Tuesday 20 August 2013

Battle of the sexes

The rot is deep in our society.

I was invited to an "ultimate battle of the sexes" housewarming, billed as "a fun get-together for all". A competition between men and women, playing various games.

Excuse me? Are you fucking mad?

Let me be clear: I can have fun. I can enjoy myself. I can have a good time. I can even enjoy a little competition against others, including against girls - so long as its a mixed team.

Guys vs girls? Fucking forget it.

If I want to see that shit I just need to turn on tv and watch soap-operas. Or go downtown on Friday night and listen to girl- and boy-friends (or married couples, for fuck's sake) bitch at each other.

Deliberately get into an adversarial situation with someone who always hits below the belt? Who thinks its fun to do that? Who gets shitty at the drop of a hat? Who expects me to deliberately throw the game just because she's a woman?

Fuck that noise. The only reason that I would get involved is so that I could wait until an opponent gets shitty about something - and give her a long slow look, purse my lips, then stand up and walk out without another word.

They deserve the buzzkill.

This shit is rotten.

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