Tuesday 1 November 2022

Fuck You're Cold




"But why? Would it really hurt to show some of your self?"


"You know, if you were more open, you might find a really great girl."

Like you?


So you're not really interested. You just want gossip and shit from someone reputed to be a cold-ass stone.


Let's see. Tats. Snot ring. Overweight. Lookin' fuckin' raddled too - too much booze, and probably a heavy smoker. Waaay too much makeup, which even my blind-ass eyes can see. You're ten years younger'n me too. Shit, I look better'n you do, even though the damn Covid fucked my gym over and closed it down.

"Why won't you talk about yourself?"

You ain't got anythin' I want, hoe. I'm'a go play a computer game, or watch the Alien movies, they're more interesting than your skank ass.

"Hey! Where're you going?!"


Make sure it's worth it, brothers - before you even think about bothering to open up anything to a camel that wants to get its head in the tent.

Remember: Women want fried ice.

And mansplaining is abusive.


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