddy - it's gonna be a rocky road, and this is your second wife that's jumped ship. Hopefully you ain't dumb enough to try for a third time.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

So China is supposed to eat the West's lunch...

Try this video for size and think again.

Utter. Bullshit.

Of course, the West has been heading this way as well.

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Mentally and Socially Diseased

Okay, so twatter allowed the meme #RapeMelania to trend, caught and put up on Breitbart:
Source (Breitbart).

Now, if I'd gone out there with signs saying "Rape Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton" I'd have been lynched.

Yet twatter allows the entire meme to trend.


Yoko Ono apparently expressed her disappointment with Trump's win on twatter, sharing it with some 4+ million followers:
Personally I can't tell the difference between that caterwauling and her singing.

Plus all the compilations of leftists losing their fucking minds as Trump beat their supremely arrogant Most Holy Candidate Who Can Do No Wrong into humiliated submission. You can go search for those yourself. I have to admit, the schadenfreude has kinda worn off for me. Though I can still have a bit of a chuckle.

What's more concerning is the mentally-diseased children and morons attacking the Electoral Vote system of the USA. Because it didn't didn't go their way, leftism (and feminism) are throwing fits of extended infantile tantrums in an orgy of public immaturity. Plus the riots and similar idiocies that they feel entitled to pull "just because" - in fact, just like immature women and feminists.

The rot, the diseased mindset, is far deeper than we knew.

Soberingly - these mentally and socially diseased people were the ones in charge of society until recently. They still are, until Trump and the Republicans actually come into power next year.

It looks like I'll still be having the occasional commentary to put up. There seems to be no end to the poison in society. There I was idiot enough to think that I could hang my hat up, chill, go do some serious travel and photography.

Boy, was I wrong. The job of exposing the insanity and poison and general nasty shit is never-ending.

Monday 14 November 2016

Reality Pushes Back

Part #1 - before The Trumpening:

So I know this older and quite fat woman, she's gotten fired (along with a bunch of others). Worked as an analyst and actuarial at a bank here in New Zealand (note that 90% of NZ banks are ultimately owned by Australian banks).

She's having a whine about how awful it has been for everyone, how her boss collapsed, how her team has been split up randomly amongst other "bosses" who have no idea what they do or how to use them effectively, etc etc etc.

Final whine was about she doesn't know why she's been fired, the company used to win awards for their diversity...

Basically she got fired because she was costing the company too damn much for not enough return. And she thought that it was unfair because of VAGINA. Hah! Reality's a bitch innit.

Part #2 - after The Trumpening:

It's a couple of weeks on, she's resigned herself to reality (and a big fat bonus + severance check - note that it was still cheaper to fire her ass and pay her a year of "shut-your-cake-hole" money than to keep her hired).

She's now walking daily and has lost a couple of kilograms.

Trump got in though. Whinge...whine...bitch...creeb...typical leftist fucking drivel, which I for one am utterly sick of hearing. It's not even humorous any more, just a sign that the person desperately needs a double-tapping to the head. Some people are just incapable of shutting up and not driving you crazy.

Me: Trump won't press the button. He can't. Senate and House will stop any overt lunacies, the Generals would disobey, etc etc etc.

Her: (utter silence)

Even retards fucking get it eventually.

Especially note the walking. For someone quite a few kilograms overweight, she's suddenly gotten onto a fitness kick. Why?

Might it be because she's no bloody use when she doesn't bring in money? Plus she's basically unemployable? Add to that being a whining fat bitch who doesn't sleep in the same room with hubby because "he snores"?

So she has decided to sweeten the deal with hubby by getting thinner - because being married to a bitching whiner is easier if she's skinny and fuckable.

I'm picking that soonish, she'll be moving back into hubby's bed instead of sleeping separately.

Speaking of fat chicks (no more fat chicks! - this PSA brought to you courtesy of Black Poison Soul). You cannot shame a fat chick if you want to remain employed. Here is the effects of this principle:

If a man is fat and overweight - even just moderately - the doctors are on his ass 110% giving him shit about changing his lifestyle and habits for his own good and health and etc.

Fat chicks? Enormous fucking silence. Not one peep to women about how they should change their lifestyle and habits for their own good and health and etc.

Such is the socially-diseased power of fat bitches in society. (Warning: do not fuck, can lead to unwanted pregnancies and a painful life! - this PSA brought to you courtesy of Black Poison Soul.)

Wednesday 9 November 2016

America Has Spoken

It's now inevitable. America has followed Brexit.
You can take my heart, you can take my breath
When you pry it from my cold, dead chest
I will watch and see what happens. Perhaps the giant will shake off the parasites and become truly great once more. They have attempted to start down the path to reality once more.

America. I raise to you a glass of Grand Marnier. May you turn around the decay, excise the rot, and grow healthy and straight and strong.

Monday 7 November 2016

Fear and Loathing in Modern Times

The modern day...everyone is scared shitless.

Outta their fucking minds.


It is a symptom of our gynocentric society.

Teh Wimminz get the crap scared out of them at the thought of being socially irrelevant. So they thrash around, backstabbing each other, building themselves up while tearing others down, attempting to get their narcissistic "fix" from all and sundry.

Smile at a woman. Go on, give her a genuine smile outta the blue when she isn't expecting it. Maybe even a flirty little wink, too.

Unless she's having a shit day (or a completely shit life, with attendant mental craphole) - she'll smile back, maybe surprised, maybe a little shy.

You just validated her existence. For a moment, she is relevant.

It never lasts. In a short while, she will have forgotten - and be back into her usual mode of obsessing about her social status and worrying again about becoming socially irrelevant.

A never-ending cycle of shit, for her.

A lot of us men have the crap scared out of us too. For the same stupid shit. (I think we caught it off teh wimminz, like a dose of the clap.)

This is where we get the male trolls and White Knights and SJWs and leftists and femicunts and general attack-bunnies. These are socially irrelevant men who can't be arsed or are too stupid to figure out why (and then deciding if they actually want to improve) - they just make up their own mental frames of immature lemming-like behavior and follow them over the cliff:
You can always tell an attack-bunny. They ask the most moronic of trick questions - in manosphere terms, Gamma's on the attack and attempting an AMOG: "So you think you're smart?"

Very mature, along the same lines of: "Were you ever caught masturbating in the dunny?" The real answer to this is: "Keep your perverted homosexual fantasies away from my cock, you sicko."

Similarly, the real answer to the above attack-bunny gamma AMOG question is: "1 + 1 = 3, you smarmy little cunt. Now fuck off."

These attack-bunnies try to trap you via your ego into accepting an implicit challenge. Probably well-rehearsed and prepared. (A symptom of social irrelevance, preparing obsessively to make themselves seem socially relevant. The level of mental self-deceptive ju-jitsu required for this is enough to cause me migraines.) One where they know they'll make you look small. One which ends up with them gaining their validation. For a moment, they are relevant.

Like a woman's validation, it never lasts. Soon they're spinning around frantically again, looking for their next fix of social relevance aka narcissistic supply.

Is this about avoiding the tricksters? Avoiding the SJWs and attack-bunnies?

Only partially.

The real problem is our fucking ego's.

It is ego which makes teh wimminz thrash around uselessly. It is ego which puts an attack-bunny on the prowl.

The real problem with our fucking ego's is that they've been deliberately built up. You too can have it all. Just go watch the series "Century of the Self" - and think about what propaganda, advertising, marketing is working on building up. Often in the form of making you seem more attractive to the opposite sex.

The ego. You can sell a shitload to someone with a big ego - because their big ego wants to flash it all around. "Look at me! I'm important!"

After their death - in a hundred years - in a thousand years - are they really going to be remembered?

Yeah, right.

Their ego cannot handle that. That utter irrelevance, the fact that nobody gives a flying shit, the fact that in a hundred or a thousand years it won't matter whether they were born - or not.

This is the roots of the modern bullshit drive for fame. Fame and relevance. The ego wants to be remembered, like Alexander and Cleopatra and Julius Caesar and Nero and Shakespeare and and andandand...

...never mind that these people actually did something. That's what made them famous. Their fame wasn't from "being famous" or "being socially relevant".

Be honest. Do we know of many "socially relevant" people from 300+ years ago?

Probably royalty and the aristocracy only. Kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes, duchesses, barons, baronesses, sheriffs, etc. Precious few of those are household names. Think of a King, who comes to mind? For me, it's Henry VIII - because of that bloody song "I'm Henry the eighth I am" et-fucking-cetera. Anyway, these people actually did shit or had bad shit happen to them.

Take famous artists: Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Rubin, Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Salvador Dali. Did these guys become artists with the intention of becoming famous? Fuck no. They were just obsessed with painting and sculpting and doing stuff.

Even da Vinci was a fucking loser for much of his life - by the age of 30 he was basically unemployable. He didn't paint The Last Supper until 1498, when he was 46 years old. Sixteen more fucking years of obsessive crazy, as a pathetic has-been, before he put his first masterpiece out there. That is fucking obsessed to the nth power!

This is quite the quandary for the ordinary non-thinking young person who wants to be famous. Or even infamous, like Nero or Jack the Ripper or Charles Manson. Thirty-plus years of fucking shit before you get anywhere? MAYBE?!

The modern young pussies ego can't handle this. It's too big and dumb. It doesn't think in these terms. It thinks like: "I want it now. I want it yesterday. I want fucking more tomorrow. And the demands will all be changed then, so fucking stay awake!"

Because that's the way it's been trained, all its life. The ego. In a nutshell, it wants to be Mister Fucking Popularity - NOW.

Tony fucking Robbins, unleashing the power within. "Visualize yourself in an auditorium. All your family and friends come wandering in. They start a's yours. You're dead. What do you want them to say about you?"

Yeah, supercharging that fuckin' little frantic rabbit of an ego of yours. So selfish. So ultimately pointless and futile, wanting to be "remembered" in such-and-so a way. A fuckin' trap that others can use to grab you by. Grab the balls, squeeze a little, drag you around, thank you very much that'll be $100, NEXT!

Advertising and marketing to the young. So that they can be tricked into an endless cycle of "the latest fad" and someone can empty their pockets. So fuckin' sad and stupid. Because of it, it's now expected to be young and fuckin' stupid. The weird and worst bit, so many of them're too young and fuckin' stupid to understand just how young and fuckin' stupid they really are...

Cautionary stories. MacBeth - a warning that ambition is a vice, not a virtue. Another trap of the ego. Taken advantage of by the corporate ladder. As per The Peter Principle - eventually you get promoted to the point of incompetence. It's a mindless escalation from competence and relevance to incompetence and irrelevance. With a slow death of the self resulting.

Running endlessly to fill our ego, in a job that is 90% stupid, in a society that we recognize on a deep level is existential hell.

In a thousand years, in ten thousand years - all futile, at the end. Nobody will remember, let alone say "this person mattered because of X".

Friday 4 November 2016

Symptoms of Cotton Wool

It's kinda humorous actually. So lets go look at Google's "Web Security" team, courtesy of Wired magazine:

Google's Chrome Hackers Are About To Upend Your Idea Of Web Security

Very first thing on the page is a photo of four chicks.

Oh yeah. Welcome to the world of cotton-wool.

So okay, the gist of it is: these four chicks want non-secure websites to come up in Chrome with the message: "Not Secure". Which is a pretty-good idea actually, for their stated purpose of attempting to push the WWW to use HTTPS instead of open HTTP traffic.

Where it all falls down though, is three simple words: "transparent https proxy".

We have one at work. Even when connecting to my bank to signin and do transfers, etc - even though it shows a padlock, as being secure - my work can see exactly what I'm doing, exactly what the passwords are, exactly every-bloody-thing.

My work is a man-in-the-middle attack in action, every second of the day, if they want to be.

Think that the ISPs aren't? Or couldn't be, if they wanted to?

Go ahead, womyn. Try to swathe the world in cotton wool.

You have already failed.