Monday 24 October 2016

Get Shit Done

Ah, the West!

Once a group of obsessed mad motherfuckers who got shit done... predominantly a bunch of pussies squabbling over which entitled bitch they can dump a cum into tonight.

Not all of 'em.

A good number though.

Maybe 80% of men.

While princess stands on her steel pedestal, legs primly together - at least until someone she fancies comes along. Then it's "all hands on deck" while she services him like a 50-cent whore in a back alley.

Which makes us Men a buncha "deplorables" and a big thank-you to Hillary. Like you never went out and fucked somebody behind the back o' Bill the Prez'.

Funny, given that he's supposedly shootin' blanks. Where the fuck did Chelsea come from? You been catchin' it from somebody else? What, you thought nobody would notice?

Yeah, just sweep that under the carpet. Along with that bitch Monica. You are so much the perfect presidential candidate.

At least us Men can read the writin' on the fuckin' wall. No shit Sherlock. Once we're done shoveling the gravel, we go and do our own thing...

...while the pussies can keep on keepin' on kissin' your rotten and well-used vagina.

One day that steel pedestal will rust all the way through. Princess will fall to lie in the dust, dirt, and muck.

Tell us, then what, whore?

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