Wednesday 10 June 2015

You Made Your Choice

On the (round) heels of Flashy Trashy, I have to say: you made your choice.

Let's explain this a bit.

Women didn't have to get trashy to get attention. They could get it anyway. There have always been sluts and whores in the world, men have always been able to find them. Women worth marrying had to work at it to get their man.

Men didn't have to let women get trashy. It happened almost by default. Can't stand to listen to her whinge and whine and bitch - so eventually you toss the cunt a bone. Just to shut her fuckin' mouth.

Bad move in both cases.

In my opinion the flashy-trashy women came into being through sheer laziness. Instead of showing to society (and men) that you're a good (prospective) wife and mother, capable of keeping a good house and the like - it's easier to flash a bit of leg, ass, and pussy. A lot of fun too. Instead of having to work at learning all it takes to make a home and to bring up children decently, dangle your privates in his face.

Is there any wonder the mentality of "I have the golden vagina that trumps all" which has taken over society. Is it any wonder that any chance of a NAWALT has died, because it had to conform to this mentality and compete with the other flashy-trashy women, just to get themselves a man of some stripe. Any stripe. It doesn't matter, at least it's a man to get you through life. Until you get bored.

Team Womyn™ fucked themselves over quite thoroughly, in their quest for "independence" and "fairness" and "equality". They have succeeded in their race to the bottom.

Strangely enough, in my opinion the evolution of flashy-trashy women came into being through a mixture of laziness and inertia on men's part. The laziness came in with Men letting girls get away with just about anything, in small and incremental steps. "Give him an inch, he'll take an ell." These days, it's a mile.

The inertia is simply a case of generations between most of these changes. Go back 150-200 years when things seemed to work better. But nobody remembers that! So inertia sets in. The mentality becomes "this is the way it's always been" and instead of taking away what was given, you start clamoring for some of that yourself. Thus the MRAs fighting within the system to change it and make it more "equal". Good luck, guys.

The inches were taken decades - perhaps centuries - ago. The mile is evident when I walk down the street and see drunken brawls, pools of puke, and people passed out. When I see people posting up a selfie on facecrap of themselves unconscious with an empty bottle of tequila and writing things like: "Wow how'd that happen heheheh!" All a big fuckin' laugh, aye.

This is both men and women. All a big joke, lets go do it again. You getting pissed on Friday? Oh, Wednesday night party? I'm in! Work Thursday? Who gives a flying fuck? Let's get shitfaced!

When I was young (old fuckin' fogey that I am) you saw a pool of puke or a fight like maybe a couple times a year. Decorum was expected - even of the trashy women. These days, the puke happens every night on the town. I can't speak for the brawling - I left that scene long ago. Boring as fuck, the people in it were boring as fuck, and it simply wasn't my way. Not my path through life.

It's completely fuckin' creepy the shit that is taken as normal behavior these days. Here's a prime example from the people that I used to "associate" with in dance (I decided that I didn't have time for that crap). A girl whose boyfriend posted up a pic of her on facecrap - she was shooting an air-rifle. She asked him to take it down because she was concerned that her employer would see that and view it dimly.

Her posting pictures of drunkeness was taken as a matter of course. Passed out. The aftermath of a party. Stating that she had to clean up so-and-so who had puked all over the show - or themselves. That she took someone home because they got totally smashed. Got fuckin' high (!) on something, talked about all over facecrap. About as fuckin' public as you can get.

Never mind her obvious and oblivious association with absolute crappy people. Her shooting an air rifle was of concern. This twat is working to get an MBA in her after-hours spare time. Never mind that public drunkenness and the admission of getting high on a semi-regular basis - the air rifle is of concern. Her employers might see that.

In reality the air rifle was the least of her worries. In fact it was the most fucking wholesome part of her "lifestyle". Completely creepy and whacked in the head.

Going back to inertia. All these sluts and whores flashing their legs, ass, and pussy at a man - if that's all he can see around, he thinks it's normal. The inertia has kicked in. Nobody is restraining such behavior in any manner. Therefore it must be normal. He may as well join in, what the fuck, this is what normal people do.

He becomes crap in his turn. Tattoos. Piercings. What the fuck, there's plenty of examples of it. Those maggots are getting pussy, too. Drama. Horseshit. Sally blurts out that she's pregnant. You're pregnant?! Hey, Sally's knocked up! Holy fuck, I'm leaving town! Whadda ya mean you're leaving town - the whole fucking town is leaving town!

Out comes the sproglet. It looks around. Oh, so this is normal. Suck that thumb kid. Yeah, this is normal.

The cycle of trash goes around.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


  1. For a guy who was quite recently contemplating taking a blogging break because he was running out of things to write about...your recent output has been excellent!

    1. Thanks Keoni. I hope that the quality of posts stays reasonable.

      One more post in the pipeline, that needs more polish. I could put it out there, except it doesn't really satisfy me. Something's not quite right.

      Strangely, I will be taking a week's break starting in a couple days - having a short holiday. Much needed.

    2. Black Knight, Black Heart11 June 2015 at 03:08

      I think the trashiness from women is them finally not bothering to disguise their true nature anymore, because society's standards have sunken so low. It takes effort to conceal and modern women are just too lazy.

      Modern men having been raised by feminist mothers were taught to believe that women can do no wrong, will suffer through all sorts of terrible female behaviors just to have a girlfriend / wife.

      Men need to have higher standards and not be so desperate. Boycott today's trashy women!

    3. Definitely boycott today's trashy women.

      Seriously, they're way more effort than they're worth. A simple cost/benefit analysis will show that. Been done many times, both on this blog and on others.