Friday 30 December 2016

Darwin Award to California for Encouraging Child Prostitution

Time to rip the leftists and wimminz a new one. Sadly, they will not cry at this - instead they will simply cover their ears and chant "lalalala I can't hear you lalalala" at the top of their lungs. This is because they are utterly incapable of learning anything - due to their brains being a safe missing the key and welded up that has been set into a 100x100x100 meter block of concrete dropped into the remotest part of the Challenger Deep...
So on the Washington Examiner, I see that the state of California Californication has supposedly legalized child prostitution.

Wait, whut?

I read further into California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution, and realize that the bloody title is (surprise!) shit-awful clickbait material. Reading a bit more:
Beginning on Jan 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. Yes, you read that right.
Hmm. Sounds like fuckin' horseshit to me. Dig a bit further - it turns out that the end result might have similar effects to having made some things legal. In that, the police will no longer be able to arrest (or prosecute) the underage for selling their bodies:
SB1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.
Wait, whut? Fuck, there's an echo here...

So time to go check out Snopes commentary on Child Prostitution Legalized In California:
The Democratic governor announced he signed SB1322 to ban police from charging people under the age of 18 with prostitution. 
This does not, however, mean that child prostitution is legal. It is still illegal for Californians to hire prostitutes (child or otherwise), and sex traffickers will still face consequences if they are caught prostituting children. The new law means that children involved in sex trafficking and prostitution will be treated as victims instead of criminals.
Ah. A very fine line. And that actually means?

Going back to the first link:
Pimping and pandering will still be against the law whether it involves running adult women or young girls. But legalizing child prostitution will only incentivize the increased exploitation of underage girls. Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can't interfere with minors engaging in prostitution - which translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps. Simply put, more time on the street and less time in jail means more money for pimps, and more victims for them to exploit.
A few notes:

1/ Note that only women and girls are mentioned, not young boys. Expected bias from a mainstream news source. They seem to think that nobody is going to be interested in sodomizing young boys - or perhaps boys getting fucked up the ass is of no concern whatsoever. /sarcasm

2/ It's not legalizing child prostitution in any form. It simply stops the police from easily getting them off the streets.

3/ Since the police can no longer get them off the streets quickly - then what? Straight back into it once the car is out of sight? "Hey mister, I'm eleven years old - want to fuck me?"

As the article states straight-up: "Minors involved in prostitution are clearly victims, and allowing our law enforcement officers to pick these minors up and get them away from their pimps and into custody is a dramatically better solution than making it legal for them to sell themselves for sex." Barring the bullshit about making it legal - the general idea for this situation seems sound, get them the hell out of the area/game asap.

No longer possible, the police just can't stop (or protect) them any more. Shades of the Rotheringham sex ring, only now it can be semi-open - not quietly ignored or swept under the carpet.

So, some simple-yet-complex questions:

a) If a pedophile gets picked up for paying an underage prostitute, can he plead guilty to paying for sex rather than having sex with a minor?

b) What about prior acts? Can they be re-pleaded as per the above, so long as the pedophile paid for it? (As being different from abduction/kidnapping/rape/whatever.)

c) What about pizzagate, with the above things in mind?

I'm rather stunned by the level of idiocy displayed by the morons who signed this into law (back in September). There's a reason that I'm going: "Wait, whut?"

'Cause while it is still not legal to pay for prostitutes of any age or sex - it looks like in the state of California it will be a helluva lot easier to find those underage prostitutes. Sure, you can probably get them off the streets, though it likely means that Social Workers Wankers rather than the police will have to become involved to do it.

Which makes me wonder at the real reasons behind this abomination of law. Every damn pedo in America looking at California and going "hmmmm" with anticipation. The Social Workers having even better job prospects, and (possibly) more powers handed to them. Perhaps even an increase in the number of police to deal specifically with the unintended fallout from this law.

Leftists and wimminz. I'd almost laugh, if it wasn't so fuckin' frightening. The feelz and intentions are more important than thinking things through thoroughly and looking at the worst of what might happen - never mind adjusting to what actually happens in reality.

For this, I have to hand it to California for the stupidity-uber-allez Darwin Award: likely turning your own leftist/SJW promised land into a smoking hellhole of sexual perversion. Way to go ya morons.

Thursday 22 December 2016

Dying or Growing

What many people still do not realize is what the entire BS about the Brexit and American Election is actually about.

Now, us out here in the desert of the real world know it in our guts. Even though we can't articulate it that well, we know. It was a choice between growing or dying.

Originally I was thinking it was a choice between stasis and growth. Something about that seemed wrong, though. A little bit off. After all:

* the telecom bust

* the dot-com bust

* the (massive) property (and banking) bust

These three things by themselves wiped out a good chunk of an entire generation's savings in the past 20 years. With those savings went a good chunk of that generation's hopes and dreams.

That situation wasn't even remotely stasis - it's things getting flushed down the crapper. Getting measurably worse.

So Hillary promises no changes "business as usual", while Trump promises changes. Hillary promises to continue the destruction that's happening, Trump promises to start things growing again.

No real surprises why Trump won. Despite the overwhelming BS from the media, despite the delusional conviction of the Leftists that everyone who disagrees with them is insane and A Bad Person™, the average person could see the writing on the wall.

This simply proves that Leftists are insane or mentally defective. To the point where they probably should be locked away for the good of society, like any other sick and deluded psychopath.

See, sensible people are all about reality. Try something, if it doesn't work, try to figure out why and/or don't do that any more. (Like jamming your fingers into a power-socket or leaning on a red-hot stovetop. Sensible people learn, generally quickly.)

Leftists are incapable of seeing reality - they can only see the warped and twisted map in their head. This makes them incapable of learning. When they try something and it doesn't work, they just do it again. Over and over and over. Doubling down on their delusions every time.

Pure definition of insanity right there, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

It's no wonder that they have the urge to wrap the world (and themselves) in cotton wool. It's a defense mechanism. That way they can continue to delude themselves that Rotheringham never happened, Cologne never happened, the gang-raping of a young boy in Norway never happened, the rape of a young girl in Idaho never happened, and pizzagate never happened...

I throw in pizzagate just to add another search-result to the pile out there. I don't seriously imagine that we'll ever learn the truth of all that. Far more likely that a few people will quietly disappear or the like. I do think that there's some serious shit going on with it, though.

Just like the whole Obama's birth-certificate fiasco. The issue isn't anything to do with if Obama was born in the USA or not - the issue is really why did those fuckers in Washington feel the need to lie about it?

Also, what else are they fucking lying about?

Because that bullshit - an officially-released document that is revealed to be a forgery, no less - completely, finally, and totally undermines all credibility of the American Government. When it comes to anything and everything, they will lie and cover it up. They cannot be trusted in any way.

Swallow that bitter black pill down, America. Keep a very close eye on Trump and co. I think that we will find out within 3-6 months what the next 4 or 8 years of Trump's term(s) will be like. Also, the remainder of our lives - and those of any children, grandchildren, et al that you may have.

Will America continue to die? Or will it start growing again? Will the West be dying or growing once more? Ditto for society? Will we be able to stand once more and stride confidently into the future? Or do we hunker down and passively resist an overwhelming tyranny?

Stasis as a civilization, as a society, is impossible. You can't balance on the edge of a fucking razor-blade, you will go one way or the other. Despite the mental delusions of Leftists and Feminazis, what is currently happening cannot stay as-is: it must change, for the better or worse.

No matter how much teh wimminz scream and howl and bitch about it, if it should go against their delusional desires - it will be done.

Friday 16 December 2016

Social Disintegration: Deluded Male Validation

Well, fuck. This is about us men, our brainwashing, our recognizing our brainwashing, our trying to break free of our brainwashing -

- real painful and good shit like that.

I will start by putting this squarely at the feet of mommy dearest.

It especially affects those of us (myself included) who were bought up solely by mommy dearest, at least for a very large part of our formative years.

A little background: mommy dearest married a career criminal. Very good choice of marriage material that one - talk about stupidity uber allez. It is documented that said daddy the career criminal went into jail for various reasons, for a long time, so mommy dearest eventually got a divorce - sensibly.

In this she was a step above the modern brave, battling single mommy out there. She did have adequate reason (brought on by her own fuckin' stupidity, therefore lame). She did get her shit together (eventually, which isn't fucking saying much).

In the process of bringing up the young cobbers (me and my bro) one of the things that she taught us was that our worth was absolutely tied to female validation. Any female validation. It didn't matter the female involved, her worth, circumstances, or whatever. Could be a deformed retard, doesn't matter.

Think about this. Look around you. I'm pretty damn sure that you will see this dynamic in many, many men. It's the source of Golden Vagina Syndrome in women. Put that pussy on a "can do no wrong" pedestal. Yes, the sun shines outta that slot-C. Slap a big ole diamond ring on that ho. You know you wanna.

I'm honest enough to say that I can see it in myself. Even now, it sometimes rears its ugly head and slaps me around. Which makes me wanna choke myself whenever I do or think something based upon this kind of stupid shit.

Fuckin' hard to break.

See, there are no filters on that conditioning. They're unconditional. No filters that state: "What is the worth of this woman? Is she even worth enough for her validation, her opinion, to mean more than a fistful of shit?"

Let's be honest: most of the women out that that are available (and that the PUAs chase, especially in bars and the like) are utter shit.

Skanks. Ho's. Sluts. Flashy-looking trash.

Often mouthy and denigrating, too.

Yet, we crave women's attention and validation so much - we have been brainwashed, conditioned, to desire it above all else - that we will even take it from a stripper/whore spinning around on a fuckin' pole in front of us. Wishing that it was our fuckin' pole she was spinning on.

A piece of meat skank ho slut who probably sucks cock for $$$ in the back-room. Nice-looking face. Nice-looking slim body. We crave its validation. Crave it so fuckin' badly - that it can reject us and we are crushed inside.

Really fuckin' sad when you think about it.

This is the power that the pussy has over us.

Every time we right-swipe some ho on tinder, every time we talk with a slut on plenty of fatties, every time we dance like a fuckin' monkey for some bitchy cunts' entertainment.

We have been seriously fucked in the head all our lives, to get into such a stinking bad mental state of craving female validation. So long as it looks good, it could be rotten with every disease on the planet, we could even know that it's rotten with these diseases plus a few man-made ones - and we'd still crave validation from it.

One frown, one harsh word, and we're crushed. Scarred. Unworthy of existence.

Could be a goddamn rocket scientist, put a spacecraft on an asteroid, and when the harpy-brigade goes for the throat because of your hawai'ian shirt - the ultimate in irrelevance to the achievements that we've managed - we cave in and cry and abjectly apologize.

Like wet tissue-paper.

Put the bullshit-filters in place. "What is the worth of this woman?" In many cases, the worth boils down to: overly tattooed skank ho that's taken so many drugs and drunk so much alcohol and sucked so much dick that it's gotten the thousand-cock stare before age twenty. Plus she's lost half her teeth, probably because she mouthed off to the wrong man.

Our irrational brainwashing has no bounds, and can be bloody hard to wipe away.

God damn you, mommy dearest.

Saturday 3 December 2016

Not Hard To Understand

Over on /r/MGTOW is a fairly simple post about YAWALTsome girls never growing up, and avoiding temptation. One of the comments there, by good_man_gone, includes a gem:
Women are among the simplest creatures on planet earth yet society makes them out as "hard to understand".
This has sparked similar gems in the comments:
Women do not want to be known as "easy to understand" because that means they'd be a commodity, average, common, uninteresting. Each one thinks their Uggs and pumpkin spice lattes and Coach bags are distinct and unusual and valuable. They all say "I'm not like other women".
Which they are. Very, very easy to understand. Very, very much a commodity. Very, very average. Very, very common. Very, very uninteresting.

Ask yourself honestly: if you couldn't stick your dick in them, would you listen to their inane bullshit for one millisecond?
They aren't hard to understand. Rather, the truth is hard or impossible for most to accept.
The truth is hard to get past all the brainwashing that you've been subjected to. Every. Single. Moment. Of. Your. Life.
In fact, they are incredibly simple once you understand the primary contradiction of women: They simultaneously want to display independence and receive protection/security/free stuff. That's it.
Correct, though I think that's only the bare minimum way of wording it. It doesn't go far enough.

What men want is meaningless. It's all about her.

She wants it ALL. She wants it NOW. She wants it YESTERDAY. She wants fucking more TOMORROW. And the demands will all be changed then, SO FUCKING STAY AWAKE.

Note that there is nothing in there about her working for or earning it. She just wants it to be given to her. On a plate. Preferably silver. With a gold cover. Studded with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Wrapped in a tacky bow. ('Cause she has no taste what-so-ever.)

In other words: She wants to be a parasite. A leech or tick, growing fat on her host. (As Terrence Popp states: she wants to be a lazy bitch and will pull the pin on the fat-grenade.)

I forget which classical writer said something along the lines of "understanding women is bad morals". I have to disagree.

Understanding women brings clarity and eventual peace to your life.

The pain and difficulty that we men go through is the process of breaking through the lies and throwing off the shackles.

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Gone Girl Doublethink

So an old working-buddy of mine has been struggling the last month or so with the fact that his wife and him split up. (Delivered out of the blue. By her. On a weekend. As is anecdotally common.) I'm wondering how long it will before she gets on tinder, looking for her first dose of post-separation hot-beef-injection. Also what it will do to him when he finds out.

Thinking about this brings to mind a personal Gone Girl, from back in the days when I used tinder semi-regular. Also, about the self-protective doublethink mentality of girls on tinder in general.
My particular Gone Girl was a blue-eyed redhead. Probably rate her a 6-7, closer to 6 - she would have been a stunner in her youth, age 44-ish at the time of meeting. Pleasingly slim and firm body (she swam daily) with a slightly tired face (that's what made her closer to 6). She made all the right noises about me, was interested, etc etc etc. One thing was wrong though: pinpoint pupils.

At this point I knew: she wasn't actually interested, she just wanted someone to get her rocks off with. Some casual chit-chat and she revealed that she'd been separated for 6 months. Yep, she just wanted her first dose of post-separation hot-beef-injection - I was available and had the muscles she liked and had the right mix of intellectual and bloody-minded personality to make me plausibly seem to be her type.

BUT there was no way she was gonna say "I just wanna get my rocks off" - far too slutty for the ego to take (she was a self-proclaimed intellectual). So she was looking for something long-term.


So, after a decent enough time of chatting, getting to know each other via text, etc - on the second date she got her rocks off.

A couple of days later comes the expected text (note that this is the actual text - I took a screensnap and keep it in the cloud, just in case of a false rape allegation):
After much thought and deliberation I am only ready to be friends. I hope that is okay with you. I really like you but I don't think I'm ready for more right now. :-( *cuddles*
 At this point she has sub-rosa doublethought herself out of her predicament:

* she's gotten her rocks off
* she's convinced herself that she's not a slut, it was simply a mistake, and is now virtuous
* she's offered an olive branch, a sop, to the guy she got her rocks off with

These are all self-affirmations of empowerment and virtuousness. She's reasoned out that what she really wanted to have was just a mistake, she has re-framed it in a better light, and she is now a born-again virgin once more.
Now on my part, I can:

* accept and be an orbiter in the hope that she'll jump my cock again one day (win for her)
* be a passive-aggressive pussy towards her (which is nasty of me and validates her decision)
* ignore her because she's fucking mental (which is also nasty of me and validates her decision)

Note that all three leave her validated - whatever I might do she wins emotionally and socially in the doublethink sweepstakes. I personally chose the last option: ignoring her because she's fucking mental. At least that way I don't have to deal with her bullshit.

So, I'm not 100% sure how profiles are on tinder and online dating these days - there used to be a lot of blank ones on tinder, no text at all. (At least that's more sensible than the fucktards who are "420-friendly" and shit like that. Talk about advertising your stupidity.) Why might this be?

It's so she can say whatever might seem appropriate to the man that she finds attractive, when she actually wants to get her rocks off. Doublethink.

Which brings me back to my friend, separated from his ex. How long might it be before she jumps on tinder looking to jump on a handy cock?

I'm picking another five months.

Here's to you buddy - it's gonna be a rocky road, and this is your second wife that's jumped ship. Hopefully you ain't dumb enough to try for a third time.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

So China is supposed to eat the West's lunch...

Try this video for size and think again.

Utter. Bullshit.

Of course, the West has been heading this way as well.

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Mentally and Socially Diseased

Okay, so twatter allowed the meme #RapeMelania to trend, caught and put up on Breitbart:
Source (Breitbart).

Now, if I'd gone out there with signs saying "Rape Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton" I'd have been lynched.

Yet twatter allows the entire meme to trend.


Yoko Ono apparently expressed her disappointment with Trump's win on twatter, sharing it with some 4+ million followers:
Personally I can't tell the difference between that caterwauling and her singing.

Plus all the compilations of leftists losing their fucking minds as Trump beat their supremely arrogant Most Holy Candidate Who Can Do No Wrong into humiliated submission. You can go search for those yourself. I have to admit, the schadenfreude has kinda worn off for me. Though I can still have a bit of a chuckle.

What's more concerning is the mentally-diseased children and morons attacking the Electoral Vote system of the USA. Because it didn't didn't go their way, leftism (and feminism) are throwing fits of extended infantile tantrums in an orgy of public immaturity. Plus the riots and similar idiocies that they feel entitled to pull "just because" - in fact, just like immature women and feminists.

The rot, the diseased mindset, is far deeper than we knew.

Soberingly - these mentally and socially diseased people were the ones in charge of society until recently. They still are, until Trump and the Republicans actually come into power next year.

It looks like I'll still be having the occasional commentary to put up. There seems to be no end to the poison in society. There I was idiot enough to think that I could hang my hat up, chill, go do some serious travel and photography.

Boy, was I wrong. The job of exposing the insanity and poison and general nasty shit is never-ending.

Monday 14 November 2016

Reality Pushes Back

Part #1 - before The Trumpening:

So I know this older and quite fat woman, she's gotten fired (along with a bunch of others). Worked as an analyst and actuarial at a bank here in New Zealand (note that 90% of NZ banks are ultimately owned by Australian banks).

She's having a whine about how awful it has been for everyone, how her boss collapsed, how her team has been split up randomly amongst other "bosses" who have no idea what they do or how to use them effectively, etc etc etc.

Final whine was about she doesn't know why she's been fired, the company used to win awards for their diversity...

Basically she got fired because she was costing the company too damn much for not enough return. And she thought that it was unfair because of VAGINA. Hah! Reality's a bitch innit.

Part #2 - after The Trumpening:

It's a couple of weeks on, she's resigned herself to reality (and a big fat bonus + severance check - note that it was still cheaper to fire her ass and pay her a year of "shut-your-cake-hole" money than to keep her hired).

She's now walking daily and has lost a couple of kilograms.

Trump got in though. Whinge...whine...bitch...creeb...typical leftist fucking drivel, which I for one am utterly sick of hearing. It's not even humorous any more, just a sign that the person desperately needs a double-tapping to the head. Some people are just incapable of shutting up and not driving you crazy.

Me: Trump won't press the button. He can't. Senate and House will stop any overt lunacies, the Generals would disobey, etc etc etc.

Her: (utter silence)

Even retards fucking get it eventually.

Especially note the walking. For someone quite a few kilograms overweight, she's suddenly gotten onto a fitness kick. Why?

Might it be because she's no bloody use when she doesn't bring in money? Plus she's basically unemployable? Add to that being a whining fat bitch who doesn't sleep in the same room with hubby because "he snores"?

So she has decided to sweeten the deal with hubby by getting thinner - because being married to a bitching whiner is easier if she's skinny and fuckable.

I'm picking that soonish, she'll be moving back into hubby's bed instead of sleeping separately.

Speaking of fat chicks (no more fat chicks! - this PSA brought to you courtesy of Black Poison Soul). You cannot shame a fat chick if you want to remain employed. Here is the effects of this principle:

If a man is fat and overweight - even just moderately - the doctors are on his ass 110% giving him shit about changing his lifestyle and habits for his own good and health and etc.

Fat chicks? Enormous fucking silence. Not one peep to women about how they should change their lifestyle and habits for their own good and health and etc.

Such is the socially-diseased power of fat bitches in society. (Warning: do not fuck, can lead to unwanted pregnancies and a painful life! - this PSA brought to you courtesy of Black Poison Soul.)

Wednesday 9 November 2016

America Has Spoken

It's now inevitable. America has followed Brexit.
You can take my heart, you can take my breath
When you pry it from my cold, dead chest
I will watch and see what happens. Perhaps the giant will shake off the parasites and become truly great once more. They have attempted to start down the path to reality once more.

America. I raise to you a glass of Grand Marnier. May you turn around the decay, excise the rot, and grow healthy and straight and strong.

Monday 7 November 2016

Fear and Loathing in Modern Times

The modern day...everyone is scared shitless.

Outta their fucking minds.


It is a symptom of our gynocentric society.

Teh Wimminz get the crap scared out of them at the thought of being socially irrelevant. So they thrash around, backstabbing each other, building themselves up while tearing others down, attempting to get their narcissistic "fix" from all and sundry.

Smile at a woman. Go on, give her a genuine smile outta the blue when she isn't expecting it. Maybe even a flirty little wink, too.

Unless she's having a shit day (or a completely shit life, with attendant mental craphole) - she'll smile back, maybe surprised, maybe a little shy.

You just validated her existence. For a moment, she is relevant.

It never lasts. In a short while, she will have forgotten - and be back into her usual mode of obsessing about her social status and worrying again about becoming socially irrelevant.

A never-ending cycle of shit, for her.

A lot of us men have the crap scared out of us too. For the same stupid shit. (I think we caught it off teh wimminz, like a dose of the clap.)

This is where we get the male trolls and White Knights and SJWs and leftists and femicunts and general attack-bunnies. These are socially irrelevant men who can't be arsed or are too stupid to figure out why (and then deciding if they actually want to improve) - they just make up their own mental frames of immature lemming-like behavior and follow them over the cliff:
You can always tell an attack-bunny. They ask the most moronic of trick questions - in manosphere terms, Gamma's on the attack and attempting an AMOG: "So you think you're smart?"

Very mature, along the same lines of: "Were you ever caught masturbating in the dunny?" The real answer to this is: "Keep your perverted homosexual fantasies away from my cock, you sicko."

Similarly, the real answer to the above attack-bunny gamma AMOG question is: "1 + 1 = 3, you smarmy little cunt. Now fuck off."

These attack-bunnies try to trap you via your ego into accepting an implicit challenge. Probably well-rehearsed and prepared. (A symptom of social irrelevance, preparing obsessively to make themselves seem socially relevant. The level of mental self-deceptive ju-jitsu required for this is enough to cause me migraines.) One where they know they'll make you look small. One which ends up with them gaining their validation. For a moment, they are relevant.

Like a woman's validation, it never lasts. Soon they're spinning around frantically again, looking for their next fix of social relevance aka narcissistic supply.

Is this about avoiding the tricksters? Avoiding the SJWs and attack-bunnies?

Only partially.

The real problem is our fucking ego's.

It is ego which makes teh wimminz thrash around uselessly. It is ego which puts an attack-bunny on the prowl.

The real problem with our fucking ego's is that they've been deliberately built up. You too can have it all. Just go watch the series "Century of the Self" - and think about what propaganda, advertising, marketing is working on building up. Often in the form of making you seem more attractive to the opposite sex.

The ego. You can sell a shitload to someone with a big ego - because their big ego wants to flash it all around. "Look at me! I'm important!"

After their death - in a hundred years - in a thousand years - are they really going to be remembered?

Yeah, right.

Their ego cannot handle that. That utter irrelevance, the fact that nobody gives a flying shit, the fact that in a hundred or a thousand years it won't matter whether they were born - or not.

This is the roots of the modern bullshit drive for fame. Fame and relevance. The ego wants to be remembered, like Alexander and Cleopatra and Julius Caesar and Nero and Shakespeare and and andandand...

...never mind that these people actually did something. That's what made them famous. Their fame wasn't from "being famous" or "being socially relevant".

Be honest. Do we know of many "socially relevant" people from 300+ years ago?

Probably royalty and the aristocracy only. Kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes, duchesses, barons, baronesses, sheriffs, etc. Precious few of those are household names. Think of a King, who comes to mind? For me, it's Henry VIII - because of that bloody song "I'm Henry the eighth I am" et-fucking-cetera. Anyway, these people actually did shit or had bad shit happen to them.

Take famous artists: Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Rubin, Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Salvador Dali. Did these guys become artists with the intention of becoming famous? Fuck no. They were just obsessed with painting and sculpting and doing stuff.

Even da Vinci was a fucking loser for much of his life - by the age of 30 he was basically unemployable. He didn't paint The Last Supper until 1498, when he was 46 years old. Sixteen more fucking years of obsessive crazy, as a pathetic has-been, before he put his first masterpiece out there. That is fucking obsessed to the nth power!

This is quite the quandary for the ordinary non-thinking young person who wants to be famous. Or even infamous, like Nero or Jack the Ripper or Charles Manson. Thirty-plus years of fucking shit before you get anywhere? MAYBE?!

The modern young pussies ego can't handle this. It's too big and dumb. It doesn't think in these terms. It thinks like: "I want it now. I want it yesterday. I want fucking more tomorrow. And the demands will all be changed then, so fucking stay awake!"

Because that's the way it's been trained, all its life. The ego. In a nutshell, it wants to be Mister Fucking Popularity - NOW.

Tony fucking Robbins, unleashing the power within. "Visualize yourself in an auditorium. All your family and friends come wandering in. They start a's yours. You're dead. What do you want them to say about you?"

Yeah, supercharging that fuckin' little frantic rabbit of an ego of yours. So selfish. So ultimately pointless and futile, wanting to be "remembered" in such-and-so a way. A fuckin' trap that others can use to grab you by. Grab the balls, squeeze a little, drag you around, thank you very much that'll be $100, NEXT!

Advertising and marketing to the young. So that they can be tricked into an endless cycle of "the latest fad" and someone can empty their pockets. So fuckin' sad and stupid. Because of it, it's now expected to be young and fuckin' stupid. The weird and worst bit, so many of them're too young and fuckin' stupid to understand just how young and fuckin' stupid they really are...

Cautionary stories. MacBeth - a warning that ambition is a vice, not a virtue. Another trap of the ego. Taken advantage of by the corporate ladder. As per The Peter Principle - eventually you get promoted to the point of incompetence. It's a mindless escalation from competence and relevance to incompetence and irrelevance. With a slow death of the self resulting.

Running endlessly to fill our ego, in a job that is 90% stupid, in a society that we recognize on a deep level is existential hell.

In a thousand years, in ten thousand years - all futile, at the end. Nobody will remember, let alone say "this person mattered because of X".

Friday 4 November 2016

Symptoms of Cotton Wool

It's kinda humorous actually. So lets go look at Google's "Web Security" team, courtesy of Wired magazine:

Google's Chrome Hackers Are About To Upend Your Idea Of Web Security

Very first thing on the page is a photo of four chicks.

Oh yeah. Welcome to the world of cotton-wool.

So okay, the gist of it is: these four chicks want non-secure websites to come up in Chrome with the message: "Not Secure". Which is a pretty-good idea actually, for their stated purpose of attempting to push the WWW to use HTTPS instead of open HTTP traffic.

Where it all falls down though, is three simple words: "transparent https proxy".

We have one at work. Even when connecting to my bank to signin and do transfers, etc - even though it shows a padlock, as being secure - my work can see exactly what I'm doing, exactly what the passwords are, exactly every-bloody-thing.

My work is a man-in-the-middle attack in action, every second of the day, if they want to be.

Think that the ISPs aren't? Or couldn't be, if they wanted to?

Go ahead, womyn. Try to swathe the world in cotton wool.

You have already failed.

Thursday 27 October 2016

The Message

Her: You should go out with X, she likes you.

Me: No.

Her: What? *hamstershit*

Me: She sent me a message. I got it. No.

Her: *more hamstershit*


Both words and actions are the message. When you read the message behind the message.

Jumping ship from one man to another.

Divorcing her husband to play the field.

Partying when her kids are with the dad.

No thanks. No thanks. No thanks.

Read the message. Her actions and words tell you it. They are quite open. She's not hiding what she is. She's not even thinking about it. She simply subconsciously relies upon your clueless inattention.

You simply need to pay attention to what that message, those words and actions that comprise it, mean.

Her message is sub-rosa, unconscious, unintentional. She's not consciously aware of it. It's there, though - in the disconnect that she shows, that is very evident between, the shallow depths of her head and the reality that surrounds her.

"My children are my world."

That's why she jumped ship. That's why she dumped her husband. That's why she's a slut. That's why she changes boyfriends every month. That's why she's a party-girl. That's why it's all their fault.

You don't have to gloss over it. You can pick it up - you can be aware of it - you can read it. That message. That's right, that message. Clear as glass, obvious as daylight.

Hidden in plain sight. Even from her self.

And you can choose to act upon it, rather than other more overt messages. Messages like the bullshit script that society expects - insinuates - demands that you follow.

Monday 24 October 2016

Get Shit Done

Ah, the West!

Once a group of obsessed mad motherfuckers who got shit done... predominantly a bunch of pussies squabbling over which entitled bitch they can dump a cum into tonight.

Not all of 'em.

A good number though.

Maybe 80% of men.

While princess stands on her steel pedestal, legs primly together - at least until someone she fancies comes along. Then it's "all hands on deck" while she services him like a 50-cent whore in a back alley.

Which makes us Men a buncha "deplorables" and a big thank-you to Hillary. Like you never went out and fucked somebody behind the back o' Bill the Prez'.

Funny, given that he's supposedly shootin' blanks. Where the fuck did Chelsea come from? You been catchin' it from somebody else? What, you thought nobody would notice?

Yeah, just sweep that under the carpet. Along with that bitch Monica. You are so much the perfect presidential candidate.

At least us Men can read the writin' on the fuckin' wall. No shit Sherlock. Once we're done shoveling the gravel, we go and do our own thing...

...while the pussies can keep on keepin' on kissin' your rotten and well-used vagina.

One day that steel pedestal will rust all the way through. Princess will fall to lie in the dust, dirt, and muck.

Tell us, then what, whore?

Saturday 22 October 2016

Pink Tit Day Wandered Past Again

The usual stuff. Support teh wimminz at every opportunity.

Wear pink for a day.

Pink baking for morning tea.

Pink walk.

Not this Black Poison Soul. I wore a black suit and shirt.

Looked like the Godfather.

"Why aren't you wearing pink?"

"I'm rebellious."

The grumpy looks from the spoiled whores who think that men will lap up their runny shit at any time of year. Especially on pink day. Breast cancer, do as we demand, bow to us, aren't we speshul, wooooo.

Yeah, you're speshul. Got off the fuckin' short bus, you did. Especially if you think I'm gonna kowtow to your whims and desires.

Now piss off and let me get on with doing my work. There's a few million dollars riding on it today. Ain't got time for your runny shit.

Funny. Share a spa pool with a couple of chicks. Nosy likkle pwincesses. One of 'em is a cute Asian chick, works in IT like I do. Programmer type. Let the grilling begin:

"Are you married?"

"Naw, divorced."

"Have kids?"


"Think you'll ever have kids?"

"Not looking good. Haven't found anyone worthwhile in <town where I live>."

The smell of overworked brain is very strong - angling, angling, angling. Real question is do I feel like fuckin' you? Nah. You're young enough, seem desperate enough, I'd probably get you preggers first shot from an "accident". Piss on that.

Not nasty, though. Pleasant about it. Quiet deflection. Can't be arsed being actively unpleasant - save that sorta shit for the unpleasant themselves, then nuke the cunt from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Brought to you by Grand Marnier and a plateful of chicken nibbles. Mmmmmm...

Thursday 20 October 2016

Mangina In A Nutshell

Yes indeed, put a ring on that - fuckin' pussies.

This is why women are out of control. 90% of men are too chickenshit to say the words: "no" and "fuck off".

Thursday 13 October 2016

Check Your Privilege

No, not your male privilege. Shut your mouths, you feminazi hoes - unless you want a dick in it. Then get down on your knees, we'll oblige.

Your fuckin' urban privilege, you white university educated bitch.

Over on Cracked there is a two-page article about How Half Of America Lost Its Fucking Mind. It explains the whole Donald Trump phenomenon, referencing and explaining the tropes behind movies, and lays it out like shit on a shingle.

It's actually quite fuckin' awesome.

Which leads to a question, for all those feminazi cunts out there.

If Donald Trump is a rapist to be reviled and all that sorta shit...

...who the fuck bought 80 million copies of Fifty Shades of Shit?

(Yeah I know, thought I'd run outta stuff to say for the moment. Who'd'a fuckin' thought.)

Tuesday 11 October 2016

What Bloody Reward?

Back about a month or so ago, I put up a post about an unattractive mirror that we should possibly look into. In it, I stated that while it appeared that 80% of women are still children - that we men could also be in a similar situation, 80% of us still children also.

On that post, commenter Carl made a damn good point:
If there are no incentives for males to become adults, then why should they? For the greater good? LOL
A very damn good point.

In the old days, children were bought up with the mindset that being an adult was a goal to strive for. Adults were looked up to and listened to because of their sheer experience. The young boys knew that being a husband was a massive sacrifice on a mans part. They still did it because it had one major reward:


As we know, there is no respect these days. And certainly no reward. Especially given the trash out there.

Now take a step back and look at society.

Society promised us a reward. Though these days, we are seeing through the peeling reflection of the shithouse mirror and realizing that it's just marketing hype for the hucksters to transfer money from your pocket to theirs.

Giant hunk'o'diamond ring. Honeymoon in Hawaii. The McMansion. Owning a second house (in NZ, a bach) in a scenic place that you visit 2-4 weeks and a couple of weekends a year. Owning a boat or set of jetski's for the family to use.

All of these transfer money from your pocket to somebody else's.

So for most men, the marriage-market is a lie. Advertising. Something to lure you into doing things that are not in your ultimate self-interest.

This leaves us men who have woken up understandably bitter. Moreso if we've been caught up and slaughtered in a divorce/frivorce.

Now take another step back and look at things.

Why are we bitter?

It is because the rest of the world, they, taught us all our lives, that X would bring Y as a reward. Brainwashed us. Fed us a plateful of shit and lies.

When the plateful of shit and lies made us sick, when reality reared up and bit our asses off, we got pissed off and bitter about it.


So it takes us a while to get over the anger and bitterness. Of course. Anyone who says that they can help us fix our problems in quick-short order, with a snap of the fingers, is another huckster selling snake-oil. (Here's my snake-oil sure-fire cancer-cure: grapes. Lots of grapes. If you actually do die from cancer within the year, contact me and I'll send you your money back. Guaranteed. Now here's my bill for $10k, thankyouverymuchNEXT!)

Eventually though, we finally accept that Z is what reality is, not the X/Y that we were brainwashed to believe.

Which leaves us at a loose end. As Carl said above, there's no incentives to become adults. So why should we?

Why should we improve ourselves? Why should we strive? Why should we do something more than just sit in the basement playing computer games? Why?

Go ahead. Play computer games in the basement. That's what you want? Go for it.

Because here's the rub. There's always the crisis of motive to think about. If you improve yourself, if you improve your body, if you improve your income, if you improve your life: is it for you, or is it because it's gonna attract women?

If you've grown up - if you've become an adult - why have you done it?

For the ones who've already screwed you over? Do you really wanna do that? Improve yourself...because you're still actually chasing that pussy...still chasing that lying reward that you were brainwashed with all your life?

Fuckin' hard and deep and painful question, that one. Everyone has to answer it for themselves.

As Carl said: For the greater good? When, in reality, the "greater good" can pretty-much be translated to "for teh wimminz benefit"?

...yeah, fuck that, ay.

So we do what we want. Fuck heaps of chicks as the PUA do? Go for it. Play games in the basement? Go for it. Go walking, tramping, fishing, camping out, taking photographs? Go for it. Whatever you want.

It doesn't matter. We don't want society's reward. We've woken up to the realization that it's a plateful of shit and lies.

Now take a final step back and look at ourselves.

Okay, fuck society. There's no reward there.

Except... a roundabout way...

...there is.

If nothing else, it gives us the time and personal space to enjoy ourselves. We don't have to strive at life, as we would have if we had swallowed the whole marriage-and-children lie and gotten on the treadmill of the ratrace for someone else's benefit.

We're not living hand-to-mouth in the old dangerous days of famine, pestilence, and plague. As single men we have plentiful food and the money and time and ability to go and do stuff that interests us. All without the modern entitled nagging bitch in tow, wasting our lives and destroying our sanity with her drivel.

The thing about society is that so long as we do a certain amount of something, it keeps things going - for us. For our benefit. Yup, be selfish about it. For our personal, selfish, greedy, grasping benefit.

So now to look at it laterally, everything askew, and ask:


That might be the only socially-accepted (aka wimminz-approved) reward. But who says that is the only possible reward in the world?

Teh wimminz? They're wanting the free bennies.

The marketers pandering to teh wimminz? They're wanting to line their pockets at the expense of yours - and in the process, give teh wimminz their free bennies.

The government pandering to teh wimminz? Get a grip. Biggest bunch of lying, thieving, conniving motherfuckers in creation bar none.

This is where the real message of MGTOW is.

Fuck heaps of chicks, play games in the basement, walking, tramping, fishing, camping out, taking photographs, whatever.

Improve yourself, if you want, however you want, for your own personal satisfaction.

For YOUR reward. For what YOU want. Define your own fuckin' success, reward, happiness, goal, end-game - and go for it.

Balls to the fuckin' wall.

Your fuckin' enjoyment.

Your fuckin' path.

That you fuckin' walk.

Ignoring everybody fuckin' else.

Don't give a shit about the fuckin' plantation any more.

So hang up your hat, put away the suit, go fishing and watch the stars in peace. Go and follow your own path to freedom and happiness.

We don't have to choose their view of what a grown-up adult aka slave is. We can choose our own way of growing up.

And hell, still keep a bit of that big ol' kid going. You know, the kid that lives in reality rather than being crushed and dead inside. Like the rest of the poor bastards of slaves still out there.

The poor bastards of slaves that secretly envy you.

In my view - in my opinion - going MGTOW is actually growing up, realizing that there's more out there than the bullshit script, deciding for ourselves what we want, and going hell-for-leather after that, rather than chasing what they - anyone else - wants us to chase.

To hell with teh wimminz and what they want. Ditto for the marketers. Ditto for the government.

For ourselves. For our personal, selfish, greedy, grasping selves.

They think otherwise?

Like in my The Final Answer: What Is MGTOW post - who the fuck do they think they are? They can go fuck themselves.

Talked (written?) myself out for the moment. I think that it's time for a small glass of Grand Marnier.

Gonna step out again for a while.

Good luck to you all.

Friday 30 September 2016

Why I Think Trump Will Win

Yeah yeah, this ain't a political blog.

Yeah yeah, it's all the elites dribbling and frothing for the entertainment of the masses and to get their noses in the trough.

So why the fuck do I care if Trump wins?

Because from what I can see (here in New Zealand) he's a potential breath of sanity.

That's it. The one potential breath of sanity I've seen in a very long time.

I look at the insanity of women, I look at the insanity of our society. Hell, it's my self-chosen "mission" to expose the poisonous insanity in the soul of the world. "Exposing the black poison in the soul of the world." Fuckin' pretentious of me.

I actually think he has a chance.

The reason which makes me think this is reading some highbrow retards whinging that he sounds like a dockworker. Dude's a multi-millionaire, he's giving that witch Hillary a dry corn-holing with her own broomstick on the regular, and they're griping about how he sounds like a dockworker.

Fuckin' retards.

He sounds like a dockworker because he's appealing to the dockworkers and other common people.

See, the man's a businessman. You don't become a successful businessman by spouting feelgood crap and surrounding yourself with ass-lickers and yes-men. Cronyism doesn't do a whole lot of shit in his world.

What does do a whole lot of shit is those who tie steel and lay concrete. Who build the foundations for bridges and skyscrapers and shit like that. Fuckers who can do something, and who are being squeezed out of life.

The incessant talk of academia, the incessant dribbling of theories, doesn't mean shit when the rubber meets the road. What matters is building something that stands up and provides a service - something of real lasting worth, something that makes money.

Government and jawing doesn't make money. You can talk endlessly at the broken fuckin' air conditioner, that won't fix the fucker when it's 100-degrees out and climbing.

Trump is appealing to the middle-Americans, those who maintain and build this civilization. His message is: "It's time to build our civilization again." The broad implication is that nobody else in government is doing it. They'd rather talk and get their hog-nose into the fuckin' trough of public funds. Into your and my pockets. Into your and my lives.

So he's a breath of sanity in a kaleidoscope of fluffy illusions. He's kicking the funhouse mirrors of the asylum down in an effort to get the forced inmates out into the real world again. Of course those in charge of the asylum don't like him. He's showing that they're unnecessary. In fact, downright incompetent - if not actively dangerous.

Why do I give a shit about the world going to sanity?

I always have. I'd rather it didn't burn down, if there's a real viable alternative. If the sane can actually swap places with the insane Leftist babbling idiots.

You can't actually *do* anything with these Leftist idiots. You can't trust them. You can't make a deal with them. They lie and break their word at every opportunity. Going into business with them would be stupid, getting married to one would be lunacy of the highest order.

Then they have the chutzpah to blame *you* for the situation. It's *your* fault that they lie and cheat and steal from you. (Which it is, looked at in a certain bleak light - why the *fuck* are we trusting these cunts as far as we can spit a mouthful of fish-hooks? We've never really grasped just how fucked in the head they are - because the sane simply cannot comprehend the insane. Thus, the insane can get away with a shitload more than you'd think would be possible.)

I'd actually like to see the world begin to strive for excellence once more. Like the moon shots, before the Space Shuttle made space all so dreary and same-same. Reach out and *take* what's rightfully yours. All of fucking reality.

Or sit in the corner and drool, the nurses coming around occasionally to wipe your fuckin' chin and change your fuckin' depends.

I'd like the human race to dream once more. I mean really dream, of something epic - not of something dull and grey and bland like fifty shades of limp-wristed BDSM shit.

So I'm thinking that Trump is the last gasp attempt of real humanity to steer itself onto a path of some kind of worth...

...not end with a whimper.

If the latter occurs, I will pour the gasoline on the world myself and set that fucking cunt alight. Then watch it burn with enjoyment, hoisting a small glass of Grand Marnier in a toast, while still hoping that something better will grow from whatever remains of the pyre.

Thursday 29 September 2016

Not Even Pretty

So Didact has a cogent piece about what the real price is for being a slut or whore. The price is her soul:
He is 100% correct in saying this, and 100% correct in saying that even a virgin can have that thousand-cock stare. Especially one who voluntarily elects as a virgin to become a Dubai Porta-Potty.

The really strange thing is that this (Russian) girl just isn't that pretty.

Seriously. Look at that face, those eyes, that mouth, that body-language. It all screams "high-priced nasty entitled cunt". It's completely dark, cold and dead inside - too the point of oozing through the fake shell/casing. That's the thousand-cock stare in a nutshell: cold and dead inside. To paraphrase/rephrase Didact: the soul is gone from this one.

In a very warped way I'm kinda glad that this one has gone to Dubai to be a toilet. That is, literally, it's only possible use in life: to be shit on. To be used as a cum-dumpster, endlessly. To be infected with every disease possible, so that the rarer and more worthy women are not.

There is no way in hell that any man should ever get this one pregnant. Not accidentally, not knocked up by a client, nohow noway. That soulless vacuum, that sucking void, will inexorably suck the life out of anyone or anything that isn't coated in teflon and insulated with a foot of asbestos. Any child/ren will be inevitably destroyed.

Those Arab Princes can have this one.

With our blessings and good wishes and many hopes for their enjoyment.

Monday 26 September 2016

This is why I love my brother

Me: You in town tonight?

Him: Yes, at X's.

Me: Please spin past my place tonight and in the morning to feed my cats.

Him: Ok.

Me: Thanks.

Imagine THAT if the other side was a woman.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Parasites On The March

So somebody's pooped up on FaceCrap a petition focused on stopping sanctions against sole (aka single) mommies (page contents copied here):
Stop the Sanctions Petition
We are calling for the removal of Sections 176, 177, 178 from the Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill.
These sections impose a weekly sanction of $22 or more on beneficiary sole mothers who have not identified the father of their child. This sanction (in its current form of Section 70A of the Social Security Act) is putting into further hardship families already struggling to survive.
Currently there are approximately 17,000 children in Aotearoa New Zealand for which this sanction is imposed. Of the 13,616 parents, 13,298 are women, and only 318 are men. 52.8% are Māori. This policy severely disproportionately effects women and Māori.
We request to the House of Representatives that the entirety of the provisions set out in Sections 176, 177 and 178 of the Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill, which enable sanctions on the benefits of thousands of sole mothers and their children, be removed from the bill and from legislation.
For more information about these sanctions see our FAQ: Stop The Sanctions FAQ
I actually approve (somewhat) of Sections 176, 177, 178 from the Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill.


Because they (the govt) are starting to pull back from the behavior which has encouraged 49% of New Zealand's children being born to single mommies. (A parasitic plague upon our society.)

Eventually they (the govt) will have to cut them off. There won't be any bloody money to hand over to them. Hopefully by that point, perhaps these cunts will have figured out that it's a good idea to use (cheap in NZ 'cause it's govt subsidized) birth control - or to keep their fuckin' legs closed.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Tuesday 13 September 2016

An Unattractive Mirror

Uncle Bob has a post about how 80% of women are unattractive. Some of the comments led me to leave this comment on the post:
For those of you talking about getting an iron-clad pre-nuptual.
It. Does. Not. Exist.
If there is a child involved, any family-court in the USA (and New Zealand, and likely Australia and the UK and etc as well) WILL tear it up "in the interests of the child".
Now, while I do tend to believe in the "cash and prizes" situation: thinking about it, One Fat Oz Guy has a good point. It actually dovetails very nicely with what Uncle Bob states.
Oz: "Now, divorce WILL appeal to women that are too stupid to play for the long term and invest in an adult relationship."
Bob: "Many intelligent men in the past have offered their opinions on women (their opinions tend to be about noticing many women are big children). That’s been much of my experience, too."
And I myself have done posts about female best intentions and female doublethink and self-deceit. (Bob probably laughs at those and thinks that I'm deceiving myself. He might be right. I'm not 100% certain and try to look for other thoughts and information on various matters.)
So, think about it. Most children have zero long-term thinking capacity.
So: what some of us term as "frivorce with cash and prizes" is not exactly a long-term planned strategy. It's simply the result of a spoiled child, bored with the current situation, suddenly deciding that they want out so that they can do something else. But they're also going to get what they can from the situation - because they're spoiled and greedy.
If 80% of women are children and 20% of women are adults, and (as Oz states) adult women invest in an adult relationship, would this be why a large number of marriages seem to end in divorce? (According to the government statistics from the CDC, 93.4% of all marriages in the USA break up/end in divorce within 10 years.)
I'm beginning to wonder re how many men are actually grown-up, also. The lost boys of the manosphere might be the 80% male children vs the 20% male adults. For me, these days, the entire PUA culture seems to be something that a child would indulge in.
It's something to think about. Some 80% of women are still children, what's to state that some 80% of men are not still children?

What's to state that the manosphere is not filled with this 80% of male children?

We deliberately blind ourselves to many things, men and women both. We men may be calling the kettle black when we harp on that women are children.

Take a good look inside, if we dare, if we can. How much childishness, egotism, and narcissism is within? How much hurt do we refuse to let heal, because of this? In a certain light, some of what goes on out here is the male version of the Extended Infantile Tantrum that ZenPriest states feminism indulges in.

No, I'm not saying "go out and get married" - why the fuck would you want to marry a child? Especially a dangerously spoiled one? Especially if we are still children ourselves?

What I'm saying is: Throwing stones when we are living inside a glass house is unproductive.

Trying to take a good look at myself through Crap Colored Glasses™. I'm not sure as to its effectiveness. Damn that dark mirror...

Friday 19 August 2016

Social Dysfunction

More and more women openly exhibit what can only be described as social dysfunction and deviant behavior.

Which is pretty much what we're all on their case about, out here in the desert of the interwebs.

Which is why we'll never be mainstream (thank God!).

At any rate, you can see it in all their interactions. With everyone. The frenemies, their boyfriends, their workmates, all that stuff: cuckoo coco-puffs out the wazoo.

They state that men are socially clueless...then go to stab their "best friend" in the back at every possible opportunity.

They can't even be happy, bubbly, and joyful with themselves. (I've met exactly one girl like this - happy, bubbly, and joyful - in the past 6 years - she was 19.) So twisted and fucked up that they have to warp everything into misery - and drag everyone else into the same fucked up state.

So pathetic. "Like, wow, man" levels of pathetic.

It's worse, though. Because most of us men are so fucked up that most of us listen to them. (Have you really listened to them? I mean, really? It's an unending drone of minutiae and drivel. Enough to drive you out through insanity, to the clear and calm waters of peace on the other side.)

We men on the whole listen to them - at least enough to try and shut them up by giving them what they say they want. Because of this, we have warped our entire social structure into the same dysfunctional state as their fucked up heads.

To illustrate:

A male teacher fucks a 14yo female student. Rape! Instant 10 years of getting assfucked by Bubba and the rest of the boys.

A female teacher fucks a 14yo male student. She gets put on the sex offender list. A slap on the wrist with a limp noodle.

This isn't just double-standards and hypocrisy (though it certainly is that).

It is prime warning that our society is dysfunctional to an extreme.

(Was it 21 Jump St - the movie - which featured an "underage" undercover copper fucking his teacher? This deviant behavior is considered to be so normal that it's now popular entertainment?)

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

Sunday 14 August 2016

Wheels Coming Off The Gravy Train

So the wheels are coming off the gravy train again, heheh.

Yes, I'm a little tipsy. High stress work, sometimes my Fe/Ni starts going around in futile and ever-decreasing circles of inanity. Alcohol shuts the bullshit down and calms me a little, so long as I don't have too much. (That's Jungian Cognitive Function-speak, if you really care.)

So, the gravy train is starting to derail once again. But wait a minute:

Which wheels?

Which gravy train?

Why, the gravy train that is the PUA's pussy-wagon, of course! Over on RoK they have recently had another hit piece: 4 Ways to Stop Being a MGTOW.

Tch tch tch. The usual shaming bullshit getting flung out again...the monkeys are seeing others walk off the plantation and decide to throw their monkey-poo at all and sundry...feminist-style shaming monkey-poo, of course.

Which brings up a few very interesting thoughts. Why do they feel they have to throw the monkey-poo with such lively abandon? It's like it happens every six months or so...quietens down...then flares up again.

Then it clicks (to me).

The 93% chance of all marriages ending up in divorce, within 10 years (my last post).

Oh my. So here we have Roosh peddling his snake-oil of new masculinity (where are these unicorns you're expecting your new men to marry? fucktard) - but there is a bigger, more pressing issue.

No, it's not that a lot of men are going MGTOW. (Though any lost sale to the head honcho's of the PUAsphere must rankle something bad.)

No, it's not that the new masculinity is going down the tubes. (Is it? I've not bothered keeping an eye on that to see. I wouldn't be surprised. It's just a slightly reddish tinge to the blue pill, attempting to drag men back to the plantation.)

It's actually that the men going MGTOW are taking the props away from the civilization, the plantation, that allows the PUAsphere to exist.

Y'see, no civilization = a lesser variety of free pussy for the dancing monkeys to take advantage of.

When everything turns to third-world levels of crime and stupidity, it actually becomes dangerous to be a monkey that dances for free pussy.

Wanna fuck some dude's girlfriend or wife? Get caught, you're either dead or beaten to a pulp.

There might be a "veneer" of law, which applies only to the powerful and high-status in life. (Which applying will only be to the advantage of the powerful and high-status, being leveraged against the weak and powerless and trash that is the rest of society.)

In the back-streets themselves, gutter-law rules. Fuck my girl, me'n my bro's will fuck you up good, mate.

Social status posturing and posing?

Nah. Gutter-law is a baseball bat to the kneecaps and nuts.

Funny, in a way. I dragged myself out of gutter-law, only to find that society as a whole is dragging itself back in to it.

The PUAs free-pussy-wagon? The wheels are coming off. The street has eyes. The eyes don't report to the law. The eyes pass it on to the gutter-law.

Show respect, you'll get along good. No respect? Goan fuck you up, cut you up, mate. Then I'll slice that cunt up too. Fix you both, show everyone not to cross me, mate.

The most deliciously ironic thing? The PUAs are taking advantage of a declining civilization. In r/K terms, they're teaching themselves to use the rabbit breeding strategy. (Humorous. Self-improvement! Become a wolf! So you can breed like a rabbit. Fucking humorous.)

But these rabbits, they're each other...and you're putting yourselves into their feeding-chain.

Ya know what? You did it to yourself.

What more can you say? Time for a little more Grand Marnier, then out like a light. To sleep, perchance to dream, and hopefully it's not a fuckin' nightmare like so many people are dragging the world into.

Saturday 30 July 2016

Welcome to the Divorce-Grinder

Thanks to the men over at /r/MGTOW, I have discovered this particular webpage:

Marriage Statistics

Back on my post What do you like to do? I showed that it was more like a minimum of 53% of marriages end up in divorce (because the divorces were only reported from 44 of the states in the USA). In the page above they state 50%, though I can forgive them for that.

What I find very interesting is the failure rate of first marriages (a couple of tables up from the bottom):
First Marriage Survival (Probability of lasting more than 10 years) [Bold mine. - BPS]
Probability that a first marriage will survive 10 years = 6.6 % - 1 in 15
If there was no birth during marriage = 3.7 % - 1 in 27
If there was a birth before marriage = 6.5 % - 1 in 15
If there was a birth 0-7 months after marriage = 7.4 % - 1 in 13
If there was a birth 8+ months after marriage = 7.9 % - 1 in 12
If true (and I can see no reason why it wouldn't be - in fact, given the under-reported divorce stat I could make a case for these survival stats being slightly higher than reality) then this has to be the absolutely most damning piece of evidence against marriage in the USA. The entire Western World. (Hell, the entire world, period!)

So, look at those two statistics on that page. I'm'a spell it out:

50% of all marriages fail
6.6% chance that a first marriage will survive 10 years

So the second statistic seems to be saying: 93.4% of all first marriages will fail within 10 years.

Which means the 50% of all marriages failing - might actually be within the first year. Only.

This fits in with my old post re the Real Divorce Rate in NZ.

I find this a very difficult poison pill to swallow. I can imagine it, though. If you think about it, reporting on the long-term chances of a first marriage failing at being over 93% - you'd just destroy the institution utterly. Not even the most stupid of male fools on this planet is gonna go for that. Maybe if you lobotomized him first.

It's more palatable (though still painful for men) to say "yeah, 50% of marriages fail". Try to minimize even that, sweep it under the rug, keep it outta the mainstream media as much as possible. Yeah, it won't happen to you, buddy. You live a charmed life. You're special. You're different from the rest. Yeah.

It doesn't seem like it's completely true, though. First year, sure. Further down the line though, once you've been her slave for 10 years, when there's some fairly substantial goods and money gathered together and put aside...


...there goes your bubble.

From the above, 2.077 million men a year get married - of which ultimately 93% will be thrown into the divorce-grinder within 10 years of getting married. That averages out to 1.93 million married men every year getting screwed over and being stuck for x number of years (say, another 10+?) filling cupcake's pocket. During which time cupcake goes out and gets her vag crammed with as much cock as possible. (Anecdotally and depending, anyways - some P is Q != all P is Q.)

The more successful female predators getting a larger chunk of a slave's life due to being more patient? This really *is* the Art of Whore. The lawyers who take advantage of this, who feed off this, are the true bottom-feeding scum-sucking filth of this world. It's absolutely no wonder that divorced men with children loathe the Family Court system.

So. That's something pretty bitter and poisonous to have to swallow down, even for us men who've had our eyes opened to the bullshit around us. Just a matter of time, you're sure to be reamed anyway. Nothing else that I can think of shows as starkly just how disposable all men are in the eyes of the female sex.

Including our own sex - I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, yet eventually even I twigged. Someone else will have caught it too. They know. They didn't open their mouths to try and sort it out - why/why not? Who knows?

By extension, it shows how truly screwed our civilization, our society, really is.

In my zombie-blue-pill-blinkered days, I basically had zero chance of achieving the lie that I'd been told all my life. No wonder that so many men these days resist the truth. No wonder that so many younger men resist marriage - they know that it's under-reported. It's actually way, way worse than we (at least, old fogies like me) had ever thought.

We are going to watch our civilization, our society, burn to the ground. I can see nothing that could possibly stop it, with that kind of shenanigans going on. Too much headwind against it. It would have to be an extremely radical (aka bloodily forceful and violent) social restructuring to actually make it worthwhile for men to keep things going. I don't know if the Western World has that kind of force left in them any more.

Brought to you by (an especially bleak look through) Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and absolutely priceless when it comes to getting pre-warning of your entire life and society and civilization and world going down the crapper. Probably sooner than you'd think and a helluva lot sooner than you'd like.

(I wonder what Terrence Popp and Blake of Redonkulas would make of this set of stats? Or Breitbart? Or would it be just too damn much to choke on?)

For a second and closer bleak look:

2.077 million marriages
-1.93 million eventual divorces
= 147,000 marriages every year which actually survive more than 10 years

Pathetic. Plus note that I don't comment upon the "happiness" of said marriages.

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Bleak and Nasty Realization

It's a pissing-down raining night here in the North Island of New Zealand. A Tuesday night in the middle of winter, to be precise.

I don't mind. I'm sitting here, warm and dry. Been reading...don't feel like sleep writing...I probably should grab myself a margarita, actually.


Mmmm margarita.

I think of all the pathetic girls out there. Down the bars...doing "their thing" in life...Imma strawng, innipendant wimminz! Why can't I find a maaaaaan!

All the squares dress like whores. All the whores dress like squares. You can't tell the difference any more. If there is a fucking difference. Tattoo'd and pierced sluts out the wazoo...fucking nose-rings that look like snot...

Why the fuck are you dressed like a $2 whore and shivering out in the rain and cold and blowing icy winds in the middle of winter? Ya fuckin' dumbass fuckin' sheep.

Too stupid to get her own shit together. Too stupid to build up stuff - like buying a decent bed and some good winter sheets and an electric blanket so she can be toasty warm at night. Running around freezing her tits off, trying to get a man - to keep her warm and cared for, physically and financially and (temporarily) emotionally.

Too fuckin' stupid to realize that the pay-gap is a fuckin' myth, she makes more'n a good number of men do, and she pisses it all away trying to dress up so that she can scam a man outta drinks and the occasional fuck. With maybe the prize of getting preggers (child support!) and frivorce (cash and more prizes!).

I'm reminded of a Tinder whore I ran across a couple days back. She was 19, up on her Tinder profile she had: "I want to marry rich."

Oha. Really rich. I had to laugh. Like a rich man is gonna pick up some 19yo slut off Tinder and marry her LOLOL. Yeah right, she has a better chance of becoming a Dubai Porta Potty. Like he's gonna risk, in the slightest, any chance whatsoever of frivorce or a false rape accusation.

She ain't in his league. She ain't even gonna meet him. Not a fucking hope in hell.

Though I'll give her props for being an honest golddigger - even if a fucking stupid one. She don't have the common-sense and smarts make it this far, by far:
Just another stupid cunt, living in stupid-land, expecting her Prince fucking Charming to come along and woo her and slap a $10+k diamond ring on her fuckin' finger. Though some people are just so desperate, that they'd do it.

I'm bored. Bored outta my fucking tree, when it comes to wimminz.

Do they actually have any interests of their own? I can only remember two woman who did: scrapbooking (she only did it 'cause of the kidlets, making memories and stuff for 'em). Plus some serious fitness fanatic (which I can make a damn good argument is so she could pick up a man).

The rest are all: I'm bored. Entertain me.

No. I'm bored with you lot of morons. I'm gonna go entertain myself, do something that I find interesting and ultimately more personally fulfilling. Plus I'll have something worthwhile left at the end of it. A skill. A piece of artwork. A restored piece of furniture. (One of my fun things is to restore 100yo furniture - my home looks like a bloody antique shop.)

I honestly wonder how the PUA's can handle this female shit. Having to clown around to basically get some dipshits' attention...having to invite her out to do stuff that she might consider interesting...or more accurately: having to entertain the whore so that you can maybe dump a fuck into her.

To hell with it. As always, picking up these lumps of stupid becomes boring after a while. Even fucking them becomes boring. (Then you get the dead-fish and sand-bucket cunt types - yikes!)

Shit on it. I'm'a do my own thing. MGTOW...again, as always. Until I start feeling horny again, though at 50 years old you'd think my fuckin' testosterone would have slowed down by now. Somehow, it hasn't - one day I should look at the statistics for sex for older men, it's probably way higher than society is comfortable admitting.

My photography archive is completed. Right now it's getting transferred from my NAS to a USB3 external drive. I have 4:3:2 copies as backups: a step up from the old 3:2:1 plus I can't be arsed trying to transfer from PC to some dipshit place out in the cloud. Apart from having tracked a hacker back to a compromised server at a cloud-provider, NZ's internet infrastructure is a piece of shite and it'd take a week-plus to finish.

If it wasn't shite weather and short days, I'd be out the back yard pruning the grapevine and dealing to my overgrown garden. (Damn kaikuia.) I've actually got a place that a wimminz would love-love-love to sink her claws's a throwback to the old 50's dreams of family life. She could enjoy its comforts, with her man-slave doing all the work both before and after the frivorce.

Yeah, fuck that. Away from teh wimminz again. MGTOW yet again...a cycle of boredom and horniness. Even though I've done the economics analysis, and a whore is cheaper, I tend to have problems with fucking whores. Just ain't as satisfying.

It's probably an emotional addiction of some sort. I'd best start working on that. At my age, it's not worth it to even partially fuck around with these whores. Especially when you're worth over the half-million mark. Pretty good given that I had about $20-30k left over from my frivorce, about 5 years ago.

In a way, the Tinder whore up there was a wakeup. I realized "holy shit, I'm actually a rich guy". Amusing, given that I'd been basically feeling "poor" for so long. That's what happens when she spends more'n she brings in. Go for 8 years of marriage feeling poor, to suddenly realizing that after 5 years of enjoying yourself after frivorce - you're fuckin' rich.

Actually fuckin' rich.

A wakeup.

The fuckin' paygap is a myth. She fuckin' wastes stuff like it's goin' outta fashion. Pissing it away, expecting - demanding! - some loser male to give her more. His time and his money. So she can piss both of those away too.

And I am actually fuckin' rich, after all that BPD/NPD and being cheated on and frivorce shit. Even after the biz went down the shitter and I became an em-ploy-ee. My brother's done better. He focused on making money.

Some golddigger would love to get her fuckin' claws into me or him, one way or another. Must protect myself better. Him too.

Margarita gone. After midnight. Time to go sleep in a warm and sheltered bed with the electric blanket.

Got to love some of the creature comforts in life. It's what men do: accumulate and build. Enhance our lives in many ways.

Good night, good life, my brothers.

Saturday 2 July 2016

The Center Of Her World

A message for all the Men out there.

You will never be the center of her world.

Take that. Tattoo it on your brain. Brand it into your soul.

Feel the pain. You will never be loved by a woman the way you were taught that you would be. It was a (massive) lie. (Though if you grew up with mother-only parenting, you already know what a crock of shit that is.)

Feel that pain. Let it burn through you. Be cleansed of the lies and illusions.

For those of you who are happily married (Keoni and LosAngelos King, for two) - congratulations.

For those of you who are unhappily married (or like me, divorced) - commiserations.

For those of you who fool yourselves that she "worships your cock" (I've seen that a lot in the PUA circles and have almost fallen prey to that delusion myself) - are you really sure about that? 'Cause women are pretty-good at being chameleons, looking to ensnare their prey. Cue Terrence Popp saying: "But Popp, that slot-C is so amazing! It's the best slot-C ever!" Yeah...right... "She looooves me!" HAHAHAH!!!

Over on Amerika, Brett Stevens has a post about how Laissez-Faire - basically no direction or interference with other's freedom of choice and action - has failed. Failed the world, failed the nations, failed society, and failed parenting:
I saw the face of laissez-faire: if you tell people to do whatever they want, you have opened the door to the lowest common denominator of behavior, since all behaviors are now equal. What people need to hear instead is a trinity: x behavior will be rewarded, y behavior will be punished, and anything else falls in z which gets neither punishment nor reward.
I may be in control now, but somehow I can’t prevent myself from wanting to be nice, hence I remain a “laissez-fare” father. Only this time I can see mistakes in real time.
I will admit that I am much the same way myself. Being brought up only by my mother? Perhaps.

The trinity that he mentions - that is gold. X behavior will be rewarded, Y behavior will be punished, and everything else is Z which gets neither punishment nor reward. Stern and unbending.

Which it is admittedly damn hard to be stern and unbending when you've just done 24-48 hours straight without any sleep (or God forbid, 55-odd hours like a guy I know - took him a week to "recover"). Hard physical work? Doing 14-16 hour days? Day in, day out, for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks off? Yeah, when you're people often do some pretty shithouse long hours too. At any and all ages. Nobody in society notices or remarks on it.

Going back to No Ma'am - Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager In The House:
Men Love Women, Women Love Children, and Children Love Puppies

There is an "order" to how love works and the order works only in one direction. You can see hints to this in the Bible, where husbands are commanded to love their wives while wives are commanded to "honor" their husbands in return. Children as well are commanded to honor their parents. Love is a hierarchical beast that descends downward. The only way it works in reverse is via honor and respect, because the reciprocal "love" is never equal.
A child will never love its parents in the same fashion that parents will love their child. You will readily see parents willing to sacrifice for their children – sometimes with their very lives – but rarely will you see the same in reverse. In fact, even in society as a whole, we consider it to be "the right thing" when a father or a mother sacrifices their life in order to save the life of their child. The whole of raising children to adulthood involves enormous sacrifice on the part of the parents in the form of time, frustration, freely giving resources, the denial of the parent’s dreams, and so forth. It is never returned to the parents on an equal basis, not even when the child reaches adulthood, for by that time the child will likely have children of his own to whom he bestows most of his love upon. Although having children is a one-way-street of parents sacrificing for the betterment of their child, they are still instinctively compelled to do so even though, rationally speaking, it is not in the best interests of the parents. What parents can expect in return is that their children honor them and respect them for their sacrifices – but their love will never equal that which their parents have for them. It is just not part of the natural order of life.
In the same way, a woman’s love for a man will never be equal to a man’s love for a woman. The natural order and a woman’s hypergamous nature dictate that the man must be on a "higher level" than the woman. A man can love a woman just as a woman can love a child, but the reciprocal love is returned only in the form of honor and respect. Just as a child instinctively expects its parents to take care of them, so does a woman instinctively expect her man to take care of her. It is a one-way street. A woman will never be able to equally return a man’s love for her. At best, she can honor and respect him for what he does for her.
These days, women are taught very explicitly not to honor their man. Thank you femicunts and the modern stinking thinking that is your legacy. Damn near every woman you meet will be infested with that stinking mindset - like a mile-wide festering gangrenous pus-filled sore labeled "independence", as she proclaims how she "doesn't need a man". Even while desperately looking for one.

(Hilarious. "Strong, independent woman, looking for her Prince Charming..." dribble dribble drool. More accurate would be: "My ovaries are shrinking and my fertility is going, quick, cum in me and get me preggers so that I can entrap you into being my work-slave for the next 20 years!")

Men, love your woman + women, disrespect your man = divorce-rape and the lawyers creaming their pants as they collect fees enough for their next boat. Never mind the man stumbling around and going: "Whah? Whuh? What hit me?"

Let's go further down the chain, though. Women, love your children + children, disrespect your mother (as she disrespects your father) = criminal and dysfunctional behavior. Never mind that fatherless children are more likely to wind up in jail.

No wonder that our society is crumbling around our ears. No wonder that we are drowning in the Garbage Generation and Mutilated Beggars.

We Men were not built to do long hours, like the above. Going for 24-48 hours without sleep? For a fuckin' server-upgrade at work? Hell no! You should only do that kind of shit when your life utterly depends on it. Hell, we weren't even built to do the stinking 8-9 hours that modern work expects - that is simply designed by business to keep their workers tired and docile.

We end up temporarily shattered.

Modern women sense that shattered state - and go for the throat.

Nag. Badger. Whine. Whinge.

In your tired state you cave in.

When you get your energy back, you remember what happened and go: "What the fuck?"

It is in moments like this that you realize. Not only will you never be the center of her world. You won't even get the honor and respect that is your due.

Plus, it will only go downhill from there. You've caved once while exhausted - the pattern is set, she will expect it again. She will forevermore double-down on the crap any time that you resist. (And double-down again...and again...and again...)

Your only real option as a Man is OUT.

Let her scream and thrash in frustration. You aren't paid to deal with her fucking bullshit. You don't have time for that crap.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.