Sunday 7 February 2016

A Tale of Two Fools

These are events from long ago. Both struck me as indicators of prime idiocy in the men involved.

The first was something from my once-acquaintance sack-of-shit PUA "mate". One evening he decided that he wanted to go call himself up a whore. No problems with that, he signs in to his online banking in front of me and checks his money-balance in two accounts. One account is clearly labeled (in the website) as "household", the other?


Really classy. Put up a sign for the cops, fool: "watch this dipshit". Even if it did give the brain dead girls you target a little frisson and some dampness between the legs.

The other is an older man, around 50 years age. He originally married a redhead woman, useless as tits on a bull, had a couple kids with her. Divorce came along, half his lifetime of work was stolen, and after a few years he got married again to a redhead woman, had a couple more kids with her. You guessed it, useless as tits on a bull.

The divorce-train hasn't arrived as yet, though I can see the signs. (He's now 55 and living in denial.)

So I find myself asking: "why'd you marry your ex-wife again, dipshit?"

Most people just don't seem to get it. They're incapable of learning from their own mistakes.

It's as if civilization makes brains contra-survival. In r/K theory, the rabbits of the Idiocracy breed and breed, leaving the wolves to patiently bide their time. Eventually they will have their day as things go to shit, feeding upon the plentiful numbers of the weak.


  1. People can't see they are repeating the same mistake. That's the reason. And you can't talk any sense into em. I've done it myself, which was a bitter pill of truth to realize and then swallow.

    1. In a way it is a more bitter pill than the Red Pill. People who have been brainwashed to see only what they want, come hell and high water. Doomed to never learn from those who have been there, never learn from their own past, never learn from history.

      I wonder if this is what fathers these days feel when they recognise their children are making the same really stupid mistakes that they did, yet won't listen to their experience and wisdom?

    2. Here in the U.S.A., it is the lazy and stupid people who get to breed and the rest of us hard workers have to pay for them.

    3. BPS - I don't know if they're brainwashed or deceived, but in effect the end result is the same. I asked a friend once "Is the land God promised Cain a fool's paradise" to which he replied "They would be so lucky." I've lived in a fool's paradise, and I recognized those that do. Most of my peers still have children, not teens, so I can't speak to your other question.