Thursday 28 September 2017

Kill With A Borrowed Knife

Over on /r/MGTOW a man relates how he stepped aside from a woman attempting to get him to do some dirty shit for her:
Female coworker: "Hey, could I talk to you about something?"
Me: "Sure. What's up?"
F: "John has been looking at me like a creep and has been following me out to my car and taking pictures without my consent."
M: "Oh shit. That's no good."
F: "I know. I want to report him to HR, but I'm afraid of him coming after me and trying to hurt me. I was wondering if you could do it for me."
M: dumbfounded "No. Are you serious? Absolutely not. This is your responsibility." Keep in mind that she provided zero proof of any of this so I would be going to HR with rumors alone lol.
F: "What the fuck is wrong with you?!? He could be a stalker or a rapist or a murderer! I could be in serious danger, and you're not even going to do anything? Fuck you!" I don't know why she hasn't walked away at this point. I've made it clear wih my words and body language that I want nothing to do with her or her most likely made-up problems, but whatever.
M: So yeah, at this point, I'm thinking of all the times men have sacrificed their lives fighting civil wars and revolutions to overthrow ruthless dictators to make their society a better place, and this bitch is too much of a fucking pussy to go to HR to defend herself. Oh, and by the way, what happens when that psychopath, John, finds out that I'm the one who reported him? Exactly. The dude won't be pleased, and now my life is in danger. So I have to be the one to put myself at risk for someone else's problems with literally nothing for a reward? In better times, with men being way more appreciated, I would have done it. But after having to listen to all the feminist whining at my workplace about "toxic masculinity", the "wage gap", "mansplaining" (which is just guys trying to actually fucking help), etc. No fucking thank you. This bitch is on her own. Thankfully, I was able to keep my wits about me and not lose my shit and actually speak my mind. This probably would have gotten me in trouble even if I was 100% in the right. For once, I got the ultimate satisfaction and calmly said, "You wanted equal rights as a feminist, no? Well, here's your chance to earn them." I walked away grinning like a little boy on Christmas.
As we all know, he very much dodged a bullet there - hopefully he has the sense to stay the fuck away from this shining example of nastiness and cuntiness. As in, don't associate with her at all, more than a grunt to acknowledge her existence - if possible not even that.

It strikes me that this perfectly illustrates many women's modus operandii, as written in many places. In this case it is #3 of the 36 Stratagems of Ancient China: Kill with a borrowed knife.

In this situation she apparently wanted to kill another man's job - and probably via natural extension, his career and any hope of a decent life. It would also have tarnished the reputation of the man she was using as a knife.

Truly a shining example of nastiness and cuntiness.

Also gutlessness, in that she wanted to maintain her "plausible deniability" and similar doublethink horseshit that was undoubtedly in mind. She would remain innocent and smelling like roses, the man who did it for her would have his reputation tarnished.

This is an extreme, of course. In less-extreme cases, she simply "borrows" what somebody else has. Somebody else's effort, skill, sweat.

A lot of maggot-men out there will jump all over each other and fall all over themselves to provide what she desires. Anything for the slightest sniff of that pussy.

Remember not to be the knife in somebody else's hand. Remember that you are deserving of your own respect and the fruits of your own effort.

Remember that in all cases - whether it's "can you help me shift X around" to "Y is a sick piece of shit stalker/I'm afraid/can you go to HR for me/I'm just a poor pathetic helpless woman/please help meee" - it is always a YAWALT situation.


  1. Note she doesn't ask the one man to have a quiet word with the other. Nope the nuclear option is the first option and random sucker no 1 is the delivery vechicle.

    Just another example of how utterly expendable men are to women.

    1. Excellent point that I missed.

      Though in that case, she might be trying the "lets you and him fight" thing.