Tuesday 20 August 2013

Girls Spoil Men's Fun

While I'm tempted to be crass and say that yes, girls deliberately set out to spoil men's fun...

...and I can definitely make the case that they do it because they are control-freak little bitches who don't like men doing fun things without them...

...I'm going to go out on a (very fragile) limb here and say that it may not be entirely deliberate.

See, men's stuff is fucking fun. Road-trip? Yep. Fucking around with something cool? Yep. Camping out on the beach? Yep. Being noisy watching something really interesting on television (ie NASCAR or boxing or whatever)? You bet!

This shit is fun.

Women cannot BEAR being left out of fun stuff that men *who they are interested in* do.

So they have to invade. And us men, very generously, let them.

Unfortunately once the invasion begins: they cannot keep their mouths shut and they cannot stop themselves from remarking on anything crass that men say or do.

After a while of this - and the men generally bow to her whining demands, out of taught (brainwashed!) decency - all of a sudden it's a girl's party with cutesy club sandwiches and cheeses and olives and sundried tomato and wine. It's no longer a man's party with beer and sausages and steak and bread.

And the fucking fun is gone.

Men, do yourselves a fucking favour. When its your fun and a woman speaks up, give her a cold look and say: "This is our fun. You don't like X then get back in the fucking kitchen. And get us all another fucking beer while you're at it."

Let her be offended. It's better than letting her shitty poison ruin your fun.

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