Sunday 18 August 2013

It's for the childreeeen!

Marriage has been gutted, fucked over by the greedy for their own short-term gain.

What is most shitty and hypocritical is the refrain used as an excuse for this gluttonous gutting: "It's for the childreeeen!"

So, we have never-married single-mommies getting preggers and pumping out three kids to three different fathers (you can laugh at the negative stereotype - I have personally seen a profile of this kind of whore on the Plenty of Fish dating site, never married with three different kidlets to different fathers). They then claim money off the public tit, for hardship, "for the childreeeen".

Fucking pukeable, that we should pay these loose cunts to raise their bastard spawn - pay these whores with public money taken from people who actually fucking sweated and worked for it. That money belongs on my pocket, not some useless cunt's. Or paid to some hard-thinking scientist who works long hours to do research that improves my quality of life.

Fucking parasites.

So, we have married women who frivorce, going the Eat-Pray-Love route. They no longer feeeel that they're loved by their provider hubby - so they go looking for their cunt-tingles elsewhere. "We weren't growing together, and if you're not growing together..." with a shrug and the frivorce and the taking of half of everything, and she goes and fucks a few random guys before leeching onto some other idiot sucker.

The courts automatically give her child-custody, probably including the use of the family home, with the government paying her extra "for the childreeeen", and the man also pays child-support. The woman (maybe) has a reduced standard of living - depending on if she spends the money on herself instead of on the childreeeen (there's nothing to prevent her from snorting cocaine instead of feeding the childreeeen).

The man definitely has a reduced quality of life because he's paying for two separate households instead of only one - very inefficient. Very wasteful of money. All because his useless cunt got bored.

Fucking parasites.

Now we are getting the backlash against this fucking shit: men's rights. Demands for equal child custody. All this shit with the government acting as mediator between the two, making things "fairer" for them both. Probably the man still paying child-support, for the childreeeen.

The problem is, this doesn't fix the fucking situation. It's just further destruction of the family, with the government acting as the go-between and arbiter, taking money from both "for the childreeeen" and skimming a percentage off the top to pay for itself. Both men and women kissing government's feet for the privilege of someone else telling them what to do - instead of dealing with it themselves like adults.

Fucking parasites.

The old way, the original marriage from 150 years ago, used to work fine. Men had default custody. Men had full control of all finances. Men owned everything in the marriage. Divorce was a big thing, there was no frivorce. If the woman wanted out she had to show good cause, else it was deemed abandonment. Ditto for the man.

The man automatically got custody of the children (except in extreme situations), owned everything which had been built up in the family, etc. He still had his work, could support the children, still had a place to live and house his family, and could probably hire a woman to look after his children while he worked. Sometimes he'd even end up marrying the new housekeeper, if she was a decent woman.

Divorce was only for serious situations, where it was most likely life-or-death for the wife and children. Not for lesser, frivolous crap: that fucking shit was dealt with by a responsible couple, even if his snoring did drive her crazy at times, even if her constant nagging made him want to commit mayhem.

Their combined property was not split and wasted. His income was not garnished. Things were built up properly, over time, with the full intention of passing them on to the next generation. With the full intention of accumulating wealth, making things better.


None of this modern fucking hypocritical "for the childreeeen" bullshit. It truly was for the children.

Now, modern marriage and the divorce-culture which has gutted it, is truly worthless. It's not "for the childreeeen" - its for the gutless, lazy, sick fucking parasites who laughingly call themselves "women" and "mothers". They are so seriously unfit to be mothers that they should wither up and die from shame and remorse and self-disgust.

These pieces of shit gave it up for free while they were younger, hotter, and tighter. (I took advantage of that young, hot, tight poon.) When they got older, their "standards" went through the roof - when the only real standard that they actually have is "he better have money and stuff". Golddiggers to the maximum, revealed.

Now we have the rise of the player and pick-up-artist, who fucks whatever, whoever, with no remorse, because he truly understands that these women are utter shit. He just uses them as the cum-buckets that they are, that they want to be treated like. Now we have the rise of men going their own way, men who ignore women, because they truly understand that these women are utter shit. They don't like the smorgasbord of shit placed before them and get up and leave the table entirely.

Of the two, I objectively have the most pity for the player/pick-up-artist. Because he still samples the shit, instead of turning his nose up at it. At least we have that young, hot, tight poon to console ourselves with.

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