Saturday 24 August 2013

In the end

Despite all of the rhetorical shit. Despite all the problems. Despite all the dumbness. Despite all the princess fucktardism. Despite all the narcissism. Despite all the disappointments. Despite all the screaming shit-fits. Despite all the dysfunctional crap. Despite all the cunty bitchiness.

In the end...

...under all the crap...

...under all the silliness...

...hidden between the words that she says...

...despite all the lies and brainwashing...

...regardless of all her protests...

In the end, she still needs:

A smile.

A kiss.

Holding hands.

A conversation.

Slow lovemaking (and wild-monkey-sex).


Sleeping together.

In the end, she is still a little girl. One who desperately needs a hug and to be told that everything's going to be all right.

In the end, she needs to be touched.

Remember that, when you seduce her.

Give her what she needs, so long as she gives you what you need. Once she stops giving what you need, find someone who will give what you need. Don't be sorry or ashamed when you hang her out to dry.

She didn't want what you gave her any more. You no longer owe her shit. Deal with it.

Lazy - the ten-year plan

So here's the plan for the next ten years of your life. How we do it, year by year:

#1 - Find a girl that you really-really like. Spend a year hanging out, fucking, moving in together, fucking, going on holidays, fucking, eating out lots (every Friday is special!), fucking, every Wednesday to Friday is special, fucking, decide to get married, fucking.

#2 - Get engaged. Spend a year hanging out, fucking, planning the wedding, fucking, less eating out and more eating in, fucking, saving for the wedding and honeymoon, fucking, planning who has to be there, fucking.

#3 - Marriage! Get married! Fucking! Honeymoon! Extra fucking! Back home! Fucking! Paying off the wedding and honeymoon cost blowout, fucking, no eating out, fucking, new jobs, fucking, getting bored, fucking.

#4 - House saving. Saving up for a house, fucking, hanging out, fucking, getting bored, occasional movie to kill the tedium. Do less stuff outside because the weather is bothering her and you feel bad about going out without her. Fucking.

#5 - House buying. Looking for houses, fucking, getting pissed with all the crap houses out there, fucking, elation at finding a suitable house, fucking, depression because the house fell through, fucking, more pissed because of the crap houses out there, fucking, depression and crying, fucking, finding the perfect house, fucking, rapturous elation because you got the house, fucking, problems with the bank, fucking, you FINALLY got the house, fucking, moving in, christen every room celebratory fucking!

#6 - Living happily ever after. Working hard, getting a pay rise, fucking, TV, home improvement, fucking, TV, holiday, fucking, stressing over the holiday blowout, budgeting, TV, fucking, gardening, getting plump.

#7 - Less than happily ever after. Budgeting, working hard, getting a pay rise, fucking, TV, holiday, fucking, bonus, screaming fits because you want to pay off extra on the house instead of a grand holiday, passive-aggressive resentment, TV, getting overweight.

#8 - Giving in. You give in. She now controls the finances. Eating out, holiday, girls nights out while you stay home to watch rented movies and TV, screaming shit-fits about being the fun police if you mention money and bills, she comes home drunk at any hour (btw she has probably drunken-fucked at least 5 other guys during this year - don't worry though, they "don't count"). Fat.

#9 - Self-respect. Finally you get your shit together and manage to keep your finances at least semi-under-control. There are some screaming shit-fits and crying jags, but at least you're not going bankrupt. Fucking. Holiday, that stays in-budget. She goes to gym and starts getting trim. There's light at the end of the tunnel. Fucking.

#10 - Divorce! The light at the end of the tunnel was an oncoming train. Yay, cash and prizes for her! She goes to do her Eat-Pray-Love thing while trashing your name everywhere. You sell the house and give her half, including paying off an extra $30+k in credit-card debt that you didn't know she'd racked up on the sly over the past year. Add ongoing alimony (and possibly child-support) to that because "the poor dear is used to getting by on far more than the pittance she makes now". You are reduced to living in your Mommas basement or on a friend's couch or in a van down by the river. You are always tired, lazy from habit, fat, and generally friendless. You seriously consider suicide.

Note 1: Optionally add a child at any point (for extra fun, twins!).

Note 2: For every child, change one "fucking" to "bitching" for that and subsequent years.

Note 3: If you ever run out of "fucking" in the year from children (above), add 3 "bitching" (or optionally one "false rape claim" or "domestic violence claim" in years 8+).

Bonus round: One or more children may not actually be yours. Happy wake up call and add extra to the thoughts of committing suicide. But you still have to pay child-support! It's all for the childreeeen!

If you survive year #11, you are back to being slim from very little food or working out at the gym, one tough and calloused motherfucker with a practical start on the Red Pill. Aka a complete piece of shit, according to most women. Go fuck a storm (women love complete pieces of shit) and don't make the same mistake again.

By the way: women call this process the "starter marriage". Enjoy *that* little expose of modern society's poison.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Breaking gender norms

I know of a girl who dresses her son in pink and dresses. The reason: "I think he looks lovely in them" - yeah right, like he's not going to be gay or severely screwed in the head within ten years.

Girl is a fucking nutjob too. HB7+ type who is a nymphomaniac whore - quite a kinky one who does the more "extreme" types of sex. I'm talking Dungeon-style, her clients get off on torturing and hurting her. (Last I heard regarding her she was out of hospital with broken ribs from "coughing too much" - aka her last client paid her very well.)

At any rate.

As Copyleft commented over on Return of Kings:
A certain coincidence sticks out to me in stories like this... Every time someone defends "a boy's right to express himself and dress however he likes," they're not pointing to a kid sporting 100 rubber bands on his arm, or a kid who wants to dye his hair green and wear Martian antennae, or a kid who wants to dress as a zebra and gallop around everywhere...
Instead, it's always the boy wearing a dress, a tiara, or pink slippers who gets the applause. Always and everywhere, the crowd cheers for "gender norms" being defied... in one, specific direction only. Only feminization gets the headlines; only feminization is lionized; and only boys are being hailed for crossing the gender line.
Indeed hmmm, though he misses one simple realisation: women are already expected to defy gender norms. Which is why girls like this get the "you go girl!" chorus:

While somewhat interesting-looking, the reality is that this is a twenty-something slut. Large, difficult-to-cover tattoos? Check. Inappropriate piercings (upper and lower lips, possibility of upper nose between the eyes)? Check. Mascara to enhance the eyes? Check. Well-reddened lips to indicate sexual availability? Check. Long hair in a braid, perfect for pulling during sex? Check.

Probability of a tongue-piercing: high. Probability that she smokes: high. Probability of being a feminist: high. Probability that she's into BDSM and other kinky play where she's treated like an object: high. Probability that she has a snarky, ball-busting attitude: strato-fucking-spheric. Probability of foul language: absolutely certain!

Probability of getting a high-flying executive's job with all that shit going for her? Fucking forget it, too "edgy". Screw that bullshit about her possibly being a super-competent combat-and-computer genius like that chick in "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". She'll most likely be limited to working in a dive bar, I've seen it lots before. Or maybe become a nympho whore like the mom above.

She'll hate society for not letting her into high-flying jobs, too. Howls about "sexism" and "oppression" and "glass ceiling"! You betcha, its made from armoured glass and is reinforced with every piercing and tattoo and sexual/shitty attitude that you have on display for all to see.

Yeah, females already are outside the gender norm. Now they're applauding moms who do gender-bending on their own sons.

Why might this be?

Might it be because that's one more unfit man out of the mating market? Or, if he does actually mate, it's in the Beta Bucks role - because he doesn't know how to be a man?

Women do have their cold-war in the sexual marketplace against each other. Is this extending to each other's children now? Or was that always true?


Enjoy the two-faced poison that women turn upon themselves and each other.

You're boring!

"You're boring!"

"Fucking aye!"

The scene: a friend's 25th birthday.

The speaker: a 41-year-old girl that I fucked once, a couple of years ago.

The reason for the convo: I was leaving at 10pm (because I needed rest after an illness - which the girl knew).

Yup, I was being "boring" - I was leaving early, when she wanted me to stick around. Too bad girl, you already have a boyfriend - and I still would have left. My health is more important to me than cramming your pussy and mouth.

Guy is younger than her too - about 32. She has the psychological jump on him, has already made him get a real job. While she has no job at all, is still "looking for work". Can we say "standards too fucking high"? Though "lazy cunt" is more economical and accurate.

Yeah, she's grooming him for his future role as provider - while still looking at me as someone to fuck. In this situation, I'm the Alpha Fucks and he's the Beta Bucks. If she manages to con him into marriage, she'll still be looking for Alpha on the side. I think the marriage will happen. Poor bastard needs to get a clue.

Interesting thing about this girl, she once said to a group of us that she'd had sex with only a single guy in her life. Because she'd been married from age 17. Later she confessed to me that she'd had sex with several others...well, and hand jobs and blow-jobs, and a few assholes and onesies who just didn't count...

She wasn't a very good lay. A little too much sloppy belly for my taste, plus she was a smoker - could taste the ash when frenching her.

A little earlier in the night...

"Does this dress make me look fat?"

Question was from the 19-year-old daughter of the above woman. Incidentally, married to the guy whose birthday party it was. A couple years ago, this kid had started playing with my hair in a bar (she was 17 and under supervision of her mom) - most flattering and enjoyable. Well before her marriage, of course.

I fobbed her off because I'm not her husband, though I should probably have said: "No, your fat gut makes you look fat. Lose 5 kilos, sweetheart." Again, it appears that I am still in the Alpha Fucks category - at least in this situation.

Yet earlier in the night...

"Come over here, I'm going to grab your ass."

She came over and turned and I grabbed her ass. She had a giggle and smile for me.

Why did this happen? Another girl grabbed her ass and then tried to say it was me who did it. After trying to deny it, I swore and told her come over. "Goddamn it, if I'm gonna get in trouble for it, I'm gonna at least have the pleasure of grabbing your ass!" She giggled. After the ass-grabbing, I slowly and deliberately poked my tongue out at the girl who tried to say it was me. Troublemaker. She giggled too.

This one is living with a guy long-term, they're renting a house together. Her divorce has only recently come through. Again, it appears that I'm in the Alpha Fucks category - in this situation.

So yeah, I'm boring. Raise a glass to being boring. Fucking aye!

Girls Spoil Men's Fun

While I'm tempted to be crass and say that yes, girls deliberately set out to spoil men's fun...

...and I can definitely make the case that they do it because they are control-freak little bitches who don't like men doing fun things without them...

...I'm going to go out on a (very fragile) limb here and say that it may not be entirely deliberate.

See, men's stuff is fucking fun. Road-trip? Yep. Fucking around with something cool? Yep. Camping out on the beach? Yep. Being noisy watching something really interesting on television (ie NASCAR or boxing or whatever)? You bet!

This shit is fun.

Women cannot BEAR being left out of fun stuff that men *who they are interested in* do.

So they have to invade. And us men, very generously, let them.

Unfortunately once the invasion begins: they cannot keep their mouths shut and they cannot stop themselves from remarking on anything crass that men say or do.

After a while of this - and the men generally bow to her whining demands, out of taught (brainwashed!) decency - all of a sudden it's a girl's party with cutesy club sandwiches and cheeses and olives and sundried tomato and wine. It's no longer a man's party with beer and sausages and steak and bread.

And the fucking fun is gone.

Men, do yourselves a fucking favour. When its your fun and a woman speaks up, give her a cold look and say: "This is our fun. You don't like X then get back in the fucking kitchen. And get us all another fucking beer while you're at it."

Let her be offended. It's better than letting her shitty poison ruin your fun.

Slow self-genocide

"Educated" women these days are committing a slow, self-genocide by not getting married in their early 20's and having children.

Who has children? Three types:

1/ solo mothers who push out one or more kidlets and collect the government handout so they can "survive"

2/ dumbass girls who get knocked up early and "shotgun wedding" a man (aka the man "does the right thing")

3/ older, "educated" women who play around in their twenties while they slut it up, who may or may not get knocked up and deal with having kidlets, and who at 30-35 expect to be able to:

i) find a provider man to keep them through their old age

ii) pump out 1.5 children to satisfy their baby-rabies insanity (at the worst time in their lives for having children)

"Idiocracy" was not just a movie - it was a fucking commentary on humanity and is looking all-too-likely to be the future. Because the "educated" keep waiting "for the right time", while the dumbasses just pump 'em out willy-nilly and muddle through somehow - typically with incentives to help 'em make ends meet.

Also known as: Stupid people breed. They get paid for it.

Smart people don't breed as much. There's no incentive and kidlets are a major handicap to a career (thank you feminism for brainwashing women into thinking that career is more important than smart people perpetrating the human species). 

These two factors, combined with the demonstrable fact that modern women are deliberately breeding with totally unsuitable men (aka the scum of society), means that the birthrate is dropping PLUS the quality of children is dropping PLUS the smart ones are being outbred by the stupid and unthinking. This is why the Western world has a declining population (just like Japan).

Never mind, in three-four generations your kiddies will be vastly outnumbered by the dummo's. This assuming that you have any "smart" kidlets of worth, in the sea of mediocrity.

It's amusing that you girls are poisoning yourselves so readily. You cannot blame us men for this, either - feminism has done it for you by telling you that a career (like a man does it) is the way to go.

Enjoy your cats.

Battle of the sexes

The rot is deep in our society.

I was invited to an "ultimate battle of the sexes" housewarming, billed as "a fun get-together for all". A competition between men and women, playing various games.

Excuse me? Are you fucking mad?

Let me be clear: I can have fun. I can enjoy myself. I can have a good time. I can even enjoy a little competition against others, including against girls - so long as its a mixed team.

Guys vs girls? Fucking forget it.

If I want to see that shit I just need to turn on tv and watch soap-operas. Or go downtown on Friday night and listen to girl- and boy-friends (or married couples, for fuck's sake) bitch at each other.

Deliberately get into an adversarial situation with someone who always hits below the belt? Who thinks its fun to do that? Who gets shitty at the drop of a hat? Who expects me to deliberately throw the game just because she's a woman?

Fuck that noise. The only reason that I would get involved is so that I could wait until an opponent gets shitty about something - and give her a long slow look, purse my lips, then stand up and walk out without another word.

They deserve the buzzkill.

This shit is rotten.

Immune to Guilt

Women feel no guilt, so they are immune to guilt.

You can never convince a woman of a truth that shows her in a bad light. She feels no guilt so your truth doesn't fit her in her mind.

This is why women can totally ignore a man's rational and logical conclusions, utterly dismissing them of any shred of worth, without a flicker of cognitive dissonance. It's not even a speed-bump to the spinning hamster.

That said, it's a good thing to be able to debate a woman. Doing it properly requires two things:

1/ The ability to know exactly when she's trying to reframe the debate (aka change the subject or make a personal attack on you)

2/ The guts to point out that she's trying to dodge - and agree'n'amplify is a good tactic to defuse any personal attack on you

Just remember to keep drawing the "debate" back to the subject, or (eventually) laugh in her face and say something along the lines of: "Since you're too chickenshit to actually answer the question/finish the debate, I win!"

Declare it as a fait-accompli and go do something else more interesting.

Then just laugh at her and practice your amused mastery when she gets shitty with you for calling her out on her shit. Note that defensive vagina-tingles may ensue, in which case you could get some poontang out of this.

It isn't inherently wrong

It isn't inherently wrong for women to think of men as a tool, one which makes their life easier by bringing in money.

It isn't inherently wrong for men to think of women as a tool, objectifying their bodies and enjoying their tits and ass as an indicator of fuckability.

What is inherently wrong, for both women and men, is when they don't respect their tool for what it does for them. Women not respecting the hard work and effort that the man puts towards supporting her and their children. Men not respecting the efforts that women do towards keeping the home together and raising the children properly.

What is inherently wrong, is being hypocritical about it.

What is inherently wrong, is two-facedly treating someone badly and ungratefully - not keeping up your half of the bargain - and then having a shit-fit when they get justifiably annoyed and angry about it. Like a child attempting to distract attention from the fact that they've just been caught with their hand in the cookie-jar - by throwing a pathetic little fucking tantrum.

So let us be blunt and realistic: the VAST MAJORITY of disrespect (and laziness, in the form of getting fat) in our society is coming from women and being directed towards men.

Why is this happening?

Because men are not looking at the women and saying: "Stick a sock in it." We are not standing up for ourselves. We are allowing ourselves to be treated badly. We are enabling this bad behaviour towards us. We are letting someone get away with bullshit - just because they are female.

This is exactly like allowing somebody to get away with something - just because they're Black (or Native American, or a refugee, or what-fucking-ever "oppressed" minority you choose to use as an example).

We are permitting someone to wallow in their victim-mentality, becoming more and more demanding and entitled and spoiled - when we really just want to tell them to shut the fuck up and do (or become) something fucking useful. Instead of being a leech and parasite.

Stick a fucking sock in it. Stop being a leech. Stop being a parasite. Start being of some fucking use to society. Start being of some fucking use to other people.

Not just women. This applies to anyone with a victim mentality.

Stick a fucking sock in it.

Sunday 18 August 2013

It's for the childreeeen!

Marriage has been gutted, fucked over by the greedy for their own short-term gain.

What is most shitty and hypocritical is the refrain used as an excuse for this gluttonous gutting: "It's for the childreeeen!"

So, we have never-married single-mommies getting preggers and pumping out three kids to three different fathers (you can laugh at the negative stereotype - I have personally seen a profile of this kind of whore on the Plenty of Fish dating site, never married with three different kidlets to different fathers). They then claim money off the public tit, for hardship, "for the childreeeen".

Fucking pukeable, that we should pay these loose cunts to raise their bastard spawn - pay these whores with public money taken from people who actually fucking sweated and worked for it. That money belongs on my pocket, not some useless cunt's. Or paid to some hard-thinking scientist who works long hours to do research that improves my quality of life.

Fucking parasites.

So, we have married women who frivorce, going the Eat-Pray-Love route. They no longer feeeel that they're loved by their provider hubby - so they go looking for their cunt-tingles elsewhere. "We weren't growing together, and if you're not growing together..." with a shrug and the frivorce and the taking of half of everything, and she goes and fucks a few random guys before leeching onto some other idiot sucker.

The courts automatically give her child-custody, probably including the use of the family home, with the government paying her extra "for the childreeeen", and the man also pays child-support. The woman (maybe) has a reduced standard of living - depending on if she spends the money on herself instead of on the childreeeen (there's nothing to prevent her from snorting cocaine instead of feeding the childreeeen).

The man definitely has a reduced quality of life because he's paying for two separate households instead of only one - very inefficient. Very wasteful of money. All because his useless cunt got bored.

Fucking parasites.

Now we are getting the backlash against this fucking shit: men's rights. Demands for equal child custody. All this shit with the government acting as mediator between the two, making things "fairer" for them both. Probably the man still paying child-support, for the childreeeen.

The problem is, this doesn't fix the fucking situation. It's just further destruction of the family, with the government acting as the go-between and arbiter, taking money from both "for the childreeeen" and skimming a percentage off the top to pay for itself. Both men and women kissing government's feet for the privilege of someone else telling them what to do - instead of dealing with it themselves like adults.

Fucking parasites.

The old way, the original marriage from 150 years ago, used to work fine. Men had default custody. Men had full control of all finances. Men owned everything in the marriage. Divorce was a big thing, there was no frivorce. If the woman wanted out she had to show good cause, else it was deemed abandonment. Ditto for the man.

The man automatically got custody of the children (except in extreme situations), owned everything which had been built up in the family, etc. He still had his work, could support the children, still had a place to live and house his family, and could probably hire a woman to look after his children while he worked. Sometimes he'd even end up marrying the new housekeeper, if she was a decent woman.

Divorce was only for serious situations, where it was most likely life-or-death for the wife and children. Not for lesser, frivolous crap: that fucking shit was dealt with by a responsible couple, even if his snoring did drive her crazy at times, even if her constant nagging made him want to commit mayhem.

Their combined property was not split and wasted. His income was not garnished. Things were built up properly, over time, with the full intention of passing them on to the next generation. With the full intention of accumulating wealth, making things better.


None of this modern fucking hypocritical "for the childreeeen" bullshit. It truly was for the children.

Now, modern marriage and the divorce-culture which has gutted it, is truly worthless. It's not "for the childreeeen" - its for the gutless, lazy, sick fucking parasites who laughingly call themselves "women" and "mothers". They are so seriously unfit to be mothers that they should wither up and die from shame and remorse and self-disgust.

These pieces of shit gave it up for free while they were younger, hotter, and tighter. (I took advantage of that young, hot, tight poon.) When they got older, their "standards" went through the roof - when the only real standard that they actually have is "he better have money and stuff". Golddiggers to the maximum, revealed.

Now we have the rise of the player and pick-up-artist, who fucks whatever, whoever, with no remorse, because he truly understands that these women are utter shit. He just uses them as the cum-buckets that they are, that they want to be treated like. Now we have the rise of men going their own way, men who ignore women, because they truly understand that these women are utter shit. They don't like the smorgasbord of shit placed before them and get up and leave the table entirely.

Of the two, I objectively have the most pity for the player/pick-up-artist. Because he still samples the shit, instead of turning his nose up at it. At least we have that young, hot, tight poon to console ourselves with.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Random Thoughts

White Knights: You fucking useless tools. Put that vagina on a pedestal, worship it, run to its defence when it gets even fake-upset - you will not get laid. Your dick will not get wet by doing this.

Enabling: Men enable bad behaviours in women, by *tolerating* bad behaviours in women. They give women a pass simply because they have a pussy (closely related to those fucking White Knighting bastards above, yet more widespread).

Taking Advantage: Women, of course, will take take advantage of such. Hell *anyone* will take advantage of such a situation. I sure as hell would, women haven't got a monopoly there. Of course, once they do it a few times, they feel "entitled" to such things.

Fighting Back: It's hard for one man in a hundred to fight the bullshit that the other ninety-nine retards encourage. That's probably why men who actually stand up against that bullshit get attention from women. It's a breath of fresh reality in a life of stuffy same-same. Besides: if he can't stand up against her bullshit, he can't stand up for her either.

John Gray (fake Ph.D): You utter piece of shit. Your book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" is the quintessential guide to the creation of an Emotional Tampon male. I hope that you burn in Hell for your urging of men to listen to women. Or better, that you'll be forced to listen to the whining of every woman in the world from day dot. May it crush your soul to pasty shit.

Women: I love women for what they could be. I despise women for how far they deliberately fall short. Entitled, arrogant laziness is unacceptable. Especially when all women have to do is show up and be presentable (ie get rid of that fucking fat).

Men: I hate men for enabling (above). I love that we improve ourselves. I wish that as a group, we were more mindful of the consequences of our actions - and that we were willing to push back against the waves of entitled cuntism that we are allowing women to ram down our throats with impunity.

Pre-Nuptials: What a waste of time. Judges side with women by default, plus they're null and void once you have kidlet's anyway. They have only a single bonafide use - if the woman starts screaming when you broach the subject, then the cunt has an ulterior motive for marrying. One that she thinks the prenup will put the kibosh on. (Frivorce! Money!) Recommendation: run like fuck.

Women Whining: For God's sake, don't listen to it. Ever. If you want to be an emotional tampon, to have your good mood crushed into depression, then you have a suicidal death-wish. Frankly, listening to women whining kills your mood (ie your boner). In the same vein, don't listen to a woman who starts to whine about her life being utter shit. That's crap, and you don't have time for it.

Batshit Crazy: Plus, and especially if you've been making out and escalating towards sex until this point, when a woman starts whining it is an indication of a very low-value woman. One that is easily distracted from extremely pleasurable pursuits (sex). Do you really want to stick your dick into that kind of batshit crazy? Recommendation: run like fuck.

Kids Walking In: Yes, fucking laugh as much as you want - it has happened to me, it will happen to you. When someone's kid walks into the room (whether during or after sex) then you know certain facts:

1/ This woman has never established discipline in her children, nor has she established and reinforced boundaries.

2/ The kid doesn't like you and is being a deliberate cockblock (and if your fuck doesn't even mention it - even to give a lame apology - she's also screwball-maximum).

3/ You should run like fuck. 'Cause this shit (might) be acceptable behaviour once or twice when you both are teenagers, yet there is no fucking way that it should be anything like acceptable for anyone in their twenties-plus.

Fuck all this kind of shit. Grow some fucking balls and get some standards.

Saturday 3 August 2013

Opposites Attract and Unthinking Hate

At what point did women forget that opposites attract?

Men: rough, tough, strong, crude, rude, go-getting, dominant people who get shit done.

Women: demure, feminine, pleasant, warm, loving, sweetheart, submissive people who nurture.

Feminists have taken on the role of men, telling all women that they too can have the same lifestyle that men have. In fact that they do not need men. "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle!"

Ah, yes, indeed.

A while back I recounted the story of a receptionist at work who was told by her brother that in her mid-fifties she was past it. At the time she'd just broken up with her boyfriend - and yes indeed, she was past it. Mutton cannot be hidden as lamb. A few days ago I was talking with her and another woman at morning smoko.

Woman: I will live to be 95 years old according to the doctors.

Me: 93, myself.

Woman: That's unusual.

Receptionist: Yeah, most guys die well before their wives. It's great, you can finally get a break from the bastards.

This from the woman who is past it, who doesn't have a boyfriend, who is looking for a boyfriend. You could smell the unthinking hate of feminism coming from her words.

The discussion ended after that little gem and we went back to our desks and to work. I have the feeling that even the other woman became uncomfortable (she is Asian and that may have offended her badly - who can tell, maybe I'll ask her some day).

So, the unthinking hatred of women who have voluntarily taken on the mantle of men. Women who, because of their unthinking hatred, don't seem to be capable of getting or keeping a man.

Cannot blame the man for not wanting "her" with her hard mannish attitude. If we wanted a man, we'd be gay.

Friday 2 August 2013

So Bored

Bored people are boring people.

If someone has a whinge about being bored, it is an absolute certainty that they are boring. Non-boring people are quite capable of entertaining themselves in some manner. Boring people do not know how.

A good book. A decent movie. Interesting conversation. Going swimming. Going walking. Having a soak in a hot tub or hot pools.

Boring people do not have the mental capacity to think of these simple things.

The amusing thing is that these boring people therefore expect you to entertain them.

It's an entitlement mentality - nothing less. Look at meeee! Pay attention to meeee! I'm boooored, entertain meeeeeeee!

Women tend towards being easily bored, especially when they aren't getting the attention (and validation) that they've become conditioned into expecting...nay, craving...all their lives.

They are fucking addicted to it.

Modern social media has turned women into addicted attention-whores. Every time that they get a comment or like on Facebook, every time that they get a response to a tweet, every time someone enjoys their pinterest photo (however the fuck that works).

Every stupid bitch "friend" and pussy-chasing loser "friend" in the world is validating her over the inane drivel of her life - aka nothing much. Over and over and over. To the point where these fucking morons think that the sun shines out of their own cunt. You'd better agree or their fucktard mind will implode on you.

The reality is that they're a fucking disease. Or diseased. Or both. And they actually live inane lives of quiet desperation.

No thanks, cupcake, you can entertain yourself - and me. I suggest that you strip down and grab that vibrator, spread 'em in front of me, and give me a good show.