Tuesday 11 October 2016

What Bloody Reward?

Back about a month or so ago, I put up a post about an unattractive mirror that we should possibly look into. In it, I stated that while it appeared that 80% of women are still children - that we men could also be in a similar situation, 80% of us still children also.

On that post, commenter Carl made a damn good point:
If there are no incentives for males to become adults, then why should they? For the greater good? LOL
A very damn good point.

In the old days, children were bought up with the mindset that being an adult was a goal to strive for. Adults were looked up to and listened to because of their sheer experience. The young boys knew that being a husband was a massive sacrifice on a mans part. They still did it because it had one major reward:


As we know, there is no respect these days. And certainly no reward. Especially given the trash out there.

Now take a step back and look at society.

Society promised us a reward. Though these days, we are seeing through the peeling reflection of the shithouse mirror and realizing that it's just marketing hype for the hucksters to transfer money from your pocket to theirs.

Giant hunk'o'diamond ring. Honeymoon in Hawaii. The McMansion. Owning a second house (in NZ, a bach) in a scenic place that you visit 2-4 weeks and a couple of weekends a year. Owning a boat or set of jetski's for the family to use.

All of these transfer money from your pocket to somebody else's.

So for most men, the marriage-market is a lie. Advertising. Something to lure you into doing things that are not in your ultimate self-interest.

This leaves us men who have woken up understandably bitter. Moreso if we've been caught up and slaughtered in a divorce/frivorce.

Now take another step back and look at things.

Why are we bitter?

It is because the rest of the world, they, taught us all our lives, that X would bring Y as a reward. Brainwashed us. Fed us a plateful of shit and lies.

When the plateful of shit and lies made us sick, when reality reared up and bit our asses off, we got pissed off and bitter about it.


So it takes us a while to get over the anger and bitterness. Of course. Anyone who says that they can help us fix our problems in quick-short order, with a snap of the fingers, is another huckster selling snake-oil. (Here's my snake-oil sure-fire cancer-cure: grapes. Lots of grapes. If you actually do die from cancer within the year, contact me and I'll send you your money back. Guaranteed. Now here's my bill for $10k, thankyouverymuchNEXT!)

Eventually though, we finally accept that Z is what reality is, not the X/Y that we were brainwashed to believe.

Which leaves us at a loose end. As Carl said above, there's no incentives to become adults. So why should we?

Why should we improve ourselves? Why should we strive? Why should we do something more than just sit in the basement playing computer games? Why?

Go ahead. Play computer games in the basement. That's what you want? Go for it.

Because here's the rub. There's always the crisis of motive to think about. If you improve yourself, if you improve your body, if you improve your income, if you improve your life: is it for you, or is it because it's gonna attract women?

If you've grown up - if you've become an adult - why have you done it?

For the ones who've already screwed you over? Do you really wanna do that? Improve yourself...because you're still actually chasing that pussy...still chasing that lying reward that you were brainwashed with all your life?

Fuckin' hard and deep and painful question, that one. Everyone has to answer it for themselves.

As Carl said: For the greater good? When, in reality, the "greater good" can pretty-much be translated to "for teh wimminz benefit"?

...yeah, fuck that, ay.

So we do what we want. Fuck heaps of chicks as the PUA do? Go for it. Play games in the basement? Go for it. Go walking, tramping, fishing, camping out, taking photographs? Go for it. Whatever you want.

It doesn't matter. We don't want society's reward. We've woken up to the realization that it's a plateful of shit and lies.

Now take a final step back and look at ourselves.

Okay, fuck society. There's no reward there.


...in a roundabout way...

...there is.

If nothing else, it gives us the time and personal space to enjoy ourselves. We don't have to strive at life, as we would have if we had swallowed the whole marriage-and-children lie and gotten on the treadmill of the ratrace for someone else's benefit.

We're not living hand-to-mouth in the old dangerous days of famine, pestilence, and plague. As single men we have plentiful food and the money and time and ability to go and do stuff that interests us. All without the modern entitled nagging bitch in tow, wasting our lives and destroying our sanity with her drivel.

The thing about society is that so long as we do a certain amount of something, it keeps things going - for us. For our benefit. Yup, be selfish about it. For our personal, selfish, greedy, grasping benefit.

So now to look at it laterally, everything askew, and ask:


That might be the only socially-accepted (aka wimminz-approved) reward. But who says that is the only possible reward in the world?

Teh wimminz? They're wanting the free bennies.

The marketers pandering to teh wimminz? They're wanting to line their pockets at the expense of yours - and in the process, give teh wimminz their free bennies.

The government pandering to teh wimminz? Get a grip. Biggest bunch of lying, thieving, conniving motherfuckers in creation bar none.

This is where the real message of MGTOW is.

Fuck heaps of chicks, play games in the basement, walking, tramping, fishing, camping out, taking photographs, whatever.

Improve yourself, if you want, however you want, for your own personal satisfaction.

For YOUR reward. For what YOU want. Define your own fuckin' success, reward, happiness, goal, end-game - and go for it.

Balls to the fuckin' wall.

Your fuckin' enjoyment.

Your fuckin' path.

That you fuckin' walk.

Ignoring everybody fuckin' else.

Don't give a shit about the fuckin' plantation any more.

So hang up your hat, put away the suit, go fishing and watch the stars in peace. Go and follow your own path to freedom and happiness.

We don't have to choose their view of what a grown-up adult aka slave is. We can choose our own way of growing up.

And hell, still keep a bit of that big ol' kid going. You know, the kid that lives in reality rather than being crushed and dead inside. Like the rest of the poor bastards of slaves still out there.

The poor bastards of slaves that secretly envy you.

In my view - in my opinion - going MGTOW is actually growing up, realizing that there's more out there than the bullshit script, deciding for ourselves what we want, and going hell-for-leather after that, rather than chasing what they - anyone else - wants us to chase.

To hell with teh wimminz and what they want. Ditto for the marketers. Ditto for the government.

For ourselves. For our personal, selfish, greedy, grasping selves.

They think otherwise?

Like in my The Final Answer: What Is MGTOW post - who the fuck do they think they are? They can go fuck themselves.

Talked (written?) myself out for the moment. I think that it's time for a small glass of Grand Marnier.

Gonna step out again for a while.

Good luck to you all.


  1. "We're not living hand-to-mouth in the old dangerous days of famine, pestilence, and plague..." And war. For now, but those days are coming back. Strife to a certain degree is necessary to give men's lives a sense purpose. Sure, life for men back in those days were nasty, brutal, and short but they had meaning.

    1. That is true also, regarding war.

      Though I tend to think that famine/pestilence/plague were the major killers of people in the old days. Low average life-expectancy. For example, my grandmother had nine children - five of them survived to grow up.

  2. Not All Commenters Are Like That13 October 2016 at 07:49

    There's one train of thought on the necessity of MGTOW methodology that might provide an even better case for going your own way.

    Various arguments can be made for Not All Women Are Like That (NAWALT), and undoubtedly someone will eventually pipe up with Yes, All Women Are Like That (YAWALT), after which arguments increase in intensity and amplitude.

    However, all of the following are rather straightforward:

    Yes, All Law Courts Are Like That (YALCALT).

    Yes, All Family Judges Are Like That (YAFJALT).

    Yes, All Divorce Courts Are Like That (YADCALT).

    Also, Yes, All Social Workers Are Like That (to deal with ex-wifey's claims of "your child abuse"), Yes, All Court-Mandated Psychiatrists Are Like That (to deal with ex-wifey's claims of "your anger management problems"), Yes, All Police Constables Are Like That (to deal with ex-wifey's claims of "domestic violence" which are pure fiction), etc.

    That's why MGTOW is an essential strategy for many men.

    When given the chance, a bitch will go for the bigger thug.

    Today the bigger thug is Big Burly Government, the biggest white knight piece of crap you'll ever have to deal with.

    Want to be free of some of this while dealing with more pleasant women?

    Move to where the government respects women yet knows how to smack a bitch.

    Most Western governments don't need "gun control", they need "bitch control", and if they had it, people who would consider MGTOW as a life strategy might actually be willing to listen to NAWALT arguments.

    The MGTOW train is fine until then.