Tuesday 23 February 2016

A Quick List

Not mine, I ran across it a couple days back on /r/MGTOW, cannot remember what thread:
  • Females are a waste of time and money.
  • They will never be happy, and wont make you happy.
  • Want a friend then get a dog it's cheaper and they bark less.
  • A dog will greet you at the door with a smile, no woman ever will.
  • Guns and cars are cheaper hobbies than skirts and clubs.
  • Buy at least two silk ties, and some cuff links, shine your shoes.
  • Fitted double breasted suits are old school cool, don't like it tough.
  • Learn how to use tools, all of them, the right way.
  • Nothing beats a good burger from a real diner.
  • You need to live hard to be hard, there is no other way.
  • Talk is cheap, actions are expensive.
  • Girls are made with roaches and lice, don't forget it.
  • Practice honor, loyalty, discipline, and wisdom in that order.
  • A Yankees ball cap is the only one you will ever need.
  • Pull your pant's up, don't slouch, use clear speech.
  • Nobody cares, get used to it or starve. Pick one!
  • Volunteer for everything, even if you don't want to.
  • Tip your bartender the most, and enjoy the perks.
  • You're not superman, and can't dodge bullets, so don't try it.
The reality is strong within this one.


  1. A funny list, especially the points about burgers being the best dish than can be, volunteering for everything, and loyalty before wisdom, not to mention fashion tips.

    1. I am picking that it's stuff to think closely about, rather than slavishly adhere to.

      Some is contradictory also. "Guns and cars are cheaper hobbies than skirts and clubs." Vs "Tip your bartender the most, and enjoy the perks."