Thursday 25 February 2016

Another Reason Why This Generation Is Fucked

This is my generation (GenX), the Millennials, and those going forward.

To illustrate, I will have to start back with my youth. At this time a house cost $30-40,000 while the average income was $10,000 a year. This was the source of the old expectation that a house would cost 3-4x your yearly income.

Fast-forward to now. Where I live, you are lucky if you can get a house for $400,000 - pretty damn high. Yet has the average income climbed to $100,000 a year?

Yeah, rhetorical question. It's more like $55,000 a year.

So now houses are 8+x your yearly income, pretty-much across the board. Sure, if you live in Auckland or Wellington and sell your house (at a high price) you can come here to buy a cheaper house (for $500,000). Which is what's happening.

Now, there are some perks to living very near a beach area - one is that if you have managed to get your feet onto the property ladder, and you manage to keep going without getting fired or quitting your job, then your property is constantly going up with value/inflation/price-creep. Pick a combination of all three, just hope that you aren't forced to sell at the "wrong time" in the ponzi-scheme which is housing.

Now think of all these youngsters who've been lied to about: "Get a good job, get married, get a house, have children, when your children move out, retire in comfort." And all kinds of variations of this.

Damn hard to get together $40-80,000 for a deposit on a home these days.

Damn hard to chuck 50+% of your after-tax income into the mortgage.

Damn hard to give children a decent home life when you're forced into working all hours to make ends meet.

Damn hard to do it solo while she's being a "stay-at-home-mommy".

Damn hard to do it while she's spending up large.

Damn hard to do it while she's abusing the crap out of you because you're just another useless man.

Damn hard to do it when she fucks someone else, divorces you, gets half of everything, kicks you out, gets maintenance, gets child-support, and has the IRD chasing you the *instant* that you get into arrears. I hope that you enjoy sleeping on a couch in a basement or in a van down by the river.
Yum, government cheese.

You can do your thing, you can get yourself set up, you can have the world by its tail - and after 20 years of sweating it you can still be fucked.

The only consolation you have: you will bounce back far better than she ever will. She is limited to a Ponzi scheme of chasing men with money.
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