Thursday 11 June 2015

Cycling Between Matriarchy and Patriarchy

Turd Flinging Monkey has an interesting video about how war (in the form of killing off men) causes cycling between Matriarchy and Patriarchy:

In there is also a mention of future technology possibly making women obsolete, and how that might change society to a Patriarchy. On the whole quite thought-provoking.

This might explain a part of the claimed statistic that only 40% of Men throughout history have reproduced (worked out from DNA sampling if I recall correctly). The other 60% of men have been either killed off or cuckolded, never breeding.


  1. Hmm... how was that proven? How to spot the difference between not breeding at all and having children that died before reaching adulthood?

    1. Make that 'before puberty' instead of 'reaching adulthood'.

    2. I had a look-around to find this for you. It's something that I should have done myself with some more research before posting.

      In the comments of Less Wrong on this post is more information with links to articles and books and I believe some research.

      Regarding having children that died before reaching puberty/adulthood - you are right. Perhaps it was more in the context of "living today" rather than "never breeding".

  2. On unrelated note, have you ever read "Genji monogatari", BPS? That guy, Hikaru Genji, would make a fine PUA, heh. I bet that without his looks and social status nobody would write books about his 'conquests'.