Wednesday 24 June 2015

Your Constant Competition

From Black Dragon's blog, courtesy of Didact's Reach:

Why do men protect women but not other men? 
There is massive Societal Programming that states that the lives of men are somehow worth less than those of women and children. When a ship or plane is sinking at sea, women and children are shuttled off first. If they run out of lifeboats, us guys are supposed to suck it up and die. 
Women didn’t invent this stupidity. MEN did. Women also don’t, as a rule, propagate this stupidity. MEN do, including both left-wing beta male white knights and even many right-wing Alpha Male 1.0s. 
The sad reality is that the majority of men in modern day society actually support anti-man Societal Programming. I wish this was not the case, but it is. If men supported men just as much as they supported women, what happened in that video would never have occurred. Men wouldn’t be paying alimony or be barred from seeing their own kids either. 
Based on my own educated guesses of reading the stats, about 70% of men in today’s Western world are beta males. “Beta” is a range of course; some of these 70% are extreme, hopeless pussies and others are somewhat confident betas, but they’re still beta.
These men go along with just about all of this anti-man, woman-empowerment stuff. They laugh at all those commercials that show husbands and boyfriends as stupid buffoons. They think alimony is a good idea, or at least don’t question it. They agree with videos like this. They make hundreds of “OMG you’re so beautiful!” comments on every pic a girl posts on Facebook or Instagram. They turn into whiny bitches when women dump them
And so the cycle continues.
From Didact's thoughts on this:
As explanations go, it's not a bad one. Blackdragon is entirely correct to lay most of the blame for Western society's currently FUBARd state at the feet of Western men. As he rightly points out, if Western men simply refused to get married and thereby stopped feeding the alimony machine that gives women every possible incentive to screw them and their men over, the entire system would collapse in on itself overnight. The reason it doesn't collapse, he contends, is because men are programmed to belittle the worth of other men. 
There's just one little problem with this argument, and it's a big one. (Yes, that was intentional. Haven't you ever watched Futurama?) 
Blackdragon missed, by a very wide margin, the real reason why men generally do not hold other men's lives in particularly high esteem. He simply did not bother to account for the fact that, in reproductive terms, men actually are not worth very much.
Strangely enough, I think that they've both missed an important point. It's not necessarily that it's anti-man societal programming. It's not necessarily that it's because men are programmed to belittle the worth of other men.

It's that men compete with other men for pussy. Period.

Sure, we've been conditioned to the "women are good, men are bad" mindset. It laces every aspect of society from birth on upwards. Commercials. Sitcoms. Romances. You name it. The woman is the prize. She has the golden vagina. She gets to stand on the pedestal and dangle her privates in your face.

When a man gets cut down socially, taken down a peg or two dozen, then that makes other men look good in comparison. Especially if it's done by a woman. His worthlessness in comparison makes their worth in comparison sky-high.

You see this competition everywhere. Even in the PUAsphere. Alpha Male Out-Gaming (AMOG-ing). Boyfriend Destroying. Hell, even in the Manosphere with the deliberate (mis)characterization of all MGTOW being losers who can't get laid.

Cut down the other man's social worth, it makes you look good in comparison. If you can do it plausibly-deniably the better. Into the bargain, you are also showing off your social worth in chick terms as being higher than his.

Bros before hoes? Not when it comes to getting dick into pussy. As exemplified in many cases. Hell, Style/Strauss was doing this when attempting to steal girls from his fellow-PUAs. (In The Game and the very-long linked Rawness post.)

Broken, entirely. You might find one or two Men who would not stand around picking their nose if a girl spiked your drink. They have your back. The only ones who ever would, true friends you can take to the bank.

The rest are fair-weather friends at best - only until she dangles her privates in his face.

Remember this:

Friends help you move.
Real friends help you move bodies...

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