Friday 29 September 2017

Watch Them Burn

This is #9 of the 36 Stratagems of Ancient China: Watch the fires burning across the river.
To watch the fires burning across the river means to let your enemies destroy themselves. Another way the Chinese express this idea: "Sit on the mountaintop and watch the tigers fight."
This means that you don't need to act - instead, sit back and wait patiently for them to start fighting amongst themselves. It's inevitable. Because teh wimminz are really good at backstabbing each other once they get bored, or crave a little more drama, or what-fucking-ever.

Like Sun Zu (Tzu, more commonly) stated:
If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.
This is why us MGTOW go and do our own stuff. Leave the retards (men and women both) to their entertainments, fun, and assorted idiocies.

While they are chopping themselves down in size, while they are destroying the civilization that was built for their benefit, we are slowly growing and building ourselves up. All out of sight, all where nobody can see and remark upon it, all for our own benefits and enjoyments.

We are quite zen-like and somewhat relaxed in that manner.

Thursday 28 September 2017

Kill With A Borrowed Knife

Over on /r/MGTOW a man relates how he stepped aside from a woman attempting to get him to do some dirty shit for her:
Female coworker: "Hey, could I talk to you about something?"
Me: "Sure. What's up?"
F: "John has been looking at me like a creep and has been following me out to my car and taking pictures without my consent."
M: "Oh shit. That's no good."
F: "I know. I want to report him to HR, but I'm afraid of him coming after me and trying to hurt me. I was wondering if you could do it for me."
M: dumbfounded "No. Are you serious? Absolutely not. This is your responsibility." Keep in mind that she provided zero proof of any of this so I would be going to HR with rumors alone lol.
F: "What the fuck is wrong with you?!? He could be a stalker or a rapist or a murderer! I could be in serious danger, and you're not even going to do anything? Fuck you!" I don't know why she hasn't walked away at this point. I've made it clear wih my words and body language that I want nothing to do with her or her most likely made-up problems, but whatever.
M: So yeah, at this point, I'm thinking of all the times men have sacrificed their lives fighting civil wars and revolutions to overthrow ruthless dictators to make their society a better place, and this bitch is too much of a fucking pussy to go to HR to defend herself. Oh, and by the way, what happens when that psychopath, John, finds out that I'm the one who reported him? Exactly. The dude won't be pleased, and now my life is in danger. So I have to be the one to put myself at risk for someone else's problems with literally nothing for a reward? In better times, with men being way more appreciated, I would have done it. But after having to listen to all the feminist whining at my workplace about "toxic masculinity", the "wage gap", "mansplaining" (which is just guys trying to actually fucking help), etc. No fucking thank you. This bitch is on her own. Thankfully, I was able to keep my wits about me and not lose my shit and actually speak my mind. This probably would have gotten me in trouble even if I was 100% in the right. For once, I got the ultimate satisfaction and calmly said, "You wanted equal rights as a feminist, no? Well, here's your chance to earn them." I walked away grinning like a little boy on Christmas.
As we all know, he very much dodged a bullet there - hopefully he has the sense to stay the fuck away from this shining example of nastiness and cuntiness. As in, don't associate with her at all, more than a grunt to acknowledge her existence - if possible not even that.

It strikes me that this perfectly illustrates many women's modus operandii, as written in many places. In this case it is #3 of the 36 Stratagems of Ancient China: Kill with a borrowed knife.

In this situation she apparently wanted to kill another man's job - and probably via natural extension, his career and any hope of a decent life. It would also have tarnished the reputation of the man she was using as a knife.

Truly a shining example of nastiness and cuntiness.

Also gutlessness, in that she wanted to maintain her "plausible deniability" and similar doublethink horseshit that was undoubtedly in mind. She would remain innocent and smelling like roses, the man who did it for her would have his reputation tarnished.

This is an extreme, of course. In less-extreme cases, she simply "borrows" what somebody else has. Somebody else's effort, skill, sweat.

A lot of maggot-men out there will jump all over each other and fall all over themselves to provide what she desires. Anything for the slightest sniff of that pussy.

Remember not to be the knife in somebody else's hand. Remember that you are deserving of your own respect and the fruits of your own effort.

Remember that in all cases - whether it's "can you help me shift X around" to "Y is a sick piece of shit stalker/I'm afraid/can you go to HR for me/I'm just a poor pathetic helpless woman/please help meee" - it is always a YAWALT situation.

Monday 25 September 2017


This blog isn't (or hasn't really been) about minimalism and the like. Like my post on not being one dimensional - we are all very different from the shitty stereotypes that are thrown out there. I am not really a minimalist.

However, MGTOW very often go generally minimal. Like I've said many times: I have more spare cash now that I'm single, than I had with a wife who also brought in over $50k a year. That is still true, even after closing the biz down and accepting a lower income. It's less mental stress on the whole, with the added benefit of not giving my crazy ex any of the ongoing cash from the biz.

This is for those who decide they don't really want to do the whole go ghost, reduce taxes, starve the beast stuff. Those who actually have decent jobs. Those who know that they can and are willing to work to become financially independent and retire early. Those who are not sure where to get started doing anything along those lines.

Try looking at /r/leanfire (lean living, financial independence/retiring early). Here is a good place to start for the newer MGTOW. I also suggest Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clary (no that's not my affiliate code, that's the link from his blog - I make zero money from this blog, have no need of it).

Like anything, you have to do the work. We're MGTOW though. No problems with that. We're better at keeping the mouth shut and shoveling the fuckin' gravel. Especially keeping the mouth shut about how your fuckin' financial independence/early retirement plans are generally going. (Fuck bitchez. Get money. Especially don't let the bitchez know you haz money.)

Note: Don't spout any MGTOW beliefs there. Keep a sock in it. Compartmentalize. That's none of their business and will likely alienate the married and simp types. You're going there for the inspiration and ideas, not to proselytize to all and sundry. We're all men, we have the ability to keep it zipped when needed. Slow, subtle, is key.

For those interested, my FIRE number is $600k and I'm at $350k of that right now. I have a fairly consistent 75% SR these days (savings rate, ie 75% of my income goes towards savings for retirement - some of that's into stocks, some into gold and silver, and some into the home (which will be sold when I retire and get a campervan)).

To me that's a fuckin' great position to be in, given that I started with maybe $50k some 6 years ago. Another 6 years and I can retire. Any income after that is going to be pure gravy. Part-time gigs welcome, and that might include photography as well as IT/consulting crapola.

Just because our society is going down the shitter, doesn't mean we have to spend our declining years surviving on a steady diet of cardboard and government cheese. We still enjoy ourselves, in the way we desire.
However you desire.

Thank you for finding this for me again, Andy.
(Note that it's titled "Toyota GT86 - Banned Antifeminist Ad". It's not antifeminist. It's pro-male life, living, and enjoyment - and a little too much raw reality for teh wimminz and their pussy male simps to handle.)

Sunday 24 September 2017

Stupid Shit Women Do

It's been a fuck it, time to barf up the stupid shit that I've been seeing women do and post and what-fucking-ever.

'Cause let's be blunt. If you can look at what a woman throws up on FaceCrap and suchlike, then you can't help but realize that they are so retarded - they don't know that they are retarded.

If you can't realize that, then you're either a woman and/or retarded.

Over the years we've taken the inevitable progression from: duckface, to twerking, to flipping people off.
Trying to look cute, trying to look stupid, fuck you I'm not trying any more. (While at the same time trying to look good. Mental retardation and disconnect dialled up to eleven.)

Highly fuckable, the lot. The last one is specially brought to us courtesy of the recent antics and mental diseases of feminism.

Definitely the decline and fall of teh wimminz.

What else gets thrown up:
Heart Touching Quotes
Yes, this is a good one! Let's read it, I'm certain there'll be something inspirational for teh gurlz in this one:
LIFE is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing
and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from
the past, and realizing people change...!
**Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes**
Aww, how sweet. You no longer have to find an excuse for breaking up with someone. Just have to say "he's changed" or "I've changed". And that you will always appreciate the memories.
"And that you will always appreciate the memories." Yes, I deliberately repeated that twice - for emphasis. Gotta love that self-serving soppiness that teh wimminz throw up out as a self-defense measure.

"Butbutbutbut...I meant it in the nicest possible manner!"

Suuure, sweetheart. A cock - I mean butter, I meant to say butter, nothing to do with the three cocks you swallowed last night - wouldn't melt in your mouth.

It's real easy to break up and move on when:

1/ you're on the cute side of things

2/ you're arranged in a cute posture

3/ you're dressed revealingly

4/ you're willing to part your lips (both ends)

Most importantly of all, of course:

0/ you have no heart and soul

Of course, there are a million suckups lapping up this one's runny shit:

"Wow." (Male, of course.)

"She is cute." (No, it's not the op. You fuckin' retard. Duh.)

"Really beautiful." (Another fucking simp retard.)

"Beautiful post." (A woman, getting inspired to jump ship.)

"100% true, all changing." (A woman, you go girl.)

"Amen." (Another woman, you go girl.)

"Hay." (Male Indian simp. Keep lapping up that runny shit.)

"Nice post." (Female, you go girl.)

"Nice one." (Female, you go girl.)

Et-fucking-cetera. Ad-fucking-nauseum.

Every woman's plugged into the matrix of self-delusional fucking lies. An endless circle-jerk where they stroke each other up, egging each other on, secretly hoping to stab one of the other self-righteously bitchy cunts in the back if/when she fucks her life up terminally.

At which point they can overtly be consoling, covertly sticking the knife in and twisting it more, and inwardly lapping up the schadenfreude and gigging for all they're worth.

They haven't changed any. At least, not for the better.

In the end, we just have to reiterate once more: the whole underlying point of the so-called Red Pill is so that you don't get your dick stuck in the mincer.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Saturday 23 September 2017

Anatomy of a Scam

As commentor Ragnar stated on my last post:
National: Give New Zealand to the Chinese. Let them launder their dirty money into New Zealand real estate, thus boosting the wealth of landowners (who tend to vote National) while all other kiwis get priced out of ever owning a house in their own country.
While we're waiting for the election results, I thought about how I'd do it. I decided that the easy way was to have a bunch of Chinese do the following:

Mr A comes in with $100k of dirty money that he vows and avers is clean and legit (har fucking har). He buys a piece of property for $100k.

Mr B comes in with $200k of dirty money and buys the property from Mr A, who walks away with $200k of clean money.

Mrs C comes in with $350k of dirty money and buys the property from Mr B, who walks away with $350k of clean money.

Mr D comes in with $500k of dirty money and buys the property from Mrs C, who walks away with $500k of clean money.

Repeat process as follows: Mrs E, $800k. Mr F, $1.1m. Mr G, $1.4m. Mrs H, $1.9m. Mr I, $2.9m. Mr J, $4.9m. Mrs K, $8.2m.

By this point: $22.35 million has been successfully laundered.

Mrs K now sells to Mr N (a Naive New Zealander) and walks away with $11.7 million - her $8.2 million has been laundered plus she has a cool $3.5 million in extra freebies.

Mr N (and his bank) now finds that the property is actually only worth about $1.8m, on a good day with a strong tail wind. They've just watched $9.9 million evaporate.

Mr N probably goes bankrupt, leaving the bank having to choke down that $9.9 million in losses. Repeat that loss 1,000 times and the bank has lost $9.9 billion dollars. They then fold, their investors getting fucked up the ass for the money the bank should have been a steward for. In extreme situations the government - and taxpayers! - bail the bank out because it's "too big to fail" and it's failure might cause a domino effect of other banks failing in swift succession.

Does this sound a bit like America to you? It sure does to me.

Now, the American bailouts also involved derivatives of "liar loans" - dodgy mortgages sliced finely and bundled together in a lunchmeat of financial interests that even the smart fuckin' quants couldn't keep straight in the end. To the point where quite a few of them were left looking at each other and going: "say, where the fuck is the actual mortgages that these pieces of toxic waste were built on?"

They're currently making a similar Frankenstein lunchmeat with the credit bubble: credit cards, student loans, all that good shit. Again, at the end someone is going to be asking: "say, where the fuck is the actual debts that these pieces of toxic waste were built on?"

But that's just the self-inflicted seppuku of the financial systems over there. Richly deserved and probably taken advantage of by dirty Chinese money as well. After all, when you can launder via property plus leverage and add that rotten horsemeat on the side, you'd be a fool not to do it.

There is some thoughts which occur to me.

How much dirty Chinese money has been laundered through American Treasuries?

How much are they supposedly worth, vs their actual worth?

Who ultimately has those Treasuries in-hand when they fall due?

Not a hot-potato that I want to be holding.

Thursday 21 September 2017

The Hillary-Jacinda Effect

Here in NZ, we sweated through 9 years of leftist/communist crazy under Helen "the Teeth" Clark, from 1999 to 2008. When "the Teeth" lost the erection in 2008 to National, she had a spaz (threw her toys out of the cot) and went off to the UN.

It seems like every 9 years or so there's a new government gets elected - possibly because the old government has pissed off the new voters, so they dump them and try for their opposite. (That's just a personal theory, no basis in fact.) Looks like this is the next 9-year stretch about to start, with the erection in 2 days time.

What is being called "the Jacinda effect" is from a Helen "the Teeth" Clark clone. The most telling thing is what I'm seeing in the media:

* praise Jacinda (and Labour) to the skies

* spit on all National candidates as being scum of the earth

Now lets be blunt, they're all fucking assholes. Just a bunch of rich, greedy fucks in a popularity contest to see who can get their snout in the public fuckin' trough. Kissing ass and backstabbing all the way up the ladder.

And I am forced to note the eerie similarities between Hillary Clinton and Jacinda Ardern, our local commie cunt. Especially how the local media is slapping her up on a golden pedestal for all to worship.

I think that this is New Zealand's moment of truth, just like what happened between Hillary and Trump in the American election.

We don't have a local edition of Trump to vote for. So, I am going to force myself to go in and vote for National.

Pretty-much anything is better than enduring another dose of "the Teeth" from another fuckin' female wannabe leftist-socialist-commie mein presidente.

Wish us fuckin' luck, we're gonna need it.

(Yes, the New Zealand Labour party started out as a commie/socialist party. We know how well that worked out for Russia and Germany.)

Saturday 16 September 2017

Not One Dimensional

At the conclusion of my last post on Empty Shells, I stated:
Fuck bitchez. Get money.
And enjoy yourself.
It occurs to me that many people look at us in the Manosphere and could actually be forgiven for thinking that we are nothing more than little bitches of neckbeards living in our momma's fuckin' basement, gobbling down cheetos, and whining on the fuckin' internet.

See, most of us don't want to show *everything* about ourselves. It would be too much personally identifiable information, and if (like me) you have serious corporate $$$ coming in, you're not going to intentionally doxx yourselves.

This makes us appear very one-dimensional.

Didact has a couple of recent posts that address this very thing:

To Hell and Back

This one is about Terrence Popp, his life and all. If all you watch is Redonkulas you probably get a very limited view of Popp and Blake - and that's probably as a coupla clowns slaggin' off women. You watch the Live from the Lair series though, you get a helluva lot more.

Watch Through Fingers

This one is about your stereotypical maggot man who hasn't done squat beyond making money. Being a sad'n'lonely fuck he goes and gets himself a Russian bride, who proceeds to rip his guts out through his asshole. As Didact states at the end: "But, no matter what, never stop improving yourself as a man. The price for slacking off or, worse, never starting in the first place, is severe."

Now, when we say things like enjoy yourself - Enjoy the Decline - we don't mean that you should go snort a mile of coke, drink a tanker of alcohol, be a Banzai Runner, and generally fuck up your body and life. If that's what you seriously want to do, more power to you. Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse. Or find yourself sittin' in a cell, gettin' your ass eye'd up by Bubba.

Personally, I like to enjoy the long term. That way I can experience a little bit, very often, for a long time.

This post is a sample of how I'm not wholly one-dimensional (some of it I've already mentioned in past posts) and how you can choose not to be as well. (No, you shouldn't do anything that I do. Do your own shit. Just enjoy yourself. This is how I enjoy myself.)

For starters, understand: I'm not a minimalist (though I like being minimal in many ways). At the end of my divorce I was left with a 4-bedroom house that I rattle around in, and part of a business. The business is now shut down (bitch ain't gettin' nothin' of my ongoin' biz-sweat) and I work as a wage-slave. Honestly, it's a helluva lot easier on my mind too - don't have to do 10 rounds with the fuckin' IRD every year (IRS for you Americans). I can also take holidays.

I've let it be known that I like taking day-trips around New Zealand, travel, some tramping and some hill-climbing (Mt Egmont is one helluva hill to climb). I take photographs of the stuff that I do. Fairly soon I'm going to get a couple of big photographs printed for the walls (I think 0.5 x 1 meters, or 2 x 3 yards for you Americans).

In my home I have an office-slash-computer room. Filing cabinets full of paper junk that I have to keep for 7-8 years in case the IRD wants to ream my ass retroactively. There's a waterproof/fireproof case for documents that I absolutely must not lose (passport, birth certificate, insurance, backups, will, etc).

And there's a PC on a height-adjustable corner desk with a couple of monitors, NAS, networking, everything properly cable-managed and the like. The only thing that hits the floor is the UPS and the internet connection. The desk even has an RGB LED light-strip in aluminium channeling (aluminum to you Americans) - for when I really feel like being geek-silly. (Enjoy yourself.)

I use it for photography stuff. I still do some programming.

Down in my basement, I'm slowly putting together a workshop. This was something that I always wanted to do, only never had the money or time for. (Women. Massive money- and time-sink. I have more spare cash now with my single reduced income, than when that crazy hoe was working. Ditto time. I've also done more overseas holidays.)

I do gym, trying to get stronger and fitter. In the past I've done semi-professional dance. There's a park nearby where I run wind-sprints. I wander down the beach. In the past I've done bowhunting. I've thought of getting a license and getting guns - at this point though, my time is fairly chokka. I'd also have to figure somewhere to put in a gun-safe: not insurmountable, just a pain in the ass at the moment.

Strangely, like Popp, I have a "lair". The whole house! There's a sword above the fireplace in the living room. I don't bother watching TV any more, and movies very rarely (generally classic stuff like Monty Python). There's a computer in there, bridged via wifi to my internet - it's for watching youtube videos, mostly documentaries and how-to stuff.

One of the rooms is a semi-library. In it, in addition to books, there is furniture (I restore antique furniture occasionally as a semi-hobby) and antique knick-knacks - and antique weapons. Including some Japanese samurai stuff (I'm talking real deal handmade samurai sword stuff, 250+ years old - there's nothing quite like feeling an old rayskin grip in your hand).

There's other stuff. Coins. Spears. Cavalry swords, including a Russian one. Antique silver. Even a couple pieces of ivory, which makes your typical leftist motherfucker blow their stack right out their ass (you'd think that I'd slaughtered the elephant myself HAH).

All of this stuff (especially the real deal samurai weaponry) costs several fuck-tons to buy in New Zealand, us being at the ass-end of the world. All of this was bought after my divorce. See remarks above regarding spare cash and etc. (Fuck bitchez. Get money. Just don't give the bitchez your money. Ideally, don't even let the bitchez know you *have* money.)

That's not everything that I do. I'm damn sure that Popp doesn't show everything that *he* does in his Live from the Lair series.

So as you can see, there is nothing one dimensional about anybody out here in the Manosphere. We all have different stuff going on. We don't have to tell everyone everything - or anything - and bloody-well shouldn't, either. None'a'ya fuckin' beeswax.

So if some self-righteous cunt or prick wants to throw monkey-poo at us, on the internet or in real life, it just goes to show how much of a narrow-minded fuckin' loser they are.

As in, too fuckin' stupid to live type of narrow-minded retarded fuckin' loser.

Which, come to think of it, is every damn moronic leftist on the fuckin' planet.

So, in the end: ignore the fucktards. Just enjoy yourself.

Hell, if you are heavily into computer-geekery, go do something that is heavily computer-geekly. Design and build extreme PCs for the high-end crowd. I'm talkin' overclocked AMD Ryzen Threadripper territory, those cases with the glass walls and all the glowing LED's inside, twin-loop hardline water-cooling including multiple graphics cards, quad 4k screens, glowing fans, and other custom mod stuff. Do custom EL panel logo's on the sides. Sign the things with your name.

Do it with anything and everything. Custom surfboards. Custom guns. Custom bikes. Custom cars. Custom fuckin' whatever.

Go completely fuckin' hardcore.

If you should actually happen to be that stereotypical sad neckbeard in the fuckin' basement, chomping down cheetos while whining on the fuckin' internet.

Pick yourself up. Go outside. Walk (or run).

Enjoy yourself. Go your own way.

Empty Shells

A lot of the anger in the manosphere is due to the realisation of the lies that we have been taught.

(I sometimes wonder if it is also a part of what Keoni Galt calls the Feed Corporation - shitty food having screwed with our brains to the point of many becoming somewhat autistic. Of course, constant brainwashing from a young age through schools would have the same effect. Perhaps even complementing and reinforcing each other.)

For some of us - once we get through the rage phase, through the bargaining stage, past the depression and into the acceptance stage, there's a quieter period when we attempt to dig through to the truth of "why".

One of the things we should probably ask ourselves is: "Why are we so pissed off?"

Okay, there were lies and indoctrination shoved down our throats ad nauseum. We've gotten through that by now, we're trying to find the next stage. But there's sometimes still something stuck in our collective craws...

Anger. Still.

The thing is that this anger is misplaced.


Because the subjects of our ire are empty shells.

Bland, banal, worthless, empty shells. Of no worth or meaning to the world.

In aggregate, most cannot make or do anything which has the slightest meaning. An endless treadmill of nothing, nothing, nothing. Which is why they attempt to fill this nothing with shopping, "experiences", and general dipshit more nothingness.

Their only true value is in siring the next generation. Even at that, they suck brass monkey balls. Which is why they fuck it up so royally.

But boy, are they awesome when it comes to psyops - mentally fucking with the head, in such a manner that you overlook their general worthlessness.

Of course, a lot of men are likewise empty shells. These are similar parasites on society and the world as the shitty women are.

Grasping, greedy, pigs who are all too happy to get their hands into our pockets. The eternal cry of equality and similar bullshit - just another way for a parasite to lie, saying that they're fuckin' useless and can only live by sponging off you.

"Give me free shit!"

Without actually saying that so baldly to our faces.

'Cause if they did, what might happen?

Women just aren't important. 'Nuff said.

Fuck bitchez. Get money.

And enjoy yourself.

Your life will be so much better.

Thursday 14 September 2017

Economics of Sexbots

Eyes, balls, brains - all here and accounted for. Hold on tight, we're about to rip the guts straight out of Feminism and the entire gynocentric society we live in.

Sexbots, sex dolls, you-name-it, it's getting better.

In the past, I've written about the general cost of pussy and if it's actually worth it. (Synopsis: nope.)

Now that sex dolls and sexbots are becoming more affordable - and men are becoming less worried about what teh wimminz think socially - things are changing out there.

Before, I wrote of two generally-broad paths:

* marriage and kids and all that, costing you something like $1.3 million dollars over 20 years (more if you get divorce-raped)


* bringing in $2 million dollars over 20 years (and spending $200k of that on a variety of whores)

There is now another path coming "out of the closet" as it were.

The sex dolls (now) and sexbots (to come).

Back on my post re "is that pussy worth it?" linked above, I stated that a man can earn $100k a year and spend about $10k a year on a variety of decent-quality (young) whores. End result is $90k a year in his pocket.

You can get a quite realistic sex doll for under $3k.

Either - both - of these are vastly better than the modern sexually dysfunctional sand bucket chick who has a minimum 12% chance of being sterile if she's under 29 years old. (Or who tries to catch you out with a whoopsie.)

The very, very interesting thing though - it gets better. Way, way better, when it comes to the comparison of whores vs sex dolls.

You see, there are already whorehouses in asia that have sex dolls rather than whores. The Japanese have their love doll brothels. In Barcelona a whorehouse has opened that has sex dolls instead of whores. There is a Dublin whorehouse that rents out a sex doll for 100 euro per hour.

This tells me three things:

1/ Men prefer fucking a whore rather than having a modern "wife".

2/ Men prefer fucking a doll rather than fucking a whore.

3/ Whores are such a fucking pain in the ass that even brothel owners want to be rid of them.

I shit you not about #3 there. Even 30 years ago (before I drank the kool-aid and married a BPD/NPD woman) I knew that brothels were damned harsh with their whores. Many of them were (and still are, something else that I experienced 3-4 years ago) stuck-up cunts who don't live in reality. Brothels know better - they want satisfied, repeat customers! (Ditto for strip-clubs.)

So for a brothel, a good chunk of the "take" goes to the girl involved. Plus making sure that she stays clean, gets checked regularly, doesn't fuck off the customers, etc.

In comparison, a doll is a one-off purchase that merely requires maintenance after each usage. Customers who damage a doll pay for it out of their pocket.

No cunty personality to deal with. No hassles keeping them clean and checked. No scrambling because someone is on the rag or is in a state 'cause their boyfriend found out what they actually do for a living. Keep most of the money. Customers are guaranteed happier 'cause the whores ain't jacking 'em around.

This is a definite win-win-win fuckin' situation for the brothel-owner.

It's also a damn good win-win-win situation for a man with the space to buy his own sex doll rather than rent one out for a time.

Over 3 years time, a man can get a "stable" of 3 different sex-dolls (each with their own hair/eyes/other accessories) for about $10k all up (including maintenance for those 3 years).

That's much better than $30k for a variety of whores over that time-period. Plus dealing with whatever weird-ass attitudes and the risk of STDs that they bring into your life. (Yes, you pay them to go away once you're done.)

With the AI that they're working on these days - talking sex dolls - memory - responses - moaning when you do certain things (built-in sensors) - you get the picture. It's getting more...


In a doll-like, puppet-like, controlling manner. You get what you want, which is sex and silence.

This is 2017. By 2030, I suspect that these sex dolls might be coming very, very close to full-on sexbots.

If in 2030 you spend $20k on a very high-end sexbot - one that's actually useful in ways other than simply poking it with your dick - then you are far ahead of the game even when it comes to whores and sex dolls. You actually have something that both:

a/ brings pleasure

b/ makes your life easier

It looks like in that 13-year time-period, the vagina will be ripped right out of the "oldest profession". It will cease to exist. Plus, a man who follows this path is going to have at least $100k in pocket, saved cash, to pick-and-choose his new companion. Why only one?

That's going to utterly gut feminism and the modern strong, empowered wimminz. You will work - period. You will not marry - no man will want you. You will be just another cog in the work-sleep-consumption cycle of our eternal-slavery civilization.

A civilization where actually being interested in fucking a woman will be an extremely rare surprise and validation of her existence. Rare as hen's teeth and unicorn blood.

I would not be surprised if it becomes normal to be having sex with dolls and robots. Just look at the porn industry - razorblade manufacturers wanted to sell more product, so porn stars started shaving their privates. That sub-rosa message caught on and most women (and many men) are shaved. The same type of sub-rosa message could similarly be done to benefit the sexbot industry.

Poor feminists. Caught in the grinder of not needing a man, being able to do it all for themselves, and then even their vagina's literally being made worthless.

We have a ringside seat to this trainwreck.

A small sense of surprised and pleased schadenfreude - tonight, now, I will have a small glass of Grand Marnier. Something that I've not had in quite some time.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Nothing Compares

Sinead O'Connor, oh my.

Born 8 December 1966, younger than I am by several months.

Whatta fuckin' train wreck.

Shaves her head way back when, starts to grow her hair back, shaves it again - permashave now. Does an open letter to Miley Ray Syphilis about sexualising women in music.

Four different children to four different men: Jake w/John Renolds (married), Roisin w/John Waters (married), no children w/Nick Sommerlad (married), Shane w/Donal Lunny (not married), Yeshua w/Frank Bonadio (not married), no children w/Steve Cooney (married), no children w/Barry Herridge (married - for 17 days, only 7 days spent together).

Hang on, that's 7 men. She only married 4 of them - and only 2 of the men she was married to she bore children to. That's 2 "single mommy" events, where the fuck does she get off giving Miley Ray Syphilis advice on the sexual comportment of wimminz?

Har fucking har!

Now looks like a great grandma biker chick, tatted to the max and rammed face-first into the steel wall of a battleship at the age of 50 years.

Grief, I look better'n her. And I'm pleasantly ugly at best.

Now the poster-child for feminism has had a meltdown. Poor, poor, pitiful me...

Thank you, Terrence and Blake of Redonkulas.

Monday 11 September 2017

Can't Understand Normal Thinking

You got it, that's from Terrence Popp of Redonkulas: Can't Understand Normal Thinking, aka C.U.N.T. (Sounds refreshing, but it isn't.)

That's a large number of women that you meet. We harp on about 'em endlessly, here in the Manosphere. All a part of taking the "Red Pill" as it were.

Occasionally though, you run across one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. You would swear that they're so damn stupid, they were dropped on their head at birth repeatedly - and are literally nothing more than a walking vagina. Certainly, nothing up there is working.

Ran across a prize example today.

At a mall, buying some electrical stuff - back to the car - head out of the mall and back to work.

At a pedestrian crossing, a woman pushing a pram. Being a normal person I stop and let her walk across (as per law anyway).

Halfway across, halfway to the footpath - she steps off the ped crossing and starts walking right down the middle of the damn road where cars drive.

Right in front of me, this extreme nutjob pushing her pram down the road instead of the footpath, literally 1m (about a yard, for you American readers) away from a wide and safe and unoccupied footpath.

So I'm stuck with tootling along behind this crazy cunt for about 50-60 meters.

Darwin, you are utterly fucked in this civilization of ours. Sometimes I'd just like to give you a helping hand, know what I mean.

Friday 8 September 2017

Dark Streak

For women, it is possession and stealing.

That's what makes a woman wet, what makes her eyes shine.

For men, possession only matters for those afraid of losing what they have. If he's settled he doesn't need to own.

Few men are settled. We're restless, the older we get the more restless.

These are the dark streaks in the souls of men and women.

Sunday 3 September 2017

Entitlement and Expiry

So I find facecrap to be an endless source of amusement. (I'm fucking nasty and enjoying the schadenfreude.) The most recent example is two posts from an asian slag who is in the process of hitting the wall.

Post #1: Slag brags about parking on a dotted yellow line (a no-parking zone) so she can go get her morning coffee from an expensive place. (Status-whoring FTW!) Her justification for parking there: She's asian and there is so much racism against asians in New Zealand that FUCK YOU I'M GONNA PARK THERE YOU RACISS MOTHERFUCKER!

Heheheheh. Entitled female cuntism FTW.

Post #2: Slag grumbles about taking a month to lose weight, now she is slim again, and she's not happy 'cause her face looks a bit wrecked. (This is asian slim, ie sweet-fuck-all, a strong breeze would blow her over.) One of her mates wished they were 18 again, she wasn't interested: at age 18 she was smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish. (Smoking ten kays of pole too. Slag FTW!)

Heheheheh. Hitting the wall FTW.

Yes, said slag is in the process of hitting the wall, trying to find someone to support her during her last years. She's been making noises in my direction. Thankfully, I've never been attracted to asians. Way too plate-face for my taste.

Most especially these days: fuck no, alla them are shit outta luck when it comes to me. They can find some retarded fool or die alone. The shit just ain't worth it.
"I like being alone. I have control over my own shit. Therefore, in order to win me over, your presence has to be better than my solitude. You're not competing with another person, you're competing with my comfort zones."
-- Horacio Jones