Friday 18 November 2022

Some Things Are Bullshit

Over the years you start developing a nose for the bullshit in the world. You know, stuff like:

Feminism. That horse keeps getting a solid beating.

Communism. That worked reeeeeeal well in Russia. Also in Cambodia, under Pol Pot. China is having a rough time with it now also...

Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Let's be clear: Intelligence (IQ) is definitely measured and measurable, with lots of tests, and is damned-well accepted scientifically.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has no accepted scales and tests. Not one.

This puts it in the category of Pop Psychology along with MBTI and similar "personality tests". (All the garbage that HR drones love-love-love to spout, because it's all very nebulous and feel-good and hand-wavey and stuff like that. AKA it gives them an excuse to attend conferences in other cities or overseas, lap up the booze, sample some exotic cock, all on the company dime and without coming back with any kind of plan of work, actionable steps, etc.)

HR. See above. I've also known some HR types who hire female staff on the basis of if she will part her legs for him. Repeatedly, in the case of fucking the female employees and management of external Employment/Headhunting businesses.

Psychology. I've not quite decided regarding this one.

On the one hand, the concept of the Oedipus Complex ("all sons want to fuck their mothers and hate their father because he got there first and on an ongoing basis"). This is currently in severe doubt in the psychological world. Yeah, great projection of your own fucked-up-ness there, Freud. He also stated that lesbianism was caused by the father, was curable with psychoanalysis, and yet could not "cure" lesbianism in his own daughter. Way to prove your own theories are horseshit, mate.

On the other hand, these pricks are master manipulators. Something about poking your finger into the psyche of thousands of people on an ongoing basis - and being paid huge bucks for it! - gives some pretty good insights into the mind. Also a helluva lot of training towards fucking with the mind and emotions, 'cause they learn where all the buttons that can be pushed are. The more unethical members go into marketing - and if you cross them are very good at pushing *your* buttons.

Greenpeace. Oh my...

Saving the planet. Hahah - the planet could be nuked flat, the surface turned to glass, every speck of life from the top of the stratosphere to the bottom of the Mariana Trench eradicated with lethal radiation and chemical poisons, and the Earth would go on it's merry way for the next 5 billion years. The planet doesn't need saving. WE need saving. Unfortunately the typical alarmist language used by these so-called quasi-politico organizations just turns our brains off. We either swallow it whole, or reject it utterly.

Stop chlorination campaign. 1991-1995, we shall be rid of PVCs and suchlike eeeevils, yay! In the same time-period Latin America had 1 million Cholera cases and 10,000 deaths. Due to...stopping chlorinating their drinking water. Well, that's just fucking inconvenient of them innit...

(Seriously, these crazy politico cunts are a target 8 miles wide, just like Storm Large's vagina).

Even if there might be a slight grain of truth in it. (The planet? Pfui. Our society? Now you're talkin'.)

So, how do you detect this bullshit?

When someone is effectively screaming and throwing monkey-poo at you, you have two natural impulses:

* Defend yourself (walking away is a defense)

* Swallow it whole and join in (if you're a sheep - with the bonus that you're now on the throwing-end of the monkey-poo, not the receiving-end)

It takes a lot of effort to stop and think about what's going on at this point. Takes a lot of practice to getting to there - and I don't claim to have gotten that good at it either. Usually I have to cool off and figure it out later ("What should I have done at this point? Okay...")

One rule of thumb you can pretty-much count on:

If someone is screaming and throwing monkey-poo at you for whatever "reason", it's probably entirely founded on some form of bullshit.

It's always worth stopping and thinking about it - even if long afterwards - to figure out exactly what sort and how much bullshit is involved. Also what might have caused it to come into existence.

Usually its due to stupidity.

I remember one guy telling me that global warming was most definitely a thing, the seas were rising, etc etc etc. I agreed with him - 'cause I already knew it was alarmism and bullshit, and was in the middle of eating a delicious steak dinner. Priorities.

By all the above predictions, we should be living in Mel Gibson's Water World by now. Or dead, because WWIII happened and we nuked the planet and the few survivors cried out "eloi!" to the fallout and had some sort of mutated baby-things.

Instead, we have the Leftist-Academia-Complex putting out their theories of 72+ different forms of sexual preference - I haven't bothered counting recently - and if you're a boring Heterosexual White Male fucker then you will be hung, drawn, and quartered. Then they'll get serious with the real punishment. (Never mind Google employees identifying as a fuckin' building and having a company talk about it...there's some whack-job mentality right there.)

Yet when I look into the whole rising sea-level thing, I cannot help but notice something about people.

They'll build a fuckin' city on a fuckin' flood-plain. Yes, I'm looking at you, New Orleans (and the country of Denmark).

In contrast, I see wharves here in NZ that were built over 100 years ago. Also parks in a sea inlet. Also the local beaches.

Looking at the alarmism above - with predictions of rising sea levels of 1+cm a year - we should have seen in the past 33 years over a foot of water rise, which should have caused many of these areas to be flooded with every rising tide. I've been here for 35 years, it's happening people!

Funny, I ain't seeing it.

So yeah, this is how you know bullshit. It applies to a lot of things.

Hell, it probably applies to some (or all, if you're a Feminist-Leftist heterosexual male caucasian-hating weirdo) this blog. I ain't some fount of wisdom and all. I sure as shit ain't perfect.

And I'm still trying to figure out the bullshit in this world. There's a lot of it.

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Tuesday 1 November 2022

Fuck You're Cold




"But why? Would it really hurt to show some of your self?"


"You know, if you were more open, you might find a really great girl."

Like you?


So you're not really interested. You just want gossip and shit from someone reputed to be a cold-ass stone.


Let's see. Tats. Snot ring. Overweight. Lookin' fuckin' raddled too - too much booze, and probably a heavy smoker. Waaay too much makeup, which even my blind-ass eyes can see. You're ten years younger'n me too. Shit, I look better'n you do, even though the damn Covid fucked my gym over and closed it down.

"Why won't you talk about yourself?"

You ain't got anythin' I want, hoe. I'm'a go play a computer game, or watch the Alien movies, they're more interesting than your skank ass.

"Hey! Where're you going?!"


Make sure it's worth it, brothers - before you even think about bothering to open up anything to a camel that wants to get its head in the tent.

Remember: Women want fried ice.

And mansplaining is abusive.