Thursday 25 February 2016

Another Reason Why This Generation Is Fucked

This is my generation (GenX), the Millennials, and those going forward.

To illustrate, I will have to start back with my youth. At this time a house cost $30-40,000 while the average income was $10,000 a year. This was the source of the old expectation that a house would cost 3-4x your yearly income.

Fast-forward to now. Where I live, you are lucky if you can get a house for $400,000 - pretty damn high. Yet has the average income climbed to $100,000 a year?

Yeah, rhetorical question. It's more like $55,000 a year.

So now houses are 8+x your yearly income, pretty-much across the board. Sure, if you live in Auckland or Wellington and sell your house (at a high price) you can come here to buy a cheaper house (for $500,000). Which is what's happening.

Now, there are some perks to living very near a beach area - one is that if you have managed to get your feet onto the property ladder, and you manage to keep going without getting fired or quitting your job, then your property is constantly going up with value/inflation/price-creep. Pick a combination of all three, just hope that you aren't forced to sell at the "wrong time" in the ponzi-scheme which is housing.

Now think of all these youngsters who've been lied to about: "Get a good job, get married, get a house, have children, when your children move out, retire in comfort." And all kinds of variations of this.

Damn hard to get together $40-80,000 for a deposit on a home these days.

Damn hard to chuck 50+% of your after-tax income into the mortgage.

Damn hard to give children a decent home life when you're forced into working all hours to make ends meet.

Damn hard to do it solo while she's being a "stay-at-home-mommy".

Damn hard to do it while she's spending up large.

Damn hard to do it while she's abusing the crap out of you because you're just another useless man.

Damn hard to do it when she fucks someone else, divorces you, gets half of everything, kicks you out, gets maintenance, gets child-support, and has the IRD chasing you the *instant* that you get into arrears. I hope that you enjoy sleeping on a couch in a basement or in a van down by the river.
Yum, government cheese.

You can do your thing, you can get yourself set up, you can have the world by its tail - and after 20 years of sweating it you can still be fucked.

The only consolation you have: you will bounce back far better than she ever will. She is limited to a Ponzi scheme of chasing men with money.
Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

A Quick List

Not mine, I ran across it a couple days back on /r/MGTOW, cannot remember what thread:
  • Females are a waste of time and money.
  • They will never be happy, and wont make you happy.
  • Want a friend then get a dog it's cheaper and they bark less.
  • A dog will greet you at the door with a smile, no woman ever will.
  • Guns and cars are cheaper hobbies than skirts and clubs.
  • Buy at least two silk ties, and some cuff links, shine your shoes.
  • Fitted double breasted suits are old school cool, don't like it tough.
  • Learn how to use tools, all of them, the right way.
  • Nothing beats a good burger from a real diner.
  • You need to live hard to be hard, there is no other way.
  • Talk is cheap, actions are expensive.
  • Girls are made with roaches and lice, don't forget it.
  • Practice honor, loyalty, discipline, and wisdom in that order.
  • A Yankees ball cap is the only one you will ever need.
  • Pull your pant's up, don't slouch, use clear speech.
  • Nobody cares, get used to it or starve. Pick one!
  • Volunteer for everything, even if you don't want to.
  • Tip your bartender the most, and enjoy the perks.
  • You're not superman, and can't dodge bullets, so don't try it.
The reality is strong within this one.

Friday 19 February 2016

Skinning the Morons Alive

Didact of Didact's Reach comes up with a beautiful example of how to absolutely flay any feminist, leftist, herdist, marxist, socialist moron that you should happen to run across - in 1 minute or less:
  • In the entire history of the division of Berlin, precisely how many people went from West Germany into East Germany?
  • Since the Castro revolution, how many boats were seen going from Miami to Havana?
  • Since the Panmunjom Armistice Agreement that ended the Korean War, how many South Koreans have fled into the North?
  • How many people do you know of that went from Vietnam into Cambodia during the height of the Khmer Rouge regime, instead of the other way around?
  • During the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, how many people relocated permanently from Taiwan to mainland China, instead of the other way?
No matter where you look, the answer is always the same: the workers living in those supposed socialist "paradises" were so in love with their new Utopias that they desperately fled them at the earliest possible opportunity. And that is because socialism simply does not work.
I think that he missed asking only one question:
  • During the time of Communist/Socialist-controlled Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Cambodia, and China. Why weren't the Western academics that were touting the joys of communism and socialism and the like rushing over in droves to defect to these countries? According to them these places are/were paradise - why did they pass up their opportunity for a blissful life of joy in paradise on Earth?
Just to slam the final nail into the coffin of these lying pieces of shit.

He also dissects the mindset of the Millennial Generation. Sadly, I have to agree with him: many of them appear to be the most brainwashed consumerist generation ever, while at the same time loathing the capitalistic system that creates the devices and entertainments and programs that they lap up with unthinking semi-joy.

The doublethink is strong in the entire generation.

I am tempted to refer to them as "The Damned Generation" - because they must be the most self-helpless of them all. I'm not sure if I (or anyone) should gift them with any pity though. A good number of them would simply use it to attempt the victim game with redoubled frenzy. Leavened with extra hatred aimed at us, because they cannot face the self-loathing within.

It's always easier to blame someone else for your own situation and self-inflicted problems.

A bitter schadenfreude to wash down with my Grand Marnier tonight.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Mutton Is Not Lamb

So I'm fixing someone's computer system (PC's and some users do not mix) and one of the female management comes along to have a yack with the person the PC belongs to (a secretary). As you'd expect, the entire "fix" got held up while two wimminz jabber at each other for 15 minutes.

Go ahead, waste my time.

Interesting though. The "wanderer" is upper-management and in her late 50's early 60's. So she's wearing stuff pretty-much inappropriate for work, most especially at her age. To illustrate:

  • high heels and stockings (of course)
  • short skirt that shows mid-thigh-downward
  • sheer (translucent) leopard-print top that lets her black bra show through the fabric, and a v-cut neck that shows waaaay to much wrinkly cleavage

I wonder whose cock she was trying to attract in that get-up. I'd say "newflash" but fuck it, we all know that mutton isn't lamb.

Sunday 14 February 2016

Valentines Day Again

So yes, it's valen-shit day again. That time of year when so many of teh wimminz have a whimper and whine because they don't have a maaaaan...

...because they really need a man like a fish needs a bicycle...

...fuckin' mentally-disconnected fuckin' retards.

So this misanthrope, who knows what a crock of marketing shit that valen-shit day really is, wants no truck with the damn thing at all. My current squeeze is not getting squat unusual today, though I did respond to her text yesterday. She's all ga-ga that we've been "together" for a year.

It tells us something when a woman is all ga-ga about being in a relationship for a year. Not that she's objectionable, after giving her an earful for the times when she thoughtlessly sent messages when I'm working or trying to sleep. (The number of stupid bitches that I've had to send a "don't ever contact me after 9pm unless we're fucking" text. Unbelievable. High-stress work and stupidly-entitled bitches do not mix.)

After being called out this morning, I get into here and respond to a comment. During which I notice that right now, clicking on my posts brings up this cute little spray of hearts. Fuuuuck, ram it down my throat without asking, you wankers at Blogger. That's what you get when you use free software, tough shit for me.

Try not to get too distracted by the cutesy shit. I'm wondering if these wankers will start having cute little sprays of fucking unicorns next, shitting out rainbows, to show my involuntary support for the LGBTQ-fucking-whatever brigade.

So back to valen-shit day. I had the misfortune to hear (for a few minutes) some entitled bitch broadcaster on the radio having a surreptitious whine on the air about not having a man.

Her: "What am I doing for Valentines Day? Nothing. I can't be bothered any more, am too lazy."

Too lazy HAHAHAHAHAHH!!! Ex-fucking-actly. Women are too lazy to put any effort into things, so they miss out.

But more, lets translate this saying from woman-spin into reality: "What am I doing for Valentines Day? Nothing. I have no money and no man to spend money on me. Further, no man will give me the time of day. I don't attract men who are willing to do stuff for me like I used to, I don't know why..."

Now there is a bit of black truth for you, straight from teh wimminz's mouth. In a bit I will wash the schadenfreude down with a nice glass of ice-cold water (it's summertime in NZ and shit-awful hot). It's also damn awesome, looking out over the view from my deck, from under my sun-umbrella.

It's hard to believe that I've been writing all sorts of stuff up here for the past 4 years. Never thought that I'd have that many words in me to spill out.

Saturday 13 February 2016

Social Transport

Feminists, leftists, Marxists, and other assorted SJW fucktards - this will make you cry. Good.

Along with the transport of goods (as per my Social Microclimate post) comes the transport of ideas. Also, inadvertently, the transport of disease.

Some ideas are little more than diseases of the mind.

So, the time of the Romans. The roads carried both goods and the ideas which created the classical world. It also carried the soldiers - the Roman Legions - to all parts of the Empire. Roman Law guaranteed safe passage along the roads, much like we take for granted the safety of driving around on roads through our modern-day countries.

The Mediterranean was actually the major means of transport of goods throughout the classical world. Via water it basically took 4 months to go from one end of the classical world to the other. Supposedly for the same price that it took to move a ton of grain about 75 miles via oxcart, you could ship it to the other end of the empire. This goes to show the real efficiency and ease of water-power. (That's why shipping is such a big thing even these days, and probably will be forevermore.)

Then Islam rose. They sank every ship they could, killed and raped and enslaved whatever they could, and basically cut all sea transport in former classical times down to nothing. The Black Plague was a known problem in the Mediterranean: formerly it would take 4 months to spread throughout the classical empire. With Islam destroying everything they could see, the spread of the Black Plague took 4 years.

This was the time that most of us think of as the Dark Ages. A time of bloodshed, destruction, impoverishment, violence, and widespread ignorance. Common "theory" states that the classical empire was destroyed by Germanic tribes invading - Dr Bill Warner contends otherwise. I find his explanation very compelling (yes, I've linked it here before).
Slave-trading, slave-trading, slave-trading.


Gutenberg invents the printing press. All of a sudden thoughts and ideas can be duplicated extremely easily and widely dispersed. Better, it allowed standardizing the written/printed language. Through England the canals enhanced the transport of goods, then roads got better, and eventually we developed engines: lighter and with more power than horses.

Along with the easier travel of goods follows ideas, expanding across the world. Like the old Roman Empire, the British Empire conquered and spread. "The sun never sets on the British Empire." That mindset, that cultural attitude, that social construct, was spread by force across the face of the world. Eventually the mindset waned, the sun did set on the British Empire, and the Commonwealth was abandoned.

These days we've gotten lazy - our Social Transport mechanism only carries propaganda and ideas around. This was originally via media, the radio and television, and now the internet. Through these social mediums we subvert the social mores of other cultures. We are rich and successful, we do this, therefore if you do this you will become rich and successful.

So people in Thailand take the second-most number of selfies in the world and post them up on Instagram every fucking day. And are bummed that they're not #1 any more.

Of course, our intellectual property is taking the fast-lane out of the West, heading over to the East where it is put into physical form and shipped back to us. Our secrets, our expertise, handed over to others because:

1/ it's cheaper to hire their slave-labor than do it ourselves

2/ we're too lazy to do it ourselves anyway

What we're not really noticing - because we are afraid? - is the mass-importation of the Islamic social construct into our culture. This is why we have things like:

a/ England importing Pakistani's into Rotherham and allowing them to run a child sex slave ring for nearly 20 years

b/ Netherlands, women refusing to lay charges against their Muslim rapists

c/ Australia, the Sydney gang rapes in 2000

d/ Australia, the Sydney hostage drama with Islamic extremists

e/ Germany, the well-publicised gang rapes recently

f/ Netherlands, women "not wanting to be protected" by their own men

The Frog agrees to carry the Scorpion across the river, because the Scorpion promises not to sting it. Halfway across the Scorpion stings the Frog. As they drown, the Frog asks: "Why?" The Scorpion simply replies: "Because it is my nature."

Why do women seek to destroy their men, when they promised otherwise? ("To love, honor, and obey.") It is their nature. And we enable it, in our warped and twisted social construct, which we are busy transporting to the rest of the world.

But sub-rosa, the Islamic social construct is being imported right back into our Social Microclimate. The Islamic social construct includes sexual slavery and intolerance of all other religions. Built right into its core doctrine. That is their Social Microclimate, a harsh and unforgiving one. A social construct which condones cutting a man's head off in front of his wife, then raping her in the bloody mess.

Women these days seem to be saying of these imported social trash: "He raped me, but I forgive him. He didn't know any better."


Another word for fucking insanity. It's as if she is almost glad of the raping, at least someone felt that she was worth giving some sexual attention to.

Let me draw you a very graphic and hopefully disturbing-enough picture to properly get it into the average Joe's head (though Femicunts, lefticunts, Marxicunts, and SJWcunts are blind by definition - they will never understand that 1 + 1 = 2, they will always believe that 1 + 1 = unicorns that shit rainbows):

Here are 500,000 people. In their home country, because sexuality is so restricted and women are so scarce, they will gather together in groups. As a group they will gang-rape any woman that they happen to come across, of practically any age. Then the woman is "honor killed" by her family for bringing shame to the family. When they can't find a woman, the group will happily gang-rape any handy goats. They will also gang-rape young boys.

All of a sudden these 500,000 people want OUT of where they are. Being a wonderfully warm-hearted people, you graciously allow them into your country. You help them with free homes, give them basic food and clothing, and forgive them their idiosyncrasies - after all "they don't know any better".

Then one day you come back from work to find a large group of them on your front lawn, in full view of the entire neighborhood - who are watching with vague expressions. The group are busily and happily gang-raping your wife, your daughter(s), your young son(s), your sister, your wife's sister, your mother, your dog, your cat, and a couple of goats that they bought along for nostalgic reasons. (Imagine: "No man ever forgets raping his first goat." With a little tear of fond remembrance in the eye.)

And you stand there, limply wringing your hands, whimpering: "Oh the poor dears. The poor, poor dears. They don't know any better..."

Exporting and reinforcing and doubling down on the mental disease that is Feminism? Deliberately importing the mental disease that is Islam so that it can destroy your own social construct? I don't know which is fucking worse.

I do know that both are equally fucking insane. Because the morons doing this are willfully blind to the damage they do. In fact they seem to delight in it, like some addict shooting themselves up with ever-increasing doses of the latest drug du joir. One last high before you fucking die.

Please, just cut your own throats en-masse right now. Save the rest of us the hassle of dealing with the toxic social results of your fucking insanity.

Friday 12 February 2016

Screw Your Fucking Opinion

Her: You've got issues.

Newsflash, bitch: everyone in this world has issues.

It's because we're living in hell.

Eventually, in the end, no matter what you do, someone in the world is going to come along and snarkily say to you: "You've got issues." Or something similar.

As if they know in detail what's going on in your heart, life, mind, and soul. The arrogance of people who do that is breathtaking to an extreme.

So I have to ask myself about these types of people with their unasked-for opinions:

* Are they specially trained?
* Have they had the opportunity to quiz me intensely?
* Have they taken the time to tabulate the results?
* Have they cross-referenced and cross-checked for accuracy?
* Have they taken the time to reason through what is indicated?
* Have they asked for corroborative or denying data?

Once they've been trained and have done all that (assuming MY FUCKING PERMISSION to do all of those invasively personal things in the first place). Then they might be capable of making a reasonable inference and stating a case for X situation going on with me.

Generally though, it's just a kneejerk snarky reaction/sound-bite designed to put me into what they feel is my place. Effectively they are verbally pushing me down. Artificially pulling themselves above me.

With the arrogance to think that they have the full, 100%, all the rights in the mother-fucking world, pass to do this. To stomp on someone - anyone. To crush them under their feet. As if they were God. As if everyone else were simple plebian scum. As if their (often female, usually moronic/leftist/SJW) selves are the final arbiter of everyone else's life, regardless of reality.

Screw your fucking opinion.

We Live In Hell

Do you like the life that you live?

I don't.

Shortly after birth, the world was a magical place. It was to be explored, examined, absorbed, learned about, romped in, lazed in. A truly joyous time of life spent outside examining nature and the world.

Then when I was young, from 4 1/2 to 16, I went to school (when I was young in Australia, schooling started at 4 1/2 rather than 5 years old). Being conditioned from 9am to 4pm to sit still, pay attention to repetitive and boring talks by an adult, to go obsessively over and over letters and numbers until they are perfect. Sitting in a hard seat, behind a wooden desk, learning to block out discomfort, learning to ignore the bright sun or wet weather outside.

Learning to take the ruler over the knuckles, the leather strap on the hand, the switch around the arse or legs, every time I did something which didn't fit the arbitrary rules of the classroom. Learning to become voluntarily autistic as I was forced to rote-memorize and absorb things that I would end up never using in real-life.

Then I left school and went out to work as a man.

Instead of spending 6 hours in a room, I am now forced to spend 8 hours (8am to 5pm less lunch break) plus whatever travel-time might be involved (uncompensated). That's the minimum - it might be as much as 12-16 hours, depending upon the work and how demanding it happens to be, either occasionally or continually. I might not get a lunch break, having to work 9 hours right through at my desk.

The days (or nights) might still only be 5 a week, yet they might also become as many as 7 a week. If on call I can be called out arbitrarily when an issue arises. I might be called out arbitrarily anyway. The number of weeks worked in a year rises to more than the number of weeks attending school. Two jobs may be required, the second one being taxed at a higher rate than the first, for the "privilege" of earning enough to keep myself going.

Sitting in a hard seat, behind a wooden desk, blocking out discomfort, ignoring the bright sun or wet weather outside. Shrinking inside whenever a task that I was assigned is deemed inadequate by the so-called managers who know less than I do, yet held arbitrary power over my work-life, capable of hiring or firing me if they deem that I am inadequate to fill out some nebulous role, paying me a pittance for the privilege of draining my personal energy and stunting my ongoing life and joy and creativity.

I then take my pittance home with me, clutched tightly in my fist. With that I must provide myself with food, clothing, and shelter. Anything left over, I am socially pressured to use in an attempt to lure a (predatory) wife into my life. Once a wife has been acquired, my leftover pittance goes to providing a better home, better clothing, better food, luxurious surroundings, "experiences", upgrades or replacements to each of these, plus raising children - to send to school in their turn.

Experiences that my pittance is expected to provide include travel and food and drink and entertainments and sightseeing. Getting to see the beauties of nature. Enjoying surroundings which are beautiful, natural, provide luxury, etc. Going to movies, stage shows, etc. This stretches my pittance - yet there is more. I must also accumulate, so that I can provide an exceptional two-to-four weeks a year of a more expensive experience.

So by performing arbitrary work for 48-50 weeks a year, I manage to accumulate enough money to expensively provide an experience for 2+ people. Sometimes this experience involves going out to "connect" with nature. Something which I have been arbitrarily, deliberately, and unilaterally disconnected from since 4 1/2 years old.

Should my work-performance be deemed inadequate, I must then find another place to work. This frantic search will likely be hindered by my wife, discontented that suddenly there is not even a pittance to provide the minimums of ease and luxury to which she has become accustomed. If another place of work is not found within a reasonable (short) time-period, my wife will likely leave.

Alternatively, even though my work should continue at a good rate, my wife can suddenly become discontented for no real reason. Many accusations and aggravations will be thrown in my direction, often including threatened and even actual physical harm - which I cannot prevent nor retaliate against. Eventually my wife will likely leave. (Note that this is also likely to cause work-performance issues.)

Either form of leaving includes: taking the children with her, taking at least half of what my pittance has managed to accumulate, and forcing me to attend a "hall of justice". In this hall of justice I am castigated repeatedly and then forced upon threat of incarceration to provide a certain minimum amount of money in the form of "upkeep" for my children and my former wife.

The hall of justice may even arbitrarily hand over the house to my former wife (far more than half of what my pittance has accumulated). If the house is not yet paid for, I will also be forced to continue the ongoing payments for the house (remember the threat of incarceration). Even though I am not living in said house, I must provide it for my former wife and our children - plus more of my pittance for things required for schooling of our children - and then must manage to provide accommodation and food and clothing for myself.

Assuming that my wife does not become discontented, eventually our children will leave the home. The house may or may not become "downsized". Probably not, since the space will be required for when our children bring their children over to visit/stay for a time. So we are forced to maintain a space which is far larger than what we really need to live in.

My pittance must accumulate even more. Because soon, I will be deemed "too old" for my work to have any real value. At this point my accumulated pittance must keep my wife and myself alive for another 2-3 decades. If my accumulated pittance is insufficient then I must find other, less-fulfilling work to bring in another pittance, ongoing until the moment of my death.

Even if my accumulated pittance is sufficient then I might find myself restless without "meaningful" work to do - no surprise after 60+ years of conditioning. I might voluntarily do work, often make-work, perhaps something that the younger generations still require for a time yet no longer have the skill to manage. I might attempt to reconnect to nature in the form of gardening - after 60+ years of being disconnected from it. I might still be expected to provide expensive experiences.

All this, a lifetime of effort, of (in)voluntary slavery to others, for the "reward" of being put aside as now being worthless, being looked upon condescendingly by the younger generation. A younger generation who sneer at me as being irrelevant, my accumulated knowledge and wisdom ignored, as they walk lockstep into the same restricted life that I have (in)voluntarily lived.
Mephistophilis to Faust: Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Social Microclimate

In gardening there is the concept of a microclimate, a small area of land with especially favourable conditions for growth. It can be a natural hillside, inclined to catch the sun just right. It can be an enclosed garden, with walls to keep winds down and warm up with the sunlight (longer growing periods).

Similarly, civilisation creates a social microclimate that encourages growth. It encourages creation and building for centuries to come. Yes, there are empires which grew by the sword - yet still, they wealth they acquired went home to enrich their own lives and the lives of their fellow-citizens.

I got to thinking about this last week, while driving. Specifically, while driving through all the bloody roadworks going on. It's a pain in the ass, being slowed down to 30kph. And it got me to thinking about transport, roads, that sort of thing. I came to some simple realizations:

1/ The wheel was not the prime motivator of civilization etc (the Aztecs had the wheel - they didn't use it, despite their children having toy carts)

2/ The development of smooth, level roading was a major drive of civilization (allowing trade of goods and - more importantly! - easier travel of ideas)

3/ Our modern civilization was due to wheel, roads, and engines (of lighter weight and greater power than a horse or oxen)

So the Aztecs lived in steep mountains, which were near-impossible to use a drawn cart in. (Perhaps if they had developed a one-way ratchet-wheel of some kind that wouldn't slip on the road-surface at all.) Anyway, it was easier for them to transport things by water - for long distances, the steep mountains made shanks mare the most efficient transport system.

The Romans had roads, extremely elaborate - some still in use nowadays, 2000 years after the height of their civilization. Of course they had shipping also (no that's not a throwaway - I'm concentrating on roads here).
 Here is your typical Roman road construction:
These days, what do we get for most roads?
Crappy asphalt which crumbles to shit after a couple of harsh winters.

Contrast this garbage to the 2000-year-old Roman road, with worn ruts after a few hundred years use with iron-shod wooden wheels (the carpentum and carruca - the Roman equivalent of the limosine - had some form of suspension and metal or leather straps inside for grasping to steady yourself).

Hell, I already wrote about the ancient prototype rail that was established in 600BCE to shift ships (not fucking dingys' you can bet) across the narrowest part of the Isthmus of Corinth, and how it was still running 600 years later when the first steam-engine was created. Modern railways? How many hundred years do they last?

Any rate. The basic road construction of the underneath is the same. Where it falls down is the surface: instead of dressed stone blocks, it's either asphalt or crappy tar with gravel. Even with pneumatic tyres for cushioning the surface and spreading the load, we are constantly resurfacing our roads. (Is this cheapism? Or "planned obsolesence"?)

Yet there are American roads with proper concrete surfaces that have barely changed in 50+ years:
Now expand this thought to our modern construction. When we build a bridge, do we build with something that will last for 200+ years? No. If we're lucky it'll last 50 years, and we are constantly checking and maintaining it - to be certain that it's still safe to use.

Here's a 200 year old stone bridge in Wales, which has been maintained all right (especially after a bloody truck smashed into it):
Do you seriously think that this bridge and those like it are going to still be around 200 years from now?
Take a look at Detroit if you want to see how well our buildings and cities survive with little to no maintenance.

And Detroit neatly illustrates our rotting moral values, the decline of our social microclimate. It was easier to abandon the city than it was for Americans to keep their manufacturing in their own country. Cheaper to source it offshore to slave labor. Cheaper and easier to send away the skills and knowledge to someone who didn't develop it in the first place, but sure as shit could take the idea and run with it.

Because we've grown soft, in the West. (Will future civilizations call us the "English Empire"?) Soft, sloppy, pussies who would rather save a buck overseas than make it in-house. Rather than make something to last for decades or hundreds of years, slap up something with the minimum strength to do the job and maintain and fix it every couple of years.

We have decayed, socially and morally, to the "now" society. Everything in 10 days or less. In contrast, even Leonardo DaVinci was no genius - he took 16 years of constant work to develop his skill. We have lost the patience to develop ourselves, our skills, over 15-20 years. It's all instant gratification nowadays. (The 10,000 hours to become an expert is no joke, looked at this way.)

No longer do we plan properly, we simply chuck shit up and hope it looks good - or label whatever sticks to the wall as being good, which isn't even close. Contrast with the Medici family in The Renaissance, who had a vision:
They personally fueled the Renaissance in Florence for 30 years. City fathers fell in love with an idea: that their cities should be the focus of an unparalleled attention to beauty. As per the video, contrast this with our own mess. The idea was that we are to a large extent, shaped by the building around us. (Just look at 8:15 in the above video.)

Visit Italy, be impressed by the cities, take a million photographs. Are we inspired to do similar in our own cities?

Nah. Blame the fucking architects. Blame the fucking city council. No true vision, just bland management and public servants, just looking to keep their snouts in the public trough.

So our social microclimate has gotten soft, lazy, and lacks vision - and thus Idiocracy can survive and thrive. Civilization and intelligence create a microclimate where, for a brief instant, hope and beauty and progress happens.

So we fall apart once more.
I think the best part of the History: The Renaissance video above is how those of the time used art as advertising to push the ideas of virtues, rather than the selfish sins of modern advertising.

Sunday 7 February 2016

A Tale of Two Fools

These are events from long ago. Both struck me as indicators of prime idiocy in the men involved.

The first was something from my once-acquaintance sack-of-shit PUA "mate". One evening he decided that he wanted to go call himself up a whore. No problems with that, he signs in to his online banking in front of me and checks his money-balance in two accounts. One account is clearly labeled (in the website) as "household", the other?


Really classy. Put up a sign for the cops, fool: "watch this dipshit". Even if it did give the brain dead girls you target a little frisson and some dampness between the legs.

The other is an older man, around 50 years age. He originally married a redhead woman, useless as tits on a bull, had a couple kids with her. Divorce came along, half his lifetime of work was stolen, and after a few years he got married again to a redhead woman, had a couple more kids with her. You guessed it, useless as tits on a bull.

The divorce-train hasn't arrived as yet, though I can see the signs. (He's now 55 and living in denial.)

So I find myself asking: "why'd you marry your ex-wife again, dipshit?"

Most people just don't seem to get it. They're incapable of learning from their own mistakes.

It's as if civilization makes brains contra-survival. In r/K theory, the rabbits of the Idiocracy breed and breed, leaving the wolves to patiently bide their time. Eventually they will have their day as things go to shit, feeding upon the plentiful numbers of the weak.

Monday 1 February 2016

Real Female-Centric Society

To preface: I've known several people who state that New Zealand appears to be a "social experiment". If it happens here socially, the rest of the world is about 10 years behind on shit that is going to happen.

Got that? Keep it firmly in mind. You'll click to why by the end.

In my last post about Fleas, Lice and Ticks, I stated this:
This commentor makes what I consider to be one major mistake in his thinking: he considers hypergamy/parasitism to be unrestrained. In my opinion he is 100% wrong with that thinking.

Parasitism is lauded and actively encouraged in our matriarchical woman-centric society. Just ask most long-term married men and the victims of frivorce and the children who have been weaponized by mommy so she can use them to beat daddy over the head for child-support.
Which by itself probably makes any feminist/leftist cunt squirm - right before they launch a screaming tirade of filth about what a woman-hating misogynist fucking pig that I am. And then start calling for my death.

Plus, I've written quite a bit about what fucking worthless pieces of shit single mommies are, et-fucking-cetera. Cue more ranting, screaming, dribbling and frothing hatred.

Which indicates to me that I've stuck the knife in real deep and twisted it in such a manner that it hits their personal weaknesses.

But now:

This is where our matriarchal, female-centered, gynocentric society goes outright fucking crazy-insane.

Let's begin with this image snapped from Twatter:
Revolting as it seems, this is actually true. Krystal Harvey of Waiuku sexually assaulted a 1 year old child.

There's some more background:

1/ She is 23 years old

2/ The 1 year old child was a boy

3/ The 1 year old boy was her own son

4/ She filmed it for a minute or so

5/ She sold the film to a pedophile (who is 21 years old) for $300

6/ When the pedophile got caught, she was found out

7/ She was charged in June 2015 and admitted it in August 2015

8/ She's not going to jail - she merely got 8 months of home detention

9/ She attempted to get name-suppression - which thankfully failed!

You can read some more of the sordid story on the NZ Herald: No jail term for child abuser (just released on the 25th of January, 2016).

You can also read: Woman sentenced for abusing baby and selling footage (which states that apparently she knew that the pedophile would publish the movie up online). She will also be monitored for 20 months - from this link:
Her lawyer Annabel Maxwell-Scott told RNZ that meant Harvey would have to return to court every three months and she would be in the system longer than if she had been jailed.
Which tells us that a woman raping a baby would get less than 2.5 years in jail (28 months) - IF SHE WERE ACTUALLY JAILED.

There's a whole lot of other mealy-mouthed blather in the both of those links (reportedly from the fucking COURTS) which makes me very angry. It's probably a good thing that I live in the North Island, else I might be tempted to join the chorus who are making threats against her.

Also according to her lawyer:
But Harvey was a "naive and vulnerable young woman", she said, who had had "an extremely difficult upbringing".
Naive and vulnerable enough to get tatted and pierced up, which is female sexual display for "I'm a slut, fuck me". Naive and vulnerable enough to be a single mommy with a baby girl and a baby boy, so she had no end of actual guys fucking her in her life.

This makes me wonder if all women should be locked away. Partly for their own protection. Mostly for the protection of society as a whole.

One last thing to note:
  • Child abuse is RIFE in New Zealand
Think about that little social construct, coming to the society where you live, sometime in the next 10 years.