Tuesday 30 June 2015

Double-Down And Jumping The Shark

Matt Forney has a new hit-piece over on RoK:

Why Shaming Men (And Women) Is Important And Necessary

I dropped down a comment:
Let me see. So the message in the manosphere includes a combination of:

"Ignore and/or deconstruct women and feminists shaming men!"
"Listen to men shaming men!"

So to start with, every Man has been taught not to listen to shaming language at all. In fact, to sneer at those who use shaming language - because it's manipulative and despicable and a lowbrow non-quality means of persuading people. As per Graham's Hierarchy of Arguments.

Then: pull out the most basic of textbook shaming language. Aim it at other men. (For what purpose? To coax them into chasing pussy? Newsflash! You need to watch Redonkulous - What Is MGTOW?)

Then: wonder why the response is overwhelmingly negative. In fact, why someone just might pull out a .50 cal elephant gun and give it from both barrels.

Is this doubling-down on a position, like men do to women? Agree and amplify? Is this clickbait? Is this jumping the shark?

I wonder if this comment will get me banned from here?

We'll see what happens. Quite humorous, really. This appears to be the process of RoK becoming a source of clickbait.


  1. Matt Forney apparently is in an LTR with the golden vagina of his dreams; based on the picture that was posted earlier that got deleted. Him and his lady friend at Mt..Rushmore.

  2. Matt had better quality work when he was Ferdinand Bardamu at In Mala Fide. When he came out of anonymity, and started doing podcasts is when he became irrelevant in my opinion.

  3. I have no idea regarding Matt Forney's LTR or whatever. It really doesn't matter that much. I'm simply looking at the actions.

    I agree re him as Ferdinand Bardamu and In Mala Fide. In fact, it was a combination of the Chateau and In Mala Fide and The Spearhead which was my introduction to the manosphere. Everything else was after the fact.

    (I left The Spearhead fairly quickly. It was a little too whiny for my taste. There was some good stuff though.)

  4. My point in saying Matt has an LTR is that he is obviously biased against anyone who doesn't have a woman in their life. I mean this is the same guy who waxed poetic about Philippino hookers, then turns around and hops on the tradcon bandwagon with Roosh, Aaron Clarey, etc and has the fucking gall to call us losers. The last halfway decent article Matt ever put out was the one about the tattoos on women being a tell saying she is fucked in the head. Everything else he has done since then is quite forgettable.

  5. Point, yes. Especially about the forgettableness. A quick google search:

    6 Things White Girls Can Learn From Filipina's
    The Myth of Yellow Fever
    Will The Philippines Become The Next Poosy Paradise Lost?

    So, he had himself some fun in the Philippines and no longer is going to be going back there? Because he has an LTR here? Interesting.

  6. Not sure if I have pointed this out before, but: everyone who comments on that thread and mentions *money* is banned. MGTOWs don't buy books or attend PUA seminars. That's why Matt hates 'em. Mention that, and you are out the door. I and a few other people have been banned after making the mildest of comments along those lines.

  7. I remember. From what I've heard, a LOT of MGTOW who pop out with the comment of "it's all about the $$$ innit?" and "MGTOW don't buy pick-up-chicks books and seminars" and similar remarks are getting the kick-ban.

    Banning these commentors and removing their comments are very indicative of hitting a sore spot. The truth hurts don't it?

  8. LosAngelesKing2 July 2015 at 13:39

    The truth does indeed hurt...like a fucking root canal. No better than the SJWs they claim to despise. Forney seems to have a stalkerish obsession with those who have the temerity to not crawl up under him and ride his nuts. But money isn't the only thing motivating him in his jihad against MGTOW (although that ranks right up at the top of his motivations), it's also attention whoring (hey look at ME! ME! I'll show you lesser males how it's done), not to mention Olympian sized ego.

    Here is this glaring piece of hypocrisy too from Roosh;s bum boy in the same above linked article: "In doing this, r/TheRedPill has become the manosphere’s equivalent of Tumblr: a gang of special little snowflakes screeching “YOU CAN’T JUDGE ME FOR CUCKING OTHER MEN, YOU TRADCON SHITLORD!'"

    Where were the denunciations of his ROK colleague Donovan Sharpe for advocating and advising men doing the very same thing, hmmm? I know where the ass bandits at ROK stand on that issue, regardless of the protests to the contrary.


  9. "Somebody will fuck these broads…guaran-damn-teed. It may as well be you." <--- invitation to degeneracy.

    I did like the overwhelmingly negative remarks on the original article. Interesting that the #1 (top) comment has been deleted.

  10. When a man looks the way Matty does, he does not get to shame anybody!