Wednesday 17 February 2016

Mutton Is Not Lamb

So I'm fixing someone's computer system (PC's and some users do not mix) and one of the female management comes along to have a yack with the person the PC belongs to (a secretary). As you'd expect, the entire "fix" got held up while two wimminz jabber at each other for 15 minutes.

Go ahead, waste my time.

Interesting though. The "wanderer" is upper-management and in her late 50's early 60's. So she's wearing stuff pretty-much inappropriate for work, most especially at her age. To illustrate:

  • high heels and stockings (of course)
  • short skirt that shows mid-thigh-downward
  • sheer (translucent) leopard-print top that lets her black bra show through the fabric, and a v-cut neck that shows waaaay to much wrinkly cleavage

I wonder whose cock she was trying to attract in that get-up. I'd say "newflash" but fuck it, we all know that mutton isn't lamb.


  1. Did she have that old lady stench too? Or was that masked by copious amounts of perfume?

    1. Probably masked, though I didn't get close enough to smell her.

  2. People that wear excessive amounts of perfume in enclosed spaces is one of my pet peeves. Gives me migraines. Especially rose or germanium oil (Who the hell thinks germanium oil smells good, btw? It's revolting!)

    It's the equivalent of me carrying a referee's whistle to the office and blowing that sucker as hard as I can at random intervals throughout the day.

  3. Dressing like a used up whore is seen as a status symbol in the west.

    She also gets to exploit sex starved by christianity young boys, as women are socially acceptable paedophiles.

    Then again what do you expect from women who are 150% less logical then men, & have the spatial calculating part of their brain disabled. To optimise the emotional bonding with her spawn ...
    So much of a persons humanity is switched off in women, to ensure women are optimised to be walking breeding incubators, & nothin more.