Tuesday 30 June 2015

So Gays Can Marry Legally in the USA

I suppose that I should be bothered by this. You know what? I'm not.

I guess because in my opinion it's just one more indignity piled upon a once-respectable institution. At least, I used to think it was respectable. The old-old-original version was. (Is that some hint of blue pill nostalgia I detect in myself? But then, I already figured out what marriage was really for anyway.)

I've made no secret that I think Marriage 2.0+ is just about as destructive to society as it's possible to get. Some 52+% of American marriages end in divorce - according to the CDC's own statistics from 2011. Not explicitly stated, yet there if you do a little basic mathematics. That's on the low end, not all states reported statistics that year.

So people are going "whoo whoo whoo! gays can now marry!" all over FaceCrap. Gay pride picture profiles. Even the White House picture has the gay-rainbow-pride-thing going. Are these people gay? Meh. Sheep following the herd. (That's my cynicism coming out.)

In reality, the LGBTQBDSM-whatever crowd aren't going to breed. In a hundred years time they'll just be a footnote in history, annotated with: "Insane how people catered to these evolutionary dead-ends". The lefties of the future will either have to deliberately manufacture more LGBTQBDSM-whatevers through more warped social engineering, or find some new minority to hold up as an example of "the poor poor dears, let's give them a helping-hand" so they can feel good and virtuous about one thing in their vapid and empty lives.

(Don't laugh about the warped social engineering. I've stated here that it looks like they're doing their damnedest to pathologize any form of normal Male-Male bonding. They appear to be stating that all forms of Male-Male bonding are supposedly homosexual at their root, thus demonizing it, while at the same time celebrating everything LGBTQBDSM-whatever. That's warped social engineering - and thinking! - enough to put this lot into the loony-brigade in a heartbeat.)

Yet still, I don't really feel that bothered by this legalization of LGBTQBDSM-whatever marriage. It was inevitable. In a strange way I feel that it's a good thing. Because this mocks the institution of marriage even more.

This mocking makes people wake up more to the social illness going on. To how destructive Marriage 2.0+ is. To the individual and to society as a whole. Etc etc etc ad nauseum.

More unmarried modern whores will be crying alone at the end of their lives. "Why can't I find a good maaaan?" Funny you should ask that...

This brouhaha makes me feel sorry for the people who have genuinely good heterosexual marriages and pride themselves on that. Yes, there are a few out there. Good on you. There are some NAWALTs, as we put it in the Manosphere - snapped up and taken off the market when young. These are married to what I consider the true Alpha's and Beta's, as per BoneCrkr's definition.

I hope that it doesn't gall you too much that the mentally-fucked-up managed to get the "right" to non-breed-but-fake-it. Civil union and de-facto relationships were not enough for them - they wanted the whole enchilada. They agitated. They got it.

The rest of us...those of us who chose poorly, who still have the option of choosing wisely again...we're stuck trying to find gold, in a toxic pool of far-less-than-ideal-women. That's those who really want to try again. Many of us got our frivorce already, others realize that theirs' is ahead of them and coming on fast. Some of us won't be going down that Marriage 2.0+ path again, or any time soon, for various reasons.

I do wonder if the LGBTQBDSM-whatever brigade have a clue as to what they've really let themselves in for. Studies show that breakups are even more common in their sector of society, moreso in the situation of lesbian relationships.

Which brings up a superficially-amusing thought: in the case of frivorce, which one is the woman who gets alimony from her partner?
In the end, what bothers me more in this world is this (unashamedly stolen from Return of Kings, commenting about social media):
I wonder how many of these zombies will breed?

Double-Down And Jumping The Shark

Matt Forney has a new hit-piece over on RoK:

Why Shaming Men (And Women) Is Important And Necessary

I dropped down a comment:
Let me see. So the message in the manosphere includes a combination of:

"Ignore and/or deconstruct women and feminists shaming men!"
"Listen to men shaming men!"

So to start with, every Man has been taught not to listen to shaming language at all. In fact, to sneer at those who use shaming language - because it's manipulative and despicable and a lowbrow non-quality means of persuading people. As per Graham's Hierarchy of Arguments.

Then: pull out the most basic of textbook shaming language. Aim it at other men. (For what purpose? To coax them into chasing pussy? Newsflash! You need to watch Redonkulous - What Is MGTOW?)

Then: wonder why the response is overwhelmingly negative. In fact, why someone just might pull out a .50 cal elephant gun and give it from both barrels.

Is this doubling-down on a position, like men do to women? Agree and amplify? Is this clickbait? Is this jumping the shark?

I wonder if this comment will get me banned from here?

We'll see what happens. Quite humorous, really. This appears to be the process of RoK becoming a source of clickbait.

Monday 29 June 2015

A Phantom Pain

Trigger warning, people.

This is for some of the Men out there who are like me: divorced. Though I suppose that the widowed may also feel this, in a somewhat different manner.

What I call a phantom pain.

This phantom pain could be thought of as an itch, like someone gets in an amputated limb. Or it might be the ache of an old bullet would, or a broken bone. An itch, an ache, a pain of something missing, or you can suddenly feel again something that you thought was long-gone.

It can manifest in many ways. A feeling of something absent. An actual itching that you want to scratch. A phantom squeezing sensation.

For me, it typically manifests as one of two things: an absence where I used to wear my wedding band, or an itching in the same area. The times when it manifests as a phantom squeezing sensation - those are bad times.

Any - all - of them can really drive me mad at times. In a good way and a bad way. It's strange how paradoxical the depths of the mind can be.

"Like a splinter in your mind - driving you mad."

A blue-pill red-pill analogy of The Matrix is ironically and frighteningly accurate at times.

I liken to this to how a slave might feel, once his manacles have been struck off. He can finally scratch that area where he couldn't before. The purest pleasure. Yet a burden still, the times he awakens with the sensation of manacles still on his limbs.

The nightmares of good times turning foul come to you, you awaken. A burden when I awaken with the sensation of a bond to a poorly-chosen woman still chaining my finger. That itch you can't scratch.

Eight years as a metaphorical slave to a poorly-chosen woman. That's a long time to get used to something. When it's gone - why - initially there is a sensation of relief.

Immediately after there is a sensation of loneliness and missing something terribly vital.

I think that this sensation - loneliness and missing something terribly vital - might be why some men go rushing back into matrimony in haste. It's not because they're completely stupid or the like. Not even just brainwashed. A step beyond that.

It's because they're habituated, perhaps even addicted.

To us recovering addicts. It does go. If you're lucky - very fast. For some of us - slowly, with time.

Maybe for some, not at all? I hope you're not that unfortunate.

Eight years of a bad marriage, only five years of freedom. There are times, half-asleep, when I feel that old manacle around my finger. When I remember, even the bad times were good.

Why Social Media Sucks

No, not just because it acts as narcissistic supply for the typical modern whore.

No, not just because it's filled with banality.

It's because everything you say can and will be used to destroy your life.

It's because of people like this entitled bitch using it as a platform for her lies to destroy a Nobel Laureate's career (I'm cherry-picking from the article, read the whole thing for yourself):
On Monday, June 8, a British academic called Connie St Louis uploaded a sensational document to her Twitter feed. Beginning with the question ‘Why are the British so embarrassing abroad?’, it offered an account of bizarre remarks that a Nobel Prize-winning biologist by the name of Sir Tim Hunt had made earlier that day at a conference in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.
Within hours, Sir Tim was being hauled across the coals in newspapers and TV bulletins across the world. Unable to defend himself, since he was travelling back to the UK, the bespectacled professor’s only response was delivered via a voicemail message to Radio 4’s Today programme recorded in haste via mobile telephone in Seoul airport.
Then, early this week, the simmering dispute took a further, seismic twist.
It came courtesy of The Times newspaper, which revealed the contents of a leaked report into Sir Tim’s fall from grace compiled by an EU official who had accompanied him to the Seoul conference.
This individual, who has not been named, sat with him at the lunch and provided a transcript of what Sir Tim ‘really said’.
Crucially, it presented a very different take to the one which had been so energetically circulated by Connie St Louis.
Strangely, given that there were more than 90 other journalists present at the fateful lunch in Seoul, no other detailed accounts of the toast have emerged.
And then it turns out...
Perhaps, therefore, we should ask two other related questions: who exactly is Connie St Louis? And why, exactly, should we trust her word over that of a Nobel laureate?

A good place to start is the website of London’s City University, where St Louis has, for more than a decade, been employed to run a postgraduate course in science journalism.

Here, on a page outlining her CV, she is described as follows:

‘Connie St Louis . . . is an award-winning freelance broadcaster, journalist, writer and scientist.

‘She presents and produces a range of programmes for BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service . . . She writes for numerous outlets, including The Independent, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, BBC On Air magazine and BBC Online.’

All very prestigious. Comforting, no doubt, for potential students considering whether to devote a year of their lives (and money) to completing an MA course under her stewardship. Except, that is for one small detail: almost all of these supposed ‘facts’ appear to be untrue.
All neatly illustrating that the herd as a whole is as stupid as bricks and doesn't deserve a voice (in fact the majority of these morons need to be muzzled).

Also neatly illustrating why anyone who uses FaceCrap, Twatter, and InstaCunt on a regular basis should be trusted almost as far as you can spit a mouthful of fishhooks.

Finally, very much illustrating how even academia will turn on each other in the moment that any kind of leftist distortion of an unfavorable type gets mentioned about any one of their own members - even one of decades good standing and tremendous contributions to science.

Oh, here's a picture of the award-winning freelance broadcaster, journalist, writer and scientist entitled bitch who started this shit-storm of what appears to be lies:
The Herd, in it's hatefulness, destroys itself and progress and anything good.
Lets do an additional aside here. You've probably heard of Leonardo da Vinci.

You may have heard of the Antikythera Mechanism. It's an ancient analog computer which was designed to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendrical and astrological purposes. Also for the Olympiads, the cycles of the ancient Olympic Games. (From Wikipedia.) Yeah, they had brass gears and the like before 100BCE. It wasn't until the 1300's that they got "reinvented" again.

You may not of heard of Hero, though.

In case you didn't hear of him, the Greek inventor Hero (Heron) first invented the steam engine (the Hero engine, or aeolipile) in 10CE. Now, there wasn't much bloody use for it in Alexandria so it never really took traction as it were. Until you realize:

The ancient world had a number of rudimentary railways. Of course trains didn't run on them. They were grooved paths which had vehicles pulled, probably by a mix of horses/humans/gravity. The most famous was the Diolkos, crossing the narrowest section of the Isthmus of Corinth and allowed ships to be quickly transported overland. It operated from roughly 600BCE and was still going in the time of Hero.
If the two - steam and railways - had been combined, goodness would have happened.

Hero also created basic robotics. He mostly used his automatons to put on plays. His biggest achievement: a completely automated play that lasted for more than ten minutes. Supposedly each segment of the play had two different settings and could do different things depending upon how it was arranged (binary, anyone?). Apparantly it wasn't bad either, according to: Techgnosis: Myth, Magic & Mysticism In The Age Of Information.

Hero was not just an engineer - he was supposedly brilliant at mathematics and a great theoretician. He came up with the basics of Fermat's principle. He came up with the basics of optics which supposedly weren't improved on for a thousand years (by the Arab scientist Alhazen). He discovered Hero's formula and imaginary numbers. He played with the Pyramidal Frustum (here's the Wolfram|Alpha link if you're so inclined - it's basically a pyramid with the top chopped off).

He may even have invented wind-powered machinery. Nobody's quite sure about that. There just doesn't seem to be much in the way of information about them before he showed up.

So, 2000 years ago a prototype steam engine was created. Then what happened? Civilization declined.

It was 1600 years before the steam engine was effectively reinvented and put to use.

If we would stop listening to the banality of the herd, who are concerned only with their preening fucktardisms and the latest stupidity from the Cuntdashians, we might have traveled to the stars by now. We might have colonized other worlds. We wouldn't be limited to a single planet that we are currently polluting in various ways. We wouldn't be in the social situation where we are now.

The herd sucks.

Social media - the voice of the herd - sucks.

Friday 26 June 2015

You Poor Bastards

From Goodbye America:
Narcissistic duckface selfie. With your dying grandmother - or her corpse. And 147 people ghouls like it.

Fuck's sake.

Thursday 25 June 2015

Changes to Life

The decision is made.

I used to be a mid-sized businessman, along with a couple of other guys. No more.

In a month, that all ends. I become an anonymous employee. Faceless amongst the crowd of the ordinary Men. Unseen, unremarked, unremarkable. Not going full-on Ghost, not standing out of the crowd either. My own cloak of self-chosen invisibility.

I become a chameleon, ordinary, hidden in plain sight - going through life unremarked, while still exposing the black poison in the soul of the world.

The Dark Man.
In a way, it's a relief.

Let me explain.

Part of what I worked for - sweated blood for - went to my ex-cunt in the form of ongoing dividends. She gets a final payout as things are shut down. Then, no more. (There's a certain amount of pleasure in shafting her that way. Greedy whore.)

Sure, as a businessman I earned six figures. As an employee I still earn six figures. Somewhat less than before. I can live with that.

As an employer, we had to deal with a lot of drivel. Employees were never a problem. We hired cautiously and well.

Business customers were tough to deal with. Late payers. Never-payers. Dragging your chain around. Advising a customer to do X because of Y, and being completely ignored. Getting ranted at when Y happens, telling them: "Hey, we advised X to protect you from Y. You chose to ignore it." More ranting ensuing. Firing customers. Threats of lawyers.

Stupidity uber allez.

Dealing with business stuff. Insurance. Key person insurance, indemnity insurance, X/Y/Z insurance. Accounting. Deductables. Cash-flow. P.A.Y.E. Overtime. Call-outs. New customers. Old customers. Reputation. Training. Schmoozing.

No time to take holidays. To the point of accumulating months of holidays. I have literal months of accumulated leave. No time, no time.

The worst, though: the IRD - the Inland Revenue Department. The taxman. Investigations. Squeaky-clean, we've taken pains to do it all right and above-board. The New Zealand Government keeps changing things, though. Accountants, lawyers, accountants, lawyers, accountants, lawyers. Having the accountants and lawyers say that you're good - and the taxman saying "not so fast boys".

Sorting that out, over and over and over. Opinions. He said, she said, from Accountants and Lawyers. Precedent. What precedent? That precedent! Doesn't apply.

It all leaves you...tired.

I swear, the New Zealand Government hates business. Which is ironic, because it's business which generates jobs and taxes and shit which keeps society and the government going.

So they tie you up in a shitton of red-tape and make you jump through fuckin' hoops. Just like modern narcissistic women having their shits-and-giggles with guys. We are the business-PUA, dancing like monkeys and jumping through the hoops for government validation.

Government. Taxmen. Morons. The fuckin' lot of 'em.

Now, a final judgement from the taxcrapman. Never mind years prior. Never mind the Accountants opinions. Never mind the Lawyers opinions and precedents. Nope.

So. We could fight it more. But fuck it - shut down instead. We're all tired of this bullshit. Time to cash in the business.

I had various options. I thought of taking some of them. Early retirement - sell the house, sell the business, sell the investments. An easy good-sized chunk of cash in hand. Overseas. Internet business. Freelancing. That good shit.

Live in a van down by the river. More accurately, a campervan on the road. Travel New Zealand. My ultimate retirement plan, earlier than planned on, but what the fuck.

Or become an employee. Somewhat less paid. A shitload less bullshit to deal with.

Less to feed the slavering beast that is New Zealand's Leftist Government. Less stress in life. And - holy Mary, Mother of God! - actually being able to take holidays.

Plus, still accumulating for: holidays, ultimate retirement, and wtf might as well try a small-time internet business idea or two. Who cares if it fails, it's something dumb and stupid to putz around with.

My private time - my private life - no longer involves keeping as much as possible coming in and as much as possible out of the taxman's hands. No more long hours working on proposals for customers which will be ignored. No more long hours keeping things going. No more long hours keeping the taxman from grabbing at everything that's not nailed down.

Starve that lice-and-tick-infested beast. Let someone else have that stress of making jobs for these leftists to suck the lifeblood out of. It's playtime...

...more time for me...

...more time to do things like walk through the bush and along the beaches and up mountains.

Still here. Just gonna be somewhat busy and distracted for a while. As the last bits of crapola are sorted out over the next 3-6 months. As we give the taxman and government the metaphorical final finger. As things are wound down, shuttered, boarded up, closed.

Peace. Time to bask in the sun. Time to look up at the stars. Time to laze on the beach. Time to smell the grass. Time to bathe in the sea. Time to relax.

Time simply to be and enjoy life in my own way.

This Is Not A Unicorn

From one of the posters over on Reddit/MGTOW: Hardest Thing I've Ever Done.
I just friend zoned my unicorn. It's such a bitter sweet victory, but it had to be done. Even though it hurt, I feel a tremendous weight off my shoulders and I'm going to have the first peaceful night of sleep in quite a while.
Thank you guys for everything you've taught me and the massive strides in self improvement I've achieved in the last year. There's no chance I could have done it without you. Hope you enjoyed my little victory tonight. Cheers.
From the comments:
I'm not sure what do you exactly mean here. Is it someone you just thought it was an unicorn? Someone that was great but never got interested in you until now, after something changed in your life (money, looks)? Maybe is someone you met recently, but still believe it would be better if you just live by yourself?
And the poster expands upon the situation for the above commentor:
The first two. I've known her for about 2 years now, and when we first met I was about as big of a beta orbiter as one can be. Everything was about winning her affection and pleasing her. I even went to the extent of buying her diamond earrings and a necklace for her birthday after she told me she had no interest in us dating, and WHILE she was in a relationship with another friend's brother. I relied entirely on her for my whole sense of self worth and happiness, which often left me in a pretty bad place due to her having zero interest. Then I discovered TheRedPill and MGTOW which completely changed my entire way of thinking. Now everything wasn't about her it was about improving myself. I started going to my schools gym, quit video games all together, started eating better, lost about 55lbs, and started reading a ton. I've been slowly increasing my frame holding ability and SMV steadily since then with a few minor slips here and there, but hey, no one's perfect. 
That brings us to yesterday. Her, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's brother (my friend) all end up hanging out at their house. For the first time ever I establish and hold a stronger frame than her bf and I saw her react to it immediately. She started getting really cold towards him and a lot closer and touchy with me. She ends up completely blowing him off and spends the entire day hanging out with me and the friend upstairs in a closed room with the boyfriend downstairs talking with his mom and sister. Finally the end of the night comes and she starts expressing her mysterious new found feelings for me. The only mistake I made, was I ended up talking to her until about two AM on the phone. I let a lot slip that I probably shouldn't have including a lot of inner dialogue I've had throughout the past year. Nothing too major, but that's definitely an area I need to focus on improving. 
A large part of me really wanted to cave and go back to wanting to be with her, but I know there's nothing for me down that path. I straight up told her that us being a thing was never going to happen. I said that she made her decision a year ago when she chose her current boyfriend over me, and that even if she broke up with him that night, I'm too focused on improving myself and preparing for my life to have room for her and a relationship. I ended it with saying that we can still be friends, because the way I see it, there's no reason to burn bridges that you don't need too. If I was still infatuated with her I would have cut things off, but I value our friendship and her opinions enough that I don't really see a problem with keeping her around. Plus she's a pretty good reminder of where I used to be and the progress I've made so far in becoming my own man because I never want to go back there.
Read through that and think. Read through the other commentors, some of them are also very interesting. In my opinion the most thought-provoking is this one:
You made the correct decision. If she'll branch swing away from her current boyfriend to you, then she'll also branch swing away from you when the next higher SMV male enters the picture.
She's always looking for the best deal for her dollar (aka the use of her body).

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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Mocking the MGTOW-Haters

Over on Captain Capitalism, Aaron states that it's time to Abandon the USS MGTOW if you're still on it. He points to Matt Forney's post on RoK about MGTOW turning into a creeping cult of loserdom.

I happen to disagree.

Here's the reason why: because this is a form of SJW bullying.

I dislike when someone bullies me. The impulse is to sock them one in the nose. Giving in to these types of brainless turds is A Bad Thing™. Especially when these fuckers have an agenda of their own.

It's also a part and parcel of your constant competition.

So as I've posted in the comments on his post:
It's unfortunate that the term MGTOW has been forcibly broadbrushed with a variety of leftist/feminist-style shaming language tactics. "MGTOW are pathetic neckbeards who can't get laid!" They might as well add in there a few arbitrary "Nyahnyahnyah!" and "I bet you have a tiny penis!" comments as well. 
As in your post regarding arguing past their narrative, sophomoric and infantile appeals to emotion cannot be refuted by logic. So stating: "You are applying flawed logic. Some MGTOW being neckbeard losers does not mean all MGTOW are neckbeard losers." It goes in one ear and out the other of that type. Totally ineffective. 
It would be more effective to look at the useful idiots who spread this mindset and state something along the lines of: "Why do you even care about MGTOW? Something must have struck a nerve...oooooohhhh, are you afraid of them? Because you're afraid you lash out and mock them? So what are you afraid of? Scared that you made a mistake in life? Scared that these guys have it right? Awww poor likkle wussy...so afwaid of being wrong..." 
That'd really mock them and get their goat. It would also deny them their SJW-style victory. 
Just like looking at a bunch of women rabbiting on about the gender pay gap. "Awww, you're just too wussy and gutless to do hard work like men are capable of doing. Too soft to go and earn $100+k a year in oil-drilling. No guts and drive in you at all..." It'd really rip the panties out of their feminist mindset of being better than men. 
Instead of abandoning something which perfectly describes what men are doing - their own thing - strike back and mock them in their turn for being pathetic and useless and afraid.
In many cases, these things do strike a nerve. It's always good to expose that nerve, expose that hypocrisy, and slap them around a bit emotionally. Send 'em crying back to their mama.

Besides, letting someone with no real fuckin' brains jump all over you simply encourages them to do it some more. Fuckin' little maggots, these SJW pieces of shit with an agenda. Herds of rabbits, just like a bunch of gutless women.

You need to be the mountain.

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Your Constant Competition

From Black Dragon's blog, courtesy of Didact's Reach:

Why do men protect women but not other men? 
There is massive Societal Programming that states that the lives of men are somehow worth less than those of women and children. When a ship or plane is sinking at sea, women and children are shuttled off first. If they run out of lifeboats, us guys are supposed to suck it up and die. 
Women didn’t invent this stupidity. MEN did. Women also don’t, as a rule, propagate this stupidity. MEN do, including both left-wing beta male white knights and even many right-wing Alpha Male 1.0s. 
The sad reality is that the majority of men in modern day society actually support anti-man Societal Programming. I wish this was not the case, but it is. If men supported men just as much as they supported women, what happened in that video would never have occurred. Men wouldn’t be paying alimony or be barred from seeing their own kids either. 
Based on my own educated guesses of reading the stats, about 70% of men in today’s Western world are beta males. “Beta” is a range of course; some of these 70% are extreme, hopeless pussies and others are somewhat confident betas, but they’re still beta.
These men go along with just about all of this anti-man, woman-empowerment stuff. They laugh at all those commercials that show husbands and boyfriends as stupid buffoons. They think alimony is a good idea, or at least don’t question it. They agree with videos like this. They make hundreds of “OMG you’re so beautiful!” comments on every pic a girl posts on Facebook or Instagram. They turn into whiny bitches when women dump them
And so the cycle continues.
From Didact's thoughts on this:
As explanations go, it's not a bad one. Blackdragon is entirely correct to lay most of the blame for Western society's currently FUBARd state at the feet of Western men. As he rightly points out, if Western men simply refused to get married and thereby stopped feeding the alimony machine that gives women every possible incentive to screw them and their men over, the entire system would collapse in on itself overnight. The reason it doesn't collapse, he contends, is because men are programmed to belittle the worth of other men. 
There's just one little problem with this argument, and it's a big one. (Yes, that was intentional. Haven't you ever watched Futurama?) 
Blackdragon missed, by a very wide margin, the real reason why men generally do not hold other men's lives in particularly high esteem. He simply did not bother to account for the fact that, in reproductive terms, men actually are not worth very much.
Strangely enough, I think that they've both missed an important point. It's not necessarily that it's anti-man societal programming. It's not necessarily that it's because men are programmed to belittle the worth of other men.

It's that men compete with other men for pussy. Period.

Sure, we've been conditioned to the "women are good, men are bad" mindset. It laces every aspect of society from birth on upwards. Commercials. Sitcoms. Romances. You name it. The woman is the prize. She has the golden vagina. She gets to stand on the pedestal and dangle her privates in your face.

When a man gets cut down socially, taken down a peg or two dozen, then that makes other men look good in comparison. Especially if it's done by a woman. His worthlessness in comparison makes their worth in comparison sky-high.

You see this competition everywhere. Even in the PUAsphere. Alpha Male Out-Gaming (AMOG-ing). Boyfriend Destroying. Hell, even in the Manosphere with the deliberate (mis)characterization of all MGTOW being losers who can't get laid.

Cut down the other man's social worth, it makes you look good in comparison. If you can do it plausibly-deniably the better. Into the bargain, you are also showing off your social worth in chick terms as being higher than his.

Bros before hoes? Not when it comes to getting dick into pussy. As exemplified in many cases. Hell, Style/Strauss was doing this when attempting to steal girls from his fellow-PUAs. (In The Game and the very-long linked Rawness post.)

Broken, entirely. You might find one or two Men who would not stand around picking their nose if a girl spiked your drink. They have your back. The only ones who ever would, true friends you can take to the bank.

The rest are fair-weather friends at best - only until she dangles her privates in his face.

Remember this:

Friends help you move.
Real friends help you move bodies...

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Bread and Circuses

Bread and circuses.
The parallels with the decline of the Roman Empire are striking. Bread (doled out free food in the form of grain) and circuses (the coliseum and other games).

Distraction of the masses with free food and entertainment. Nice.

More entertainment in the form of politicians posturing and promising in the process of entertaining the populace - enough to vote them in to the hog-trough for another term.

Personal peccadilloes exposed for the titillation of the masses. Entertainers lauded more than the salt of the earth, than the builders of the past and present and future who put the world together for more posturing parasites to unthinkingly use, abuse, and shit on them.

The worker ants supporting the grasshoppers.

Sickening, saddening, enlightening.

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Monday 22 June 2015

Psychopathic Charm

The Dark Triad.

Narcissism. Machiavellianism. Psychopathy.

Adding this in, because Heartiste beat me to the punch with this: How To Spot A Psychopath. My own fault, I've been busy and very slow to get this post together and out.

So I'm reading up about Psychopathic Charm, somewhat. It was first brought to my attention through the book by Daniel Kahneman: "Thinking, Fast and Slow". In this, he speaks of what he calls cognitive illusions, illusions of thought. From the book:
As a graduate student, I attended some courses on the art and science of psychotherapy. During one of these lectures, our teacher imparted a morsel of clinical wisdom. This is what he told us: "You will from time to time meet a patient who shares a disturbing tale of multiple mistakes in his previous treatment. He has been seen by several clinicians, and all failed him. The patient can lucidly describe how his therapists misunderstood him, but he has quickly perceived that you are different. You share the same feeling, are convinced that you understand him, and will be able to help." At this point my teacher raised his voice as he said, "Do not even think of taking on this patient! Throw him out of the office! He is most likely a psychopath and you will not be able to help him." 
Many years later I learned that the teacher had warned us against psychopathic charm, and the leading authority in the study of psychopathy confirmed that the teacher's advice was sound. What we were being taught was not how to feel about that patient. Our teacher took it for granted that the sympathy we would feel for the patient would not be under our control; it would arise from System 1. Furthermore, we were not being taught to be generally suspicious of our feelings about patients. We were told that a strong attraction to a patient with a repeated history of failed treatment is a danger sign. It is an illusion - a cognitive illusion - and I (System 2) was taught how to recognize it and advised not to believe it or act on it.
Something like 99% of psychopaths cannot be helped. Basically because they don't actually want to be helped. They think they're fine as they are. (Shit, these days, maybe they are!)

Some parts of the Manosphere advocate taking on the characteristics of the psychopath - because women dig jerks.

I begin to wonder if this is actually more a case of women's "System 1" falling prey to psychopathic charm. Not a "chicks dig jerks" and more a succumbing to a charm that she's never been warned about - and has no experienced social-network to warn her against.

Of course, once she gets screwed over by a psychopath, she's damaged goods.

That's assuming that she's not damaged goods already. So many modern women have BPD/NPD characteristics that it's not funny. No surprise when she's catered to every second of the day from a young age.

Broken beyond repair, either way. "Men did this to me!" Divorce - women - family - friends - everyone in my entire life - did this to me.

The difference is that I own my broken parts. I understand how they were broken. I understand why they were broken. I understand the reasons behind why they were broken - and the reasons behind that - and even some of the reasons behind that. In the deeper layers that Society™ as a whole has no desire to even hint at, let alone explore in any meaningful manner.

I look at the society, at the world, that we are a part of. I understand that I pulled myself out from the gutter. I understand that in many ways, the gutter stayed with me. I even understand that it's a good thing, in many ways, for it has allowed me to open my eyes to see what's around me - to understand why it's around me - and to read it in some ways.

I understand and can accept these things as they are. Even when they hurt. I know that they are a defense-mechanism against what's out there in the world.

Semi-defensive God-Mode in The Matrix. I could reach out to punch the appropriate buttons...yet it doesn't seem all that fulfilling, if you grasp what I mean. Hollow and meaningless, playing a game where you're God.

If God as such exists: I sometimes wonder if that is why God allows Evil (which is generally dull and banal) to exist. The governors and controls are taken off. Everything predestined would be dull and boring and expected, an eternal blandness, so He states: "Do what you want. Surprise me." So humanity does, both with depths of banality and heights of creativity.

The highs and lows of the social level, from the depths of desperate degradation to the heights of beatific sainthood. Along with every graduation of blandness and shades of Crap Colored Glasses™-grey in between.

So. Psychopathic charm. Extreme self-absorption, extreme self-interest, extreme charm. The PUA attempts to develop it - just read the stuff about developing overwhelming confidence. It's a fake-it-till-you-make-it mentality in some ways.

Develop the charm that the broken find attractive. Attract all the broken women you desire. Never mind the jumping through hoops and shitting on your personal dignity that this entails.

Deliberately break yourself. In the way that functions sexually in this degenerate society.

Deliberately cater to her cognitive illusions.

Then wonder why your world is filled with broken (yet attractive) women. Is it because your cognitive illusions are fully in play?

Sunday 14 June 2015


I'm beginning to think that Aaron Clarey of Captain Capitalism is right: MGTOW (as a term) is becoming unsalvageable.

He contends that it's been taken over and redefined by extremists and cultists. I've been seeing similar, slowly. Rather sad really. I guess there's always a resistance to seeing what you don't really want to see.

Wake up and see the reality. Even when it hurts somewhat. Like feminism, it's been co-opted by the radicals and fuckin' armchair academics. A level 53 fuckin' theoretical bullshit construct.

When it's really a freedom that you experience.


Not as crazy as me, reading - and posting! - from a motel room up Kaitaia way. That's pretty fuckin' sad too. Brain active, too much...I spent 24 hours up at Cape Reinga. Being quiet.

All the tourists. Funny as hell - they go to places, look at them for twenty minutes, then piss off to the next scenic attraction. "Oh yes, it's very nice. Now let's head off to see the Gumdigger's Sunken Forest." (A real place.)

I sat and watched the day. Mostly grey cloud, a bit of sun, a bit of rain. The local birds (grouse?) came pecking around in clumps. Interesting things happen when you stop and observe and reflect. Animals sometimes seem to view you as another chunk of scenery.

Something that the modern ADHD-addled drongos cannot comprehend.

The odd people you run across. I met an older Man who had painted the Cape Reinga lighthouse. Actually painted it. He was visiting with his (Asian) wife and her sister. He told me of the small town that used to be there, just a few houses and a school. They disappeared when the lighthouse was automated and the area turned into a natural reserve.

He told me of the helicopter pilot who used to go to the other lights on the various rocks and nearby islands. Take a technician out with gear. To impress the tourists, he took off straight up - then suddenly went sideways down over the edge of the hill and over the beach, like he was crashing. Mad bastard. Poor bloody technician was sick - I would be too.

I told him of walking along the beach. Down the hills there, follow the trail. You can only access it at low tide. Don't go too far, it's a long wait when the tide is high. He'd never done that in his life. He was eighty.

His wife called him away to look at something on the other side of the hill/car park. Later, he beeped and waved as they left.

Yes, I'm rambling. It's a part and parcel of experiencing your life. I do a poor job of illustrating, yet I try.

Life is to be experienced. Climb to the top of Te Aroha peak, or Mt Pirongia, or the like. Sit and experience. Drongo tourists show up, chatter, take a couple of selfies, bugger off again.

ADHD. A sad case.

Draw it in.

Breathe it out.

Leave refreshed.

Thursday 11 June 2015

Cycling Between Matriarchy and Patriarchy

Turd Flinging Monkey has an interesting video about how war (in the form of killing off men) causes cycling between Matriarchy and Patriarchy:

In there is also a mention of future technology possibly making women obsolete, and how that might change society to a Patriarchy. On the whole quite thought-provoking.

This might explain a part of the claimed statistic that only 40% of Men throughout history have reproduced (worked out from DNA sampling if I recall correctly). The other 60% of men have been either killed off or cuckolded, never breeding.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

You Made Your Choice

On the (round) heels of Flashy Trashy, I have to say: you made your choice.

Let's explain this a bit.

Women didn't have to get trashy to get attention. They could get it anyway. There have always been sluts and whores in the world, men have always been able to find them. Women worth marrying had to work at it to get their man.

Men didn't have to let women get trashy. It happened almost by default. Can't stand to listen to her whinge and whine and bitch - so eventually you toss the cunt a bone. Just to shut her fuckin' mouth.

Bad move in both cases.

In my opinion the flashy-trashy women came into being through sheer laziness. Instead of showing to society (and men) that you're a good (prospective) wife and mother, capable of keeping a good house and the like - it's easier to flash a bit of leg, ass, and pussy. A lot of fun too. Instead of having to work at learning all it takes to make a home and to bring up children decently, dangle your privates in his face.

Is there any wonder the mentality of "I have the golden vagina that trumps all" which has taken over society. Is it any wonder that any chance of a NAWALT has died, because it had to conform to this mentality and compete with the other flashy-trashy women, just to get themselves a man of some stripe. Any stripe. It doesn't matter, at least it's a man to get you through life. Until you get bored.

Team Womyn™ fucked themselves over quite thoroughly, in their quest for "independence" and "fairness" and "equality". They have succeeded in their race to the bottom.

Strangely enough, in my opinion the evolution of flashy-trashy women came into being through a mixture of laziness and inertia on men's part. The laziness came in with Men letting girls get away with just about anything, in small and incremental steps. "Give him an inch, he'll take an ell." These days, it's a mile.

The inertia is simply a case of generations between most of these changes. Go back 150-200 years when things seemed to work better. But nobody remembers that! So inertia sets in. The mentality becomes "this is the way it's always been" and instead of taking away what was given, you start clamoring for some of that yourself. Thus the MRAs fighting within the system to change it and make it more "equal". Good luck, guys.

The inches were taken decades - perhaps centuries - ago. The mile is evident when I walk down the street and see drunken brawls, pools of puke, and people passed out. When I see people posting up a selfie on facecrap of themselves unconscious with an empty bottle of tequila and writing things like: "Wow how'd that happen heheheh!" All a big fuckin' laugh, aye.

This is both men and women. All a big joke, lets go do it again. You getting pissed on Friday? Oh, Wednesday night party? I'm in! Work Thursday? Who gives a flying fuck? Let's get shitfaced!

When I was young (old fuckin' fogey that I am) you saw a pool of puke or a fight like maybe a couple times a year. Decorum was expected - even of the trashy women. These days, the puke happens every night on the town. I can't speak for the brawling - I left that scene long ago. Boring as fuck, the people in it were boring as fuck, and it simply wasn't my way. Not my path through life.

It's completely fuckin' creepy the shit that is taken as normal behavior these days. Here's a prime example from the people that I used to "associate" with in dance (I decided that I didn't have time for that crap). A girl whose boyfriend posted up a pic of her on facecrap - she was shooting an air-rifle. She asked him to take it down because she was concerned that her employer would see that and view it dimly.

Her posting pictures of drunkeness was taken as a matter of course. Passed out. The aftermath of a party. Stating that she had to clean up so-and-so who had puked all over the show - or themselves. That she took someone home because they got totally smashed. Got fuckin' high (!) on something, talked about all over facecrap. About as fuckin' public as you can get.

Never mind her obvious and oblivious association with absolute crappy people. Her shooting an air rifle was of concern. This twat is working to get an MBA in her after-hours spare time. Never mind that public drunkenness and the admission of getting high on a semi-regular basis - the air rifle is of concern. Her employers might see that.

In reality the air rifle was the least of her worries. In fact it was the most fucking wholesome part of her "lifestyle". Completely creepy and whacked in the head.

Going back to inertia. All these sluts and whores flashing their legs, ass, and pussy at a man - if that's all he can see around, he thinks it's normal. The inertia has kicked in. Nobody is restraining such behavior in any manner. Therefore it must be normal. He may as well join in, what the fuck, this is what normal people do.

He becomes crap in his turn. Tattoos. Piercings. What the fuck, there's plenty of examples of it. Those maggots are getting pussy, too. Drama. Horseshit. Sally blurts out that she's pregnant. You're pregnant?! Hey, Sally's knocked up! Holy fuck, I'm leaving town! Whadda ya mean you're leaving town - the whole fucking town is leaving town!

Out comes the sproglet. It looks around. Oh, so this is normal. Suck that thumb kid. Yeah, this is normal.

The cycle of trash goes around.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Flashy Trashy

We can't deny it: sex sells.

It sure as hell sells a lot of shit in this world.

Whether it's the mate-attracting/guarding/nesting behavior of men (flash cars, flash clothing, flash houses, etc - look, I got money!).

Whether it's the mate-guarding behavior of women (designer purses - look, I/my man got money!), or mate-attracting behavior of women (clothing - or nominally so - seen today walking down the street).

Today's was a good one. It being winter here in New Zealand, people walking out in the open are generally bundled up warm.

Only superficially so for this predator on the prowl though. Fur-trimmed leather-like jacket (all fake of course), short-short-short skirt, and knee-length fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me boots.

Wait. I forgot the stockings. Probably fairly hefty thickness, with patchy-style stripes. Designed to attract attention to the legs, of course. Wow, those legs are attractive!

Of course, she was "vivacious". Which is an old-time word meaning basically "out there" - as in voice, body-language, facial expression, etc.Women get that way when they get the attention they crave and/or seek more of the same.

"Look at meeee!"

Coupled with "that strut". You know the one I'm talking about. The one that says "I'm a whore on the prowl - you think you got what it takes to fuck me?"

Yes, we know what you're selling.

While it looks good, we know it's been ridden hard and then put back on the shelf by several guys.

Moment I laid eyes on her, one thing jumped straight into mind. Looks and flashy, completely trashy.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Friday 5 June 2015

Luke, I Am Your Snake-Oil Salesman - RooshV

So I found the videos and time to watch Roosh and Bar Bar and Sandman. It's interesting, the chutzpah of Roosh. "I am the father of the manosphere" and "I created Roissey and Rollo Thomassi" and "how dare you". While I haven't really seen that people have turned on him - with that attitude I wouldn't be at all surprised. He ain't helping the process none.

A part of growing up and becoming a mature adult is rebelling against your parents. That helps you to fly from the nest and get out the door on your own. The amount of venom involved depending upon various factors - I sometimes think that a big part of it is how controlling your parents are. The manosphere seems to be going through a growing-pain, thus the bullshit going down at the moment, thus the "backlash" between various parts of it.

At any rate, here is Roosh, in the video which seems to have sparked the drama (to paraphrase: "this is just drama, I've seen it before in the past ten years, it'll go and be back again"). I think that the most peculiar part is the appeals to emotion and authority - plus the drama that he's causing using his shaming language and personal attacks against those who he seems to feel are against him:

The bit about him being the father of the manosphere is a hoot - last I saw, Strauss and Mystery and Tyler Durden would be more accurately the fathers of the manosphere. At least, the PUA part of it, as it were. My softback copy of The Game was printed in 2005, the events in it must have started around 2001 (hardback would be printed 2004, minimum a year for writing the book, and it supposedly spanned 2 years of time).

Hell, Tony's Lay Guide was around before then: in 2000 it went more commercial, prior to that you can pick up the free copy. There's plenty of archives of it out there. It was what triggered Neil Strauss to go PUA and see what the hell was going on in that subculture. So that said, Tony was the "father of the Manosphere". If we really needed a specific father to point out, 15+ years down the track.

Make all the claims he wants, it doesn't change the demonstrable fact that Roosh got in early and milked it for what he could, as it were. Now he's pulling a Tyler Durden, reinventing himself and trying to milk it for more. You made your mark, you catered to a certain segment of the Manosphere, and you have helped a certain subset of people get what they want: sex with lots of good-looking girls.

No problems. About any of that. Just don't try to be overdramatic about it. Or get pissy when parts of the Manosphere grows in directions that you don't seem to like - you never controlled it and you never will, whatever you say. It's bigger than you. Admit it and fuckin' deal with it like an adult.

So. Neomasculinity. As Sandman basically said: funny how it looks a bit like MGTOW 1.0, from the No-Ma'am website.

Like Bar Bar, I must ask: if Men are supposed to become neomasculine - new masculinity or new men - and follow the older, traditional ways - where's the women for them?

Are they supposed to be spontaneously created out of the ether?

What, all these sluts (married or not) that the PUAs have been fucking up the ass and doing ass-to-mouth with will suddenly get themselves a spontaneous case of Born Again Virgin? Their mental and emotional brokenness will suddenly heal? They will magically go from well-sullied whores to perfectly virginal, loyal, and loving Unicorns in a heartbeat?
Roosh bewails that his beloved Polish girls have turned as shitty and depraved as Western women - a process he helped along with his various books, giving Western men the idea to try their luck there and other places overseas. I distinctly remember reading a post where he remarked about them (Polish girls) going out nightclubbing, their fickleness, drunkenness, etc - just like the good time girls women I see down the bars in New Zealand. Now he expects these (in fact, any) girls to spontaneously change and Woman Up for these New Men that he is creating.

In the end he's just Creating a Better Beta.

In the end he's just catering to the feminine imperative.

In the end he's just making a better Man - and then saying to those Men "man up and marry those sluts". He hasn't changed the women's behavior and mentality any.

There is another thing about this that neither Sandman nor Bar Bar caught, too - I don't know why. The most basic thing about this whole Neomasculinity bushwah going on. That is: it doesn't address the fundamental fuckups in the system. That it's still way too easy for women to shaft Men, if they get bored or want to step out or find someone more to their liking.

It seems more and more like Roosh is just looking to make a few more bucks off some new crop of hapless, naive Men who've been hurt already. Go ahead, sell more snake-oil - I'm sure that someone will buy it. You're not addressing the basic disease, you're not lancing the boil in the system, you're not administering antibiotics, you're not sucking-and-spitting the basic poison which laces society these days.

You can make "new" Men. It doesn't make these "new" Men invulnerable. It doesn't make these "new" Men able to survive the system currently in place. Sure, it might make their chances of success with women higher. Sure, it might make their chances of a successful long-term marriage with women higher. Yet they can still get shafted by Team Womyn™ whenever she desires, for little or no reason.

The MRAs and MGTOWs are attempting, each in their own ways, to kick the system as-it-is into cardiac-arrest. To address the imbalances in the system. To slap it upside the head and correct the nuttiness. This attempt of Neomasculinity - while interesting - does nothing to correct the system as-it-is. It simply appears to be an attempt to make a socially-acceptable "PUA-Lite" from which more money can be made.

As for some of the rabid fanboi's in the PUAsphere, once more ragging on the MGTOW (go see Vox Day's blog if you really give a flying fuck about this bullshit). I see vast amounts of shaming language and personal attacks and rampant emotionalism. (Emotionalism like a woman having a shit-fit? Hmmm!)

They are still unable to conceive of a Man who doesn't think that a vagina is the end-all of man's approval and worth in this world. Because all their life revolves around is getting laid. The fact that anyone else chooses differently seems to make them insecure about their choices in life - because they may have yet to understand that they have no real desires of their own, that they are still following someone else's script, for someone else's profit.
Hopefully they will eventually be able to step back and say like an adult: "Okay. I might not agree with your choices, however I'm not going to give you shit about your choices. In fact, I will give you a thumbs-up for making your choices and sticking by them. Good on you." When they can do that, this brouhaha will (hopefully) die down and we can get back to looking at the problem which caused us all to end up out here in the first place: the bloody gynocentric society we were born in.

That said, even while this crap and brouhaha is going down. To all you PUAs: may your notch-count of sexy chicks climb. I view you Men as a filtering mechanism. You filter out the mentally- and emotionally-damaged women so that other Men don't have to. They just have to look at the girls you fuck and avoid them like the plague. Thank you for that.

I will leave you with Sandman's and Bar Bar's videos on this little brouhaha:

Wednesday 3 June 2015

She's Changed, She's Not The Slut I Married

Every now and then it's funny as fuck to flip the script on some of the common things in life. This one is the "he's changed, he's not the man I married" excuse that goes around for a frivorce. I'm also adding to this the common trope of men getting less sex once married.

Man (seeking divorce): Your honor, she's changed. She's not the slut I married.

Judge: Please explain for the Court and Jury.

Man: Well, your honor. In the beginning she was all over me. Couldn't keep her hands off me. It was sex - sex, sex, sex. Sometimes five times a day! Blow jobs, fucking like rabbits, wild-monkey-sex, anal, the works. She swallowed like a greedy nymphomaniac. Sex was almost exhausting on my part, yet she craved it incessantly. Forced it, even.

Judge: You are advised to restrain your language. Though the illustration is clear. In what way has she changed?

Man: Apologies, your honor. Well. Marriage - which was very expensive, because I thought that she was worth it - then suddenly things went downhill. Certainly our marriage night was good, definitely up to par. Yet, within a year, she was looking very pudgy. She added 10 kilos.

Judge: She added 10 kilograms of weight in a year?

Man: Yes your honor. You can see the photo's as evidence, pre-wedding down the beach and wedding. Very slim and athletic as you can see. Within a year she'd added 10 kilos. Over the three years of our marriage, she has added 50 kilos - as you can see, your honor.

Judge: Yes, the Court can see the differences. Continue.

Man: Thank you, your honor. Well. Not only did she put on weight - sex dropped off.

Judge: Dropped off? Expand on that.

Man: It was strange. Originally the sex continued much as it had...then it slowly tapered off. Three times a day...two times a day...once a day. Then once every couple of days. Only on weekends. Until now, three years later, when it's once - perhaps twice - in a month.

Judge: I understand. A marked change in behavior. Was there any reason for this change? Medical, physical, or the like?

Man: I can give various examples, your honor. Will that suffice?

Judge: Indeed.

Man: All sorts of reasons - none overtly medical or physical. Things like: I'm on my period - which I could understand, though that doesn't mean that other ahem sexual acts cannot be performed. They used to be, on a regular and daily basis.

Judge: That will be taken under advisement. Continue.

Man: Other things. I don't feel like it. I have a headache. I'm in one of those moods. It's been a hard day. I just want to be cuddled. Things like that.

Judge: So nothing actually medical?

Man: No, your honor. We did seek medical and psychiatric help. Medically there was nothing wrong with her, as per the doctor's report. Psychiatrically, she refused to go to the Psychiatrist. Said it was demeaning and degrading.

Judge: Interesting. So you were the concerned for her health - physical, mental, and emotional - and attempted to help her.

Man: Yes, your honor. It was such a marked change in behavior, I had to do all that I could to have her regain her health and well-being.

Judge: Is there anything further that you wish to add?

Man: Yes, your honor. Neglect.

Judge: Neglect?

Man: Yes, your honor. Neglect. Coming home from a hard night's work - no meals prepared. I had to prepare my own. In many cases, our child was hungry also. She had not been fed lunch or dinner. Once or twice, she had not had her nappies changed - I had to do that as well.

Judge: Upon returning from work. What had your Wife been doing?

Man: Apparantly laying on the couch and watching television all day, your honor.

Judge: It would appear that your Woman has failed in her Wifely duties, being neglectful and causing hardship to both you and your child. The Jury will now retire to consider the merits of the case.

Jury (returning from recess and giving judgement): Your honor, we find in the Man's favor.

Judge: As expected - an almost open-and-shut case of female deception and Wifely neglect. As is I must grant this divorce, you are no longer Man and Wife. As recompense for this Wifely neglect I find that all assets will revert to your name. Your child will remain in your care. The State will grant assistance in the form of a nanny, since you must work to continue paying your mortgage.

Judge: As regards the Woman - she is passed over to the care of a Psychological Institute for a period of not less than two years and not more than five years. It is hoped that within that institution she will become a functioning and useful member of society. Though it is my personal opinion that she will never be suitable as a Wife, nor for duties in the field of Mothering and dealing with Children. That will be entered in her record.

This is what equality would look like - though don't expect to see it in a courtroom near you!

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Books Removed from the Free Reading Page

Since the No Ma'am and Masculine Principle websites look like they're being maintained and updated, I decided that it's not kosher for me to keep up the e-books composed from those websites.

The following books have been removed:

The Book of Bonecrkr
The Book of Pook
The Philosophy Of Men Going Their Own Way

Thank you very much Robert Fedders - or whoever you are keeping those sites running. Hope that I didn't piss you off any.

Good luck.

No World For Men

This is no country, no society, no world, for men. Not any more.

Over on Ian Ironwood's blog, he thinks that he may have found a Rational Feminist Unicorn. I encourage reading and thinking about what was written. I wrote a little response:
While I honor your attempts Ian - I begin to think that engaging with feminists (and women on the whole) is a waste of time. The reason: there appears to be no attention or sympathy for men in our world. Endless attention and sympathy for women, and they cry out for more attention and sympathy in an unending paean - none for men. Simply a cold and selfish indifference. This has been known through the ages. 
From Project Gutenberg's book "The Life Of Florence Nightingale", search in that webpage for "Women have no sympathy":
(Miss Nightingale to Madame Mohl.) 32 South Street, London, Dec. 13 [1861]. I have read half your book thro' [Madame Récamier], and am immensely charmed by it. But[14] some things I disagree with and more I do not understand. This does not apply to the characters, but to your conclusions, e.g. you say “women are more sympathetic than men.” Now if I were to write a book out of my experience, I should begin Women have no sympathy. Yours is the tradition. Mine is the conviction of experience.
Now just look at the degree in which women have sympathy—as far as my experience is concerned. And my experience of women is almost as large as Europe. And it is so intimate too. I have lived and slept in the same bed with English Countesses and Prussian Bäuerinnen. No Roman Catholic Supérieure has ever had charge of women of the different creeds that I have had. No woman has excited “passions” among women more than I have. Yet I leave no school behind me. My doctrines have taken no hold among women. Not one of my Crimean following learnt anything from me, or gave herself for one moment after she came home to carry out the lesson of that war or of those hospitals.… No woman that I know has ever appris à apprendre. And I attribute this to want of sympathy. You say somewhere that women have no attention. Yes. And I attribute this to want of sympathy. Nothing makes me so impatient as people complaining of their want of memory. How can you remember what you have never heard?… It makes me mad, the Women's Rights talk about “the want of a field” for them—when I know that I would gladly give £500 a year for a Woman Secretary. And two English Lady Superintendents have told me the same thing. And we can't get one.…
As an aside, the sum of £500 a year in those days equates to something like $50-60k a year these days. Even for that, Florence and her acquaintances couldn't find a woman to act as a secretary.

The only attention that Men get these days seems to equate to: "What have you done for me recently?" You were expecting any form of sympathy? Forget it.

As Anonymous wrote on What Do You Like To Do?
What my counsellor showed me as well, is that we as men, we have identified and suppressed ourselves so much in the name of our wives and families, we have lost ourselves, our very essence.
I think that “What do you like to do”, was a form of “remembering” therapy, for me to start that great process of reclaiming the authentic and true me.
He told me the reason that I had forgotten about me, was that to my family, I was just a utility, an accessory, just like a hand bag. The last thing society and my ex-wife wanted was to see was me was as human, with my own thoughts and feelings.
As an aside, if you want to know how you can tell the right therapist for you? Your ex will hate them. They will make disparaging remarks about them, as they can see and are threatened by your new empowerment.
People hate MGTOW as it gives back men’s humanity – and slaves are not supposed to have any humanity.
If we men are thought of as human - as something other than a workhorse, or slave, or machine - then guilt might ensue. You don't feel guilty about mistreating a machine, running it until it falls apart, the pistons and gears grinding, the oil squirting, the screaming sounds as the engine is taken to and past redline, the stink as the clutch burns out. It's just a machine.

Never mind maintenance.

Replace it when it falls apart.

So our male blood, our lives, our sanity, lubricates the gears of the machine that is this women-centric society. All the while women cry out, more and more, for attention and sympathy and help and privileges.

Never mind. He's just another replaceable robotic part.

Monday 1 June 2015

What Do You Like To Do?

Back on my post about Personal Time and Space is Golden for Men, commentor Anonymous shared this little gem:
When I got divorced, I did go to a counselor, a very wise guy, and the first thing he asked me was "what do you like to do"?. I had no answer. He spent the next couple of months talking about what I'd like to do. I felt like one of those escaped animals that was totally bewildered.
This especially has stuck with me: "He spent the next couple of months talking about what I'd like to do."

Given that I've been effectively defining MGTOW (again) recently - and a whole bunch of the PUAsphere has been basically telling lies about and shit-slinging at MGTOW (again) recently - I decided that it was long past time and very much worth looking into this more closely.

As per the above, a lot of men seem to come out of the divorce/frivorce bullshit-and-meatgrinder with - nothing.

I'm not talking work, money, homes, things, self-esteem, whatever. I'm not talking child custody. I'm not talking having to pay alimony or child-support. I'm not talking visitation rights. I'm not talking being forced to live on a mate's couch or in a van down by the river for a year or two. I'm not talking any of that stuff. That's simply incidental crap that you have to deal with in life. Big stuff, sure, yet it isn't the core of your life.

I'm talking the answer to the simplest question in life: What do you like to do?

For most of these shell-shocked and battered men, the answer seems to be: What?

It almost seems like their personal desires, enjoyments, and fun have all been erased from their being.

They've been around their woman so long, she's worked on and molded him so long, that he doesn't seem to have something personal left. It almost seems like a form of brainwashing: everything has been turned and fine-tuned to the purpose of catering for her and the children.

There's nothing left that is uniquely him any more.

Perhaps that's why the divorce/frivorce occurred. He's literally not the man that she married. Much or all of his individuality has been wiped away, replaced with an interchangeable robot who can do not much more than acquiesce to whatever her desires are. So she leaves because he's not what she fell in love with - no duh, stupid.

Keoni Galt recently made a comment on a post of mine, something like: Surfers surf, hunters hunt, divers dive, gamers game. Drawing the line.

Strangely enough, you can ask this of many women also: What do you like to do?

It's a peculiar thing. I wonder if this is kind of what caused feminism. Betty Frieden, The Feminine Mystique, "The Problem That Has No Name". Bored, dissatisfied, didn't have any real interests of her own. So she blamed men for her lack of interests. Blamed men for her dissatisfaction. Blamed men for her boredom.

So she wrote about it, blaming and whining about men. It went viral. Eventually blaming men and complaining about men and whining about men - aka man-bashing - became the favorite sport and pastime of women in the Western world.

Bob Wallace once made a comment on a post of mine: Women want license.

Men gave it to them.

Men are hated for it.

Ironic. Hated for giving women what they want. The old Arab proverb: "Women want fried ice." You can never satisfy them - don't waste your time trying.

We've noted before, women as chameleons - women as empty vessels - their interests become that of their man. Sometimes it's an act and you can catch the slip. Sometimes it might be sincere. You can't be absolutely certain.

Back to these men. There's nothing left that is uniquely him any more.

What do you like to do? Anonymous went for a couple of months exploring that question. I think that you found the wisest counselor possible, when he and you went over and over that.

Many shell-shocked men wander into the manosphere, trying to figure out what the fuck happened to them. They followed the socially-approved script/recipe of: marry, get a house, have kids, kids move out, retire with big bucks and enjoy your life.

Only for some reason the script/recipe fell apart there, generally well before the "kids move out" stage. They sure as shit didn't make it to the "retire with big bucks and enjoy your life" stage.

An anecdotal 51% divorce rate - I decided to check on this. I got on to Wolfram|Alpha and did some searches, however I was very unsatisfied by the results. Very unclear - maybe someone else can wrangle the right questions. So I went to the CDC to find out what the rates were in America: Marriage and Divorce (2011) (provisional):
  • Number of marriages: 2,118,000
  • Marriage rate: 6.8 per 1,000 total population
  • Divorce rate: 3.6 per 1,000 population (44 reporting States and D.C.)
Note that they don't state outright "number of divorces", only "number of marriages". They also say that divorces are reported from some states, implying that marriages are from all states (so the divorce numbers are low). Doing some basic mathematics:

3.6 / 6.8 * 100 = 52.94% of marriages end in divorce

52.94% * 2,118,000 = 1,121,269 divorces

That's a fuckload of both blank-slate and really-pissed-off Men thrashing around uselessly in American society - in a single year.

So some of them wander into the manosphere, get a whole bunch of answers from the PUAsphere, and go out there looking to get laid. Partly it can be attributed to the general "this is what a man does" attitude coupled with the feminist/leftist shaming tactics that're common out there. Plus they've got no other answer to the question of what they like to do. (Perhaps that is another reason why I didn't go down the PUA track. I had things that I liked to do. I wasn't completely erased/deprogrammed at the point of my divorce/frivorce.)

Some of these Men end up being turned into Social Robots. (As Style/Neil Strauss once remarked upon in The Game.)

Some Men come to the realization: I don't really like doing that.

So they are forced back to the basic question again: What do you like to do?

Poor bastards end up blank-faced as they say: I 'ontno.

It appears that a good chunk of what goes on visibly in MGTOW is at the stage of: "I don't really like doing that." Which is kind of hard to get across to the guys who are still in the Social Robot stage of things. Which is why the PUAsphere seems to be tossing out the feminist/leftist shaming tactics as they attempt to stereotype MGTOW as "bitter loser neckbeards who can't get laid". Anything to keep their demographic growing from the influx of poor confused bastards.

Which is no help at all for the poor bastards who are in the stage of asking themselves: "What do I like to do?" (By the way there are a *lot* who don't get to the internet to do this - they manage it by themselves. Some even come on here and find MGTOW after years of doing their own thing. They're surprised that what they do is "a thing" with a name.)

Any rate. They're trying to sort out things in their heads and they're being bombarded with bullshit shaming tactics (h/t to commentor LosAngelesKing). They're trying to answer an existential question for themselves and they're basically being dumped on with female tactics once more - they're losing their personal time and space (cue reading the linked post again) because of having other men dumping on them and not leaving them alone.

The real answer to these feminist/leftist shaming tactics is something along the lines of: "Fuck off and let me be while I try and work out what I want to do with my life."

In a weird and twisted way there is no male safe-space for Men anywhere, even away from other men, to relax and get a break from the fuckin' bullshit.

I wonder if that's why many MGTOW disappear from the internet. They need their time and space - they've got a ton of monkey-poo getting thrown their way - they finally get disgusted and say "fuck off and die you sack-of-shit cunts!" and leave. So that they at least have some personal fuckin' peace and quiet while they sort themselves out with the next stage of answering for themselves that age-old question:

What do you like to do?