Tuesday 29 April 2014

Your Word

Real men live and die by their word.

This is a part of why I cannot consider myself a PUA or the like. They have a tendency to cockblock, to backstab each other, to steal other's women, etc.

What it comes down to is: you cannot trust them. I would not trust my kid sister alone with one of these types for five minutes. I would not trust them to leave my girlfriend alone. I would not trust them to leave my fiancé alone. I would not trust them to leave my wife alone. These are all behaviours exhibited by PUAs, explicitly stated in the book: The Game. The PUAs did all these things to a T.

Loyalty and reliability are what distinguishes us men from women - we know how loyal and reliable many women can be. Most especially if you've been frivorced.

These days many men are like women: wishy-washy, complaining, and unreliable. I can count on one hand the number of men that I would rely upon to come and get me out of a jam, say if I'd had my car break down in a really bad part of town.

In contrast take for example: dannyfrom504. The reason that he was "ousted" from the friendship of several people was because he turned out to be unreliable. He made promises he didn't deliver on, he left them in the lurch when things got difficult, and he bothered the girlfriend of one of them in an effort to break them up and get in bed with her.

This is fairly typical PUA behaviour as exemplified in The Game.

This is not manly. It's the pathetic, unmanly behaviour of the criminal/scum class of society. Unfortunately the class that degenerate women have their years of fun with, before "settling" with other men who aren't so attractive yet are more reliable. Even if relatively boring.

So ask yourself: are you a man of your word?

All Men Need

We men are very simple creatures. We need only three things out of life:




Strange that most women can't seem to understand that.

Another Day, Another Dollar

Yes indeed, the quiet undercurrent of the tired-at-soul salary man with a wife and children.

I do like the guy. He's blue-pill as anything, of course.

Yet still, there is that undercurrent of discontent. The feeling that there is more out there. More than what he's getting, better than what he's getting.

The discontent of the Blue Pill masses is starting to slowly bubble and ferment? Perhaps.

It's 2014. A while ago I thought that by 2020 there would be some massive social backlashes starting - a friend thinks 2017. Only three years away - time to get some passive income sorted, another business going, etc.

I'm writing a book. Not one that is overtly manospherian. Think something along the lines of: "You Are Not As Smart As You Think" (an exceptional book btw). I didn't want to do something like a "Best of BlackPoisonSoul" because it's all been done already by people far more eloquent and polished than I.

Three years to get it done. Well, we'll see.

Women's Freedom

Women are now as free as men. Free to be industrialised drones, interchangeable cogs in an automated machine of pointless misery, just as we men are.

Be proud. Be very, very proud. You have achieved what you wanted - yet now you have it, is it truly what you want to do with your whole life?

But then: I'm happy. I no longer have to be a desperate slave to keep a woman and children going. I only need to keep myself going. That's far easier.

Welcome to the machine, oiled with the black poison of human desperation and sweat.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Shedding A Skin

As I travel through Thailand and Laos, I am slowly shedding a skin.

The skin is called "I can't" and it has been wrapped around everybody from birth. So tightly that 99% of people do not realise that it is there.

Here are some common symptoms:

I can't talk to that girl.

I can't ask her out.

I can't fly to another country.

I can't have fun when I don't speak the language well.

I can't...I can't...I can't...

Yes, the temperature here the last two days has been brutal. And yes, it's difficult for me to function when the heat-index is around 49C degrees.

That said, I've done a bit of dancing with some women - both local dance and simple Ceroc steps. I've talked with some women, no matter that the degree of communication varies. I've had a few language lessons from some women too.

I've been approached by ladyboys (hahaha!) and had both grown women and young teenage girls say that they love me (the latter made me smile). While dancing with a group of women, one of them pointed out another and said in broken English: "Is she beautiful?" I said: "Yes, she is beautiful." Then made a shhhhh sound with my finger in front of my lips - the entire group of us broke into giggles like a bunch of little children.

The Thai people where I was like talking with others, especially the women. (Matchmaking!) It helped that I had a huge introduction, a friend is an English language teacher. Him and his wife and family and friends showed me around in style - which is to say, I did things like visit ruins and temples and ate fried crickets and boiled silkworms and attended two weddings: one Thai and one Mormon (how a Thai became a Mormon is an epic story in itself) and ate local food and danced.

Even when interacting with shop attendants, saying hello and thank you in Thai makes them smile. When they say "26 baht" and you say "gee-sip whoa baht, karap" their eyes light up. You've at least made minimal effort. Even broken Thai can make them giggle, which is hella fun by itself. Asking someone their name ("Khoun chiu arai karap") or nickname ("Khoun chiu-len arai karap") will make them break out in a wide smile. "Aroi mai ka" - "Aroi karap" or "Aroi maat karap" - "is it delicious?" "Yes delicious", or "very delicious".

Note that saying "Jim" in a rising tone is a filthy word. Just saying, so be careful, eh?

Slowly, with a bit of effort, a skin is being shed. A skin that I knew I had, consciously, since I swallowed the Red Pill. One that I found difficult to remove.

The process is fun.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Woman's Bad Behaviour - Thailand Edition

Thought that I'd quickly put this up as an illustration that Thai girls are just as repulsed by Beta behavior as Western girls are. And can be just as badly behaved as Western girls too.

Been in a van driving around half the day, a friend of a friend has been having a snit-fit with his Thai girlfriend most of the day in the seat beside me. He's from Liverpool, all through his accent. Flashforward to evening and we're in an Irish pub in Udon Thani (not sure if that's the right spelling - and all this way for an Irish fucking pub right, hahaha).

Conversation flows in a mix of Thai and English, then girlfriend mentions that her phone is broken. Turns out that he'd been about to have a shower and she threw her phone at his back in a fit of temper - it hit the floor (tile) and bust the screen. About 7,000 baht to fix the broken screen, or 30,000 baht to replace the whole phone and she's demanding that he pay for it, and she wants a Galaxy S5 instread of her current S4.

Nasty temper: check. Physical violence with her boyfriend: check. Acting out: check. Trying to get the pussy-pass from a bunch of Western men: check. Entitled attitude: check. Doesn't take personal responsibility for her actions: check.

Pussy Beta boyfriend agrees to pay: check check check.

You could see and hear the anger and discontent from her, even when she was speaking in Thai. Almost laughable - I told him that he takes way too much shit from his girl, he shrugged it off. Beta to the bone.

You broke it, you fucking fix it, bitch.

At any rate - getting a Thai (or other foreign) girlfriend doesn't leave you on the road to easy street. There is divorce here too, and it is used. No matter where you are in this world you still need to be a man. Otherwise she will still be discontented.

Monday 21 April 2014

Is The Manosphere A Cult

Humans have a tendency to naturally group together, possibly because it was essential for survival in our primitive past. Thus starting at family groups, tribes, villages, towns, cities (what's next - perhaps arcologies and megacities, possibly larger if we ever get our asses off this planet in significant numbers).

There are smaller groups too, where we become members of: friends, gangs, clubs, gyms, organisations, churches, movements (transhumanism anybody?), communities (LGBT), chuck out there whatever you choose. It can be a specific community of immigrants, like-minded individuals, cults, etc etc (Scientology and Jim Jones) - the relatively benign and the toxic, when you're in the middle of it it can be hard to see the path things have taken.

Thing is that we don't necessarily choose our groups with care. Your friends were probably chosen from a bunch of people who irritated you the least. If you're in a gun-owners association, well, you probably avoid the crazies. If you're a gym-rat you probably aren't out there getting pissed as a newt every Friday through Sunday.

Of couse, this doesn't necessarily mean that we are the smartest at choosing the groups that we hang around with. Many of the people effectively come into our lives by default, without some thought of their fitness as friends. And there are obviously some real weirdos in any group!

So my question: is the Manosphere a cult

It espouses some good things, mostly self-improvement and taking action to get what you want.

Yet there is a lot of toxic thinking here also, mostly in the form of unthinking sycophantism and reflexive hatred. (Yes, despising feminism and it's mindset and actions and the like is a form of hatred.)

Like most things in life, the Manosphere probably comes by default to certain types of men in certain situations. We don't necessarily exercise good judgement in what we take in - hell, just look at the suicide of the 39 members in the Heavens Gate cult in 1997.

As men, we try to seek truth. We try to figure out what the hell is up with the world. We try to look at the hard and painful things in life. That includes taking a good hard look at ourselves - at the Manosphere as a whole - and deciding if we are exhibiting some mindless, self-destructive cult-like symptoms.

In some ways we do seem to. Yet in my somewhat-reasoned opinion there is a lot of good to be found here as well.

Saturday 19 April 2014

Laughter of the Damned

Aurini did an experiment with Tinder, which leaves him laughing to avoid crying.

I have done a similar experiment with Tinder. In Thailand. Yes, Thai girls use tinder. EVERY place in the world uses Tinder.

Thailand is so full of attention-whores that my contact (a Thai teacher) mentioned that they are bummed because they are now only the #2 place in the world for self-shots on Instagram. Thailand is rife with credentialism gone mad. You'd better have at least High School if you want to have the slightest hope of getting even the most menial of jobs - university preferred (7/11 cashier). There is such a glut of people.

I wonder how much of them is basically bum-fluff.

That said though, the Thai people that I've met have invariably been polite, happy, and smiling. There is very much a "she'll be right" make-do attitude here. And I've been here for Songkran: the Thai New Year, which is basically a three-day country-wide water-fight. Sitting in the back of a ute with a large plastic cup, two large barrels of water, and throwing it at everyone and anyone is a flat-out blast.

Poor Aurini.
Yes indeed, laugh uproariously as you cry inside at the dehumanising of yourself. All those around you are similarly laughing, inside crying. In a world when sending the following to your Tinder match:
sit on my face
And even:
Is considered normal, acceptable, expected – instead of creepy and fucked up. A world where you have to deliberately misspell, not use punctuation, contract everything, bend the girl over and use her in every orifice like the most degraded of whores.
This? This is normal?
Listen closer to the laughing. Is it laughing? Or really staccato, choked screaming at the horror of what we have done to our souls? It is our pain trying to escape, yet we won’t let it. We cannot be seen to reveal that much of our inner self. That primal scream must be choked off at the source, transformed into the laughter of the damned.
Peace my brother. Peace, and enjoy the decline.
This world is so steeped in poison. Harlan Ellison once wrote a short story titled: I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. I must laugh also, the laughter of the damned. I choose to silence my scream.

Friday 18 April 2014

The Truth Will Piss You Off

Think about it.

You first came here, into this twisted and fucked up corner of the internet, because something just didn't jibe in your life. Something went ratshit wrong to the point where you absolutely had to find some sort of fucking answer to what the fuck is going on.

You coulda got cheated on, dumped, treated like shit, divorced, whatever - all for no apparant reason.

You're confused as fuck, you're reading all this shit about how men and women actually interact versus how you were told how they should interact - and now you're pissed off about it.

Really pissed off.

At us, yourself, the girls, the guys, the lies you were told, the world, every cunt in it, the whole fucking shebang.

Go ahead. Be pissed off. You got a right. In fact, the more pissed off you are, the better. The faster you get through all that crap, digest it, shit it out, the better. The faster you'll heal.

The faster you can then get on track and do something better with your life than having to deal with this shit. Get over the sickness, get on with your next stage in life, go have some fun.

Life is too enjoyable to hang around the gloomy shitbags and pissheads crying into their beer in self-misery as they whine about what happened to them. It's as annoying as fuck listening to someone whose constantly miserable. Hell, life is too enjoyable to be too miserable about it all. You've got one fucking shot at it, enjoy it without destroying yourself in the process. Be content and happy too, as best you can - or work towards that.

Yeah, you might not be able to manage that at this stage of your life, for whatever reason: alimony, crushing debt, child payments, child responsibility, that sort of thing. Keep hunting around out here. There are sites who offer advice upon dealing with them.

In all cases (including and especially this blog!) read it thoroughly and think about it thoroughly. Things probably won't fit your circumstances exactly. You're curious and inventive or you wouldn't be here. Tweak things and make them fit: that's what we men have done for tens of thousands of years. It's how we went from toolless scavengers and gatherers to flint tools to the plough, irrigation, building, the wheel, carts, automobiles, and up to atom bombs.

Please continue to get pissed off - it's how you know that you've found a fundamental truth. Nothing else hurts so fucking much that getting angry with it is a temporary coping response.

Good luck with your hunting and repairing your life.

Thursday 17 April 2014

More Drama

I am becoming less enchanted with the Manosphere as a whole as more and more drama is generated within it.

Whether it is the BS going on about DannyFrom504, Matt Forney's troubles with SunShineMary, or the crap going on with Tucker Max ripping off Danger & Play's articles for money. I'm seeing more and more fucking drama going on.

I came to Thailand for a fucking holiday break, to clear my head. Back home in New Zealand there's goddamn cyclones going down, and the one hour that I poke my head into the Manosphere to check it's pulse: hellooooo?


In fact, who let these cunts in the door?

I'll admit to having been fooled by DannyFrom504.

I rather liked In Mala Fide. Pity because it seems that something weird has happened and Matt Forney is imploding.

Danger & Play - I have full understanding for him being pissed off. I'll speak up and say it now: I wish that the other Manosphere guys had supported you better. I know why they didn't of course: to them Tucker Max is an Oracle, one of the people in The Game, the Holy Bible of the Player. Pity that that is all fucked up anyway (as per my previous PUA Is Broken post).

It is pathetically wishful thinking that this small blog would have any effect on this situation. Yet still:

Fuck me, what's wrong with some people. Danger & Play is right: they're too busy squabbling around. What the fuck are they doing with themselves? Don't they have something better to occupy their minds with, like working on their bodies and lives?

Obviously fucking not. If they had something meaningful they wouldn't have the time to be playing drama-queen games of he-said-she-said snipe-snipe-snipe. They'd actually be improving themselves and getting their next million or road-trip or whatever together.

Too many mangina's with a voice in the fucking Manosphere. You can tell by all the fucking sniping and screeching and bullshit.

Mutilated Minds

There are certain types of women that you should always be aware of and wary of. Note that they can be tremendous sexual fun, yet also they are tremendously fucked up in the brainbox.

The heavily tattooed woman.

Now, your "average Jane" (aka secret wild slut) will have a couple of little tattoos. Back of the neck, sometimes behind the ears. A little more openly risqué and adventurous is the ankle-tattoo. The back of the legs is a goodie, and she'll be proud to lift her skirt to show that one off (and to do other things with you). There's also the tramp-stamp, where she gets her tat slapped somewhere between the belly button and bottom of her ass (aka the slut zone).

A blue star on the wrist can advertise that she's a lesbian. A little code revealed, there.

Things become wilder: full arm-sleeve tats. Face-tats. Leg-tats (sometimes boots).

Then we go to the body-tats. One side (often the left), for the full-body, starting at breast-level and going all the way down - typically to the ankle. Often cupping one breast, sometimes both. Might extend up a shoulder and along an arm as well.

Beware because these types are both sexually fun and seriously mutilated in the brainbox.

Add multicolour short hair, perhaps a Skryllix haircut, heavy smoker, various colored contacts, and many facial and body implants. Several ear-piercings (such as around the entire ear) also falls into this category, along with things like an ear-bar. Tongue-piercing (especially a double) is a flat-out advertisement that this chick loves to give head big-time.

Always remember that this type of thing is serious bottom-feeding. Not recommended unless you are seriously fucked in the brainbox yourself - which is what most criminal/omega types are. That's why you tend to find this type of extreme girl hanging with that crowd.

(Often also in the Transhumanism crowd. Strange on the surface, yet when you look at it deeper it makes sense. These people want to transcend biology, these girls fight their biology, it's a natural match.)

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Awkwardness and Intimacy

Women these days are very adverse to situations that make them feel awkward. Note how this relates only to them - they have no problems with causing awkward situations for the men in their lives. Think of public drama in the form of shouting matches, screaming fits, and physical aggression. Even the lesser forms such as snippiness and public put-downs (aka shit-tests).

Likewise they just tend to fade away from your life - after all, that avoids the awkwardness of going through a messy breakup talk or scene. It's too hard for them. Best to simply fade away, rather than show any signs of what might once have been called consideration and commitment.

Now substitute "intimacy" for "awkward".

This is the empty soul of modern relations and relationships.

I look at myself. I've had situations where a woman refuses to accept the "it's over" talk and causes a huge scene. Now I don't bother, I simply fade away.

It is sad that my own soul has been damaged in this manner and now follows this example.

Sunday 6 April 2014

Why I Dislike Working With Women

Take this scenario:

• you are married with two children

• you work with mixed men and women

• you are forced to go on training with one of the women

• woman gets tipsy after training hours and hits on you

• you state that you did nothing - she says rape

Now you're in this situation, nearly a year and a half later:

• woman relents and states that you didn't rape her

• you've been in jail for a few months

• you've lost your job

• you've lost your home

• you've lost your family (wife has separated and taken the children)

• you've lost most of your friends (they believed the nastiness) and your birth-family doesn't like you that much either

• you are broke after paying your lawyers

This was not me, thank goodness. I pity this poor bastard and hope that he will somehow get his life on track again. Of course, someone else has his job already. He does not want to be around his wife any more given her rabid reaction and turning the children against him - I'm told that his 7yo son has not yet stopped crying and wetting the bed, the 8yo daughter just hates him. For something that he didn't actually do, though his wife started saying before it was proved that "daddy did something very bad and will never be with us again".

He's probably going to move to Auckland, or perhaps Australia, for a new life. Will have a drink with him before he goes.

I occasionally have to work (tiptoe) around the false accuser. Thankfully I will never be forced to attend courses with her. Things are strained around her, you can smell it from all the men all the time.

This is why I dislike working with women.

Saturday 5 April 2014

Supply and Demand

A little random and oddball thinking, let's see if I can connect the dots halfway properly:

• women's biological imperative demands babies

• men's biological imperative demands sex

• in the old days women were chaste, their sexuality given out only in marriage

• if men wanted sex they were pretty-much stuck with having to marry the woman

• feminism removed the chains of chastity from women and allowed them to be promiscuous

• feminism allowed women to express exceptionally nasty personalities

• sex is now essentially free

• feminism allows women to slut it up without shame for the best part of their breeding years

• men no longer need to pay (marry) to get the sex they crave

• women still expect men to marry after their prime reproductive years are wasted and gone

• men with options are really only interested in younger and hotter women

• older women get terribly shocked when men pass them up for younger and hotter women


• at least one dead generation of women left utterly fucked over by feminism

• at least one generation of men superficially fucked by feminism - yet in reality freed from the old sexual constraints and able to pursue other things of worth

Feminists, I thank you sincerely. Yes, I mean it. You have liberated me and mine, though we do somewhat hate you for the roundabout and screwed-up manner by which you did it.

Translating the Female

Chateau Heartiste has a timely reminder that even for so-called Red Pill Women who "get it" some translation is required. From a reader:
Sunshine Mary is reviewing a book in which the authors (both women) propose that the five core needs of a woman are:
to be cherished by a man 
to be protected by a strong man 
to rescue a man
to be sexually alive 
to escape reality 
We are of course skeptical of any advice for women written by women but this list doesn't look too bad. How would it fare under the harsh light of the Chateau dungeon?
And Heartiste comes back with the gold which is his trademark:
Yes, women want to be cherished by a man...an alpha man. And they don't want to be cherished too soon, too often, or too egregiously.
Yes, women want to be protected by a strong man...who makes them wet. And they want that protection in small doses, before it lurches into possessiveness.
Yes, women want to rescue a man...from his own jerkboy sexiness.
Yes, women want to be sexually alive...but that's a symptom, not a cause, of the kinds of men to whom they freely give their love.
Yes, women want to escape reality...no qualification needed. [This is the basis of the hamster. - BlackPoisonSoul]
My advice...take women's sex and romance advice with a flat of salt. Even the well-meaning ones. [Emphasis mine. - BlackPoisonSoul]
This is what we men must constantly realise and reaffirm to ourselves. Yes, this is good advice from the woman's perspective of what she wants. What she (Sunshine Mary, and probably the authors of the book) fails to explain clearly is that not just any man will fit this bill: it only applies to men that the woman is attracted to.

Bless them, some of the so-called Red Pill Women do their best to help. We men still have to remember though, that help is still tremendously limited by the female imperative and female mentality and female modes of communication. These women might be truly attempting to help us - they might not be the dumb as dirt types which are so prevalent out there - yet they also have a lifetime of conditioning in the feminine mystique that they are operating under.

Some of us men have tremendous troubles shifting from Blue Pill mindset to Red Pill mindset. Women have far more troubles than we do. The positively-reinforced mindset of the feminine is natural to them and prevalent, it is a struggle to communicate fully as men do and they rarely succeed.

Thus, we must always be certain that we translate from womanese to Man.

More Attention Whores

Yes, more about Attention Whores.

In my linked previous article it literally states in Google's advertising of Shelfies: "...share it with your friends so that they can enjoy looking at you as much as you do."

Go Google, I quite enjoyed the snigger at your cynical call to attention-whoring and narcissism.

So, looking back at my days of dancing. All these women joining competitions, improving their grace and style and flashiness on the dance floor, etc. Saying things like "I want to do a competition! It'll be great for my dancing! It'll do wonders for my confidence!"

Attention-whoring at its finest, in reality a euphuism for bootstrapping her ego into the stratosphere. Attention whores, dance whores, drink whores - we all know that there's one common word to each of them: ...

Yes, we know that you women love to dance. You love to be shown off (fame! social validation!). You love to be the center of attention. You crave that social status of being the best in something that is actually useless.


This is a symptom of the worst disease in our modern times: we have it too easy. A glut of ease. To the point where the celebration of the practically-useless is hailed as the heights to aspire to.

There's a reason that entertainers were traditionally looked upon with scorn. They provided nothing of real value to society. Traditional ballerinas danced shyly and submissively - they were pretty little whores for their rich patrons, a thing of inner shame. Only in the modern times are ballerinas taught to dance with their heads held high, proud and on display.

Only in these degenerate times of tremendous free wealth are they celebrated as someone of worth rather than acknowledged as pretty yet vapid toys for the wealthy.

Geisha: Have you sold your virginity to the highest bidder yet?

Or did you throw it away to a flashy yet worthless dog, or some form of criminal scum?

Les boys do cabaret
Les boys are glad to be gay

Some tourist take a photograph
Les boys don't get one laugh
Because they're useless

Ironic in the extreme, the entertainers calling the subject entertainers in their song useless.

Dumb as Dirt

We men need to care more for ourselves and to care less for women.

Yep: I'm saying that we need to be selfish. More selfish than we are. In fact: Waaaay more selfish than we are.

When women lie to you, treat you badly, cheat on you - act up in any way - you need to realise that they can only get away with it because you care too much about them.

When you care less about them, then when it happens you'll simply laugh at them. You'll say: "are you fucking kidding me?" and throw them out the door. In this way you are showing them and others unmistakably that their bad behaviour is not acceptable.

There are millions more that you can replace her with. For fucks sake, half the women in the western world are whinging about not being able to find a good man. Take that as your cue. There are plenty of slutty and desperate replacements around. All you have to do is get their attention.

Here is another cue. Any women bringing up children and who has no interest in men's problems - worth nothing more than a pump and dump. Seriously, if they have absolutely no concern for the men their daughters are going to be faced with and no concern for the girls their sons are going to be faced with, then she is a clueless idiot who is as dumb as dirt.

Any woman who has the slightest concern for her children will take very seriously men's issues. If not: dumb as dirt is about the best that you can say about her.

A couple of questions that you might decide to ask her:

In your opinion what is the biggest problem that women face in the dating market?

In your opinion what is the biggest problem that men face in the dating market?

The answers should be illuminating.

Friday 4 April 2014

Journalism Sucks

Journalism sucks monkey balls. Here's why I state this as a fact:

Journalism was hijacked long ago. This is why much "mainstream" news is nothing more than talking heads expressing their opinions: this is done to manipulate the public opinion on various topics, and other topics that are actually more critical are ignored or barely touched upon in an effort to minimise it.

This is no longer the era of hard-hitting journalism, rather it is the era of propaganda and "bad news sells".

So there we go. Anyone who is a self-professed journalist is not really: they're nothing more than a disseminator of Party-directed propaganda. The days of Walter Cronkite and co are sadly long-gone. Everything that you see on TV (aka the Idiot Box) has one purpose: to make you think the way they think, to mould your opinions to match theirs, and to explain in their slanted way why.

To turn you into a willing cog of the Political Correctness machine.

This is why you should unplug, clear your head, and take everything you hear about with a kilogram of salt. Yes, treat it as unreliable - even state out loud that you trust it as far as you can spit a mouthful of fishooks.

Because that's the truth. Most of the media is not based in reality (beyond the most miniscule grain of sand that is required for any lie to be told). It cannot be trusted in the slightest.

This is where the Manosphere comes into its own. We deal with reality. We deal with the Truth.

Like anything else media-related, we can't always be trusted. We have our biased mindset - our own viewpoints - our own agenda - some of us are outright liars and fruit-loops. While *we* think that we are here to reveal Truth and Reality to you, you still need sift through it and evaluate it critically. You need to be certain that you are not blindly falling into the trap of becoming anti-PC by reflexive reaction.

Once you begin to discern the truth for yourself, you begin to become free in your mind.

Welcome to the Real World.

Thursday 3 April 2014

Icy Cold Judgement

I have occasionally attempted to look at things from the viewpoint of a woman. At least, attempted it. On the whole I find that when I do so, my cynicism and disgust with women goes through the roof.

I suspect it is in some manner psychologically damaging to me.

Trying to have empathy for someone who seems to be very much lacking empathy and is filled with a soul-sucking greed, expectations, neediness and complacency. Add to that incomprehension, naivety, and - once they reach the wall - varying degrees of horror depending upon how long they've been alone at the time. Older women become clingy and needy in my experience.

All of this is profoundly disturbing in a manner that I cannot convey.

I fully expect any girls reading this to totally deny this, by the way. Deny all you want girls - when you look into that cold black abyss within, it is my icy cold dead eyes that are looking back out and judging you.

I wonder if that is what these women crave: judgement. The judgement of a pitiless man who knows his own worth. The judgement of a man who looks at them and sees unflinchingly that they are a worthless wreck of a human being. The judgement of a man who, having determined their utter patheticness as a person, remorselessly uses them for the only thing that they actually are useful for in life: a mindless vehicle to sate his lusts upon.

I wonder if that is why women willingly submit to the abuser's embrace, the batterer's fists and feet, the debauchery of an orgy, the shame of pornography, the pain of whoredom, the debasement of a gangbanging, the defilement of being pissed and shit upon, the twisted pleasure of eating the same. All their inner pain disgorged into reality.

I know why women have such strong rationalising capabilities. Never mind that we in the Manosphere call it "the hamster" - that's a fucking joke in comparison to the bank-safe-door which holds back the sewage-laden tides of her inner self. She *needs* those inner protections to keep from collapsing into a self-loathing suicidal mess at the self-realisation of the foulness at her core.

Go ahead and deny it girls. Go ahead. I see it in the empty eyes of you sluts that I pick up and fuck on the first date. I feel it in the orgasms you have before I ejaculate into your ass. I hear it as your voice hoarsely cries out at the pleasure of multiple orgasms. I touch it on your quivering skin as you attempt to recapture your breath after orgasms so intense that you are nearly unconscious. I smell it in the sweat dappling your entire body as you curl up with your head on my chest.

It is no wonder that one in four American women are medicated by some form of antidepressant. You need that sludge to function at all. Never mind attempting to perform so well at the supposed high-flying career that you purport to embrace.

I've looked deep into your pit, woman. I've seen your dirt. Would you like me to spit on you - to begin with.

The Red Pill, so dark with poison that it's practically black - like the cold black abyss in a woman's soul.

Difference between Alpha and Beta

Difference between Alpha and Beta:

• Alpha looks at what women actually do, learns from it, and adjusts to reality

• Beta listens to what women say, ignores what women actually do, and doesn't adjust to reality

IMO that is the major disconnect between alpha/beta behavior. Once you start paying attention to the actions of women and realise that you might as well completely ignore what they say, the rest should begin to slip into place. By "the rest" I mean confidence, frame control, abundance mentality, etc. Then it's just up to you to continue the process of learning and improving yourself.

I sound like some high-falutin' Game writer like Roissey or Roosh or Krauser or the like. Far from it. Not really my path through life, that. Just trying to shed some light on the poison in this society we are stuck in. Just trying to show what is real and truth in this world.

Note: What is commonly called Beta is what BoneCrkr calls Zeta behaviour. The behaviour of a weak-willed man. This is the pedestalization, ass-kissing, creeping behaviour that turns women off - it betrays the mentality of "I have no self-worth".

Similarly, what is commonly called Alpha is what BoneCrkr calls Omega behaviour. The behaviour of the criminal/scum class. So someone is verbally abusing you and trying to push your buttons, just talk to the bouncer - there's no excuse for you to go all caveman/gangsta on his ass. That sort of garbage is for weaklings who have no social clue and nothing to lose socially. As a man, you do have something to lose. Plus you should have the sense to not hang in those types of bars.

Further note: I'm becoming tired of the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega/Zeta definitions. They're just labels for nerds. In the end, it comes down to: are you a man or some degree of criminal/weakling?

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Where's The Benefit

People are simple and predictable in certain ways. This is the basis of all selling: to find what someone wants and to sell it to them. Advertising and marketing have the effect of making a vague want more focused, so that the person decides that they want it now. These days much of it involves the pushing of status and status symbols - this is why women are 90% of conspicuous consumption.

Usually when they can't really afford it, though that's not the concern of the modern sellers and marketeers. They've got their pound of flesh.

So, when you sell someone on the benefits they'll try to get it - or try to get more of it. Thus politicians try to buy votes with their policies, whether they believe in them or not. George H W Bush is a prime example: "Read my lips. No new taxes." Whether he had to change his tune due to new information upon becoming president, or he was lying from the get-go, is unknown and irrelevant.

Lies are the marketing hallmark of the politician (as opposed to the statesman, a totally different political beast).

So now we've dipped our fingers into the greasy cesspit that is politics: many of these people are elected by women (Obama). Reason: "He's so cuuuuute!" Voting with the pussy, how strong and independent and intelligent. Now strip that facade away and look at it another level down.

Obama did a whole bunch of stuff that benefits women. Obamacare - where practically every advertisement involves women. Don't try lying to me girl - he bribed women good, plus he followed through on that promise. Women love love love him for it. He got them by their short-term greed rather than through the long-term reality of what's best for them.

He doesn't care if the system collapses. He's got his pound of flesh.

Politicians are coldly and calculatedly taking advantage of human nature. Compounding it, too. If women want more things that benefit them, then we'll give them more. Round and round in an ever-expanding circle of greed and ballooning entitlement. What the hell, we got our pound of flesh - not coming out of our hide.

What do men get out of this? Nothing. Less than nothing. Their taxes are higher than they should be to help support that brave, strong, battling single mommy down the road. That leaves them with less than they should have to support their family. Which pisses off the wifey, who eventually frivorces to go do her Eat-Pray-Love attempt. Making more broken homes, less income to tax, and more social problems to pay for.

A vicious cycle of pain which rapidly diminishes the governmental income. Thus: the deficit, with a shrinking population of workers to pay for the largesse of government towards women. To hell with paying the interest, never mind paying the principal.

Picture evident.

Of course, men are waking up to this shit-sandwich and looking for the benefit for them - without finding it. They can't marry because they can't make enough to compete with a woman's income plus government handouts. So they stop trying. It's easier to enjoy the decline, easier to be a PUA and pump'n'dump, easier to eschew women entirely and go your own way.

All three are MGTOW, in their individual ways. Going your own way, doing your own things, not really catering to the insanity that is society and women.

So there it is, ask where the benefit is. For women it's bread and circuses. For men there is no benefit - only penalties - so they walk away. Then the women start screaming and whining about where the men are. So much so that some socialist governments are thinking of a Batchelor tax - which is an exercise in futility. Men will just pay it, or go expat, or ignore it.

What's the government gonna do, spend 50k a year chucking these guys into jail? How completely intelligent of them. How much faster they'll run outta money.

Blogging Motivations

An interesting piece over at Thumotic, re the whole Tucker Max/Geoffrey Miller debacle:

It's worth the read. One thing jumped out at me though: the reasons why people blog in the Manosphere. He states:
Dear Red Pill blogger, if you write to educate and inspire the young men of our generation to greater heights, you should be relieved that others are taking up your burden. If your blog is a conduit for self-expression, or a tool for tracking and organising your own thoughts, The Mating Grounds will not interfere with either of those goals. 
However, if you write - as I suspect many do - out of a prideful desire to be regarded as an authority figure, out of a hunger for the anonymous status boost of being regarded as a 'guru' by other men, then The Mating Grounds is an existential threat to your blog traffic, and the ego you derive from it. Which is fine by me.
My first thought was to check that I wasn't as accused: doing this for my own ego. Since I make zero cash from this blog, since I'm not remotely mainstream in the Manosphere, and since I have zero plans for a "Best of Black Poison Soul" book (all done already) - then it seems that there is zero applicable there.

In fact while I'm interested in making money via the internet, as yet I have not thought of anything that would seem to be of great value. To make millions, make something of value that will impact millions. At a buck per, you're a millionaire. I've got about a month of holiday coming up, will take a bit of it to passively and idly churn through a few ideas in the back of my head. Enough on that subject.

Now, my second thought was triggered by rereading the second paragraph. Here is where in my opinion Thumotic missed the point of this furor.

Yes, some of these people are authorities - they make money from their blogs. Danger & Play in particular has gone professional along the track of juicing, and is not impressed by the way somebody else ripped off his entire juicing website almost word for word (that was not Tucker Max and co, btw).

Rightfully so, he sweated blood and learned to get that together - make it a coherent whole - and put it up there for others to benefit from. He made the effort, he put the stuff together, he deserves the credit and accolades (including making money from it). Some other jackass (Vivalamanosphere) should not be ripping him off practically word-for-word and making money off it.

It was nothing to do with a new entrant going mainstream-media into The Manosphere with headlights blazing and horns belching out the 1812 Overture at 150-decibels:

The more the merrier, we WELCOME people with new insights and ideas and the like. Bring it. With glee. We may or may not agree with you, however you are at least making us think. When we think, we refine and define and reveal what is truth. That's what we're here for: to reveal the truth of reality to others.

This makes us more mainstream than the so-called mainstream media. We deal in reality.

What caused the furor though was not this. It was what was seen as copying other Manosphere writer's articles word-for-word and claiming that they were their own. It was this seemingly deeply unethical behavior which made the Manosphere blow it's collective top.

Me included. These are MY thoughts, not to be lifted wholesale so someone else can make a buck from them. If someone wants to use them as a basis for their own (free) posts, then great: it then becomes an enhancement or discourse. If someone wants to use them as a basis for an "OMG this guy is such a turd" article in the (free) mainstream media then what the fuck - and by the way show me your tits girl (manboobs are not an acceptable substitute).

So there you have it: that's what touched off the Manosphere into hate-hate-hate mode. The idea of someone else ripping off our thoughts for money. Deservedly so: no academic in the ivory towers of academia would ever dream of pulling that without at least attribution, so Max and Miller (an academic) seeming to say that there was nothing even like it out there and they were gonna make bucks off of it - then seemingly ripping off someone else's content - wheeeeeee-ew!

Smell the (righteous) anger.

Attention Whores

We all know that attention-whoring is the "in" thing these days. In fact it's so "in" that it's given the same attention as breathing - ever-present and not thought about.

Even so, occasionally something gets dropped out there that makes me blink in surprise. In this case it's Google - specifically what turned up last time that I logged in:

Yeh, reel kewl bro. It's a fucking email account! This type of thing makes me long for the destruction of society. Or at least makes me wonder about the sanity of the retards at Google.

In the old days a man brought home mementos - items that he'd found during his travels. They were to remind him, to show the younger generations that he had lived an interesting life. They were shared with families and visiting friends. Passed down to the next generation as heirlooms, etc.

Now we take a selfie in the bathroom with an unflushed toilet in the background and share it with the world.

Hopefully it'll go viral.