Tuesday 23 June 2015

Bread and Circuses

Bread and circuses.
The parallels with the decline of the Roman Empire are striking. Bread (doled out free food in the form of grain) and circuses (the coliseum and other games).

Distraction of the masses with free food and entertainment. Nice.

More entertainment in the form of politicians posturing and promising in the process of entertaining the populace - enough to vote them in to the hog-trough for another term.

Personal peccadilloes exposed for the titillation of the masses. Entertainers lauded more than the salt of the earth, than the builders of the past and present and future who put the world together for more posturing parasites to unthinkingly use, abuse, and shit on them.

The worker ants supporting the grasshoppers.

Sickening, saddening, enlightening.

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  1. Eduardo the Magnificent23 June 2015 at 16:39

    Not to mention the Divide and Conquer strategy goings on in the manosphere. All empires fall. America is no unicorn.

    1. Who is dividing whom in the manosphere?

    2. I think that Eduardo is referring to the schism in the Manosphere. If so, that brings up some interesting thoughts regarding the source of said schism. Some sort of covert "fifth column"? At any rate, the self-fighting is distracting us from the real issues that we should be focusing on.

      Which means that some those who spread the stereotypes going down re MGTOW at present, are acting either as willing subversives or as useful idiots for someone else's agenda. When the agenda involves constant male competition, we start biting each other in the back.

    3. Those 'differences of opinion' between the PUA, MRA, tradcon and MGTOW camps were present from the beginning. It's rather unavoidable to have them if dominant priorities within those groups are radically different (and often straight at odds with) from each other. A father of 20-something daughters does not have the same interests as a 20-something single man. And there is nothing wrong with that, IMO.