Wednesday 24 June 2015

Mocking the MGTOW-Haters

Over on Captain Capitalism, Aaron states that it's time to Abandon the USS MGTOW if you're still on it. He points to Matt Forney's post on RoK about MGTOW turning into a creeping cult of loserdom.

I happen to disagree.

Here's the reason why: because this is a form of SJW bullying.

I dislike when someone bullies me. The impulse is to sock them one in the nose. Giving in to these types of brainless turds is A Bad Thing™. Especially when these fuckers have an agenda of their own.

It's also a part and parcel of your constant competition.

So as I've posted in the comments on his post:
It's unfortunate that the term MGTOW has been forcibly broadbrushed with a variety of leftist/feminist-style shaming language tactics. "MGTOW are pathetic neckbeards who can't get laid!" They might as well add in there a few arbitrary "Nyahnyahnyah!" and "I bet you have a tiny penis!" comments as well. 
As in your post regarding arguing past their narrative, sophomoric and infantile appeals to emotion cannot be refuted by logic. So stating: "You are applying flawed logic. Some MGTOW being neckbeard losers does not mean all MGTOW are neckbeard losers." It goes in one ear and out the other of that type. Totally ineffective. 
It would be more effective to look at the useful idiots who spread this mindset and state something along the lines of: "Why do you even care about MGTOW? Something must have struck a nerve...oooooohhhh, are you afraid of them? Because you're afraid you lash out and mock them? So what are you afraid of? Scared that you made a mistake in life? Scared that these guys have it right? Awww poor likkle afwaid of being wrong..." 
That'd really mock them and get their goat. It would also deny them their SJW-style victory. 
Just like looking at a bunch of women rabbiting on about the gender pay gap. "Awww, you're just too wussy and gutless to do hard work like men are capable of doing. Too soft to go and earn $100+k a year in oil-drilling. No guts and drive in you at all..." It'd really rip the panties out of their feminist mindset of being better than men. 
Instead of abandoning something which perfectly describes what men are doing - their own thing - strike back and mock them in their turn for being pathetic and useless and afraid.
In many cases, these things do strike a nerve. It's always good to expose that nerve, expose that hypocrisy, and slap them around a bit emotionally. Send 'em crying back to their mama.

Besides, letting someone with no real fuckin' brains jump all over you simply encourages them to do it some more. Fuckin' little maggots, these SJW pieces of shit with an agenda. Herds of rabbits, just like a bunch of gutless women.

You need to be the mountain.

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  1. Eduardo the Magnificent25 June 2015 at 05:49

    Vox has been teaming up with Roosh, and is doing a GamerGate get-together with Milo and Mike Cernovich. They're starting to consolidate and establish a platform. I think this has been planned or a while. They see society crumbling, more men willing to swallow the red pill, and want to be first in-line to receive their dough. Human nature, I guess. Soon, the only way you'll be able to tell the difference between truth and snake oil will be to check if said blogger has anything for sale.

    These guys don't care about those of us who have already taken the pill. They want the fresh meat: those gullible enough to think buying $100 a month worth of supplements will get their life on track. Think Roosh cares if half is loyal readership tells him to fuck off? He's already made his bread off of them, and there's another AFC (sucker) born every day. Cash 'dem checks, boys.

    There's a red pill saying, that the most sobering thing to learn is that your mother is just another woman, like any other you meet and are trying to game every day. The second most, I think, is to find out the ones you though were trying to red pill you and help you understand that truth were really just trying to get on your wallet all along. Part of MGTOW is, I think, or should be, self-education. Roosh, Vox, do not want you doing that AT ALL.

    1. Even some of the snake oil can have elements of truth. We simply need to be perceptive enough to see which is which.

      It is very sobering when your own mother feels up your new muscles. Then you look at her life and realize that hey, she lucked out - she was just another good-time-girl - and you wake up fast. Just another girl indeed.

      Regarding the red-pill-sellers, they're simply attempting to get their slice. While I have no problems with them catering to a certain segment of men who just want to get laid, I do have problems when they attempt to shame men with other interests.

  2. I was reading the comments on the latest MGTOW shaming article and the most of the commenters had seen right through the gist of the article and called the author on it. I am glad to see that independent dissenting thought is still permitted and I agree with most of those dissenting opinions because as they have eluded in many comments that as long as we live in a gynocentric society with oppressive misandryist laws, MTGOW will continue to grow. These people who are starting to shame the MTGOW's have thus far have not suggested any viable options other than just criticize the guys who are getting their act together and living life on their own terms. What about non self identified MTGOW's who are going their own way? I was MTGOW even before I was aware it existed. My question is, what is their beef with MTGOW's and how do they benefit from shaming people like myself. At this point I do not give a rats a** and I will continue to do my own thing and go my own way. I also do not need to be part of the herd mentality.

    1. It was good to see that the highest-rated comment was calling them out.

      I pulled up the stats recently that in 2011 America there were over 1 million divorces. Over a million divorced men in one year. Only a miniscule fraction come onto the internet and search for answers, and of course most of them don't need to talk - they reach their own conclusions and do what they want.

      My belief is that at least some of the shaming language is attempting to steer some of that miniscule fraction of men away from MGTOW and thinking/learning for themselves, and into lining the shamer's pockets with their ready-made solutions. The problem in my view is that people are individuals and a one-size-fits-all solution is not going to be a good fit for all.

  3. MGTOWs don't pay for PUA bootcamps, and that's why RoK despises them. Every person who mentions that fact on RoK gets banned.

    Check out this thread:

    RoK is banning people for pointing out that its all about the money.

    1. It's all about the money.

      Sad thing is, these guys don't need boot camps and suchlike. There's so much information out there that you could read for 10 hours and then be standing head-and-shoulders above the average chump. Just apply what you learned.